Mauricio Garcia, Texas mall shooter, washed out of Army infantry training

| May 9, 2023

The Texas mall shooter, Mauricio Garcia, began his short Army run in June, 2008. He was out of the Army three months later. According to the Military Times, Garcia does not appear to have earned any awards, not even the coveted National Defense Service Medal. The Army used a policy that allowed for discharging soldiers due to physical or mental conditions that interfered with their duties.

From the Military Times:

The suspect in the deadly shooting at an Allen, Texas, outlet mall Saturday was discharged from the U.S. Army after three months of service, according to military officials.

Mauricio Garcia, 33, entered the Army in June 2008 and was terminated without completing initial entry training, said Heather Hagan, a spokeswoman with Army Public Affairs. He earned no awards — including the National Defense Service Medal, then awarded to initial training graduates — and never became qualified in a career field, she indicated.

An Army official added Garcia was separated through a policy that allows commanders to terminate soldiers because of physical or mental conditions that interfere with their duties. The official did not specify what condition led to Garcia’s separation.

The official said the service discharged Garcia under an authority for removing troops with “other designated physical or mental conditions,” according to a 2005 edition of the service’s enlisted administrative separation rules.

A second Army official told Military Times that Garcia was removed from infantry training at Fort Benning, Georgia, due to a mental health condition. He received an uncharacterized discharge, the official confirmed, an entry-level discharge that signifies neither honorable nor poor service.

The Military Times has additional information.



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In 2008 they were still taking any and everybody. Curious as to what all the details were of his mental and/or physical ineptitude was for Basic Training.


Why the mil suicide rate went up (OMG, 22 a day!) w/o regard to combat exposure.


Probably could not master floor buffer operation.


Hey! It’s not as easy as it looks.


No more buffers, it’s a mope shine.


went to basic in January 2006
at Ft Sill
by late February early march
we lost like 4 people due to head issues
no surprise something like this happened


Went thru basic in 79, 3 in 8 weeks. Had 4 NG troops going through with us, 2 OCS selectees that had to pre-complete enlisted basic, and 3 from the Civil Air Patrol. Oh the one guy from Wisconsin who joined to become a member of the Air Force Band after basic. Had his bugle? Tuba? mouth piece to keep his lips in practice. Nice guy, but a tad out there…Musicians. BTW, the guys that were kicked? Masturbation, violence, and 1 AWOL. Ridiculous, stuff was easier than scout camp.


Jimi Hendrix was written up for whacking it on duty. . .


How he got his early out through quickly… used in Full Metal Jacket, along with his “Well, I think we should win.”

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“the guys that were kicked? Masturbation,…”

Seriously? Wow, things have certainly changed since I was in the Army. Then again, you AF types are supposed to be saintlier than us grunts. Even the Navy has what they call a “cruise sock”.

Green Thumb


The meda will have a hard time making him a deranged, PTSD, snipe killing machine.

Sad all the way around.


Doesn’t matter. They still will.

The media doesn’t spin anymore. They outright lie.


OMG, the institutionalized racism of straight white males in the military made him hate himself and let the evil assault rifle make him do it– we need to recruit more fat BIPOC lesbians and ban civilian ownership of anything as dangerous as a butter knife, comrade!

/sarc (of course)

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I have seen dozens of stories about this guy.

They are not talking about his service much at all.

They are talking about his identity as a far right zealot and “Right Wing Death Squad” member.


A Mexican “white supremacist” is about like Clayton Bigsby though.


No it isn’t.


Mexicans can be racist AF about anyone who’s not Mexican (particularly black people) but that don’t mean they’re “white power” dudes.


I’ve got a few Mexican friends that don’t like the term “Hispanic” applied to them. They tell me Hispanics are Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Dominicans, etc. Hey, not my rules. I’m just an average Mick.


Just like that other “white hispanic”, George Zimmerman, who is actually half Peruvian ancestry.


This is part of the thing. Peruvian also isn’t a race. People from Peru are all races.

