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| February 7, 2023

Glock 17

Officers kill man in S. Carolina after he stabs police dog

Officers shot and killed a man who stabbed a police dog during a raid on a home in South Carolina, authorities said.

Spartanburg County deputies went to the home Thursday night to serve arrest warrants, investigators said.

Darius L.J. Holcomb, 39, threatened the officers with a knife and locked himself in a bedroom, Spartanburg County Sheriff Cpl. John Burgess said in a statement.

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Holcomb did not come out for negotiators even after tear gas was deployed in the room, so officers broke down the door and sent the police dog in, Burgess said. Holcomb began stabbing the dog, and at least one deputy shot him. He died a short time later.

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Poor pooch.

Rhode Island lawmaker says he knocked out intruder in his home

Antonia Noori Farzan, The Providence Journal
State Sen. Gordon Rogers, a Foster Republican, says that he fought off an intruder who entered his home on Thursday evening.

“I defended myself, and he was on the losing end of that,” Rogers told The Providence Journal on Sunday. “He was in the hospital for at least a couple of days.”

The incident took place at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Rogers said. He had returned from work, taken a quick shower, and gotten dressed before sitting down at his computer to print out some documents on low-and-moderate-income housing that he planned to bring to a Glocester Town Council meeting. When he went upstairs to grab the printouts, he was “startled” to discover an uninvited visitor on the darkened second floor.

Rogers said that the man was someone who he recognized and has known for years, but “was not welcome in, and certainly not welcome upstairs.”

“He’s got issues,” Rogers said. He said that he assumes the man was there to rob the house, and appeared to be “under the influence.”

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Under the influence? He’s lucky he’s not under the sod.

Man armed with 2 knives injured after deputy-involved shooting, sheriff’s office says

Brittany Caldwell, Demie Johnson
The sheriff’s office said that a man was shot and injured after charging at a Volusia County deputy.

According to a news release, Michael Collmar, 43, armed himself with two knives at his parents’ home on Lakeshore Drive in New Smyrna Beach in an “erratic mental health episode.”

Deputies said they tried to talk to Collmar, but after they were unsuccessful, they entered the house through the back door and used a taser and a less-lethal shotgun to try to stop him.

Collmar went out the front door, charged at a deputy outside the house, and then the deputy fired at Collmar, who fell to the ground, deputies said.

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As Mr. Collmar discovered, knives to a gun fight don’t work well either. Thanks for today’s go to our own Gun Bunny. Est is gut, ja?

We must establish a new world order based on justice, on equity, and on peace.
– Fidel Castro

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Again with the “equity” vs “equality”.


“Gaston Glock… is just as well known as John Moses Browning, Samuel Colt, Horace Smith, Daniel Wesson and William Ruger in the world of firearm development and manufacturing.”


Who is Gaston? Does he and Mr. Smith live down the street? Sorry I don’t think I know them…are they famous?


Never met any of them but that Model 17 has been my snake gun for about 23 years… I’ve thinking about cleaning it before too long 🙂


Maybe I shoulda gotten me one 23 years ago, Tally. That final ex-wifey had a head slap full of snakes. Woulda saved me a pile of $ and wouldn’t have spent 3 nights & 4 days in jail on trumped up charges. “…using design features found in John Browning’s Hi-Power pistol.” Even plasticized abominations adhere to the teachings of HMS JMB (HBHN) *sigh* Kid Squid DID prewarn us.

Assaulting a K-9 Officer should be a Capital Offence, with a sentence of Capital Punishment. Oh…wait, it was. heh heh

Fully clothed and no hammer? Paul had no comment.

2 knives don’t make a right…or a fight. One more candidate for the SPoTW Thread.

Wonder why we never hear of boatloads of Americans escaping the USA to get into the utopia of Cuba?


Gaston Glock, didn’t he invent tupperware?


Glock only really made one gun, but it was a helluva gun.


No disputing that, but GREAT designers like JMB, Bill Ruger, Paul Mauser did many memorable guns, not just one.


Interesting. Our policy with canines was they are property. Lethal force wasn’t authorized to protect them. Terrible policy, but I understand the logic behind it. I wonder what the policy is in South Carolina? Provided, of course, that they shot him solely for the assault on the canine.