Trump advocates for drug dealing death penalty

| January 20, 2023

As all but the slowest-witted have figured out, I am NOT a fan of  The Donald and have said so many times. Lord, I hate to admit it, but I am afraid I am going to have to agree with him on a crucial policy.

“You execute a drug dealer and you’ll save 500 lives, because they kill on average 500 people,” Trump continued. “It’s terrible to say, but you take a look at every country in this world that doesn’t have a problem with drugs, they have a very strong death penalty for the people that sell drugs. If we’re going to stop this scourge, it’s time to get brutally tough on the dealers and traffickers and narco-terrorist cartels who are stealing over 200,000 American lives a year.”

Daily Caller

Now, Trump’s drug record is shaky and this does look like campaign rhetoric. For instance, at the end of his term he pardoned or cummuted the sentences of over 140 people, including David Barren (drug conspiracy) Christina Boehnenkamp, Jonathan Braun (illegal drug importation), Rodney Gibson, Desiree Perez, Brian Simmons…you get the idea. Trump also signed the First Step Act bill which equalized sentencing for crack and powder cocaine (actually a good move, the original sentence disparity was based on the “one use and you’re hooked FOREVER” hysteria of the ’80s. But it led to the freeing of Joel Fransisco, who later committed a murder and allegedly more coke trafficking). So he has not always acted as a tough anti-drug guy.

NBC News

Pot? Hate to say it, that’s one where we need to legalize and regulate it like booze.

BUT: The so-called “War on Drugs” has always been a sham – we never REALLY tried to do anything but interdict the incoming supply with kid gloves. Otherwise if we intercepted a drug boat, we’d sink it, crew aboard.  Dealing heroin, fentanyl, or coke in any form? (Not just ‘possess enough to call it intent to distribute’ but actual documented dealing) After a fair trial, give ’em a first rate hanging.  Using? One shot at state-paid detox, second offense you pay, third offense you join the dealers. Okay, it’s pretty radical – but nothing else we have tried worked and that 200K annually (call it a 9/11 every 4 days or so) is a real number.  For once, I’m taking Trump’s side on this one.

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China deals with drug smugglers by either 1) long term sentence in a “camp of strict regime” or 2) public execution and bill family for the cartridge. Or something about equally harsh.

They have a long term smuggling problem, and no lack of smugglers. Folks fight for the opportunity to try. One successful 40km hike with 20kg of dope, and you have funds to become an ancestor.

If the bloodthirsty maniacs of the PRC cannot be harsh enough to stop drug smuggling, perhaps “harsh” isn’t the way to go.

Druggies don’t care. They drug. If you poisoned half the drug supply with some horrible death bioweapon, most would keep right on. One might say “problem half solved”, but half the market is still enough to keep it going.

If the stuff was certain death. Would they stop? Insane. But that is druggie culture.

The stuff cut with Fentenyl is killing scores, and they just keep going.



We can execute smugglers and dealers by the bus load, and the customers will just wave more money.

Unless we greatly reduce the -demand-, the supply will always rise to the occasion.

That means we either cull users, or cure them, or culture them to refuse.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

It’s cheaper to treat than incarcerate, those nations where they’ve addressed this as a national public health concern have seen significant drops in both the number of addicts and the amount of drugs imported.

We really have far too many people who enjoy being in a mind altered state in this nation, regardless of the drug or alcohol used to achieve said altered state.


Gee, for a minute there I thought you were talking about the
Covid industry.

USMC Steve

It isn’t something I really care about, because I am not stupid and don’t use that crap. Very few drug abusers do so because they are forced to. Thus those who use it and whack themselves are of no interest to me. Stupidity and irresponsibility are their own rewards.


Who cares? He is irrelevant.

An idiot and soon to be convicted felon. Not soon enough, but soon-ish.


Good Morning, Commissar!

Good to see you posting again!

Anyway…on what you wrote:

“An idiot and soon to be convicted felon. Not soon enough, but soon-ish.”…

Are you talking about THIS Guy?



I think you’re stuck on repeat. How’re you planning on convicting, when your people can’t even indict?



Am betting with CoWorkers you are the one taking down those fake spam that just popped up here…someone using our beloved Air Force C’s name (Insults) and talking about $$$$…

We did not click on the link..

We knew it wasn’t our C because that was not his writing style..

Thank You for smoking them out…

BTW…Trump Did It (Spam, that is…🤭😅🤣😆)


No rest for the wicked, ninja. Yes, the spambot is back.



CoWorkers gave you claps..

Then they suggested that perhaps all those Baldwin memes we posted was the culprit…

Guilty As Charged…


Convicted of what? DJT is the most investigated person in the history of this country and yet they still can’t come up with something that sticks. He may not be the nicest guy that ever held the office but life for most of us was much better than with this retard and his corrupt administration. Prove me wrong.




Trump, he does anything/everything bad– the Gen Z left/libtard version of Emmanuel Goldstein.


Show us where on the doll Orange Man hurt you.


