Bud Bounces Back!

| April 16, 2023

Anheuser-Busch Loves America!

A recently released report states Anheuser-Busch executives had no idea Bud Light had made a disastrous marketing decision to partner with trans Dylan Mulvaney. Alissa Heinerscheid, the vice president of marketing, stated last week that she wanted to transform Bud Light’s brand.

Sources said that C-suite executives inside the company were “angered” over the business relationship with Mulvaney.

In response Budweiser Marketing has released a salute to ‘Merica.

Budweiser releases new pro-America ad with iconic mascot in wake of Anheuser-Busch Mulvaney controversy

The advertisement features one of Budweiser’s famous Clydesdale horses passing iconic American landmarks

By Michael Lee FOXBusiness

Budweiser has released a new patriotic advertisement as its parent company struggles with controversy over its endorsement partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

The advertisement, which was released on social media Friday, features one of Budweiser’s famous Clydesdale horses traversing the country from New York City to the Grand Canyon, passing by scenes in the American heartland as a narrator delivers a patriotic message.

“This is a story bigger than beer,” the ad’s narrator says in the ad. “This is the story of the American spirit.”

As the ad plays, the Clydesdale horse passes by some of the most famous American landmarks, showcasing the New York City skyline, the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., small towns, and farmland. At one point, the ad showcases two people raising an American flag as one places her hand over her heart.

Fox Business

C-suite Execs surprised? Imagine the stockholders joy. Yeah, A-B fornicated fido in a spectacular fashion and is rightfully getting beaten up for it. Pandering to conservative values doesn’t impress at all.

Instead try an apology, firings, restructuring and then resignations.

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A very public firing of Alissa heinerscheid would be a good start. A very public denouncing of Mr Mulvany would solidify said apology.

The damage has been done, but this would go towards rebuilding the brand.


The first…maybe.

The second? Not a snowball’s chance in hell… 🙄 


One can dream.

Green Thumb

Word has it that she was a drunken party animal in college.

What a loser.

I hope her daughters are proud.


Wish I could post the photos on here
she’s a party dog for sure
and she loves blowing up condoms
they are all over twitter

Just An Old Dog

“she loves blowing up condoms”

While they are being worn?




C’mon, ride the train… choo, choo! (if you know what I mean).


Back when AB was an American Company the CEO actually dreamed up many of their ad campaigns such as the Bud-wies-er frogs. They were very non controversial and entertaining. Now that they are a soulless woke corporation, it is what it is.


Eff AB. Its no longer an American, family-owned business. They gave the Busch’s lots of money, and the Busch’s give no fucks in return. They’re all soul-less, multinational corporations now. They’re worried about their ESG score for the new World Order. Anybody think they give a fuck about their customers?

A Proud Infidel®™

NOPE, it’s all about kissing up to Black Rock and the ESG’s while they try to out-PC each other making millions of now-former customers say “FUCK ‘EM!”


Concur. F*ck Bud.


Comment deleted. No place for that here, Carlton.




I dunno’ – maybe a bit more of this


I don’t tweet but if I did, maybe this would get a share/whatever one does with tweets.

A Proud Infidel®™

IMO it’s TOO LATE, they committed Corporate Seppuku with that stupid shit. I went into a busy Liquor Store late Friday afternoon and saw PLENTY of bud and Bud Light on their shelves while everything else was low in stock!


Transmission Fluid


Tranny, TIFIFY.

A Proud Infidel®™

I SO MISS the Good Old Days when the phrase “blowing a tranny” simply meant that you had serious car trouble!!!


…and not “diversity” and/or a porn genre.

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Green Thumb

They should give The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) a can for his domination of the American Military Poser ranks.

Turd Light.


Alissa Heinerscheid knew what she was doing, and it had nothing to do with trying to steer away from “fratty” drinkers and “out of touch” humor — whatever that shit sandwich means.

She latched them onto this square wheeled train knowing it’d be hard to get away with severing ties to this “noble cause” of the 21st century (which she herself even referred to as a trend… not very supportive to label it that way now, is it?) and also just as difficult to fire her ass for it without making headlines and thrusting her into greener ass-kissing woke pastures ahead.

Bud Light always sucked — it earned its new nickname “Transmission Fluid.”

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Or Queer Beer 😉 


How about some catchy ad lines. like “the beer for wetting your whistle after a long night of manlove.”


So they issued a non-apology apology


It’s not like they’re actually sorry, so…

USMC Steve

Well, they are sorry…about losing about 4 billion in stock value and market share and all that. Not about being woketarded.


Go woke…Go Broke!

Businesses would bode well to just simply strive to create a quality product, sell it at a reasonable price, and practice good customer service.


