Keeps his job, even promoted

| December 20, 2022


Andrew Cox….no, I did NOT make up the last name..was investigated for misconduct, and the investigation found:

A Space Force head analyst kept his job after being investigated for misconduct at work — including wearing a chartreuse mankini in the office and storing sex toys at work

Andrew Cox, while serving as director of the Pentagon’s Space Security and Defense Program, acted “like a 13-year-old boy” and created an environment unsuitable for a federal workplace, Air Force Times reported his co-workers said. His workplace antics launched a six-month investigation that substantiated reports of his misconduct and unprofessional behavior.

Cox kept a framed pair of silver, glittery hot pants and an electric green mankini that he once donned in the workplace — over his clothes — showing off to coworkers during the holiday “Bad Santa” party and displaying it more than once.

Cox also kept a “gag gift” silver case containing handcuffs, sex toys, and vaseline in the office, once presenting it to attendees during a meeting with subordinates.

The report detailed the 2020 investigation, which…did not result in Cox’s suspension or termination. In fact, Cox became the head of the Space Force’s new Space Warfighting Analysis Center in April 2021, continuing to earn a six-figure salary.

AF Times via Business Insider

Wow. Walk into a work area and use the term “girls” and you can kiss your career good-bye… this clown is completely over the top and gets promoted. Oh, and he did lose out on a $27K performance bonus and was ruled ineligible for a forty grand federal prize. So it’s not like he escaped totally unscathed… still, wow. Just wow. Maybe chartreuse is not as bad as electric green.

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Just to be clear, the Andrew Cox in the story is not me. Space Force wasn’t a thing before I retired from the Army in 2005 and a mankini? Really?


“He removed the sexual items from his office in November 2020, when multiple people levied complaints against him to the inspector general. But it was too late, the report said.”

“Cox appealed the investigation’s findings, and the Air Force dropped three of its six allegations of misconduct…”

“Instead of a 30-day suspension as initially proposed, Cox received a letter of reprimand, took a hit on his performance review, and lost out on bonus pay of more than $27,000. His nomination for a federal award, which came with a cash prize of nearly $40,000, was also rescinded.”




“The Air Force fully acknowledged the substantiated allegations of unprofessional conduct by Mr. Cox and its impact on the workforce and mission,” the service told Lamborn. “The Air Force also acknowledged that Mr. Cox had a spotless performance and conduct record. … The Air Force believes it took appropriate action in formally reprimanding Mr. Cox.”


Surprised? You shouldn’t be…
He’s a distrubance in the office, so you PROMOTE him to another job.
He’s out of that office, so probelm solved.
How long until he saves his head, wears a dress, and gets a job in the Dept. of Enrgy?


Just wait until he runs into that Levine broad.


Awwww, he’s just a “leadership challenge”.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone gets a lot of mileage out of this clip.


Nothing like burning out our retinas FIRST (ht2 Tox) thing of a morning, David. What did we do to piss you off?

I was gonna ask how dahell this freak kept his job, but then I realized who his CINC is. I guess “Conduct unbecoming…” is no longer a detriment to promotion. More like “Conduct unbecoming…” is a sure fire path to promotion.

Anna Puma

Geez, with yo-yos like this in Space Force chances of them missing an ELE is well neigh 99%.

Old tanker

It would seem that anything considered “gay” is now appropriate for the workplace environment in the federal govt.

The concepts of common sense, decorum and professionalism are no longer in vogue.


We are doomed and damned.

Hack Stone

He is more than qualified for a senior position with All Points Logistics. Have they filled that position in Reston Virginia yet?

Hack Stone

Hack Stone has a side gig working as a DoD contractor since the proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the federal government formerly located in Bethesda Maryland is a little cash poor these past eight years, and he just received an email the Secretary of The Air Force congratulating Space Force on the third anniversary of their founding. It is valued employees such as Andrew Cox who have contributed so much to the success of the Space Force. Keep reaching for the stars.


What the hell, he gets to keep his job?!

….and I told those fudge packers I liked Michael Bolton’s music…

Green Thumb

I can see All-Points Logistics getting a few more contracts because of this promotion.

Andrew Cox is a man Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) can get behind.


He’s not gay, just a weirdo. He must have some friends though since he started in GS in 1997 and made SES in 2004. That’s like going from 0-3 to 0-7 in seven years.


Hey, “who you know” in action– the civilian substitute for ability. (Why those 30-or-so-year-old civilian folk were students at SSC while military ones are all 20 years older.)

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Reached for comment, Borat said “Is nice!” and urged Cox to keep up the good work.
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Veritas Omnia Vincit

The entire problem with our fucking government in one sentence:

His workplace antics launched a six-month investigation that substantiated reports of his misconduct and unprofessional behavior.

In my company the investigation would have taken 15 minutes to confirm and he’d be gone by EOD the very same fucking day…you want to threaten me with a lawsuit? You won’t be the first, see you in court douchebag…I’ve won these cases before and am pretty confident I’ll win again.


“Cox also kept a “gag gift” silver case containing handcuffs, sex toys, and vaseline in the office”.

Wasn’t the presenter of the aforementioned “gag gift” also guilty of inappropriate workplace behavior? Frankly, I think it’s funny as hell, but that doesn’t make it appropriate. My inner 12 y/o self approves.




Thank heavens they didn’t find a “girlie” mag in ol’ randy Andy’s deck drawer.

He’d be long gone by now… 🙄 

jeff LPH 3 63-66

We read girlie magazines onboard the ship. In the chilled water A/C space, we had 3 chilled water tanks and a fart sack on the top tank with a pile of Playboy magazines.which one would not see since the top tank was near the overhead and out of view. Great for grabbing some nooners.