We get it Lars…

– You hate this country
– The military was a paycheck to you, nothing more
– You are miserable
– You are jobless
– You live in an absolute war zone of a ghetto
– You’re running low on your meds
– You’re confused by your simultaneous unconditional love of failed political ideologies AND Trump

I’d be pissed too if on top of all that I looked like Charlie Brown in ACU’s.

You’re irrelevant — on every conceivable level. You have a 0% success rate on every political prediction you’ve ever made here. You’re the Joe Biden of TAH.

Get a refund from UCB.


So sweet of David to post a thread about Trump for you, wasn’t it spapos? This way you can vent your rage about ORANGE MAN BAD and still stay on thread topic. Feel better now? I did notice you didn’t say any opinion about the true subject, which was the drug problem. I think your drug problem is you have OD’d on your unreasonable hatred of the man. I’m not a fan boi of his either, but I sure was enjoying what he was trying to do to put working Americans FIRST (ht2HS). Now, why don’t you just go phuque off and keep phuquing off until you can’t phuque off any further.

If you’re going to declare war, then declare it, bring every weapon to bear, and go in to win. The taxpayer has spent billions on this war and there is more dope now than there ever was. “…and to provide for the common defense.” Place a squadron of Puffs on the border loitering in figure 8 patterns, take out anything heading north.


During WWII drug flow into the country halted for three years proving it CAN be done, we merely lack the will to do so. In the Duterte Administration this will all change.

“almost all crimes in America are caused by the abuse of intoxicating liquors, and the opium pipe, which the lower classes can procure in great abundance, from their excessive cheapness.” – Mark Twain

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC

Who was running the dockyards in New York City back then? Different times.


Something certainly needs to be done…since the Cartels no longer keep their violence on their side of the border.


Even in our rural county, the cartels have a foothold, with huge grow houses. Treating them as a police problem will do nothing but exacerbate the problem. Using them as a disposal method for old stocks of napalm, now that’ a different story. Surround the place and shoot anything that tries to run after the drop… rinse and repeat..


Snake and nape, a good start.


Then let the Warthogs loose.


To badly paraphrase Shakespeare:

“Cry havoc and let slip the hogs of war…” 😜 

Veritas Omnia Vincit

If the drug war was anything more than an easy way for the government to add ever more restrictions to your Bill of Rights protections you’d be hard pressed to prove it to me….

When a criminal imports drugs that kill Americans the appropriate response is a drone strike in their country of origin killing them and their families. We killed families throughout the GWOT in order to get HVTs, the documentation is far too numerous to deny that reality. If there’s no price to pay for those who kill Americans there’s no motive for the criminal to stop taking the money….

We also need to admit that for some reason far too many of our fellow Americans love to get high, so much so they risk their lives buying drugs from the sort of people you don’t want to spend 5 seconds near if you’re not a junkie…

We either need to end the drug war, or commit to it with some actual resolve to do the necessary things.


Prohibition isn’t working- never was. Free-range meltdowns isn’t it, either. As always, the answer is somewhere between zero and one.

Let the several states decide in the democratic laboratories as intended.


Washington state… 524 overdose deaths in 2022

Get caught with under 2 grams of cocaine, heroin or fentanyl? Not punishable until after 3rd offense, then charged as a misdemeanor.

Also NO police pursuits unless officer has probable cause of a crime has been committed – goodbye stolen car/shoplifter.

All thanks to a Dumb-o-crat majority legislature .


If this was about mandatory woodchipper executions for Child Molesters, I would agree wholeheartedly.
The only way to eradicate the flow of drugs entering a country is to eliminate the demand….and that sure as hell ain’t gonna happen.
I believe in a safer supply/harm reduction approach, that users could have access to pharmaceutical grade drugs.
It’s not the prettiest option. But it would help eliminate the increasingly toxic street dope that has killed hundreds of thousands.
Keep in mind that the majority of these deaths weren’t of hard core Skid Row ‘ junkies ‘ .
Many were casual users who didn’t know that the g of cocaine, tab of Ecstasy or counterfeit pharmaceuticals they just bought were tainted by toxic doses of fentanyl or increasingly carfentanil.
Most alarming; were the deaths amongst 16-24 year old who experimenting with substances, as many youth do.
As the father of 13 and 15yo boys, that scares the shit outta me.


Several Counterfeit drugs such as adderall, Ritalin and Xanax are considered by the DEA to have 100% probability to contain fentanyl and or meth. The pills and packaging are pretty much indistinguishable from the real ones. China is intentionally killing kids and our corrupt government officials do nothing and probably get an indirect kickback for looking the other way.


According to the DEA certain counterfeit drugs are 100% probability to contain fentanyl and or meth. The Chinese sent it over to kill kids and our country does nothing.


To kill kids and/or disqualify from military service.


Regardless, I have seen too many kids die from this plague and our government needs to get off its ass and do something about it. I’m not holding my breath though.


This isn’t a drug problem it’s an intentional poisoning of our kids by a foreign country. This isn’t coke or even heroin this is a poison that kills people in very small doses, it’s packaged as prescription drugs and sold to unsuspecting people that are not what you consider normal drug users. A kid may think Ritalin may help him concentrate while cramming for finals and end up in respiratory arrest. This is an act of war not a drug problem.