“Uncle Rick” Not in SEAL-BUD/S Database

| September 27, 2022

You may recall some recent discussion on TAH about JR Majewski, a man running for Congress who has been accused of embellishing his military experiences.  Seems that on his campaign Facebook page, RJ Majewski posted a photo of his “Uncle Rick” with a SEAL Trident as well as the claim that Uncle Rick was a US Navy SEAL who served in Vietnam.

This has become interesting. We’re told that his full name is Richard Vearl Jones according to a few reliable researchers. The official U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File lists his dates of service as 1965-1969 and a second enlistment as 1984-1989.

However, Jones was not found in the SEAL-BUD/S database.

We will order his military records to confirm further, but at this point, it looks like there is room to question his wearing of the SEAL Trident as well as RJ Majewski’s claim of his uncle being a Navy SEAL.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Meal Team Six! All the way!
He looks like he ATE the seal. Arf! Arf!

Eggsxactly, Tox. He was misquoted. What he actually stated was that he was SERVED a seal, not that he served as a SEAL. The SEAL Trident was awarded because he ate the whole seal. He re-enlisted to get a second serving of seal. Really did a number on demolishing them. EOD? E(ats)O(n)D(icks)

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Gives the term “blew a seal” a whole new meaning.


He was not a SEAL… but I bet that he was an SCW (Sucked Cock Willingly).


The folks at the bath house were saying the exact same thing we were at TAH:

“We’d sure like to get to the bottom of Uncle Ricky.”


So, he did 2 stints 15 years apart? I was an HT the same time (1983-87), and HT’s were a source rate for SEAL’s but I thought you had to be Diver first. I recall the command career counselor talking about Dive school and EOD as an HT if wanted to reenlist and a new challenge. I said, “Not interested.” I never would have it through EOD anyway.
I’m guessing he came back in ’84 after a trip to the NAVEX for some more fruit salad and bling. A ribbon rack that size in that era seems out of place. I would also expect a Diver pin as well. Maybe I’m wrong? I mean Chief Shipley had a guy the other day that enlisted as a Chief, and retired as a Captain with 3 MOH’a (all Classified), and the CIA was holding them for safe keeping. Ya never know….


Oh great. WTF next.

So not only must we contend with hives of POSers (e.g., Elko, NV), but now we are also faced with entire families of POSers?


Hack Stone

Well, we have to give Uncle Ricky SOME credit…

He’s not wearing a VEST, but he IS sporting some nifty shades in both pictures…😉😎

The Stranger

Still not as bad as the Visconi family!


Majewski did not post this.

Another Family Member made this comment.

Makes one wonder what kind of war stories Uncle Ricky told his family…

“There I was, minding my own business when…”


Hack Stone

There is “decorated”, then there is “extremely decorated”. For an example of extremely decorated, please view National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

As to (see what Hack did there?) “over seas and abroad”, isn’t that more redundant than necessary?



Daisy Cutter

Just goes to show you – you can be extremely decorated but when you dig deeper and part a few tree limbs, there’s a rodent living in there.


One can oversee a broad though.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“Over seas and a broad” isn’t redundant if you’re a female.


they meant to say on broads….


Ooh, Cleveland… hard trying to get a military haircut there while on leave there (USO at the airport only kept banker’s hours weekdays) lemme tell ya. Nearest big base is Wright-Patt downstate.


Holy Crap.
Special Ops now?




It must run in the family, i.e. “CLASSIFIED…”

Sheesh. Can being an Embellisher/Liar be a genetic thing? Asking for 23andMe…😉😎😅


Imagine how many
80s Ohio high school students and Navy recruits
had to listen to that happy horseshit.

IF J.R. Majewski can’t find a vouch
for his claims of Combat Veteran in Afghanistan,
surely there are vouches
for Recruiter Uncle Rick telling his tall tales of the Trident.

“And you knew where you were then…..” – Edith Bunker

Green Thumb

Somebody hooked old Uncle Ricky up….


