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| March 4, 2023

A man was being investigated for DUI on a Florida road, cops say. Then he cracked a beer

Florida deputies working uniformed patrol saw something amiss on a Cape Coral road just before midnight on Feb. 8, according to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

As per a police report obtained by the Miami Herald, when their car approached Gleason Parkway, “something caught their eye.”

It was a black 2018 Mercedes-Benz C300 sedan parked in the right-hand lane facing southbound. There was no traffic at the time and the vehicle had its lights on, blocking all traffic in that side of the road.

“The vehicle was just sitting there,” reads the report, which adds that deputies crept behind the car and tried to determine if it had been abandoned.

Inside, 40-year-old Michael Sereda was sitting alone in the front passenger seat. “The offender was not observed in operation of the vehicle involved nor was he involved in a traffic collision,” notes the LCSO complaint.

Serada, who refused to give a breath sample, had the odor of an alcoholic beverage “emanating from his facial area,” as well as “bloodshot, watery eyes and a slurred, delayed, repetitive speech pattern,” said the affidavit.

“Multiple open alcohol containers were observed between Sereda’s legs and in the front cup holders. …The suspect was unable to speak based on his level of intoxication.”

Officers from the Cape Coral Police Department were called to assist. While waiting for backup, a deputy observed Sereda reach between his legs and grab an unopened beer, and crack the tab. The deputy attempted to grab the can from Sereda when he began to resist and pull away.

Once the individual was out of the car, Standardized Field Sobriety Evaluations could not be completed due to the suspect being “unable to support his own weight, and continuously, actively resisting deputies.”

After a brief investigation, the deputy found probable cause to arrest the man. Charges included driving under the influence and resisting an officer without violence.

While struggling with deputies trying to put restraints on him, Serada received a minor abrasion to his left eyebrow, right knuckle and right elbow. He was taken to Lee Memorial Hospital as “a disorderly subject” and required the assistance of security guards and a wheelchair.

Hospital staff medically cleared Serada, who was transported to the Lee County Jail in “apparent good health and without further incident.”

Back on the road, before the Mercedes was towed, the deputy took photographs of multiple open containers of Michelob Ultra in the cup holders of the car’s center console — in addition to several open boxes of Bud Light 24 packs, the report concludes.

According to court records, Sereda was released on $2,500 bond.

Source; Yahoo!

‘Instant Karma:’ Driver who shot his own hand during road rage incident identified by deputies

An irate driver who accidentally shot himself during a road rage incident in Paulding County remains in the hospital.

Channel 2?s Veronica Griffin was on Buchanan Highway, where the shooting happened last Thursday.

According to the sheriff’s office, Chandler Joseph Goode got fed up with workers who were making a lumber delivery and blocking the road.

“After an exchange of words, the driver got out and pointed the gun right at the person directing traffic, pointed right at his face,” Paulding County Sheriff’s Office’s Ashley Henson said.

Investigators said he walked back to his truck, managing to accidentally shot himself in the hand along the way.

“It’s almost like it’s instant karma, because this individual made a very terrible choice to pull a weapon when there was not need to pull out a weapon,” Henson said.

Griffin talked to Tammy Carroll, who owns a nearby shop called Lula Beans. Traffic was at a standstill in front of her shop for hours Thursday, keeping shoppers away.

“I kind of depend on this business to support my daughter,” Carroll said. “And the store didn’t do any business all day at all. That’s scary over something so silly like driving or being impatient.”

Goode is facing several charges including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, reckless conduct and discharge of a firearm 50 yards from a highway. Investigators said that even more charges could be filed against Goode.

Source; Yahoo!

Palmdale catalytic converter thief fatally run over, investigators say

A woman accidentally ran over a man suspected of trying to steal her truck’s catalytic converter in Palmdale Tuesday evening. The suspect later died.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies arrived at a retail parking lot on the 39000 block 10th Street West in Palmdale at 5:56 p.m. Tuesday.

A “lifted” 4×4 Ford Excursion truck was partially backed out of a parking space. An unidentified man was underneath the vehicle.

Deputies said a woman had fallen asleep in her parked vehicle when she heard sawing underneath her truck. She turned on the vehicle, backed out of the space and felt a bump.

The woman stopped and called 911 for medical assistance for the man.

The man who was run over was taken to Antelope Valley Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

“The victim turned her vehicle on, put it in reverse, heard a thump and stopped the vehicle, and then saw that there was a suspect underneath the car that had been run over by her car,” said Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Lt. Hugo Reynaga.

Deputies said three other suspects — a man and two women — in a car parked next to the truck were taken into custody.

Source; CBS News

Woman goes viral for buying a 1998 Ford Escort for $289 a month for the next 84 months

Woman buys old car for $289 a month for 84 months

During tax season, people are often using their returns to buy outrageous things. Normally, people will buy an older model of luxury car, which they usually end up taking a loss on. Other times, people price themselves out by buying a new car that is out of their normal budget. However, there is a woman who has gone viral from Facebook for buying a 1998 Ford Escort under a horrible deal. Not only is she paying over $200 a month for the car, she is paying on it for the next seven years.