Agreed. I’m just concerned that this might create a run on my beverage of choice!🍺🤣


Back in the day, blowing a tranny was an automotive problem.




Cast a wider net. The They hate you, your stupid kids, your dumb ‘rights’, and The They very much want you to make the decisions in The They’s best interests, what ever they may be.

I bet you during the current iteration of this fake ass NASCAR season, gender neutral looking, non-rebel-flag-hat-having soy cucks will gladly franchise the Bud Light beer stand just cuz ‘the line is shorter’.

There’s no going back.

Learn to love the servitude.

Oh, and here is ‘The Boss’ “taking care of his own”, brought to you by “America’s Beer” (owned by dirty frenchmen (sic, but really not):


Add a ‘this buds for you!’ on the image below.

born to REeeeEEEEEeee.jpg

I don’t really drink beer these days, preferring whiskey as my self-prescribed medication of choice. If I were a die-hard beer drinker, and absolutely loved an ice-cold Bud Light after a hard day of work, this misstep (some might call it brand destruction) would probably not deter me from buying a case. I’d probably start thinking a little too much after downing a few Bud Lights, vomit, and then destroy the rest of the case, though, and I’m really not surprised that an “iconic” brand that (once) appealed mostly to blue collar men and college-aged kids went this route.

Boycotts are empowering but overused, in my opinion. Simply not buying–as opposed to advertising that you’re not buying–is enough to cause corporations to rethink their hiring practices and exactly how much power they give to individuals.

In simple terms, I think that Heinerscheid was let a little too far off the leash. Anyone who’s ever drank a beer knows that alcohol and social agendas don’t mix. Throw in politics and current events (remember the “identity” of the Nashville shooter?) and it’s only a matter of time before feelings get hurt and punches start flying. A non-woke higher-up at Anheuser Busch should have stopped this from ever being a thing. We’re not at a bar, but the blows have already landed against Busch, it’s illuminated VP, and its new “spokeswoman”.

Anheuser Busch can try to pander to sensible Americans all it wants. It’s been foreign-owned (by InBev) since 2008, though, and has clearly chosen its side on the war on gender. The only thing that might resuscitate the Bud Light brand would be to fire the parties responsible and disassociate itself from Mulvaney. I don’t see that happening. Regardless, I’ve got other options if I want a beer. AB got plenty of my money over the years but will see very little to none in the future.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Busch really screwed up so now they will have to just grin and beer it.
And I thought that beer made one smart because after all it made Bud Wiser.


Didn’t take you long to hop into this Jeff 🤣


It was barley posted when he hopped in.


Here we go again with the puns. I can hardly beer it.


Tap out then.


Road Trip!!


B double E double R un beer run.

All we need is a car and a key and a sober driver.


A real brewhaha… 😏 


The world wonders


Apparently my brew of choice is a beneficiary of this brouhaha. Yuengling is seeing a boost in sales and they are launching a simple marketing campaign focusing on the fact that that they are a family-owned company and also, the largest American-owned brewer. Let’s hope that their distribution agreement with Molson/Coors doesn’t lead to something similar to this fiasco. I will say this, the ads and billboards for the Yuengling brands that I’ve seen just feature the beer as the star of the ad with minimal fanfare. Just barbecue/picnic stuff and maybe a flag around the 4th. Because after all, I just want a cold, tasty brew. If it’s American-owned and still owned by the founder’s family, so much the better. I do have one question, though, has our buddy Slow Joe opined on this?🤣🍺

Last edited 7 months ago by MustangCPT

I could go for a reverse Smokey and the Bandit scenario to get some Yuenglings closer to me here in the southwest


Depends on where you’re at. It’s my understanding that as part of the distribution deal with Molson/Coors, Yuengling is being sold out west. I know for a fact it’s in Texas since I had some when I was down there this past fall and it’s brewed at the MC Fort Worth brewery under contract. Not sure where it will be rolled out next but I thought that this distribution deal was part of the plan to take the brand national.


So far closest is El Paso


I’ll kick in on this project. Maybe we need a go fund me


Road Trip!! (posted wrong place)


RIP Burt Reynolds and Jerry Reed:


Hey, I’m thirsty and I’m not even in Atlanta. Sounds like I need to dip out to the likka sto’ and pick up a sixer of Vitamin Y!🍺

Last edited 7 months ago by MustangCPT

Iffen ya gots 80. thousand. $s., I gots a fast car, an 18 wheeler/with driver, good buddy box, and a cowboy hat. Iffen ya wants some Bawstun Clam Cho-owder to goes with it that’s extry…plus a Caddy Convertible. All I’m lacking is a petite cutie pie to ride along. Ya reckon OAM is up for a road trip?