Our very own Claw pointed out Uncle Ricky is also wearing as his rate insignia the Hull Maintenance Technician as well as the Army Service Ribbon and the Non-Commissioned Officer Professional Development Ribbon.



Something else that is interesting.

Majewski made the following statement on his Campaign site:

“I’m the great-grandchild of European immigrants, and the grandchild of war veterans”.


We don’t think he really knows his family history.

Research indicates that one of his Maternal GREAT-Grandfather (NOT GRAND) served from 10 November 1944 to 31 March 1945 as a PVT in the US Army.


His Maternal GRANDfather was born in 1940…too young for WWII and Korea. We cannot find any reference to his Grandfather serving in the Vietnam Era.

His Maternal GREAT-GREAT Grandfather (NOT GREAT Grandfather) was born in Germany. His Maternal GREAT-GREAT-GREAT Grandfather was born in Poland.



Not meaning to be crass or sarcastic, BUT both ninja family members have Dads who were Korean and Vietnam Veterans. One Paternal Grandfather was a WWI and WWII Veteran. The other was a WWl Veteran.

Heck, one of our Maternal GREAT-GREAT Grandfathers was a Civil War Veteran…🤫

We also came from a Family of European Immigrants….


We still do not believe his story about being boots on the ground in Afghanistan…🧐


Heck, one of our Maternal GREAT-GREAT Grandfathers was a Civil War Veteran…🤫

Only one? Minimum of 6 ancestors/relatives on my side (Confederate, of course). And only one was a slave holder that I know of. 😆


I need to drink more coffee…boy did I screw that sentence!

What I should have wrote was my Paternal GREAT-GREAT Grandfather was a Civil War Veteran (My Dad’s Mom’s Dad’s Dad…hope that is not confusing).

26th North Carolina Infantry. Wounded and taken Prisoner at the Battle of Gettysburg, 1 July 1863.

Had relatives that served in the American Revolutionary War as well..🙃

Family too poor to own slaves.

Thanks for sharing, rgr1480!


26th NC went into the fight @ Gettysburg with over 800 men. After the battle only about 80 answered the roll call. My daughter’s maternal GGGGrandpappy was one of 9 Color Bearers KIA advancing the Colors. His Grandson served in WWI, His GGrandson served in WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam (Navy WWII then AF). Counting Uncles and Grand Pappies, I have several dozen Damned Insurectionists Johnny Rebs in my lineage. POWs @ Camp Douglas & Point Lookout, WIAs, KIAs are in that mix. Even some that wore the uniform of “those people”. We go back to F&I and Rev War, documented. I’m proud of everyone of them.


My family goes back to 1613 in Jamestown Virginia, on my mother’s side. One of my grandfathers was killed at the battle of Guilford Courthouse. My father’s side is not so well known as one courthouse caught fire in West Virginia. As far as we know, his ancestors were exiled to Georgia from Ireland because of the Irish rebellion. My wife’s ancestors were very prosperous cotton and rice farmers before the 1st Revolution. A couple of the old plantations still exist in South Carolina.


This man’s GRANDFATHER was a company commander in the WAR OF 1812.



Last edited 2 months ago by 5JC

That’s what happens when
old farts pump out units at age 63 and 75,
then keel over,
and leave their children fatherless
before the age of 9.


I can hear the jealously through your keyboard.


You and MarineDad61 crack us up…

Remember this story?

“Last person to receive pension from Civil War, $73.13 monthly, dies at age 90”



Alabama still has a tax to support the Confederate Civil War Cemetery in Clanton (?) Alabama.

The Stranger

Well, what you neglected to mention is that same grandfather who served as a company commander in the War of 1812 also served as the 10th President of the United States, John Tyler. You know, “Tippecanoe and Tyler too!”


That is cool information!!

Thank You, 5JC!


In the 1920 Census, his Maternal Great-GreatGrandfather was identified as being born in “German Poland” with his native tongue being Polish.


