Verlon James – Fake Navy SEAL

| March 20, 2023

Verlon Clinton James (Sr)

The folks at MilitaryPhony send us their work on Verlon James, who claims to have been a Navy SEAL, served in Vietnam and Iraq, and retired after 20 years. James comes to us from Toledo, Ohio and at the time of this writing is 66 years old.

James likes to wear a Navy SEAL Trident and in the photo above, has a small one just in case you missed the big one on his cap. Can never have too many if you want to drive the point home – I guess. He is wearing what we call a BAST – Big Ass SEAL Trident.

His Twitter account claims that he was in the Navy from 1974-1994, retired, and served as a U.S. Navy SEAL.

On his Vietnam Veteran cap, there’s a U.S. Navy SEAL Trident on the side above the flag pin.

But there’s another ball cap that states ‘Iraq veteran,’ which also has a U.S. Navy SEAL Trident on the side of it.

But wait, there’s more…

He was asked a few questions in a Facebook PM. James said he was in from 1974-1994 with SEAL Team 5, and became an officer.

A news organization did a story about a charity that had funds stolen from them. James has been interviewed for the story, but later, when questions arose regarding his military claims, they pulled back on the story.

. . . . .

MilitaryPhony confirmed that James was not in the UDT/SEAL database, nor was there any record of “Verlon Clinton James” or any other variation of his name ever completing BUD/S Training or being assigned to any SEAL teams.

Verlon James’ military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

. . . . .



FOIA Results – NPRC – Verlon James – Summary Sheet

There is a photo in the Commissarymen section of the 1975 USS Halsey (DLG-23/CG-23) cruise book. Here, a photo shows SN James operating a meat slicer. It would be hard to be a SEAL in Vietnam in 1975 while serving as a Commissaryman on board the USS Halsey. Here’s an article in 2002 where James talks about registering as a sex offender. James is quoted in the article…
“Convicted of sexually assaulting two women in 1984 and 1986, Verlon James doesn’t argue that he should be on Lucas County’s sex offender registry.

“If I had a predator next door to me, I’d want to know,” he said. “I’m a sex offender. I don’t lie. I don’t glorify it. I don’t try to sugarcoat it.”

But, he said, “my kids have been badgered and harassed: `Your dad’s a rapist.’”
He claims to have been a Navy SEAL during this time but being a sexual predator would not be compatible with serving as a Navy SEAL. Then, there is this article in 2010, where he was being hunted as a sexual predator.

James was part of a national sex offender registry database…

. . . . .


There is no record of Verlon James graduating BUD/S-SEAL training and no record of him serving with a SEAL Team.

There were no claims of rank to confirm.

James claimed that he served from 1974-1994 and retired from the Navy. His military service record does not support that claim.

James’ record does not support his claim of serving in Vietnam or Iraq.

The only award that James has is a National Defense Service Medal (NDSM) which is given to most people out of boot camp.

If Verlon James has used any of these claims to gain anything of value, he could in violation of the Stolen Valor Act.

. . . . .

In the article where they were searching for James, it said he spent 15 years behind bars. I guess it’s a better story to say you were in the Navy during that time.

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Those are the biggest letters I have ever seen on a Viet of the Nam vet ballcap. Might as well have a pair speakers hanging
off the sides blaring it out for the blind or illiterate among us.

Go big or go home I guess.

Last edited 8 months ago by 26Limabeans

They don’t give those ball caps to just anyone.

Hack Stone

Yeah, you have to pay the $.50 admission cost to the Orange County Fairgrounds Swap Meet, then fork over $18.95 for a genuine made in China US Navy SEAL Cap. Or, you can get one issued to you during Employee Orientation at All Points Logistics.


No siree, they’re $32.99 apiece online.

Last edited 8 months ago by Anonymous

Inflation going to put a dent in posers budgets.


He should just go all in on a POSer Starter Kit.

Army-Air Force guy

I so want that mug with the Picatinny rails on it.


You could attach bacon launchers and a flask suppressor.


