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| February 4, 2023

After careful analysis, intelligence analysts tentatively conclude the UFO may be from Chinese intelligence


Well, the country is atwitter over the Chinese “weather” balloon floating over the heartland of the United States. Leaving behind whether it should have been shot down as soon as it crossed the coast – why not? Worrying about a potential crash debris problem must have been an excuse invented by PINO Joe, no one with an ounce of sense believes it. Big balloon, shoot enough holes in it for a controlled descent, and the debris field will be about one instrument package wide and long. Surely one of his advisers must have mentioned that?

But the biggest thing the Chinese have going for them is wide-eyed innocence.  After all, balloons can’t be steered, they are at the mercy of the wind, right? Even at 66,0000 feet. Well,  that’s a bit of an exaggeration – if you have a pretty good idea of the direction of the prevailing winds at any given altitude, you can adjust the altitude of the balloon to catch the prevailing winds.  Want proof? The balloon which was drifting up toward the Canadian border has shifted course and Friday afternoon, at 60,000 feet overflew Missouri.

“The idea that Communist China has a spy balloon headed towards Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri right now — the home of the Stealth Bomber — is absolutely unbelievable. No American should accept this. I don’t,” states Missouri US Senator Eric Schmitt.

The balloon was first seen over sensitive military sites in Montana. By midday, it was over the heartland of the central United States, moving east. Officials said it was likely to stay in U.S. airspace for several days. Whiteman Air Force Base is located in central Missouri.   Fox2 News

And the Independent reports that not only did the first balloon cruise over multiple sensitive installations, but there is a second one over Central America. Not sure why, China Overseas Freight Company (COSCO) already owns the port facilities at both ends of the Panama Canal. Jimmy Carter sure was smart to give that canal up, huh…

Defence officials have said the balloon’s flight path had taken it over “a number of sensitive” military sites, including the Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, which houses 150 nuclear warheads.

A second Chinese spy balloon has been spotted moving across Latin America, the Pentagon announced on Friday night. It is unclear exactly which country in the region the balloon is hovering over but it does not appear as if it is headed towards the United States, according to CNN. Independent

Luckily our  Democratic lawmakers are on the job. Most prominently, Rep. Raul Grijalva (D,umbAZ tweeted today:

“People are outraged by a Chinese surveillance balloon, but when @DHSgov puts up a surveillance blimp in Arizona border communities without community consultation,” Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., tweeted,   Fox News

The DHS balloons he refers to are the ones familiar to folks on the border for decades – they track drug smugglers, criminals,  and illegal immigrants. He must hate having his future voters targeted like that.

After being mocked, the congressman, known in Arizona as “El Gordo,”  (“Fatso” – Ed.) edited the tweet by adding “rightfully” outraged. Arizona Daily Independent


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The current Prez is a fucking idiot


Easy now, lets not go insulting fucking idiots.




By your standards then so was the previous president.

Because these balloons flew over the US during the Trump administration as well.


Wait a second, you think that is why we think he is a fucking idiot? You have the attention span of a grapefruit.


I didn’t like home either
DeSantis all the way


If I remember from my childhood, all it takes to pop a balloon is a prick. Unfortunately our prick is comfortably in the White House and not inclined to act.


Joe “I don’t work for you” Biden.

Can’t wait for the day that traitor is six feet under stinking up a box.


My Lord! Jane Fonda, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Obama! Now Joe Biden! There’s not enough piss in the world to water their graves!


Give me a couple of cases of Blatz and I’ll give it my best shot. Gimme a couple cans of Chili-Man chili and I’ll fertilize them, too. 💩
By the way, you forgot Jimmy Carter.

Old tanker

His inaction and lack of comment about the balloon fiasco pretty much confirms who he does work for. At least you can respect that he stays bought once the chinese paid for him.

Last edited 1 year ago by Old tanker


You are a fucking moron who consumes too much Russian propaganda.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Says the Major Moonbat who perpetually regurgitates UC Berzerkely propaganda, keep the laughs a-coming’, slick!


You mean the Russian propaganda promulgated by the king of liars, Adam Schiff? You still believe it. And you’re still a fraud.


And you look like Charlie Brown in ACU’s

Get a job, you fraud.


Even a thousand “pricks” would not deflate this ballooon.

It would take blasting some pretty large holes in it.

And it is at 66,000 feet.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

JESUS LOVES YOU, but I and everyone else here think you’re a deeply brainwashed fool!


I never knew him…

Skivvy Stacker

I was shot down today over South Carolina.


You were shot down today? Obviously you punched out, how are you doing there, bud?