King, are you aware Yuenglings now has an ultralight brew for your lady friends, called Flight?

Poe discovered it at Walmart last week while searching for a non-Anheuser/Busch alternative for Miz Poe’s favored Michelob Ultra. She’s not a fan of my Yuengling Lager.


The Big K Roger carries it and so does my local Class VI Store. Keep a few on hand for said Lady Friends/Baby Sister/Soccer Moms.

I haven’t been inside a Wally World Store since August of 1996. I’ll drive 50 miles out of my way and pay twice the price before I’ll buy from them whore bastards.


Flight has been out for a while. Yuengling has multiple lighter options:
Flight, which competes in the Michelob Ultra space; Light Lager, which is obviously a lower calorie version of their amber-hued Traditional Lager; and Yuengling Light, which is a lower calorie version of their Premium beer and would be the closest competitor to the big macro brew light beers from Bud, Miller, and Coors. I’ve never seen Premium or Light sold outside of Pennsylvania but those are a direct competitor to the straw-colored macros and, as I said about Premium when I was in Pennsylvania and had ready access to it and was asked how it tasted, it tastes like what a Budweiser SHOULD taste like, but doesn’t. Of course, Yuengling also makes Lord Chesterfield Ale, kind of like a Bass Ale; Porter, a dark beer not quite as heavy as a stout; Black and Tan, which is a mixture of Premium and Porter, ends up a little darker than Shiner Bock; Hershey’s Porter, which is their Porter with Hershey’s cocoa nibs; Yuengling Golden Pilsner, which is an all-malt Pilsner style beer; and Yuengling Oktoberfest. And yes, I’ve tried them all and they’re all damn good and a great value. I even enjoyed their India Pale Lager, which was like their Traditional Lager with a lot more hops added. I could drink one or two before the hoppiness got to me but I found that if I mixed it 50/50 with Lager, it was a true revelation. Still smooth and rich with just a little crispness from the additional hops. Unfortunately, Yuengling discontinued it. So, yeah, I’m a Yuengling aficionado.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Gee. We could’a never knew. Thx for informing us.


Yuengling flight

USMC Steve

And Yuengling is expanding into Kansas and Missouri now. I have high hopes to get me some of their Black and Tans.


It’s pretty good but you will want to try the Hershey’s Porter. It’s good on its own but especially good for making vanilla ice cream floats. Yes, beer and ice cream. This combination works!


I need to see if they’ve got it down here in the Florida Parishes (Lousiana). Haven’t had a hankering for a beer for a while, but I used to love some Yuengling Black & Tan on occasion.


About time to restock my stores.

I think I’ll get some more Shiner and, if it is still in stock at HEB, possibly try that Yuengling product some of y’all rave about. Depends upon the varieties of Shiner on the shelf and relative costs…

To be honest, Bud’s not been on the radar, and especially any “Light” labeled offerings of anything, so they’re not losing any money they’d have received from me.

The head shed at A-B needs to face an accounting from the stockholders.


Well, you can’t go wrong with any Shiner product and I believe they’re still family owned. I also recently tried Crawford Bock by Karbach and found it to be good in a bottle and on tap. Unfortunately, Karbach seems to be owned by AB InBev, so it’s in the same corporate family as Bud Light. That’s the other thing to watch out for since these large brewing conglomerates buy small breweries and don’t publicize their ownership of them. Examples include Goose Island, another AB brand, which was publicized at the the time since it marked the first of these takeovers. Other “micro” brands owned by AB include Devil’s Backbone and Elysian. Another thing to keep in mind if you want to keep it local and drink true micros, is some of these small brewers are even MORE whacked out than AB. They’re like a drunk Ben & Jerry’s with some of the social posturing and virtue signaling they do.

Last edited 7 months ago by MustangCPT

I used to get a kick out of their commercials with the man in the golf cart showing off their town… “this is our traffic light!”

Good beer too.


There are a lot of breweries here on the fruited plain. I have lost count of them here in Vermont. Drink local beer. It is fresh and quite often made with locally grown ingredients. Best of all it is what I call heavy beer. Lots of flavor and you don’t need to drink a case to get where you want to go. VooDoo Ranger has one that is 9%. A couple of those and you are on your way.
Yeungling is all over Florida and is especially tasty on tap. A pool side pitcher with a frozen bubble wand to keep it cool is the way to go.
No need for apologies, we know what you think of the people who have buttered your bread for all these years. I started with Bud 60 years ago. I have had my share I guess. I am moving on now.


Voodoo Ranger is one of my favorites!

Skivvy Stacker

They’re doing just about everything except screaming; “IT’S TRUMP’S FAULT!!”