The big lie is that Hispanics aren’t white. Hispanics are simply people related to Spanish culture. They can be of any race and most are white. Liberals have to make everyone a victim, that way they have a basis to attack those they don’t like, because they aren’t victim enough.


Well, Zimmerman is obviously not 100% Caucasian, despite what the media fakers wanted us to think. They needed a racist white boy kills a black kid narative.


The only thing truly accurate about the reporting on this asshat so far is that he is, in fact, dead.


True that.

Green Thumb

Hey, on another note, where did you guys get that photo / painting at the top?


Looks like an AI rendering.


Did the PoS have a Sam’s Club card too?!


Any experts in here about licensed security in Texas? Last I was there they were all bonded and basically LEOs without an agency.

I’m reading this guy had gone through a’many classes to get private security license (unsure iffn he was…) but if his cheese done slid off his cracker how TF did turdface get –or have access for training to attain– credentials?


I doubt that the qualifications to get a license are very rigorous. Probably no more than a quick background check and an afternoon at the pistol range. Maybe an hour or so of “classroom instruction”.


I haven’t seen any indication that he was any kind of armed security. I could’ve missed it in all the media speculation though.



I can upload the DoD Manpower results later, but it shows that he entered the service in June 2008 and got out in October 2008. Although it could have shown a contractual obligation vs. actual time, it seems enough time to complete basic.

I am not sure how long Army basic was in 2008, so I defer to soldiers, but the training the officials are referring to *could* be advanced or beyond boot camp training.

Peter the Bubblehead

Sounds like this guy might have had issues IN basic training, especially since the NDSM would be issued upon graduation.
Talking from Navy experience at Great Lakes in the late-90’s here, but some of the guys that didn’t graduate and were transferred to the separating barracks could still wind up waiting up to 2 months or more (some due to paperwork issues, some due to being observed and evaluated for physical or mental issues) before they were finally sent home.
I have a feeling something like this might account for the three months this guy had.

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The MSM reports that he washed out of “basic training after 90 days”. It would probably be more accurate to say he washed out of “initial entry training” after 90 days. He may or may not have completed basic training. He could’ve spent a couple months in a holdover status pending discharge.


I believe these two scenarios are spot on – held back and didn’t finish basic or washed out of the next level of training after boot camp.

Eric (the OC (Former) Tanker)

OSUT (One Station Unit Training) should be in the 16 to 18 weeks in length depending on what CMF is contracted for. Was a recruiter mid 80’s. My BCT cycle was the last one before OSUT was started summer of 1975 (Basic B 11-5, AIT A 2-1 (M60A1), M551 school D 1-1) I trained at THE Armor Center Ft Knox.


The military service dates from DoD Manpower (SCRA) have now been posted in the blog above:

26JUN2008 to 07OCT2008 = 104 days

RGR 4-78

I wonder how much of that was DEP time?


This guy was a right wing fascist.

His social media presence is full of far right propaganda.

And the RWDS, Right Wing Death Squad, patch is also a slogan seen on several of the Jan 6th defendants.

I know the feeling over facts right wing echo chamber is going to make up conspiracies to cover for these guys.., but the FACT is there is a problem with far right extremism in this country.

The FBI has been saying it for decades. And we have been seeing it play out for decades.

Yes, “both sides” have easy access to weapons and “both” sides have attacked…but the sheer number of right wing attacks LITERALLY exceeds all other ideological motivations for all other attacks COMBINED.

This is a fact. Widely reported by the FBI and DoJ and widely ignored by right wing echo chambers…including this forum.

And rather than discuss the right wing nature of this coward’s motivations…you want to distance yourselves from his identity by highlighting that he “failed” to meet the standards you all met as service members.

The issue is not that he was a terrible and unfit to serve soldier…the issue is that he was an obedient and easily activated right wing zealot.


Aw shit.

In comes the dog diarrhea.


the sheer number of right wing attacks LITERALLY exceeds all other ideological motivations for all other attacks COMBINED…

Yes, the defined “right wing” “attacks” have outnumbered ‘other’ attacks over a ‘period of time’, as determined by ‘people’ that have a bias, on a scale that does not weigh for impact.