Did great-grandpa get wounded or put out for humping a goat? That’s only 4 months, 21 days while the war’s going-on.


It looks like they lost a child in 1945. It might have been a hardship discharge or maybe he was sent home on bereavement leave and didn’t get back before the war ended.




We noticed that Majewski has been wearing a red vest in alot of pictures, especially when he is campaigning.

Shades of Glenn Youngkin….🙄


Wonder if Majewski bought the same vest from the same Company Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin used…

Gee Whiz…Can’t Majewski just be his own person?

The shirt looks about the same as well..


Check this out from from 12 July 2020, over 2 years ago…

“Can you guess who he’s voting for? Air Force veteran paints his entire yard with a 19,000sq ft Trump 2020 banner using 120 gallons of biodegradable chalk paint”


“J.R. Majewski (pictured) is an Air Force veteran who served in Afghanistan and now resides in Bay Township, Michigan”.

“Majewski, who served in Afghanistan, said he remembers going more than 40 days without a shower because they had no access to running water.”


Hmmm, interesting. The article says he received over 5300 dollars from a GimmeMoney fund to “maintain” the yard.

One would think that it (and the money) would all go away when the grass got tall enough to be mowed for the first time after he painted it.

But who knows? He’s a Politickian and I try to avoid them at all costs.




Good One, Claw!


I once was given order to deploy to “AREA 13.” (It was either that or LOCATION 13, I can’t remember which), Sounds all impressive, right? Don’t worry; it was Guam. The point is, a lot of “classified/secret” is really manipulation of low level/low harm data to confuse our enemies. These idiots need to realize there are ACTUAL people that have done what the poser is claiming, and can call out their bullshit in a second.


Who among us doesn’t have an “Uncle Ricky?”

You know – that crazy SoB relative that never fails to be a hoot at Thanksgiving.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone is the Uncle Ricky of the Stone Clan.


They remove all sharp utensils from your place setting?

Non-alcoholic grape drink. A football helmet for banging into walls.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone has to eat his Thanksgiving dinner in the basement behind the water heater. It gets pretty crowded down there when he brings Psaul and Elaine Ricci to the family gathering.


At least you don’t have to eat at the fold-up kids table.

Hack Stone

Encyclopedia Bethesda on the lap as table top. Hack has not worked his way up to earning a folding tray.

By the time they would let Uncle hack through the line, the Green Bean Casserole is long gone.

Green Thumb

I think this dude in on the Hall of Honor Wall at All-points Logistics.

Hack Stone

He is more than qualified for a senior executive position at All Points Logistics. Have they filled that position in Reston VA yet?


Is this some kind of weird “heroism by proxy?” What is the relevance of “Uncle Ricky” serving? “Vote for me because my uncle was a Navy SEAL?” Huh?


Majewski was honoring Uncle Rick’s stolen valor with his own stolen valor. Its a generational thing.


“I come from a long line of Stolen Valor thieves.”

Gives new meaning to “keepin’ up with the Jones’.”

Hack Stone

Kind of like when Barrack Obama was running against John McCain, he ran commercials talking about his maternal grandfather serving in WWII. No idea how that was relevant to his qualifications as President, but John McCain’s father served in WWII, and his grandfather served in WWI. And oh yeah, John McCain actually served in Vietnam.

AS to Hack Stone, his father served in WWII, his grandfather served in WWI, he had to uncles on his father’s side serve in Korea during the “police action”, and Hack Stone was in Desert Shield (but not Desert Storm). So Hack expects all of you to be voting the Hack Stone – Elaine Ricci ticket come November 2024.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Adm. McCain Sr. (Comphibron 3) Norfolk NOB had a small pet alligator he carried around in a box and when he went onboard the LPH 3 to check it out, The OOD tried petting the gater and got bit in the hand. I got chewed out by him when leaving the Trade Winds Enlisted mens club because I failed to salute his car when it passed us.


