Fort Lee Renamed

| April 28, 2023

Well, it’s finally official. Fort Lee has been renamed to Fort Gregg-Adams. This is in honor of two black officers that served in the Army.

Fort Lee Is Renamed
Names of two Black officers will replace that of a ‘traitor’ at US Army base
By Arden Dier | Apr 28, 2023

Fort Lee in Virginia, named for Confederate army Gen. Robert E. Lee, has been renamed Fort Gregg-Adams in honor of two Black officers who made “significant contributions” to the US Army. Over a 36-year career, Lt. Gen. Arthur Gregg “rose from the rank of private to three-star general,” becoming the first Black officer in the Army to reach three-star rank, according to the Army, which he helped desegregate, including at Fort Lee, per CNN. Lt. Col. Charity Adams also helped usher in more racial inclusivity. The first Black officer in the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps, she led the sole unit of mostly Black women to serve overseas during World War II. The unit ensured mail was delivered to and from soldiers, per ABC News.

“Both Soldiers excelled in the field of sustainment and made significant contributions to #USArmy history,” the Army said in a tweet. “We’re proud to honor the courage, sacrifice, and diversity of these distinguished Soldiers.” Gregg “will be the only living person in modern Army history to have an installation named after him,” the Army noted. “I hope that this community will look with pride on the name Fort Gregg-Adams and that the name will instill pride in every soldier entering our mighty gates,” Gregg said during Thursday’s renaming ceremony, per ABC. He noted Adams’ “performance in getting the mail delivered in a very chaotic environment has made the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion a legend that gets bigger every day.”

The Defense Department last year approved proposals to remove the names of Confederate officers from nine military bases, including Fort Lee and Fort Hood. Retired Navy Adm. Michelle Howard, who chaired the Naming Commission, tells PBS News Hour that “the people who fought for the Confederacy were traitors—they waged war against the United States—so those names should be removed or replaced with people who have remained faithful to the United States.” Gregg and Adams “epitomize the professional qualities we seek in every leader who wears the uniform of the United States Army,” said Maj. Gen. Mark Simerly, the renamed fort’s commanding general, per ABC.

I’ve often wondered if the transition period, taking a page from Prince, will be marked by many saying “The Fort previously known at Fort Lee.”



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If the forts must be renamed they should use the names of those whom received the MOH.


Or just…

Commissioner Wretched

If that were the basis, I’d support renaming Ft. Benning after MOH recipient Robert B. Nett, who retired there after his career and became Industrial Arts teacher at the High School I graduated from in 1975. I got to know Col. Nett very well and held – and still hold – him in high esteem.

That being said, naming it Ft. Moore isn’t a bad choice, if we have to change the names at all.


In that regard, Rucker was renamed for a man who won the CMH. I have no trouble with naming Rucker Novosel. I have problems with the renaming of Lee.


Next, they ban all words that even sound like “Lee”.

No more quick-lee or dead-lee or violent-lee.

And on movie night, Bruce (mumble) kicks butt….



Quite the niggardly approach to the English language, Mailclerk.


Sorry, I’m all out of Orwellian quotes for the week.

Green Thumb


I love the hyphenation.


Fort Rupal is next.


2 worthy officers I’m sure…
So, this solves raaaayyyyyysssssiiiiimmmmm, right?
Like Aunt Jemima’s removal did?
Like Uncle Ben’s removal did?
Just as useful as lipstick on a pig.
Now some worthless politicians can say “Look, we did something aside from insider trading in DC”


I’m old enough to remember when Barry and his husband Big Mike’s ascension was suppoda cleanse this eebil country of all Her sins.

How’d that work out for We?


A Fun De “Mental” “Trans” Formation is still in Process…


Occupations have consequences?


When history is a better example of honor than your current society…


“…adventurous abroad and despotic at home…”


Shelia Jackson-Lee providing a comment.

37 Seconds.

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up.

 😆  😉  😎 

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Since “Lee” is such a WICKED BAD name, Sheila needs to change HER last name to……?

She is kind of low-hanging fruit. I used to have to go to meetings in the building where she worked. She really despises the military. The overwhelming majority of residents in her district are ineligible for military service.


You’d think that scrunt would change her name, seeing she’s named after Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson and Robert E. Lee. I doubt she’s bright enough to make the connection.


You are vastly overestimating her intellect.

Last edited 7 months ago by 5JC

It’s the hyphenation she craves.
Probably thinks the “Jackson” refers to Jessie and the Lee
refers to Sarah.

USMC Steve

That twat is giving old AOC a real run for the stupid money in congress. Hard to say who has fewer brain cells. Oh,
and she is also a black racist.


Sheila Jackson-Lee.

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up.

45 Seconds.

Who Knew Neil Armstrong Left A Flag On Mars.

 😆  😉  😎 

jackson lee mars.jpg

Shelia Jackson-Lee.

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up.

Who Knew Today We Have Two Vietnams, i.e. North and South Vietnam.

1 Minute.

 😄  😉  😎 


Well, she and Hank Johnson might qualify for Mensa, but only if one adds their IQ’s together to get to 150.


A 30 second Bud Lite Commercial from 1994 about the Lee Family Reunion.

RACIST!  😅  😆  😉  😎 


Such a shame all those fine commercials wasted.


Bad shit is coming, we can’t even fill the ranks but let’s worry about names and rewrite history. Does this make sense to any sane person? We are heading to a possible war with the world’s factory, let that sink in no country on earth has China’s manufacturing capacity, their navy is larger than ours and growing, their influence is world wide, the supposed technology gap is a myth anything we have they have. For all intents and purposes they are a super power. For decades we have financed their military buildup and grew their economy. We blindly sit on our hands and haplessly await a horrible new reality and all we worry about is changing names, social justice BS, and fucking pronouns. I hate to say it but we are going to get our asses handed to us and a real lot of our kids are going to be dead. Where did my country go? Not fucking funny.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Not de-nig-rating the two FINE orificers Gregg and Adams, that now grace their names to the former Ft Lee, VA…..but I can see (as is the way of all military) abbreviations shortening the name to Ft GAG, VA.
Fitting, in light of how all this shyte show name change occurred in the first place, don’t you think?

Prior Service

I’ve got no problems with changing the base names, but I think they really missed the mark in replacement names. Fort Moore is a win, but the others are pretty squishy.


Can we get a Fort Donlon? I met Roger Donlon once, back in the 1980s. Nice guy.

Specialist-Four, Roger Bravo

I took AIT there in 1967, 76y; good memories too!


And why, in the name of all that is Holy and good and Garand, is Fort Hood, a fine and honored and God Blessed Texas institution…

… not being renamed as Fort Audie Murphy?

A Proud Infidel®™

No, no, Audie murphy was a *hissssss* Hetero Christian White Male and THAT’S offenthive today!

Old Black Andy

Yeah let’s rename them in 20 years when the next minority group wants to be offended. When does the insanity end? I noted removing Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemaima group us a golden age of racial harmony.

A Proud Infidel®™

Hell, according to liberal snowflakes just a couple of years ago, removing the “offensive ” statues was supposed to have brought all kinds of happy-happy-joy-joy peace and harmony.