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| November 24, 2022

Smith & Wesson Model 3

GBI: Man with rifle spotted near homicide scene shot, killed by police; 1 officer injured News Staff
A homicide investigation ended with a man killed by DeKalb County officers after he fired shots at them, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said.

The deadly shooting happened Monday night at the Shell gas station off Welborn Road and Covington Highway. Channel 2’s Larry Spruill first reported on the scene on WSB Tonight as police blocked off the intersection for the investigation.

According to the GBI, DeKalb police responded to a homicide off Cedar Croft Court in Lithonia around 8:30 p.m.

Terri Maultsby told Channel 2’s Bryan Mimms that she passed a car stopped alongside the road Monday night.

“We instantly realized it was gunshots,” Maultsby said. “And we could see the lights going off in the car and hear the gunshots coming from that vehicle. Somebody opened the door, but we didn’t want to see who was coming out of that vehicle.”

Police said they were searching for someone connected to the homicide when they spotted a man armed with a rifle a mile away at the gas station. The GBI said the man began shooting at officers and hit several police cars and a civilian’s car.

The officers returned fire and shot the man, who died at the scene. Police identified him as 23-year-old Lerelle Chatman. One officer suffered minor injuries.

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“The officers” as in plural had to put down a threat armed with a long gun. Very well done. Now tell me again how many rounds I need in a magazine, and what I can put that magazine in.

19-year-old driving stolen car shot, killed by Clayton County officer, GBI says

By News Staff
CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — Clayton County police shot and killed a 19-year-old after a traffic stop involving a stolen car, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Channel 2?s Tom Regan reported from the scene off Commerce Road as the investigation unfolded on Channel 2 Action News at 4 p.m.

The shooting happened around 11:38 a.m. Monday when an uniformed officer was investigating a stolen car parked at IGM Surfaces, LLC in Morrow, Georgia.

The GBI said 19-year-old Eric Holmes approached the officer. The officer said he spoke with Holmes, who said he wasn’t aware the car was stolen.

As he talked to the officer, the GBI said Holmes abruptly walked away, entered the stolen car and started the engine.

The officer then commanded Holmes to stop.

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Links care of our own Gun Bunny.

“Thankfulness creates gratitude which generates contentment that causes peace.”
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Late Breaking!

Colorado Club Q shooting suspect makes first virtual court appearance, held without bail
Next court appearance for Anderson Lee Aldrich, suspect in the Colorado Springs shooting, scheduled for Dec. 6

Bradford BetzBy Bradford Betz | Fox News
The suspect in the deadly LGBTQ nightclub shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado, made an initial appearance in court by video Wednesday and was held without bail.

In a brief video appearance from jail, 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich could be seen slumped in a chair, flanked by two defense attorneys.

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Fox News

Don’t miss Mr. Aldrich’s mug shot. Pity the heroic patrons who stepped up couldn’t have kept him a little longer- this court issue would be moot.

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Dipshit was using a plastic pistol, I suspect.

While it might have satisfied a sense of immediate justice if he had been shot to death with his own gun by the heroes, or beaten to death (Drag Stomped!) , he now faces a lengthy stay in prison. That pudgy coward is going to be everyone’s punching bag and torment target, and likely will be “My Pillow Biter” to every LGBT in his cellblock.

Old tanker

The irony is wonderful. For more than 2 days the left has been slinging mud at Tucker Carlson and conservatives in general saying they are to blame for the shooting of gays et al in the club. Now it turns out the “hate driven” shooting was from “one of their own”. There have been zero retractions / apologies from msnbc and cnn, the worst offenders.


Perverts gonna pervert.
Liars gonna lie.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

And how about the Walmart shooting which came to a grinding halt by the liberals of the lame stream media after finding out that the Walmart shooter wasn’t white. Same thing came to a halt at the new Herr bidens 1000 year 4th Reich Regime at their DC HQ

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Forgot to add in that the S&W Mod 10 .38 that I first used at work plus the S&W Mod. 14 .38 6in. barrel I used in our pistol team for timed (slow, med,rapid) fire X target shooting came a long way since the Mod. 3 came out. I hope I got the 3 timed X shooting right. A long time ago since I competed


DeKalb and Clayton Counties…the drain field for the Septic Tank Sewer System that is Atlanta, Georgia. Where is ‘Cump now that we need him? Two (2) less parasites on society, but you can bet that they will vote for Warlock in the run-off election. BZ Officers…Good Shooting.

“…heroic patrons who stepped up…” I see what you did there, Kid Squid. Well done!

Another of our many Blessings were Messrs Smith and Wesson. My all time favorite revolver was their Model 10 Trooper in 38 Special that I didn’t get custody of from that lying, cheating, thieving whore bitch from hell that became the final former Ex Mrs Gun Bunny. May she suffer the Barbed Co@k of Satan while her worthless soul burns in Hell for all Eternity.

Poor Myles Keough. An excellent Officer that had the misfortune to serve under 2 of the most egotistical, vain glorious Commanders EVAH! Captured with Stoneman @ Sunshine Church and KIA with Custer. His horse, Comanche, survived Greasy Grass fight.


Stoneman’s cavalry you say??????


Yep, THAT Stoneman. Got his him-a-roided azz handed to him by the Militia/Home Guard and Elements of CSA BG Alfred Iverson’s Cavalry IVO Sunshine Church, Jones County GA, after failing to capture Macon and free the Union Officer POWs there. Out of 2200 troopers he had, very few made it back to Cump’s lines in ATL. Political pressure on Sam Grant led Sam to make an exception to his “no POW exchange” policy and Stoneman was reassigned to AoTP. Cump had all of him he could stand. You think we have political hacks as GOs now, shoulda been around in 1861-’65. Down heah, those that know their history refer to his kind as “barn burning, pillaging, chicken stealing, murderous trash from hell” An excellent account is in “Sherman’s Horsemen” by David Evans.

Myles Keough was an excellent officer that deserved better commanders than he served under.


Dear Democrats, if you eagerly voted for this NRA member who had an evil black “assault weapon” rifle in the White House because you agreed with his views, you’re a Republican now. Just ask AOC.
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Skivvy Stacker

Seems to me I saw a dash cam video of some dirt wad opening fire on police officers with a semi-auto pistol some time last week. The cops were, as in this case, at a crime scene, and the perp decided that this was an excellent opportunity to ambush the local 5-0.
I was happy to see that he not only crossed into the video field of the dash cam, but just before he left the frame, he fell to the ground after being struck by rounds fired by several officers. I believe he died of his injuries (sob, sniff).


Another episode of FAFO.