Holiday Open Thread

| November 24, 2022

Who can’t wait to dig in? ( Art America)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Are your appetites ready? Here’s a refresher “hack” to continue to enjoy the “freshly baked” and “freshly cooked” meal taste when eating the leftovers… Spray the food with water before microwaving. The water helps with taste improvement during the heating. Enjoy your holiday!

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Just for you, King of Battle!

You’re welcome. 😎


My Man! Tank you, tank you verrah much. RLTW! I think every Gun Crew out there had a powder monkey like that. And sometimes a Gun SGT. *grin* Hoping I can catch some of the usual suspects napping like that tomorrow when the Coveted TAH Weekend Open Thread drops. Been a minute since we had a Quad 40/4 in a row FIRST.

ps…I spotted your posts on the other thread, saw them down votes and updooded


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BAM BAM BAM BAM!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRE MISSION COMPLETE! SECURE THE GUNS! Take 5, smoke ’em if you got ’em. The Luck of my Irish Ancestors (ht2 O’Quinn) has enabled the King of Battle, THE King of FIRST to EARN (NEVER AWARDED) yet another FIRST on a Coveted TAH Open Thread. I do believe that this will give The Gun Bunny a Trifecta of FIRSTs, starting with the Friday WOT, the MOT, and now, a HOT! Take THAT Chippy! Had just popped the Breakfast Casserole in the oven, poured up my coffee, opened up Mr. Chromie, and again…WHOOMP…there it was, just waiting to be picked up.

I invite ALL of my Adorable Deplorables to make their way to Rear Echelon Depot Sugar Bug/ Pier SiL for a Thanksgiving Feast of Epic YUUUUGE Proportions, a Depletion of SiL’s Top Shelf Class VI Supplies, and the smoking of his Ybor City’s Finest Rolled Leaf.

A Happy Thanksgiving is wished for all!

Commissioner Wretched

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Gun Bunny! Your diligence and vigilance for Open Threads is noted and appreciated!

Hack Stone

Another holiday, another plethora of Open Threads. Well, Hack is going to post anyway.


And I just would like to know, if you know what a plethora is. I would not like to think that a person would tell someone he has a plethora, and then find out that, that person has *no idea* what it means to have a plethora.


A plethora is bigger than awholehellofalot but smaller than a shitload.

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As assload < sh*tload < f*ckload and a wholehellofalot is < assload due less vulgarity, plethora = assload. Just sayin’.

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I would rather an assload than a pantload.


All of which are less than a metric fuckton.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

As the old saying goes, “any bird can build a nest but not everyone can lay an egg”

A Proud Infidel®™

How many plethoras are in a butt-load? Asking for a friend and inquiring minds.

Green Thumb

Or a Huge Steaming Pile of Phil Monkress?

That is a Buttload.


Beauceau. Spelling? I’m getting old.


Boo coo as I understand it…


I was trying fancy French spelling.

A Proud Infidel®™

Beacoup if I remember correctly, I remember it in my mind being pronounced as “Be-ah-coop” to help with the spelling!

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Thank you, Mr. El Guapo!


De nada!


I guess I better get started on that apple pie that is in demand. And perhaps a shot of El Jimador with my Mother In Law a little later in the day.

Have a great (and safe) day Dickweedians!!


A blessed, safe, and happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Despite our grumbling about the Current State of Affairs, we have much to be thankful for.

May God’s grace flood your day.


Happy Thanksgiving, all – and especially to those overseas who can’t be home with family today.




Well said


Best of God’s Grace and blessings to all of you on this feast day of thanks.

Old tanker

May you all have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Only Army Mom

Happy Thanksgiving to all TAH. If you are not blessed with the presence of someone, be blessed with the presence of your memories.

Here at OAM’s casa de food, there are 42+ lbs. of turkey and always room at the table. If you’re in my AO, the door’s open, coffee is on all day. The invite is open, always, any day.

Green Thumb

The False Commander and known Pretindian “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) and his new batch of Phildo supporters are giving thanks this holiday season to the gullibleness of the US Government that continues to fund his (Phildo) ill-gotten minority, set-aside taxpayer-funded contracts based upon his (Phildo) highly questionable and potentially felonious Native America, Navy SEAL and LEO claims.