You’re getting mad over no one here calling this PoS an ideological Brother?

Just shameful.

Generally I have seen zip, zero, nada calls-to-action here against/for/toward anyfreakingbody that have, or could have, motivated this turd and/or others.

Care to highlight an example, or just keep emoting?

Your anger is making the ranting disjointed and it’s lacking the usual vigor. I suggest you receive more head trauma at the mostly peaceful™ road-takeovers in your AO.

I grade this attempt 14 out of 88.

(see you below)


“Your anger …”

It’s not anger, it’s delusion, perhaps driven by a need to feel superior to some “other”; a mirror image of the right-wing nutcakes he accuses others of being. Any “anger” is a product of that delusion. His way is the way of truth and light; those who differ are spawns of Satan.


Spot on. I’d add by using his ‘logic’, one’s failure to yield to force is the greatest indictment of their ideology, which is funny because it’ll just elicit more recalcitrance. (I aim to misbehave!)

I know to my core there is redemption available to us all and to practice that is, by its nature, humbling.

Him? Not so much.

It must be difficult to live in a world where there were good nazis.


Anything Leftists don’t like is “right wing,” including their pinko buddies who became unpopular.

Last edited 6 months ago by Anonymous

“we have been seeing it play out for decades.”

Given the resources available to combat “right-wing extremism”, and the lack of any news other than “the sky is falling” variety, it must not be too serious.

“This is a fact.”

Not really.


“but the FACT is there is a problem with far right extremism in this country.”

Mighty bold talk coming from an ANTIFA medic. And could you be so kind as to produce some empirical evidence for your claim that “the sheer number of right wing attacks LITERALLY exceeds all other ideological motivations for all other attacks COMBINED?” Your word that it’s reported by the FBI and DoJ doesn’t carry much weight. Your word doesn’t mean a hell of a lot in any context.

“The issue is not that he was a terrible and unfit to serve soldier…the issue is that he was an obedient and easily activated right wing zealot.” Replace the word “right” with the word “left”, and we have the perfect description of a certain Major. You’re a fraud and a better projectionist than anyone in cinematic history.


And, as we know, about such things:
comment image


 “…produce some empirical evidence…”

Proof of your right-wing ideology! Your fascistic linear-thinking patriarchal Euro-centric insistence on ignoring the lived experiences and feelings of the oppressed has no place in a caring and compassionate world.


What’s frustrating about folks like you is that you have the information to know better than to spout the corporate/government/liberal talking points, but you do anyways.

Example. You used to be in law enforcement, yes? I take it you probably learned a thing or two about gangs, gang tattoos, affiliations, etc. I sure did.

You look at the alleged pictures of this shooter, that show no face, but show swastikas and SS tattoos.

Does a Hispanic male covering himself with Nazi affiliated tattoos square with your experience as a LEO?

I know in my time, I personally saw (after the fact, anyways) people who were either killed or had tattoos that they didn’t “earn” or shouldn’t have sliced off of their bodies.

You have the experience to know that the narrative being pushed makes no logical sense.

But yet, you push the narrative nonetheless, and berate the rest of us here for not believing in lockstep in The Current Thing™.

I’ll take dribbling idiocy from purple haired freaks who cut their dicks off because the internet tells them to. They are confused.

You know better. And that’s why your post is dog diarrhea.


It seems strange to me that you all don’t understand that half of all Mexicans are white and that a number of them are indeed Neo-Nazis.

I can literally post a thousand links but I’ll just do three at a time until someone cries uncle, to evade the spam radar.


I don’t think anyone is questioning the possibility of this POS having Neo-Nazi or white supremacist beliefs. What is being questioned is the MSM pushing the progressive-liberal standard narrative while lacking actual facts. Faceless pictures prove nothing. Facts go a lot further than media speculation. And as I posted earlier, the only real, provable fact right now is that the shooter is dead.


More than a few of the comments in this post and the other one seem to be regarding how preposterous the idea of a Mexican Nazi is.

