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| March 4, 2023

The Air Force, the Air Force… honestly, I’m not trying to pick on them but they just keep doing things. The latest is that they leaked confidential records of Republican politicians who are former service members:

Much of the records appear to have been requested by and turned over to an opposition research firm that received money from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), the campaign arm for House Democrats.

Former GOP House candidate Jennifer-Ruth Green was another veteran whose personnel records, including details of a sexual assault that occurred during her time in the Air Force, were released to the public without her consent.

Luna (Rep. Anna Paulina, Rep – FL, the lady pictured above – ed.) explained that the news outlet, which she requested remain unnamed, admitted to having access to her military records in the texts with her former supervisor, who she said they would not have known to contact without access to those records. She said her former supervisor did not respond to the requests for comment, but noted that the questions by the news outlet were related to her having an alleged relationship with Russia.

A member of Luna’s staff member then reached out to the news outlet. The reporter then allegedly accused Luna of having “paid off” her former supervisor to not answer questions about her.


Geez, they failed to report the criminal records of the Southerlands Springs shooter (which cost the taxpayers a $230 million payout to victims) and now they released confidential records to an (obviously unbiased!) reporter. Bluntly, how many Cat IVs have they signed up?

Seems the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) captured an interesting conversation in which a Chinese billionaire was instructed to donate a MILLION dollars to Trudeau’s family’s foundation ahead of the 2015 election, saying the Communist Party (CCP) would repay the donor.

The revelations come on the heels of investigative reporting by Globe & Mail last week which revealed that the CCP meddled in Canada’s 2021 federal elections with the aim of re-electing Justin Trudeau. Among the strategies the CCP deployed ahead of the vote included recruiting local businesses to hire international students for election campaigning and making undeclared political contributions.

Foreign government actors sought to disseminate strong political messaging through Chinese-language media including statements such as: “The Liberal Party of Canada is becoming the only party that the PRC [People’s Republic of China] can support.”

Another Canadian news outlet recently unearthed that Prime Minister Trudeau turned a blind eye to intelligence reports that Han Dong, a Liberal member of parliament (MP) was likely involved in a Chinese “foreign interference network.” Han succeeded the incumbent, MP Geng Tan, who reportedly had disappointed the Chinese consulate in Toronto.  National Review via Yahoo

Guess who the Liberal Party is blaming for this?

“This is the same Trump-type tactics to question election results moving forward,” Jennifer O’Connell, the parliamentary secretary to the minister of intergovernmental affairs, stated.

The story never changes…. I guess it’s some consolation that Trudeau and Biden “stay bought” so we know WHERE the snakes in the grass are.

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“Anna Paulina”

Cool name. Especially when you say it real fast.


I’d hit it. And that commie bastard needs to be hit too…with a baseball. After all, the baseball bat was the preferred weapon of his Father’s commie buddy che. Ms Luna is out of this world.

comment image


They’re the enemy within. Always have been.


Trudeau is The Bejing Candidate.

“You Communist Sons! You supported my bastard!”



I wonder how much the CCP paid for Biden?


Now THAT is a great question, but given his actions and attitude I fear he might be doing this pro bono out of spite.


We know they gave millions to launder through the colleges, I was just wondering about direct donations.




The “Big Guy”?

biden kissing xi

Air Force has always been the most liberal service…

pookysgirl, WC wife

It’s also been my theory that since they get to “play God” and are more distant from the action (where your mortality becomes very real and probably where frantic prayers are said), they’re the most atheistic of the branches.


Reminds me of that classic celebrity jeopardy skit from SNL.
“What’s the difference between [Tradoo] and a mallard with a cold? ….I can’t remember how it ends but [Truedope’s] mother [was] a whore!”

He can use foreigners’ money and propaganda to sway elections and line his pockets but if his countrymen attend a protest he doesn’t like, well, they get debanked and placed on double secret probation.

Giant pieces of human garbage think they rule us.


turdeau is broken.png

Maggie True-dolt a whore? Too kind. More of a Succubus than anything else. Justin? Nothing special at all, he just sucks..at everything.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I love it, this shit can’t get any better.