Anybody want to talk about him claiming to go the Naval Academy? His bullshit has not limits…

Daisy Cutter

Meat slicer to meat gazer.

Green Thumb

To rapist.


They made him a cook because he lost his clearance after punching out his commanding officer. He then went undercover into prison for 15 years to smoke out any poles that might have snuck in. It took the Marines to get the “pie out of his oven”.

Green Thumb


Daisy Cutter

The entire prison stay was a part of being Sheep-Dipped for the CIA.


He’s Casey Ryblack.


Dude definitely has some chronological dyslexia going on, considering the last SEAL platoon left at the end of 1971, and the last advisors left in early 1973.

Rancid cherry, shit sundae, yadda yadda yadda.

Last edited 8 months ago by NHSparky

Math be raycits


*linear time be raycits, bigot.

Being in jail as a sex offender should be close to that ‘bamboo dunk cage in the raw sewage thing’ trope in every ‘Nam movie…

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2 Phony Navy SEALs named VERL?
BOTH in Ohio?
What. Are. The. Odds?

Flashback to J.R. Majewski,
who accidentally outed his favorite hero Uncle Rick,
the late great fat Navy recruiter.

“Uncle Rick” Not in SEAL-BUD/S Database
Steve Balm | September 27, 2022

Last edited 8 months ago by MarineDad61

Are we just gonna IGNORE that he earned the NDSM and THAT is totally LEGIT????


The Brotherhood weeps…

jeff LPH 3 63-66

As a bonafide member of the NDSM Brotherhood, I am weeping at this knucklehead that discraced the Brotherhood.


The Lord forgives. The Brotherhood does not.


Can we vote to revoke his?




Turd bucket.


Born on 1 APR, fitting. He was 17 years, 4 months old on 14 AUG 74 when “The War, maaan!” ended for NDSM purposes.

RGR 4-78

An April Fool no doubt.


Nah, he’s a fool year-round. 🤣

Green Thumb

The Phil Monkress is strong in this one.

Turd Bolling, Phil Monkress and Verlon James.

Three turds in a toliet bowl.


Mental Illness Is A Terrible Disease.


Being a lying, rapey POS is a terrible disease. FIFY, ninja. And that is self inflicted. He CHOSE that path. Getting moved from a Boilerman Rating to a Commissary Rating tells me that this lying, embellishing, raping POS was stepping on his meat instead of just slicing meat. Less than 2 years service tells me he was surely a low speed, high drag sailor. IIRC, during that time, average initial enlistment for Navy was 4 years. PHUQUE HEEM!

Flip side of that, everybody knows that navy seals (sic) were, in addition to their other shipboard duties, Galley workers. Them mid rat sammiches of cold cuts and half stale loaf bread aren’t gonna prepare themselves. Maybe he drank too much bug juice?


More like he drank too much “toilet wine” aka Pruno!🍷


I made a batch of pruno once at NTC (fruit cocktail and poundcake with water, sugar, and instant yeast). Never again. Honestly, if it contained any alcohol to speak of, it wasn’t worth drinking liquid ass.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’d rather be sober. No prison can hold me.


I’ve heard that using grape juice and sugar with yeast makes something you can at least drink. Now, that’s not true Pruno but it is simple to acquire the ingredients in the civilian world.


God, I thought being 66 was way too young for vietnam era, being 62 myself. Then I did the math. I’m friggin old.


His pedostache checks out


Wasn’t a normal enlistment obligation for US Navy 3 years in the 1970s?

FOIA has him serving from 19 June 1974 to 16 March 1976.



He beat the 14 AUG 74 cut-off for the NDSM, but that may be his highlight.

Last edited 8 months ago by Anonymous

Did he get kicked out of the Navy?

Green Thumb

His Commander “punched” his hole….


Actually, the most common enlistment term was four years.


He also goes by the name of “Bear Jones”.



Verlon James, phony Navy SEAL, phony Vietnam veteran, Google hit, may have meant that he was the other kind of seal.