I think I have established that it isn’t Clayton Bigsby.

Mexicans with Nazi tattoos are indeed a real thing, although the weirdest part is the number of people who keep calling him Mexican and he isn’t that.

Sure question the media, they literally never get it right, especially at first and some news agencies are much worse than others. But before anyone assumes that something can’t be true because it doesn’t square with their world view, they should think about it.


Mexican Nazi Preposterous? No. Well outside the norm? Absolutely.


Heck, American Nazis are well outside the norm—in spite of what left-wing nutjobs say.


Very good point!


Editor: My up vote wasn’t added.


Are you addressing me? Because I didn’t refer to him as Mexican.


If you didn’t it doesn’t apply to you.


You replied to my comment and said “you all”.

If you don’t want confusion then don’t speak in absolutes.


Gee Whiz, Commissar.

Did you ever attend Basic Training…or was your Commission ROTC or Direct?

Both members of the ninja family DID go thru Basic. Both of us still remember fellow trainees who were chaptered out of the Army because they mentally could not cope.

One night during basic, a couple of us trainees heard heart-wrenching sobbing noises coming from the shower/latrine stalls around 0200 hours. We found a fellow trainee sawing away at the wrist using a mess hall knife.

That trainee was gone the next day.

Another fellow trainee tried overdosing on over the counter pain medication, but ended up throwing up…and almost choked on their own vomit. That trainee disappeared as well.

Another fellow trainee tried jumping off a balcony. Poof…Gone the next day.

Another trainee took a tent peg and started stabbing himself in the neck. He lived..never saw him again.

One fellow trainee lost it at the Reception Station of all places. He started screaming that he couldn’t take it anymore…and he was only there for 3 days! 3 days!

Another trainee tried to burn himself with hot, melted Johnson paste wax.

We heard thru the grapevine that they all ended up on a floor in an Army Hospital and were being treated for their issues while being processed out of the Army.

Average age was about 18 years old. Race background were Asian, White, Black, Hispanic…Male and Female.

There IS no discrimination when it comes to mental illness.

Folks being chaptered outta of the Army because of personality disorders has been going on for years. Nothing new. Some folks are just not cut out to serve in the US Military.

But you already know that…correct?



I was prior enlisted. So “yes,” I graduated basic training.

I find it odd that given what this man did, and his reasons for doing it, the issue you all want to discuss is whether he graduated basic training or not.

It is par for the course here. Ignore the substantive issue and focus on some “squirrel!!” distraction.

I get that the media framing him as having military training can ruffle some of your soft downy feathers…but the REAL issue is the years of far-right indoctrination he has subjected himself to in far-right echo chambers many of you are a part of and active contributors to.

Last edited 6 months ago by Commissar

Which based upon many of their comments is not nearly as effective as the far left echo chamber.

Some of these guys actually believe that Mexicans aren’t white. Have they ever been to Mexico?


Well, there is a lot of Indian (sue me) blood in the mix. Very few Mexicans are unsullied descendants of the conquistadores.

And, of course, the conquistadores had some Moorish blood mixed in after several hundred years of Islamic occupation.


You say “Echo chamber” and “Far Right” in your post, but fail to see the irony of your own Echo Chamber.

I don’t think anyone here is overlooking the substance of his actions, but the news media has introduced military service to the story. This is a meeting place of mostly veterans. So it seems logical that it would become a topic of conversation.


Wow, again on what Blaster wrote because we thought the exact same thing…

Commissar, can you not see it?


“Commissar, can you not see it?”

Need you ask?


“I don’t think anyone here is overlooking the substance of his actions”

Absolutely. And we all condemn those actions. To discuss and rehash something that is already understood and universally agreed on would be the very “echo chamber” he complains of.

Not that logic would ever hinder his repetitious (echoing?) rants about the conversations here.