On another note, I wonder what tribal affiliation Phildo is claiming this week? Maybe we should contact some of his new Phildo supporters and inquire….


Any FOOTBALL fans?




That is 22nd SAS taking down the Iranians who captured Iran’s London embassy. Most of them were victims of the regiment’s CQB training.

A Proud Infidel®™

Top Twenty and I award myself Honorary First once again.



Thanksgiving or: Sunday on a Thursday.

It’s nice to hear the mandatory quiet of this bustling town and see families walking around in beautiful multigenerational clusters. The air is still here, skies clear, so prefect for crunching leaves under foot!

Looking forward to a deep plate of white meat, ‘tates, stuffing and a hoddle of gravy.

May He protect and provide for every last one of you, the ones you hold dear, and our Greater American Family.


May your blessings be many.

May you have a healhty life and and a healthy appetite.


Did a different dinner this year…
Made a homemade Indoenisan Rice Table for 12 friends..
Shrimp Nasi Goreng/Fried Rice
Pork Bami/Noodle Dish
Petcel/Salad with peanut butter/spice dressing
Lumpia/Egg Rolls
Purple eggs
Won tons
Three differnent Krupuks
Soto/chicken spicey soup
Lots of Ketjap and Sambel Olek
Dessert…homemade Dutch Pastries Tompussie/Nepoleons, Chocolet Eclairs and Cream Puffs
Wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and would love to share our dinner with you ALL..



AW1 Rod

Many times.


Never been deployed in the military, but spent a majority of the last 30 yrs in the fire service on shift for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays. Agree with Ed 100% salute to all of you that can’t be home this year!

Hack Stone

How many fires were you called to where the homeowner placed the Turkey on a deep fryer, overflowing the fryer, and setting their domain ablaze? They should have paid more attention in Elementary School when Mrs. Stevens was covering Archimedes and water displacement.

Speaking of eureka moments, Hack Stone served with a Marine from Eureka California, and he asked her if it was common for the residents to run naked in the streets shouting “Eureka!” She had no idea what Hack was talking about.


Military Christmas– if you don’t wake up with a bottle of aspirin, you won’t have nuttin’ to open.
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George V

I haven’t been this full in, like… a year maybe.


Semi-comatose from food.
18 blood kin gathered ’round the table.

Favorite Daughter came up with an idea – some weeks ago she put a “Thankfulness Jar” in our house, and folks were to write something they were thankful for on a slip of paper & drop it in the jar.
Today everyone got a guess at how many slips of paper were in the jar, the one closest was applauded (and maybe got a prize?) and then FD read them all.
There were many variations on family, church, God, salvation, America, and pets; trees, grass, wild critters, and dirt roads.

In children’s and adult’s handwriting.

We are blessed indeed.


Prey with a belt-fed?

Challenge accepted!

Hack Stone

Hack Stone’s internet must be done. He missed the White House tweeting out how much Americans are saving on this year’s Thanksgiving meal, like they did with the 2021 Independence Day barbecue.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone just got a call from Jason regarding his automobile insurance coverage. Of course Hack was interested in saving on his insurance, who wouldn’t be? So Hack is transferred to Jason’s supervisor, who asks him who is insured with.

Hack Stone: I don’t have car insurance. They cancelled it after that seventh DUI.

Supervisor: So are you the homeowner?

Hack Stone: Are you selling car insurance or homeowners insurance.

Supervisor: We are selling both.

Hack Stone: Well, I live in my car, so my car is my home.

Supervisor: And what year car is it?

Hack Stone: A 1982 Jaguar. It’s currently not running.

Supervisor: Can I get your name?

Hack Stone: First name is Joe, last name is Mamma.

Supervisor: Joe Mamma?

Hack Stone: That’s right, Joe Mamma.

Supervisor: Can i get your zip code?

Hack Stone: 90120.

Supervisor: 9020.

Hack Stone: No, 90120.

Several seconds later, “This conference has been terminated.


Meanwhile, Twitter just announced an amnesty for everyone who’d been banned on the platform except for spambots or people who did something illegal to get banned. Left/libtards upset again:
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