Would be better if it were Uncle Buck.
comment image


He also posted Jameel Farah’s 1952 High School picture on his Facebook along with his Step-Uncle’s picture.

His Step-Uncle graduated with Jameel Farah from Calvin M. Woodward High School in Toledo, Ohio.

His Step-Uncle was his Step-Father’s older brother.


Hope his campaign does not advertise “One of My Relatives Went To High School With A Guy Who Served In The Korean Conflict But I Cannot Tell You Where Because That Information Is Classified…”



It’s too bad Uncle Rick isn’t still alive. I’d pay good money to see Uncle Don give him a ring and catch up on things.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

If Uncle Ricky was born in England, I would call him a Lime Ricky. (NYC 1950’s soda fountain drink)

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Out here in the Utah hinterlands we have a burger place (Arctic Circle) that does a Lime Ricky.

Send fry sauce!

When we got drunk we called them a Rim Licky.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

And I always thought it was a NY thing. Thanks for the info.


More like a walrus by the looks of him.

Hack Stone

Is it just hack Stone, or does anyone else think that Uncle Rick resembles Ricky from better Off Dead?

Daisy Cutter


Doc Savage

Okay…..that kids outfit nearly gave me seizures. 😵 


As a member of the Navy SEALs, he earned the nickname “Ricky-Tick.”  That’s where that expression came from.

The Stranger

The greatest of the ‘80’s teen angst movies!

“I want my two dollars!”


Why is Uncle Ricky rocking an Army Service Ribbon (ASR), bottom right of his rack? Do Navy SEALs earn those now?


Also appears to be an Army NCO Professional Development Ribbon Bottom row, middle.)


UPDATE: I see Uncle Ricky’s NCOPDR and ASR were mentioned in the other thread. There is also what may be an Armed Forces Reserve Medal (3rd row, right) and if I’m not mistaken, what appears to be a Coast Guard Sea Service ribbon (3rd Row, middle.) How many branches was Uncle Ricky in?


Here is the Coast Guard Sea Service ribbon. This has to be it, there’s nothing else that has that pattern of colors: https://www.usamm.com/products/coast-guard-sea-service-ribbon?variant=850141799&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlt72_se1-gIVSYFaBR2SeAtLEAQYASABEgJUXfD_BwE


I’ll tell you why. This ass-clown wanted a more impressive ribbon rack, and he figured the guys he served with wouldn’t recognize those Army ribbons. And if some one did, he could claim he did a stint in the Army reserves. I also note he has a Purple Heart on that rack. Looking forward to seeing his FOIA response.


My guess,
in the many years between the 60s and 80s Navy stints,
Rick Jones joined the part time
Army Reserve OR the Ohio Army National Guard.

New MOS?
Go to MOS school, and get that rainbow Army Training Ribbon.

Get picked for a unit E-5 MOS MTOE slot?
Go to PLDC, and get that NCO PDR ribbon.

More guess,
Seeing (part time) 20 years service ahead,
and either unemployed or underemployed,
Rick conned a Navy Recruiter that he was a Navy SEAL,
got a new enlistment doing the Recruiter thingy,
and puffed up his uniform to match the lies that got him the job.

Final guess,
Honorable service in the Vietnam War,
on a ship that got close (Navy “E” Ribbon).

And of course,
Rambo Rick chose to poop all over his Vietnam service
the moment he told tall tales in the 80s,
and slapped that Trident on his 80s Navy Recruiter uniform.

Green Thumb

All-Points Logistics APLR 670-1.


He is a members of BUDS alright.

Basically Useless Dick Sucker.


Getting ready to examine a patient, the proctologist asked his nurse to go get him a light.

She brought him back a beer.

He said “No, no. A butt light.”

(Somebody stop me!)

The Stranger


A Proud Infidel®™

I’ve heard the same about a Urologist that was really asking for a PUD Light!

Last edited 2 months ago by A Proud Infidel®™

Same doc is writing a prescription. Reaches into his pocket and pulls out a rectal thermometer.