The topic chosen by the original poster, thebesig, was the shooter’s service as reported by the media. As per your normal behavior, you chose to take the conversation elsewhere, where YOU decided it should go, to what YOU decided was important. To put it bluntly, in simple terms that even you cannot misconstrue, YOU are the squirrel, the distraction. Now tuck your fraudulent ruffled feathers back in and take your arrogant condescending ass somewhere else. When you are given posting rights here, then and only then will you get to decide the topic. Now, you go have yourself a nice day.



Great Bagram minds think alike!!

Commissar, this should tell you something..


” Now, you go have yourself a nice day.”

You’re a better man than I am.


Hi, Commissar.

Thank You for replying as well as your feedback. Much appreciated.

As previously stated in another post, IMHO, what is really sad is that the news media hardly addresses the victims in these situations, UNLESS a victim or victims are used for a political agenda or a race baiting technique.

This post IS about Garcia’s short stint with the Army. Please remember thebesig shared what wrote about Garcia. David posted about the possibility of Garcia’s motive for him murdering innocent people as being racially driven based on another news article.

Did you personally know Garcia? Of course you didn’t. Just as we don’t know him as well. If you research, you will find various sources of the news media, both Left and Right talk about his time with the Army.

Why does that bother you? You are too young to remember when Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK in 1963, the news media addressed Oswald’s time with the Marine Corps.

You were not even born when Charles Whitman killed not only his Mother and Wife, but also murdered 16 people in Austin, Texas in 1966. The news media back then addressed his time with the Marine Corps.

Of course there were no discussions about “White Supremacy” back then. You know as well as we do that this “Racist” stuff started getting out of hand under BHO. And you also know it has gotten worse because of folks such as Al Sharpen who has played the race card for YEARS.

You probably were too young to remember the hoax he pulled:

“Revisiting a Rape Scandal That Would Have Been Monstrous If True”

It never stops, Commissar.

Look what happened in 2022…with Duke University…again…

‘Duke Must Answer For False Race Allegation”




Commissar, you know as well as we do the stunt that AOC pulled reference the NYC Subway incident where she stated that an individual was “murdered”…others on The Squad said he was lynched…and ALL news media, Left and Right started addressing his criminal record to include kidnapping a 7 year old girl.

Even Mayor Eric Adams said she was irresponsible in what she tweeted

We see a pattern here. It seems as if the Left Media (CNN for example) always start flaming a race card story without checking the facts.

Remember the Covington High School story where a High School student was accused of being a racist, when in reality, it was a group of Black Hebrew Israelites who instigated racial taunts, to include against American Indians who were in the same area protesting about ???

You Know. The one with Nathan Phillips who depicted himself as a Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran when in reality, he was a washed out Marine with legal issues such as committing crimes?

Or did you forget?

You seem to still have a huge obsession issue with DJT that you can’t let go. Maybe he reminds you of someone in your life that did you wrong?

We never cared for BHO. We, however, are not obsessed on “hating” him. The Dude is no longer POTUS…Wait, we take that back. He may likely be the Puppet Master of Ole Joey Boy…😏🤭

We kinda feel sorry for you. You live in a State where you may be paying folks BIG TIME BUCKS because they think they are still victims of Slavery. We bet your ancestors most likely did not own slaves. And we all know California was not a Slave State. Yet, because of Aunt Maxine Waters, Pretty Boy Gavin and others, California is driving people AWAY from that State. You know what we are saying is true.

Sad, isn’t it.

One last question, Commissar.

Do you believe that TAH commenters are Neo Nazi lovers? Deep down, we feel you must really like TAH, because you do read and comment here.



So, you have KP duty experience?
Lemme guess…DRO everytime.


“but the REAL issue is…”

Yeah, yeah. Your head is an echo chamber–it seems to continuously and repeatedly produce “the REAL issue” no matter what the subject is. You can be replaced by a parrot.




You were fine till you started talking about FBI and their bullshit analysis and numbers. They are literally so stupid they can only tell you a motive when it IS a white supremist. The rest of the time they either don’t know or refer you to the SPLC, their true masters.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Oh, so says the moonbat with NO job experience in the private sector other than a short stint at a hamburger franchise.


Oh, pooh!!


Well one thing is certain, he was a demented incel like you and most of your Anqueefa pals.