Verlon Clinton James phony SEAL as elephant seal attacking truck.jpg



That.Was. GREAT!!!!


He gets around.
NC, and now Ohio?
He should be on the Ohio state Megan’s Law page, too.
(I haven’t checked.)

has anyone been plopping the links to MP and/or VG
in the Toledo area,
county, city, neighborhood, pertinent organizations, etc…
on social media?
Or emailing those who should know?

This guy needs to be pressed to play a little duck, dodge, and hyde.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Jumpin Gehosaphat, how long has it been since we had a Monday Phony Navy Seal at the TAH starting gate. Holy Moly

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I forgot to mentioned that this A Hole also discraced the Snipe Engineering Dept.

Green Thumb

And about to be employed at All-Points Logistics…



It’s the sound the meat slicer makes in the above photo. Must have been one big miscommunication. Nothing to see here.

Daisy Cutter

SOP – Put your meat in the holding bin, slide it back and forth with rigor vigor, pull it out quickly when finished.


I think you meant to say “vigor” instead of “rigor.”

Daisy Cutter

Yes, and do it until vigor mortis sets in. 😉


Are you even allowed on Facebook and Twitter if you are a Registered Sex Offender (RSO)?

AW1 Rod

Damn. To call this pus pocket a bottom-feeding, lowlife genital wart would be an insult to bottom-feeding, lowlife genital warts everywhere.


He is filthier than the floor below a San Fran gloryhole in June


He was in my class at BUDs


I hope you’re just trying to be funny. You REALLY don’t want to go down this road if you’re not. We haven’t had a sockpuppet show up in a while so you’ll get a LOT of attention you don’t want. Take the advice that Sanford Clark provides at the beginning of this song:

Or, don’t, it’s nothin’ to me.


Foo gas stirred and primed.


Where’s that rascally Redleg?


FIRE MISSION! FIRE MISSION! FIRE MISSION! GUNNERS TO YOUR POSTS! Sock puppet in the wire. 0 degrees elevation, load Bee Hive Rounds…1/4 second fuse, charge 7…Fire when ready…Independent Fire! FIRE AT WILL! SAPPERS UP!


(Blasts “paranoia” on PA system)


Damn, thats a good tune! Thanks mucho for the ride, buddy.

(reminds me of a song that should be in a Tarantino movie)


No doubt. The guy that wrote that song is a fella by the name of Leon Payne, known as “The Blind Balladeer”. He also wrote “Lost Highway” that was recorded by Hank Williams. Very talented and almost unknown songwriter. This particular tune has been done by multiple artists including The Coasters, Johnny Winter, and Charlie Crockett. It’s alleged that Roy Clark and/or Waylon Jennings played guitar on this version and the “fuzz” guitar distortion effect was done using a violin bow behind the bridge on a pedal steel guitar. Hardcore country/rockabilly tune that goes hard.


Ok Master Queef, I’ll bite. What class?

Someone at the Headshed, get The Hair® on the line!


Shots fired. Bob, you done fucked up.


Retracting my request for Bob’s class number, I found the legend:

totally not Jocko.jpeg

Well, to quote Aaron Lewis, it’s been awhile. I hereby move that we deploy the Planetoid of Insults against both Verlon James and “Bob”. Who’s with me?


SECOND! We need an AYE!


You know, we’re really not getting any high quality sockpuppets or poser defenders anymore. First phony in a while, someone shows up to defend him, and then doesn’t engage further. Oh, how I miss the good old days. 😢

Slow Joe

Alaska Bob, is that you?

Daisy Cutter

Did Alaska Bob emerge from the wilderness… with DD-214 in hand?

Green Thumb


Alaska Bob’s fat ass is still holed up in some roadside bar drinking up the donation money.


That or he was lost in Kelly’s canyon.


C’mon back Bob.

Daisy Cutter

With Alaska Bob’s miraculous survival from sure and imminent death by cancer, you’d think it would have been major news. But, I guess he slipped off into obscurity to live out the remaining years of his life… a LOT of years apparently.