Doc looks at the nurse and says “some asshole has my pen”.


Some folks have their heads so far up their asses the only time they ever see the light is during procto exams… 😏 


2 1/2 hours after this VG article,
J.R. Majewski fights back. Again.


“Ass Kicker” Majewski
is being eaten alive by the comments on Twitter.
And on his Book of the Fake.

2022 09 27 Majewski THROW MUD.jpg


That is OK.

Sadly, we suspect he will never admit his embellishments.

Gonna be interesting to see what happens in November. Win or Lose, he still carries the stigma of not telling the entire truth…and he will have to live with it, unless he can provide proof and tell everyone WHERE he was in Afghanistan.

He is not and will not be the FIRST to lie or embellish a Military Service. Majority of the time, those who do that are covering something up as well as having low self-esteem. Personality Disorder.

We all have our Quirks in life…


From what I’ve seen the Ohio GOP is doing everything they can to wash their hands of Majewski lest he drag the rest of the Republican slate down with him.

It seems Majewski is radioactive. Nobody wants to get near him.

Hack Stone

How did he make it through the primary as the Republican candidate? Did he run unopposed? If he did run against other Republican candidates, why didn’t their opposition research highlight this? After being burned a few times already, you would think that the Republican Party would vet (no pun intended) the claims of the candidates the place on the ballot. Too late for this race, Tge ship has left the train station. They better wise up before 2024.


IMO it’s not reasonable to expect the local Republican party workers (all of whom I presume are volunteers) to do any better job of “vetting” than the VSO’s whose whole reason for existing is to recruit veterans. My guess is that either Majewski got the nomination unopposed or that none of his opponents were veterans so they didn’t know how bogus his claims were, or they didn’t want to risk the wrath of the party by questioning him.

And that’s the real problem with Stolen Valor, innit? Too many people accepting Joe Schmoe’s claim that he was an Airborne Ranger Special Recon Marine Sniper SEAL fighter pilot because, hey, that’s what they see on TV and in movies, right?

And besides, how dare you not “support the troops?”  🙄 

Hack Stone

Fool me once, shame on you. Foll me twice, shame on me. This is what happens when you take the word of a politician. They’ll eff you in the drive through.


Uncle Rick’s nephew Brad in 2019.

A younger version of my uncle Rick my father’s brother is
everybody can see a very decorated war hero
and now that he has passed some years ago
it can be said
That he was an active Navy seal
because that is actually not to be spoken of or
(end paste)

The bullshit that this phony put all over his own family.

And high school students.
And young Navy recruits.

Between listening to Teddy Daniels and Phony Uncle Rick,
J.R. Majewski chose the wrong strategy / bullshit defense
when he decided to pull “classified” out of his ass.

Brad Jones Top Secret 1.jpg


The guy in the lower right hand corner of the picture is not Uncle Ricky’s nephew.

May I make a recommendation? Perhaps this picture should be taken down by Admin since the friend’s comment and picture has nothing to do with Uncle Ricky claiming SEAL status?

I think I posted that comment about Uncle Ricky (being a decorated war hero) on the last blog, but did not use what you posted since it came from Majewski’s Cousin Facebook account.

What do you think?


Marine Dad is on a tear since he can poke a conservative (even if a phony one) in the eye for a few days. That almost never happens. Let him have his fun.



It’s alright.

We enjoy having MarineDad61 on TAH. He was a huge asset when it came to the Les Brown situation in Elko.

Thanks for the feedback! 👍👍👍


So you believe Stolen Valor,
Phony Combat Veterans,
and Phony Navy SEALS
are any different if they are on the right or on the left?

By the way, have you seen
mostly sockpuppet trolls,
trying to add smoke and mirrors to the noise,
and counterattacking legit veterans
who are angry about Majewski?

I have always been apolitical
when it comes to the phonies.

