Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| February 7, 2023

‘She’ needs to shave ‘her’ mutton chops. They make ‘her’ look very manly

For when the boys are experiencing a heavy flow

Lop your tits off with just one free session

Only a man can be a REAL woman

Only fascists believe in individual responsibility

What a racist looks like

Segregation is so back in vogue

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Also, you can’t do anything for youself (like having a baby) without talking to a therapist now:


Anybody drinking tonight?


Too bad I don’t drink anymore and too bad I wouldn’t watch this shithead give a speech if you gave me a billion dollars.

Okay, if you gave me a billion dollars I would, but only if I could wear earplugs.


My card would look more like:
– Stumbles on way to/ from podium
– Tells lies about dead son/ wife
– Calls any leader by wrong name/title
– Drops dead from stroke
– Gets lost in Capitol building
– Name drops Zelensky

Green Thumb

Shits his pants
Names yet another University attended
Corn Pop reference
Played sports in college

Green Thumb

Looks for and calls out dead people in the audience

Skivvy Stacker

Specifically Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy…


* Talks About Beau Biden…🙄

* Talks About Climate Change

* Talks About “Doctor” Jill

* Talks About Nancy Pelosi

* Talks About White “Supremacy”

Can’t wait to hear Sarah Huckabee Sanders!


MRS D found a way to mark the squares and is actually playing. She’s already got a good start on a bingo l


“Lop your tits off with just one free session”
I may have said this here before, but I’ll say it again.

I give it about ten years and we will see many, MANY lawsuits and/or violence against these scumbags who are shoving these confused people towards mutilating themselves PERMANENTLY.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

And I would just stand back and watch it happen.
Protect you against the consequences of your actions?
Why? This is SO much more fun.


Gen Z:


So now that they have tampons in the men’s room it’s a lot easier to tell some whiny whatever to go get one.

RGR 4-78

If I went to school there, I would grab a handful of free samples for my girlfriend every time I went to the latrine.

Green Thumb

Or your boy friend or girl friend depending on how you look at it….

Green Thumb

Or just pepper spray the things. Would send a message.


Again…We’re gonna need more of these.

comment image

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I wonder if the elementary school principal would get sand in her mangina and her panties in a twist if a bunch of white students started a “safe space” Whites Only club? To talk about their experiences as a minority.
(Most likely a parent would have to start it, off campus. But the idea would be the same)

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Gee, I hope that black woman who hates whitey so vehemently never needs the services of a white doctor, aa white nurse, a white police, a white firefighter, even the services of a white store clerk or white bank teller.
If it were me (a whitey), I’d be, “sorry, I’m white, I might hurt, attack, or even rape you. I’ll call for someone else to help you. You wait right here.” And then I’d walk away. I would most likely be fired from whatever position, but it would be worth it to see the look on “it’s” rotund face when “it” realizes that “this whitey” don’t play that.
Would she learn that actions have consequences? I doubt it. With her it would be 24/7 “blame whitey for everything”.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Also a good thing that I don’t live near her, if I ever came across her on the street, I’d loudly accuse her of “WHITE APPROPRIATION” and demand that she take off her woven cloth clothes, her eyeglasses, put down the cell phone and house and car keys, and WALK home…..oh, wait, her home would also be white appropriation.
Oh, my, wherever shall she go?
Don’t care. Not my circus, not my monkeys.

I don’t have the time or inclination to look it up, but I’d venture a guess that the incidence of black women being raped by white men is FAR lower than white women being raped by black men.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

When I see the words tik tok, I think of the intro to the song “What Time Is It” by the Jive Five 1962 on the Beltone label.


Meawhile, standards so low w/ all the police hatin’ lately they’ll take anyone to be a cop in Blue State hellhole Memphis:


This is okay for progressives; they don’t need much better for their policies:
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The city of Memphis took over hiring of police officers, the lowered standards and people who just want slots filled give you the department you deserve. In this case, the only people who couldn’t see something like this coming were the morons on the city commission.


This is what defunding the police looks like. The intent is to create more lawlessness and chaos and thus show that the state is unable to protect you. This is insurgency 101 stuff.

If they successfully strike down qualified immunity as they have been trying to do the last few years that will be the tipping point. The thin blue line will be gone and then it will be game on for real.

Eventually the plan is to replace local police and sheriff’s offices with a Federal Police Force with sovereign immunity. It will be accountable to no one, as political as the FBI and at the beck and call of the executive.

For anyone who doesn’t like their local police I can’t imagine how they will love their Federale.


This is also what defunding the police looks like. In 2020 Asheville, NC started defunding the police and 20% of the department quit or retired in 6 months. A lot more have quit since. Their response?

APD officers will no longer respond to the following types of crimes:

  • Theft under $1,000 where there is no suspect information (this does not include stolen vehicles or guns).
  • Theft from a vehicle where there is no suspect information.
  • Minimal damage and/or graffiti to property where there is no suspect information.
  • Non-life threatening harassing phone calls (does not include incidents that are related to domestic violence and/or stalking).
  • Fraud, scams, or identity theft.
  • Simple assaults that are reported after they have occurred.
  • Reports that do not require immediate police actions and/or enforcement
  • Funeral escorts.
  • Lost/found property.
  • Trespassing where the property owner does not want to press charges

So get assaulted and someone steals your stuff and the police won’t come out. The next time you see the police is when you are getting a speeding ticket. Lovely.


Slight revision, 5JC:

The next time you see the police is when you are getting arrested for shooting the criminal who assaulted you and stole your stuff.

Even more lovely… 🙄 


Anarchotyranny, comrade– learn to be helpless and take whatever lousy bone the State throws you!


Not if you are smart about it…


Yup, formerly known as the SS and Gestapo.