When the Police Go Bad

| February 7, 2023

This is a difficult story – when the police, or sometimes called “The Po-Po” – go bad.

Detective Ice, a Michigan police K-9, was accused of stealing a human officer’s lunch.

The Wyandotte Police Department in Wyandotte, Michigan, shared the alleged thief’s mugshot on Facebook, where it went viral.

Some people came to the defense of the K-9 — with some people even offering their services to “defend” Ice during his investigation.  It is safe to say that many of us were conflicted about the situation.

Michigan K-9 whose viral mugshot captivated Americans made big busts in his career: ‘Best partner I ever had’
Detective Ice went viral on Facebook after he was accused of stealing an officer’s lunch
By Sydney Borchers | Fox News

Detective Ice, a Michigan police K-9, took the internet by storm last month after he was accused of stealing a human officer’s lunch.

The Wyandotte Police Department in Wyandotte, Michigan, shared the alleged thief’s mugshot on Facebook, where it went viral – garnering thousands of likes, comments and shares.

As a result of the post, Facebook users came to the defense of the K-9 — with some people even offering their services to “defend” Ice during his investigation.

But exactly who is everyone’s favorite furry officer — and what has his life and career been like?

In June 2012, then-10-month-old Ice joined the Wyandotte police force under the supervision of Detective Sergeant Ken Groat.

The article goes on to list Detective Ice’s accomplishments over the years.

But, days before, Ice was a prime suspect in a theft…

Who can recall Gunny Hartman chastising recruits for leaving their footlocker unlocked, saying if it wasn’t for them there wouldn’t be any thievery in this world.

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Ah, the jelly donut scene…
Whenever I’m anywhere and some one says jelly donut, I always respond “A JELLY donut???”

Back at RTC San Diego in early 1984, we had a recruit that left his personal items drawer which I recall was referred as a B-Drawer unlocked. Our CC was BM1 Franklin, and he had this recruit walk the outside area of barracks holding it straight out in front and repeating “I’m a dumb B-Drawer. I’m a dumb B-Drawer. I’m a dumb B-Drawer. I’m a dumb B-Drawer…” God forbid his arms get tired.

Daisy Cutter

I met R Lee Ermy and got my photo with him. I wished I had thought of bringing a jelly donut and have him holding that up for the picture. I could have pasted it on my fridge for motivation.


I met him one time at the Marine Expo in Quantico in September of 2017 – only a few months before he died. The Jelly Donut bit would have been awesome! Didn’t even think of it.

Me and R. Lee Ermey sm.jpg

I met Ermey on my way home for mid tour leave from Iraq once. Instead of getting hustled off to the VIP waiting area he insisted on going out and cutting up with the guys. He just loved being around service members.


We had the honor of meeting R Lee Ermey at a Military Collection show.

Very Down To Earth and Friendly. Even though he was a Marine, we still considered him to be a “Soldier’s Soldier.”

Rest In Peace, Sir.


Never Forget.



It makes my belly rumble every time.


The classic line from another obstacle scene is “You climb obstacles like old people fuck!”

I snort every time I see that scene.


I recall in my cadet years one individual “acquired” food and silverware from the mess hall and kept them in his room. Biiiiiiig surprise — he got caught and denied stealing anything. They made him stand for hours in front of a large mirror at the end of the passageway pointing to himself and then his reflection screaming “I’m not a thief, you’re a thief!”

…Keeping a straight face when walking past the poor bastard was a serious challenge…


I swear there must be a class in DI school called “Creative Ways to Deal with Fuckups”. Too many entertaining punishments.


1992, FT Gordon BNCOC. SGT D gets popped for a security violation. I left an $8 plastic Timex on my desk. Guilty as charged. I had to report to the commandant, get officially written up. He asks me what I was thinking, leaving my “valuables” out like that. I replied “I thought it would be safe there, given the fact that there’s $750 worth of TA-50 on display just above it”. Wrong answer, apparently. Got kicked off the commandant’s list. Made the top of another list though. Good times.

Last edited 1 year ago by SFC D

There is also the dreaded catch edge Fairy to be aware of. Boot camp was a long time ago but I know the catch edge is always down after watching the unfortunate souls flapping their sheets around yelling “I am a catch edge Fairy” around the company.


Hang tuff, K-9 Officer Ice. I, too, have been a victim of false accusations. Where are the eye witnesses? Body/Security cam videos? Was there a breathalyzer test done to detect any “sammich breath”? Was there, in fact, a half sammich left, unguarded and orphaned? Was there even a sammich to begin with? Everybody knows that cops only eat donuts. Now if there were some hot, fresh Krispy Kreame glazed supposedly missing, the Detective may have some basis for his accusations. And consider this…if in fact the half sammich that disappeared who is to blame? The person that left the sammich to begin with or the person that left K-9 Officer Ice unsupervised? Licking the chops is insufficient evidence, dogs do that all the time. I licked my chops when I saw Ms Leggy Thang in the other thread.

If the sammich don’t fit, you must acquit!

Daisy Cutter

If there’s no food, there’s no crime.


Corpus delicti?…Or sammich delicious?


I don’t want to go there but since Detective Ice has remained silent on the issue I will bring it up.

This is all about racism and white supremacy. Ice is clearly a dog of color. It just happened to be the only DOC around when the banana went missing and therefore he is being blamed.



St. Ice of Wyandotte… 😜 


Ice was just looking for reparations.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Ruff day for the pooch and looks dog tired on the couch.


Sure, blame the black dog. Racists.

Daisy Cutter

Too many in shelters. We need a revolving door policy and let the back into the streets.



As In “Iceman”???


🎶”Highway To The Danger Zone…”🎶


Shots fired!!! Shot out!! On target! Fire for effect!!!!!





😈😜 gabn/gabaf/rtr/hbtd


If the Navy’s finest won’t take your breath away, nothing will.




Now you’re playing with the boys 😉

USMC Steve

Why would a naval aviator need dog tag silencers? That jet makes a whole bunch of noise. The whole stealth thing is kinda blown out of the water.


The evidence is circumstantial and the testimony hearsay, your Honor. The defense moves for immediate dismissal of all these specious charges against our heroic client.

Daisy Cutter

If we were in the desert, Ice would give you the last swig out of his canteen. The baloney sandwich is another matter.