Phony Dick Blumenthal (elected Senator),
Phony George Teal (elected County Commissioner
over a legit Bronze Star helo pilot),
and Phony J.R. Majewski (and his Phony Uncle)
get no favoritism, and no pass,
when it comes to embellishing, lying, and phonying.

Shame on you for suggesting otherwise.


George Teal pulled a Les Brown in 2020.
“Operation Desert Storm Veteran”… of Germany.

Multiple VFWs in his area got tired of
“At Large Member” Teal spewing,
Teal avoided joining (transferring to) a local VFW Post,
Teal’s VFW membership was challenged,
and the Colorado Dept. Commander threw him out of the VFW.

After all this, Teal still won the County Commissioner seat.



The post is about nephew Brad posting on FaceBook.
The comments have nothing to do with it,
they are just part of the screenshot.
Names and FaceBook icons were redacted.


Looks like He was a recruiter also…seal recruiter😂


Uncle Rick is now a YouTube star.
Both Shipley AND VG (this article) got credit for verifying.

Not sure how J.R. Majewski will answer
when he in confronted about Uncle Rick,
since 2 Shipley emails are shown,
and J.R. has very little wiggle room to lie or deny.

Especially since BOTH made the same claim of “classified”.

Hack Stone

Classified as what? Works of fiction?


He was a logistics weenie in the Chair Force. So, what I want to know is why a logisitics flight and op to the A-stan would be “classified.” I can see that when a load of ammo was to arrive at Bagram might be “secret.” But whether Airman Shitbag was on the flight certainly wouldn’t be classified.

Also, having gone thirty-some days without a shower in the Viet of the Nam when my company was in the Jungle during the dry season, I have a great deal of difficulty believing some Air Force REMF in a secure airbase couldn’t get a shower for 40 days. Seems about as real as a bucket of prop-wash.


JR Majewski just contradicted himself. Unbelievable!

Check out this interview he did today or yesterday he with Dan Ball of Real America.

In the video, he told Dan Ball he had NO IDEA how the Associated Press got his DD214.

Wait till you see the next video that he did a couple of days ago that completely contradicts what he told Dan Ball!



This is the interview he did with the Press 4 DAYS ago.

Listen what he says toward the end of the video.


He just contradicted himself!


In his two videos, he kept explaining that he flew in and out on Sorties to Afghanistan from Qatar. He said it was impossible for him to know where he was in Afghanistan.

That does not make sense. According to this link, in July 2020, he said “he remembers going more than 40 days without a shower because they had no access to running water.”


He was on the ground for 40 days and he had no idea where he was?

He also said he could only play “Grand Theft Auto” for 30 minutes a day…yet, he has no idea where he was in Afghanistan?

One can play “Grand Theft Auto” in a Classified mission?

Who Knew?



We just got finish watching/listening Majewski do a very short interview with Steve Bannon.

It sounds as if Majewski is implying that his opponent, Marcy Kaptur is responsible for UPDATING his DD214?

If so, he is so WRONG! HE is responsible for updating his own DD214!!!



is Majewski now blaming the VA that his records are not updated?

Last time I checked, the Service Member is responsible for doing that.

“Majewski calls on Kaptur to help update military service records”


“Help veterans like me that have a 20-year-old service record that’s inaccurate because we can’t get it updated in a timely fashion because our VA [Veterans’ Administration] is full of red tape,” Mr. Majewski said in the 99-second video, which he said was recorded as he began door-to-door campaigning in his hometown of Toledo.”

Green Thumb

What a turd.

Green Thumb

Maybe Uncle Rick can campaign with him.

Hack Stone

If the dead can vote, why shouldn’t the be able to help get out the vote?

Hack Stone

Why shouldn’t they ….

Hack Stone

What’s that old military saying? Piss Poor Planning On Your Part Does Not Constitute A Priority On My Part. Yeah, that’s the one.

Shit, he has been off of active duty for almost twenty years, and now he realizes that his DD-214 needs to be corrected? How is someone with his time management skills going to serve his constituents when he can’t even clean up his own mess for two decades?

