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| March 4, 2023

Glock 17

Man shot, killed by Pueblo County sheriff’s deputies in standoff

Justin Reutter, The Pueblo Chieftain
The 10th Judicial Critical Incident Response Team is investigating after a man was shot and killed by Pueblo County sheriff’s deputies in a standoff situation early Wednesday.

Deputies responded to North Mesa Elementary School in east Pueblo County at approximately 3:40 p.m. Tuesday on reports of shots fired from a location north of the school, Sheriff David Lucero said Wednesday afternoon during a press conference. Classes had already been dismissed for the day but there were still some students and staff at the school.

The school was placed on lockdown for approximately an hour as deputies investigated the shots fired call. All students and staff were safely escorted from the school by sheriff’s deputies.

While investigating the incident, deputies learned that the shots were reportedly fired in the vicinity of the school bya man at a residence in the 900 block of 29th Lane, according to the release. The home is adjacent to the school playground and some students were on the playground at the time the shots were fired.

“Some of the background information is that (the suspect) is known to just go out and shoot rounds,” Lucero said. “But these were actually leveled in the direction of the school.”

Deputies attempted to contact the suspect at the home, but the man refused to speak to them. PCSO alleges the man, who they have not identified to the public, threatened deputies with a gun.

Deputies then left the home, according to a PCSO news release, and search warrants were obtained for the home due to the public safety risk for nearby residents and the school. The SWAT Team was deployed to execute those warrants around 8 p.m. Tuesday night, Lucero.

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Gun Bunny is off the net for personal business ashore. Glock just released the -47 MOS; thought I’d start with the -17.

Dog shot in home invasion; El Paso police say resident shot intruder in return

A home invasion Wednesday morning in northeast El Paso and a man found shot 2 miles away from that location appear connected, according to El Paso police.

Investigators say 29-year-old Bruce Wayne Murphy, a northeast El Paso resident, forced his way into a home Thursday on the 7500 block of Howard Street in northeast El Paso around 8:56 a.m. There were three people inside the home, including a dog. According to residents, Murphy shot a weapon inside the home, injuring the dog.

That’s when police say 37-year-old Sean Patrick Suniga, a resident of the home, pulled out his own handgun and fired back at Murphy.

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Mr. Murphy was found by LEOs bleeding in the middle of an intersection yelling for help. Sadly it was provided.

I have a very strict gun control policy: if there’s a gun around, I want to be in control of it.
Clint Eastwood

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Glock? Someone do a life check on our Gun Bunny.


Proof that our Beloved AW1Ed does love his Gun Bunny and wants him to be happy. He had been pre warned that the Gun Bunny would be on a seekrit squirrel mission and waited till he was gone to post the Plasticized Abomination. Alas, ‘Ed forgot that the Bunny of the Guns ALWAYS plays catch up on missed threads when he lights up the net. “…start with the -17.” You beat all, you know that? Of the several hundreds of potential new recruits to the ranks of the Deplorables of TAH, there was not a single one that carried any tupperware. My kind of folks.

Shooting towards a school and then firing at responding LEOs? Yeah, another Darwin Award Winner. Or a SPoTW thread.

Mofo shoot my dog and he won’t get 2 miles away OR be in any need for medical help. Coroner help maybe. My feral hawgs gots to eat…same as my buzzards and worms.


Sleek, elegant and refined, my favorite snake gun.


I hope El Paso bad guy has to pay the vet bill.