Texas jerk shoots up mall, racist ties alleged

| May 9, 2023


Saturday a Hispanic-sounding fella name of Mauricio Garcia shot up a mall in Allen, TX (north of Dallas) and killed 8 people before a cop ended his spree.  Much is being made of  some incidentals:

1) He was wearing armor when he began, which had a patch on it that says “RWDS”.   This is supposedly  a common acronym among extremists meaning “Right Wing Death Squad”. To date, I have seen NO speculation on whether he put the patch on himself, acquired the vest with patch already attached, or whether a search of his house (carried out about 6:30 last night)  turned up any more ‘extremist’ material. The Independent via AOL  One would think that a salient piece of info to have?

2) The shooter had previously attempted to make it into the Army but was booted after three months on a discharge which did not specify why he was booted (presumably a “failure to adapt” or some such. To the relief of some of our most vociferous, he wasn’t awarded ANYTHING while in, not even an NDSM. NY Post   Some law enforcement say his discharge was due to “mental health concerns”. Police also speculate that he was an “incel” (can’t see how, 33 and working as a security guard at best – what woman could resist that?)

3) Rumor has it that he was heavily tattooed (covered with “gang tats” but footage of the actual shooting has been pulled so that cannot be verified.

4) Supposedly he received “firearms training”, in which he learned about handling firearms and demonstrated proficiency as a security guard, although his security license has been expired since 2018.  The Independent via AOL

FINALLY the media has something to hang their hat on, that this guy  must be a right-wing POS. (Or whomever he bought his vest from was?) Attempted Army! (That the Army didn’t want his is irrelevant.) Lots of ink (I see little oild ladies in grocery stores sporting ink sailors of my youth would blanche at.)

But all in all, someone who seems to have planned to train, through the Army or as an armed guard, for years to be some kind of badass even if only in his own mind. We’ll probably hear more about him, since they can try to make him fit the right-wing extremist mold they want to portray. Unlike, say, the trans shooter in Nashville who supposedly left an extensive manifesto – which seems destined not to reach the light of day. Or the shooter  in Cleveland, TX, thrice deported who just keeps sneaking back in.

President Biden, by the way, is splashing knee-deep in the victim’s blood and calling for a ban on “assault weapons” because of this.  Geez, Joe, at least let the bodies cool. But that would probably allow too much time for normal people to wonder why,  if bad people committed crimes do the good folks need to pay?

You would almost think that someone who really wanted to get to the root of all these “mass shootings” would do some basic analysis of which groups of people DO that sort of thing. Pretty sure the normal main-stream adjusted folks are not on the list.

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Sources: He’s a right-wing extremist…
Dildo Schwaggins twitter page is NOT a credible source CNN don’t cha know
The Police Chief says they have no idea, but you know the media has to plant THEIR theory before the truth comes out…


I’m in favor for whatever our rulers suggest.

If we could just save ONE life…


Mexican white supremecist is new to me.


You don’t have to be of a pale complexion to be “white” anymore, according to the mentally ill (D)emon-rats.


Anyone who’s happy, successful and doesn’t need Democrats is “white” and an evil oppressive racist now… just ask Clarence Thomas, Michelle Malkin or any people who came here legally.

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I’m confused why you haven’t heard of this. 47% of all Mexicans are white. There is no such race as Mexican. There certainly are plenty of white supremist Mexicans. You must be consuming left wing media that has convinced you that Mexicans are “people of color”. You may as well say Americans are people of color.

Race and ethnicity in culture South of the border goes a whole lot fruther and deeper than we get into in the US.

USMC Steve

Mexican is a nationality, and Hispanic is an ethnic group.


Anything to disarm proletariat so “social justice” can be imposed, comrade!
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Anna Puma

RWDS could mean Real Wheel Drive System.

At this point you will find more truth in Pravda than in the US media.


Or maybe Real Wild Dumb Shit (RWDS), since that is what he did!!


Rear Wheel Drive system doesn’t apply here. There is Neo-Nazi performer who goes by the stage name OBNX. He released an album of Nazi music in 2019 including the song Right Wing Death Squad.



I tried to read this article, but I kept going back up to the picture.


I’m not sure that magnifier will work with that optic either, but for the life of me I thought she had a loose shirt on and not a tatoo sleave…until I zoomed in to see what you were talking about with the optic! I mean who goes sleaveless when you are shooting in the desert… you’ll get a sunburn!




“Now that Mexican Nazis are a thing, can we close the border?”





“… Old photo of Pancho Villa in full Nazi uniform…”





The shooter was American, not a Mexican National.


Thank You! Found the meme and thought it was interesting enough to post!



That’s ok, it really is more of an indictment of the FBI. They are still trying to figure out the motives of the “work place violence” of the San Bernardino suicide terrorists. Most of the time when they put out a press release I feel like… Andy Dufresne.



It’s Becoming A Trend….

USMC Steve

This is another false flag shooting organized by the leftists. And the proof of that will be that when the word comes out that he is a member of the Biden fan club and a leftard, all reporting will instantly cease.


That would be quite a trick. He has literally years of Neo-Nazi social media postings, including what appear to be plans of the attack as far back as 2015.

“In one post, he wrote, “If illegal aliens, Antifa, and BlackLivesMatter are allowed to break the law with impunity, why should other Americans respect the law? Why not break the law if you can get away with it as others are allowed to do.” He also shared posts from the Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi, white supremacist website. Some posts were anti-Semitic; he wrote, “America is controlled by a cabal of scheming Jews, and the time has come to rise up against them.” He also wrote, “We are going to make America white again.” 

 praised other mass shooters like the perpetrators of the 2023 Nashville school shooting and the 2014 Isla Vista killings; showed tattoos with a swastika and other Nazi iconography; uploaded photographs of the outlet mall site three weeks before the attack (including the entrance where he later opened fire, and screenshots of a page showing peak visiting hours for the mall), and fantasized about race wars and the collapse of society.


Another crazed leftoid killer.

Socialists are Lefties. Collectivist. Central planning. Dictatorship. etc, all part of National Socialism. It’s a weird marxoid offshoot, but still a marxoid offshoot.

“Not quite as Left as Stalin” does not equal “right wing”.

Leftoid mass murderer.


USMC Steve

All part of the socialist democrats efforts to disarm us. Anyone can fabricate Farcebook entries and identities. It is not all that hard. Not saying that is what happened here, but why should the enemy be the only ones playing the information warfare game.

Keep in mind that Nazis were very socialist too. That does not lean towards the conservative side of the fence.


If you go far enough Left or far enough Right, you end up in the same place.