As to his qualifications for office, Hack has yet to see him say how he will be able to serve the people better than the incumbent, other than “Vote for me, I’m a veteran.”


His gardening skills are first rate.

Hack Stone

Can he pass on whatever he was smoking? This guy is delusional. He thinks that on day one as a freshman Congressman that he will have some say on how things are done? Hell, you have to pee in a bucket your first two terms.

Hack Stone

Before posting a video like that, can you at least give us a heads up to put on some boots? There is bullshit tracked all over the dining room floor of Stately Stone Manor. If he wants to settle the issue, just someone who was in Qatar with him state on the record that they have first hand knowledge of him deploying to Afghanistan.

It’s quite possible that he did fly into Afghanistan, however, and there is always a however, his tales of 40 days in country with no shower would definitely place him in the category of at least embellishing his service.

He could have campaigned on “I enlisted, I served, I went where the Air Force needed me to support the warfighter.” Once he settles that issue, maybe he can address his rank at time of separation and his reenlistment code.

Hack Stone

The guy is going to lose, and the reason that he is going to lose is because he lied, and he believes that if he sticks with his story, the voters will believe it. Any veteran with an ounce of integrity knows that at a minimum he is exaggerating his service, and more likely he is just lying. And because of his campaigning under his version of reality, the Democrats will lock this seat come November. The Republican of Ohio, and nationwide for that matter, need to pull their heads out of their asses and do a background check on the candidates that they run. This is a self inflicted wound.



Amen on everything you said…Amen.

Something is not right with him, i.e. mentally. For him to tell the Press that he emailed AP his DD214, then turn around a couple of days later and claim he had no idea how AP got his DD214…

It is obvious he got caught with his embellishment…and instead of taking responsibility and admitting the truth, he projects his own failures on others and used “The Blame Game.”

Have this feeling that alot of GOP Voters who are Veterans may not vote for him.

BTW…Dan Ball mentioned he had a DD214.

Wonder if this is him?

comment image


Whatever I posted about Dan Ball, that is not him in the picture.

Turns out Dan Ball was an Air Force Veteran who also ran for office (He Lost).


And according to this link, he was a “Combat Journalist for the Armed Forces Radio and Television Network.”

Hmmm…Combat Journalism? Well, he joined the Air Force right after his 1993 High School Graduation, so we are guessing he did Military Exercises as a “Combat Journalist”..and when we see Armed Forces Radio and Television Network, we automatically think of the times we lived in Europe as Army Brats listening and watching the Armed Forces Radio and Television Network (We know the Air Force did the TV news out of Ramstein and we think the Army did the radio programs out of K-Town)…



It must be deja voo doo.
Someone over at the Tube of You came to your rescue.

[DD-214 — J.R. Majewski LIES AGAIN.
No Mystery. No Leak.
J.R. was DENIED reenlistment.]

Last edited 2 months ago by MarineDad61

Hack Stone,
The drama builds.

Ohio Union Veterans Council / AFL-CIO just put out a video,
putting conditions on J.R. Majewski.

Provide his proof in 1 week,
or suspend his campaign.

[Ohio veterans have a few questions for GOP candidate JR Majewski]




Just out. The brawl excuse is bullshit.

J.R. Majewski was demoted to E-2 due to DUI on base.
Non Judicial punishment 3 pages now on a public cloud.
Here >>

Hack Stone

Kadena AFB Gate 2. They always get you at Gate 2. They may as well name that street International Incident Drive.


Things are really swirling the drain now. He should move to central Florida and help them with their flooding problem by being a near endless black hole of lies.


The cookie is crumbling on J.R. and his lies.


Frank Larose good dude. I think he has showed remarkable restraint over the stream of lies and bullshit.


Lying J.R. can’t cry “hit piece”
when it’s the (GOP) Ohio Secretary of State,
a veteran and GREEN BERET,
clearly suggesting that
J.R needs to pony up his proof NOW.