I am well versed in beer math. I freely admit to strictly drinking diet soda as I save all my empty calories for beer, To be a Light beer it must have one third less calories so I can drink three light beers for the caloric cost of two regular beers of the same pedigree.

  1. Folks that like light beer don’t like beer they just like to pee a lot.
  2. Drinking Bud Light is like having sex in a canoe as they are both F@#%king near water.
  3. Woe ever named it near beer had a poor judge of distance.

Now it’s ‘queer beer’


Don’t worry, they’ll do it again and again, because their financial overloards at Blackrock Financial require them to.


So…am I the only one here enjoying a Steel Reserve tallboy? They don’t do woke.


You probably are. If I’m in the mood for malt liquor, I drink Colt 45 or Mickey’s grenades.


I miss Haffereffer Private Stock but OE was good in a pinch!

The joy of being 19, splitting a crappy apartment with other drunk degens, right next door to a packy in the ghetto.


I’m in Florida; there are no 40s here. Tallboys, quarts, pounders, and cases only.


Private Stock was pretty good. Never really cared for Eight-Ball. Now, if I couldn’t find my top 3, I’d get some Crooked I (St. Ides).


I did that plenty when I was a broke E5 in The Old Guard. I lived in an apartment with everything a short walk away: Shoppers food, a dollar store, an ABC store, Blockbuster, a hair salon (where the Korean stylists would give a post-cut neck massage), adult book store, and 7-11. I spent too many weekends scraping up change to buy a 40 oz Steel Reserve or two.

Joel Edge

I guess they couldn’t figure out a way to work the frogs in there.

USMC Steve

If this gal just did this without telling anyone, I would suspect she would be looking for a new job. They are throwing her under the bus by saying she just did it without telling anyone. But from listening to her leftarded ass talking in interviews, I don’t find it hard to believe she could have just come up with it and run with it without telling anyone. Command and control in that outfit is pretty slack though.

Old tanker

I have been following a lot of the “talk” regarding the losses the company has been suffering. A couple of the claims are that Anheuser Busch lost upwards of $4 to $5 BILLION. I found that kind of hard to believe given how little time has elapsed. Just for giggles I went to look up their stock price record both daily as well as up to several months. There has been no significant drop in stock price and you can damn well bet if the company had lost BILLIONS the stock would have shown that.

Here is the website I used to check.


Their stock is up from a low of just about $61 a share March 20th to over $65 today.

The hyperbole of massive losses is just that, hyperbole. I don’t care for their beer and don’t buy any of it so I have “no dog in the fight” but the exaggerations are just as bad as the ones from the left wingers.


Is it possible that big banks and Wall Street are keeping stock prices up? You know, just to say “see? Nothing to see here” kind of thing.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I don’t drink a lot of beer (barley any), but I don’t recall seeing any Yuengling out here in the Utah hinterlands.
But that’s ok, we have plenty of our own excellent microbreweries; Wasatch, Uinta, Red Rock, Moab, Bohemian, plus a dozen others – all good.
One thing I will have to look out for is to see if they’ve been bought out by The Big Boys.

‘barley any’

Typo or beer pun? 😜


Yuengling is American owned and supports conservative causes. I think I’ll send my money to an American company that supports my values not a foreign company that panders to whatever stupid cause some out of touch executive thinks up. Watching her interview and seeing the derision she harbors against her customers was eye opening.


Here is the Bud Lite Parody that came out yesterday, mocking the recent Bud Lite commercial.

1 minute video.

Please turn on your sound…whoever created this NAILED it!

“The folks over at Budweiser just don’t get it. No one is ever buying Bud Light again”



Skivvy Stacker

Why is the phrase; “Honey Badger don’t give a shit…”
running though my head right now?


Instead try an apology, firings, restructuring and then resignations.”

And then actually make a product people will drink rather than the swill they’ve been pumping out for years.


By preference a beer drinker but gout killed that off. I can get by with maybe two on popcorn night, so budgetarily I spend less on beer now – which means Franziskaner, Hoegarten, or Guinness are all that darken my doorstep.
Toured the Bud brewer in Houston, and tasted Bud Light from the tun before pasteurizing. Marvelous! Then they f*** it up by pasteurizing it into runny piss.

Hack Stone

As long as Anheuser-Busch is issuing commemorative Bud Light cans to celebrate people for what they claim to be but are actually not, can we expect to see Phil Monkress on a can soon? How about Daniel Bernath?


A-B: “We are showing you the Clydesdales again, to remind you of our product.”

A-B: “wait….”

Green Thumb

I wonder if that Bud Light was Mulvaney’s first Bud Light?

She (he -whatever) looks to be super trepidacious on the first sip in the picture.

Mulvaney strikes me as more Cosmopolitan girl as opposed to a beer drinker…