I sure hope Goose is ok…


Shots fired…

Skivvy Stacker

Sorry, Goose hit the Canopy too soon, because he was goosed….damn thumb extension boosters!!!

Shock The Dog.jpg

On 21 February 2008, the US Navy destroyed the malfunctioning US spy satellite USA-193 using a ship-fired RIM-161 Standard Missile 3 about 247 km (153 mi) above the Pacific Ocean. That test produced 174 pieces of orbital debris large enough to detect that were cataloged by the US military.[10]While most of the debris re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere within a few months, a few pieces lasted slightly longer because they were thrown into higher orbits. The final piece of detectable USA-193 debris re-entered on 28 October 2009.[10]

Name edited to protect PII.


Not anymore. How many pricks does a sidewinder carry? Fraud.


The Air Force fills the Sidewinder with Daisy Golden BBs.


At what point does it cross the line from the people in charge in this administration being unbelievably stupid, to they are deliberately letting this happen?


That line got crossed on or about 22 Jan 2021.

A Proud Infidel®™

I simply wonder how much if Hunter Biden’s “Art” has been getting steadily purchased lately by members of the CCP?


Why not just have some spokespeep say “That balloon is what you do when your satellites do not work.” And “Besides, didn’t help Japan much either.”

Then, tell fighter pilots to skywrite under it, and base personnel can make appropriate signage, signal, and vehicle arrangements. “Have fun, folks.

Then use an F-22 to drop it just offshore where the Navy can go fishing.


Weirdly, autocorrect wanted me to use


Even the gadgets are turning against them….


Nuclear bombs operate more on the horseshoes and hand grenades principal.

BlueCord Dad

New pic…

BlueCord Dad

In a shocking(or maybe not so shocking) turn of events…


I live almost directly under an Aerostat ballon on the border. I like it. The community likes it. It’s not in Grijalva’s district. The fat bastard consistently puts Mexico ahead of the US. Liberal Tucson is ok with that. The rest of AZ says he can just fuck right off.


I remember this toad being a county supervisor in the late 80’s when I lived outside Tucson, and the one lone Conservative voice on the (AM) airwaves there, John C. Scott, used to rip him daily.
Good to see that incompetence still gets promoted up in government.


His daughter, Adelita, is now a county supervisor (moved up from the county school board) and she’s every bit the progressive dictatorial turd her daddy is. Garrett Lewis (KNST 790) shreds AZ liberals every morning.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Maybe Cpl Agarn, member of F Troop’s Cousin is piloting the ballon IT IS BALLOON.



We can shoot it down, but it is not an easy thing to do and we will be using systems not designed for the purpose.

The ONLY reason to shoot it down is to recover it to exploit it for Intelligence.

And data is gathered is transmitted live. And we have likely been monitoring that data.

It is essentially a low flying one mission expendable satellite.

If I told you there were Chinese spy satellite monitoring US activities right now would you all react with the same hysteria?

Because there are, have been, and I saw no hysteria last week.

This has become a political football. It is more a reflection of a shifting decline in US-Chinese relations than it is a major change in Chinese intelligence activities. The Chinese have been exceedingly aggressive in their collection efforts for years.

And this is not the first Chinese intelligence balloon that flew through US airspace. Several have flown over, including during Trump.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Major Moonbat, the Chinese are very well known for being technology thieves, name anything they have come up with themselves! I enjoy seeing virtual pictures of the inside of a brainwashed mind, do stop by again sometime!


You’d have to go back a thousand or so years, gunpowder and blast furnaces.


Although, to be fair, there are some who argue that both of those inventions came from India.


Hell you fly a plane too close to China and they shoot it down. If you think they would be good with us flying balloons over their country you are nuts. I mean you already are but just saying.

This is only marginally about collection. There are a shit ton of other reasons why the Chinese might violate US Airspace. You would just get lost if I explained it to you.

So who are you saying said there were balloons over the US under Trump? If you were quoting Forbes, they are owned by and a mouthpiece for China now. Bloomberg with their unnamed anonymous source? That is fking hysterical. I wouldn’t trust either one if they told me my couch was on fire.


You are saying it is not easy to shoot down a big slow target at 65,0000 feet.

Like we had figured out how to do in the 1960s?

The Soviet SA-2 could make that shot. Its a flying phone pole. And some AF person tagged it in one with a Sidewinder.

The hard part was probably not stalling out an F22 in the necessarily slow aporoach at 65,0000ft.

Skivvy Stacker

An old Vietnam Vet friend of mine suggested we all go out and flip the balloon the bird, then give it a view of the MOON.
I’d be willing, but it’s damn fucking shit bastard cold u[ here in Minnesota……


Fighter pilots. Skywriting under it. Imagine the art….