Forrest Bondurant

Ah yes, the FBI. The same FBI that has a proven track record of inflating numbers to support the leftist media.. The same FBI that considers parents who voice their opinions at school board meetings to he domestic threats. The same FBI who has yet to release the Nashville shooters manifesto. The same FBI that used the fake Steele dossier to support the issuance of FISA warrants. The same FBI that hasn’t been able to arrest the person who set pipe bombs in DC the day before January 6th. The same FBI that employs people like Peter Strjoke.


Look, the FBI is on it, sometime in the next 15 years, they will release their report on the hunter Biden laptop. And then let the chips fall where they may.

Forest Bondurant

Yes, the same FBI that thought a piece of rope used to close a garage door at NASCARs Talladega Speedway was a “noose”, alleging it was a hate crime against driver Bubba Wallace. The same FBI that released a memo in its Richmond, VA office that suggested the Catholic church should be considered a potential breeding ground for domestic terrorists. The same FBI who has yet to investigate the possession and mishandling of classified documents at the Biden residence in Delaware. The same FBI that mishandled the Larry Nassar sexual misconduct and abuse investigation. The same FBI that manufactured a domestic violent extremist case surrounding the alleged kidnapping plot of Michigan Governor Gretchen Witmer – alleging the perpetrators were mostly conservative. The same FBI who, in collusion with the intelligence community, supported the narrative that the Hunter Biden laptop story was a “Russian misinformation operation”. The same FBI who has yet to investigate anyone who participated in protesting at the homes of U.S. Supreme Court justices after the leak of Justice Alito’s “Roe v. Wade” opinion. The same FBI who abused its intelligence gathering authority to monitor conservative posts on both TWITTER and FACEBOOK, and also maintained a special relationship with both companies regarding the gathering and acceptance of private user information without consent or legal process. The same FBI that downplayed and sought to reduce the spread of serious allegations of wrongdoing against Hunter Biden, and refuses to investigate allegations of Biden family business dealings with foreign governments. The same FBI that has yet to investigate or make an arrest over 70 attacks against pro-life facilities and churches.


National Socialist is yet another flavor of the collectivist authoritarian Left.

Slightly less left than Stalin does not equal “right wing”.

He is one of yours. And none of your screeching changes reality, Zampolit.


The interweb says they found this on a Russian (FakeBooK) page. Let 4CHAN RUN


I suspect 99.9% of the deplorable right wing extremists on this
site know the true meaning of “brotherhood” and it has nothing
to do with tatoos.


Those bottom pics are not of his tactical vest. It is black, like the rest of what he is wearing in his DRT pic.


Sadly, sometimes the news puts too much emphasis on a Mentally Ill Criminal and not on the Innocent Victims who were MURDERED.

Please pray for the 8 Victim’s families.

“Dallas Mall Shooting: Who Are The Victims”

* Christian LaCour, 20, Security Guard at the Allen Premium Outlets.

* Aishwarya Thatikonda, 26, from India,
Project Manager for a local contracting company.

* Daniela and Sofia Mendoza, 2nd and 4th Grade Students.

* The Cho Family, Korean American, Kyu Song Cho, 37, his wife Cindy Cho, 35 and their 3-year-old son, James. 5 year old William is currently in ICU.

* Elio Cumana-Rivas, 32.

Not a peep outta of AOC or Joy Reid or Al Sharpton about the Victims…Puppet Brandon Boy and his party only care about banning weapons.

Brandon Boy=Deja Vu from the 1970s…Remember Richard Nixon?

History is once again repeating itself, except this time, the Democrats are caught in a pickle, because they know as the rest of us that having Harris as POTUS will be an automatic win for the GOP in 2024…


Next you guys are going to be saying there is no such thing as Arab Nazis and fascists. This day might just turn out to be a real eye opener for some people.


No, most of us know about the Arab Nazis, including the two Muslim SS divisions. And the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who Hitler brought to Berlin.


Yes, indeed:
comment image


Even knows me sum stuf bout illinoise nasseez.