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| December 20, 2022


Nevada homeowner defends home after shooting invader twice in the chest, Nye County Sheriff says

Lawrence Richard
A Nevada homeowner shot and seriously wounded a home invader who was also wanted for violating his parole, officials said.

Authorities said Shawn Richard, 48, was flown to the University Medical Center in Las Vegas in serious condition Thursday night after he broke into a home in the town of Pahrump and was shot twice in the chest by its homeowner.

Richard had entered the home and made a sound in the kitchen, alerting the homeowner, who swiftly took action, the Nye County Sheriff’s Office said.

The homeowner, armed with a handgun, shot Richard twice as he attempted to enter one of the bedrooms, the NCSO office added.

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Glad the homeowner had the wherewithal to vehemently deny Mr. Richards whatever he was looking for.

Naked man shot after breaking into Tennessee home, ransacking living room: police

Emma Colton
A Tennessee homeowner shot and injured a naked and violent man who broke into his neighbor’s house and ransacked the place, according to authorities and reports.

Drake Combs, 27, allegedly broke into a Knoxville house and ransacked the living room on Dec. 6, after he threw objects at the homeowner and told him to leave, WATE reported.

The homeowner and his wife fled to the home of a neighbor, who reportedly grabbed his 9mm handgun and went to investigate. The neighbor found the suspect in the driveway after the suspect allegedly jumped on the resident’s car, broke the windshield and swiped the windshield wiper as a weapon, according to WATE.

The armed neighbor reportedly ordered Combs on the ground, but the suspect continued with his aggressive behavior, sparking the neighbor to fire a warning shot into the ground, according to authorities.

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A first- bringing a windshield wiper to a gun fight, with entirely predictable results. Maybe a new header, “Field Expedient Items Not to Bring to a Gun Fight”?

Links courtesy of our own David and Gun Bunny.

“If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is a Gurkha.”
– Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, Indian Chief of Army Staff

Hat tip to MIRanger for the inspiration.

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Warning shots should be directed to the forehead.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Looks like Mr Richard was being a total Dick, and FAFO.
Too bad Mr Homeowner wasn’t able to apply the TSS. Now the taxpayers will be on the hook for the care, feeding, and incarceration of Mr Dick…….errrr……….Mr Richard.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Yep. Another entry into the Encyclopedia of Things to Not Bring to a Gun Fight, “broken off windshield wiper”. (wtf!? really?!)
And any “warning shots” into the ground are a waste of ammunition. Any and all warning shots should be center mass of the target. Another lost opportunity to apply the TSS to the perp.

This should be an object lesson for parents to show their young children, “this is why you stay off the illegal drugs and excess alcohol”.

Last edited 1 year ago by President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Poor victim selection skilz and bringing rubber edged knives to gunfights. A windshield wiper “blade” is a type of knife, right? Gotta agree with Tox…too bad we didn’t get a coupla TSS giving us a twofer DRT Tuesday. Beats all hell out of the Libs of TTT.

I’ll take smiling little guy with a big knife for $1000, Alex.

Old tanker

Just a note here. The first “headline” should read. The homeowner defended his home BY shooting the invader. Not after… Just sayin


Love that kukri. Wouldn’t mind adding that to my EDC.

I do believe that ‘windshield wiper’ is a new entry in the Encyclopedia of Things Not To Bring to a Gunfight. Congratulations to Drake Combs for combing through the ETNTBG to find where it needed some expansion, and providing us with a new entry thereunto.

Good Neighbor needs to learn to not waste ammo like that. That stuff is still expensive. The shot to the A ring though is good.


Thank you kind sir.
(What kind of sir shall remain unspecified.)

I was curious when it told me I was being moderated, but fully confident the issue would be resolved without further inquiry on my part by our vigilant and efficient TAH staff members.

I was looking at 9mm Luger ammo rather than 45 ACP last night – perhaps the al-gore rhythm discovered that?


It is good that you can confess your sins, Brother Graybeard. Now, go light a candle and give me 10 Hail JMBs.


If you can lay hands on a copy, or watch the webpage for it to be posted, the latest Shooting Illustrated has an article on the BAR, with a picture of Van Browning using one of his father’s genius creations during WW I.
T’will warm the cockles of your heart.

John Seabee

Beaucoup tax dollars saved in NV. TN man needs some range time and a couple of boxes of ammo.