Read over the newspaper articles and Bob swears he sent in the DD-214 that will exonerate him. The newspaper said “to date, we have not received it” so that’s when we speculated that Alaska Bob sent it by sled dog team and they got caught in a blizzard. Hopefully we’ll find them in the spring thaw but it’s been a few years… and a few springs.

Green Thumb

Alaska Bob is sitting in some roadside bar drinking up the donation money.

A Proud Infidel®™

MAYBE “Alaska Bob” might have sent said DD214 via Courier Sea Turtle?


I think we scared him away. That or he was a troll with a weak game.

A Proud Infidel®™

WELL SHIT! I miss the Good Old Days when we had more durable Chew Toys!


Yeah, I do too. I mean, Chevy, Round Ranger, Forgin’ Frank, and Bernath all happened in the same year (2014) with Psul also carrying over from 2013. Posts for those knuckleheads went into the THOUSANDS. Clearly, this new generation just isn’t the same. 😢


Are you saying that:

That Verlon Clinton James is a liar?!

Verlon Clinton James Jr of Toledo Ohio, also known as Verlon Clinton James from Rocky Mount, North Carolina, was not a SEAL.
Verlon James was not in Iraq as a US Service Member.
Verlon James was not in Vietnam as a US Service Member.
Verlon James was convicted of sexual crimes.
Verlon Clinton James is registered as such.
In addition to that Verlon Clinton James’ mustache looks like he makes barnyard animals uncomfortable when he enters their zip code?

If you’re saying that about Verlon James you should really just say it.

seals be like.jpeg
Last edited 8 months ago by Roh-Dog

Also, apparently Mister Verlon James of Toledo Ohio don’t like following the rules much.

Maybe someone should’ve told Verlon James that following most of the rules is a prerequisite to military service, let ‘lone selection for SEALs.


Verlon’s claims are weak sauce. He could have claimed he was a POW for a large part of his twenty years of service, as he was a for realz prisoner for 15 years.

Green Thumb

The only weak sauce this clown knows is the weak sauce dripping from his two hole…


Damn. You’re on fire. While you’re at it, send some love to “Bob” a couple of comments up!🙃



Prior Service



Out of curiosity, if a (legitimate) SEAL veteran were to wear a trident pin on his cap, would he wear it above a US flag pin?

I’m genuinely asking. Flag code is oft-referenced but rarely understood and is somewhat ambiguous about what actually constitutes the colors (honestly, it’s due for a revision)… I don’t recall unit insignia being mentioned anywhere in it, and earning a trident is a much greater achievement than just representing the flag – but would they give it pride-of-place?

Also, in that same picture (the BAST cap), is that a chief’s insignia or a SF crest or something else entirely?

*edited for typo

Last edited 8 months ago by Hate_me

Sorry, not the BAST cap one, the Vietnam Veteran one.


What is a BAST cap?


“Big Ass SEAL Trident” cap. It’s in Dave’s summary.


The badge on the Vietnam Veteran cap is the SEAL trident.


Yes, I realize that. On the other side of the face of the cap is another pin. I’m trying to figure out what that is.


I can’t make out either. But whatever it is; it is fake.


TBH, I’ve never seen an actual SEAL wearing a trident ballcap. Whenever I see someone wearing the trident ballcap I just assume they are a phony. The more doo-dads they have stuck in the hat, the bigger the phony they are.

A Proud Infidel®™

He’s a legend in his own mind.


His own mind? That’s gotta be a cold, dark, windswept, and lonely place with nothing but a couple of errant tumbleweeds blowing by.




Based on that picture he is fond of handling other peoples “meat”. 💩 

Daisy Cutter

With no protection.

Chain mail is for sissies.

Honor and Courage

I don’t do the hat trick. However I do pay attention and my estimate is about 75% are in the correct age groups. At my age nothing surprises me.

A Proud Infidel®™

He has the thousand-yard meat gazer’s stare down pat!

PRCS (Ret.)

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’d rather be sober. No prison can hold me.”


Went to boiler school but booted as an SA. Dick-stepped there, too.