Social media has highlighted that people spend too much time focusing on other people. Some people show off for the sake of impressing others. Meanwhile, other people show off for the sake of proving others wrong. In any case, there are people who spend their time making fun of people who are showing off. Those people often liken themselves to be smarter than the ones showing off. In all honesty, all of those kinds of people are misusing social media.

However, a situation like this with the Ford Escort does deserve a second look. Anybody in need of a serviceable car should look at what this woman did and do the exact opposite. This woman has purchased a car that can’t be worth much more than $1,500. While she is spending less than $300 a month for her car, the car is already twenty-five years old. This lady has gone viral, because of the promo post, where she is making $289 monthly payments for the next 84 months, which is seven years.

Source; MSN

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Bud Light? Slow Joe strikes again!


Man, I’ve never seen anyone so proud of buying a shitbox. I know I overpaid for my first Mustang, a 9 year old 5.0 LX back in 1996, but the payments were $259 a month for 18 months. I paid it off in 12. I can’t imagine being on the hook for 84 months at $289 a month for a car that probably doesn’t even show up on KBB because it’s so old. But that is one happy girl showing off the purchase agreement with a big red bow on the hood!🤣💰


It’s not just for young Joes right out of AIT! ($24+K for a $1,500-max car is a bit much. I know it’s hers and it drives, but she could do better.)

Hack Stone

Give her some credit. The dealership tried to talk her into purchasing 1989’s vintage Jaguar, but she said she wasn’t that desperate.


Swap an ls or 383 stroker motor in that jag and have some fun. Straightening out the electric side of a jag is a whole other story. They don’t call Lucas electric systems the prince of darkness for no reason.


Yeah, anybody who grounds the positive terminal of a battery is not someone you listen to in matters electrical. Why do the Brits drink warm beer? Because Lucas makes their refrigerators. Even the Recon Ranger Refrigerator Repairman can’t make a go of it.


I would hire an Amish electrician before a Lucas trained tech!


Lucas Industries, making English girls prettier since 1930!


It also didn’t help that the salesman who was pushing the Jag on her was wearing a $4 suit, a $1 tie and was also trying to sell her a software license for Red Hat Linux. 😂


Michelob Ultra“? 7 years in hock for a lame horse?

I’m starting to think society has lost its spiritual lift and we’ve entered an irrecoverable stall.

Who wants/needs a cigar and some bourbon? Meet me at the top of the hill for popcorn and a show, BYO lawn chair.

Fuck it ALL up.jpeg

To wit: Joe Biden.


I like bourbon and cigars and I have a great chair! See at the top. Extra butter please!!!


Either extra butter or Chicago mix popcorn. As far as whisky, I’ll bring a fifth of Canadian Club 12. It’s getting harder to find the CC12 around here, but I saw over a dozen “handles” of the stuff in the liquor store the last time I was in Laredo. Those Canucks must be selling a shit ton of it in Texas or it’s making its way “South of the border, down Mexico way!”


Not to mention:
comment image


Not a SPotW, well kinda, but more like a PoSotW (ok, a month ago..).

This PoS runs from the po-po, TCs, causes the death of an innocent bystander, drops a building on his own dumb ass and the other TC victims’ car, and doesn’t die.

Dame shame, that last part.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Sure she isn’t a private in the military, and bought that outside the main gate at Ft Benning?


I wanted to post a smart ass comment about the woman buying the shit box car but I can’t make fun of someone that is legitimately mentally handicapped.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Not looking too good for Goode who didn’t have a good time being arrested and hopefully he will have a good time in jail if he serves any time, and all I can say is goody goody. Guy in the car drinking beer can now try and grin and beer it after his arrest.

Old tanker

I can’t tell if that guy smiling in the car pic is the one who sold it to her or he is embarrassed because he was the sperm donor to her.


So this woman is going to end up paying $26,000 for a car that cost $13,000 when it was new 25 years ago. Google-Fu says that car should sell for $2500, tops.
Even boots are laughing at her.


$2500? Doubt it. Even mint, low miles, $1500. Either way, the dude next to her, who I assume is the used car salesman, made a nice commission and has a story that will be hard to top at the local watering hole. 🤣🍺


There’s a reason why people joke about used car salesmen:
comment image

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

Damn. I missed it earlier, but the overpass in the background of the chick with the used car looked familiar so I zoomed in on the bus in the second picture. Sure enough, Chicago Transit Authority. Ah, sweet home Chicago. Somewhere on the south or west side, I’d imagine. 🤣


Somehow, I doubt the young female used car buyer was a whiz at basic arithmetic. She will have spent more for her hoopty than both of the C7 corvettes I purchased in 2014 and 2017, if she makes all those payments.


Welp, that is what I get for doing math in my head, Only off by a factor of ten. Still over $24K in seven years of payments for a 25 year old car is absurd.


That “Something’s Burning” we smell is not love…it’s teh stoopid. (Apologies to Kenny)