Hack Stone

It must suck to be J.R. Majewski right now. The Left Media is destroying him right now, but he gave them all of the ammo. The Republican Party could have avoided all of this if they only verified his claims.


Hack Stone,
Uncle Rick must be really disappointed
with J.R. by now,
with J.R. getting a statewide (and national) flogging.

Unlike Uncle Rick,
who surprisingly pulled it off (while fat),
and carried his phony secret squirrel to the grave.

That is, until those pesky Macs and PCs
all became connected to each other
on that newfangled
1990s thingy called the internet,
and then those 2000s handheld wireless cellphones joined in on the action.

Internet infamy now and forever
for J.R. Majewski.

AND his Uncle Rick.

Uncle Rick Google FR is 1.jpg

The worst part is that he loses the “Asskicker” pronoun since the barracks brawl was as fake as all the rest. “Irresponsible Drunk” doesn’t sound as catchy of a campaign slogan.


I found the J.R Majewski AFGHANISTAN VOUCH ZOOM video on the internet.

Can anyone chip in with expertise on a uniform detail?

“MSGT JASON” anonymous fixed head shot with blurred face
shows OFFICER “U.S.” lapel pins (without the enlisted ring)
on his Air Force Class A..

Have U.S. lapel pins changed?
Or, does this look suspicious?

MSG JASON blurred VOUCH Officer Lapel pins.jpg
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VOUCH MSGT JASON – “Everybody that signed the contract
when we were at war
is a combat veteran.”


Yeah, no. Those are not for enlisted or NCOs.



“Circled collar insignias for Enlisted personnel were introduced in 1918 when the United States Army Air Service first proposed collar devices. The tradition of Enlisted Airmen wearing collar insignia with a circle around the device continued for over seven decades until 1991, when the decision was made to eliminate collar insignia for all ranks as part of a major uniform overhaul. That edict was partially overturned in 1995 with the announcement that both Officers and Enlisted personnel would once again wear U.S. lapel insignia with no circle.”


Same here.
Do basic trainees like Majewski here
wear a U.S. with NO circle ring on the lapels???

JR M VOUCH Officer Lapel pins.jpg
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That is him in the picture…his Basic Training picture.

The U.S. insignia issue for Air Force Junior Enlisted was previously addressed before on TAH.

If we recall, we had some TAH Members who were Air Force Enlisted state that yes, during a Timeframe, the Air Force Junior Enlisted wore U.S. on their lapel (no disc).


Here you go, MaribeDad61. Majewski and the other Airman wore the correct U.S.:


“Circled collar insignias for Enlisted personnel were introduced in 1918 when the United States Army Air Service first proposed collar devices. The tradition of Enlisted Airmen wearing collar insignia with a circle around the device continued for over seven decades until 1991, when the decision was made to eliminate collar insignia for all ranks as part of a major uniform overhaul. That edict was partially overturned in 1995 with the announcement that both Officers and Enlisted personnel would once again wear U.S. lapel insignia with no circle.”

“In July 2006, the Air Force announced that the Uniform Board was bringing back the circled U.S. insignia for Enlisted Airmen with an implementation date of 1 January 2007.”

The Stranger

Exactly. That was the case when I went back in the Air National Guard in 2005. We got our discs back in 2009(?) timeframe. Then I got the Army enlisted discs when I crossed over in 2011 and lost the discs when I commissioned in 2012 along with losing my service stripes.


Well, it is obviously not our J.R. He was never a Master SGT.


The Master SGT is not J.R.,
it’s J.R.’s secret squirrel anonymous vouch, “MSGT Jason”,
who thinks everyone is a “combat veteran”.


Bet he’s in the Meal Team Six database, a copy of which is hidden behind the dollar menu at every McDonald’s from coast to coast and select allied countries.


Retired Nasty Girl here, in his Official Portrait pictures, is it a violation of AR600-1 to wear tinted glasses?