MG (ret) still wants to be the center of attention

| January 6, 2023

Major General Pat Donahoe (ret)

Remember this guy? The one who got into a Twitter spat with Tucker Carlson? He’s Major General Pat (I’ll call him “The White Knight”) Donahoe. In 2021 he rustled a bunch of Jimmies by acting like a high school kid on Twitter. There were also accusations (that the IG investigation found unsubstantiated) that he was a toxic leader while in command of the Army Maneuver Center of Excellence and Fort Benning.

The investigation found that he did violate policy and acted unbecoming a general officer in his constant use of social media (where he very publicly was affiliated with the US Army and his then command). While he wasn’t cleared of all charges, he was allowed to retire (as planned before the Twitter kerfuffle) in grade as an O-8.

Now that he’s a retired general, he wastes no time in talking to the media. He waited a whole three days to do a tell-all with Army Times.

It used to be “Old soldiers never die, they simply fade away.” Now, it’s “Old soldiers never shut up.” Maybe he’s trying to get Kinzingered onto CNN.

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Push woke too far, don’t get your third star… 😏 



 👏  👏  👏  👏  👏 

jeff LPH 3 63-66

What a Major General A hole


I got something fitting for him to sip his Lifer-Juice from

Ass Holio cup.png
Green Thumb

MG “Lick My Balls”.

I guess he missed bieng the “Guy” as a GO.

What a clown.

Forest Bondurant



I followed the rule of; how would this sound in person in front of a group soldiers, dependents and random civilians? before saying anything. Now near a decade retired IDGAF.



Let’s try this again.


Lost the Twitter wars and getting hammered in the meme wars. Fitting.


This is what he tweeted on his retirement day, 1 January 2023.


Green Thumb

No, a self-righteous Turd has left the building.

And the Army is the better for it.

A Proud Infidel®™

Just another attention whore in the tradition of Wesley Clark, FA’ KHEEM!


Weasesly Clark? The cocksucker who tried to start WWIII? Yeah, fuck that guy.


Reportedly sucked up hard to fellow Arkansas native & Rhodes Scholar Bill Clinton for a 4th star. Damn near begged. The army brass & the joint chiefs choice for chief of Southern Command was LTG Marc Cisneros in 1996. Cisneros was getting congratulatory phone calls. Not so fast. Wesley Clark knows how to suck cock like Monica. He got the SOUTHCOM nomination instead. The army brass was steaming mad. LTG Cisneros was gobsmacked by how Perfumed Prince Clark weaseled his way to a 4th star.

Green Thumb



His preferred pronoun is “Dipshit”.