Vikings get suckered

| November 22, 2022

Not a National Felons League fan (h/t to whichever one of you micreants coined that phrase) but one incident Sunday tickled me.

The Minnesota Vikings, whilst getting lambasted 40-3 by the Dallas Cowboys (really? the Cowboys?) got tricked by a “Salute to Service” submission on their Jumbotron.

“We’re honoring our nation’s service members, veterans, and their families during Sunday’s game against Dallas,” the official Vikings account wrote in the days leading up to Sunday’s game. “Share photos and stories of your loved ones who have served or are currently serving using #SkolSalute for a chance to have them featured on the video board Sunday.”

“This is my cousin Joel who served in the Army,” Twitter user @kylerulz4h wrote. “He has always been an inspiration and someone I look up to for his heroism. He is also a HUGE Vikes fan #skolsalute.”

Military Times

Except… the picture was porn actor Steven Wolfe, aka Johnny Sins, dressed in what looks like  Hollywood-decorated BDUs.

Responses were swift, including one from the featured actor, who wrote, “Ha! that’s awesome!“

Guess Ron Jeremy or the late John Holmes wouldn’t have looked good in uniform?


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Hack Stone

Speaking of people who are not who their photos purport to be, last evening Hack Stone was at a function, and an older gentleman was wearing a US Navy Photographer cap. Hack Stone engaged him in conversation. This gentleman served late 1960’s to early 1970’s. Hack was o lotto ask if he knew of Daniel Bernath. Sadly, he did not know of him.

Hack is just disappointed that some veterans did not make the cut for tribute from The Vikings, like Ensign Hunter Biden and Bradley Manning.


I worked my way through medical school by being a porn actor. The only problem is when I give someone a shot, I pull it out at the last minute and squirt it all over their face.


I like how you used the politically correct plural possessive pronoun “their” to reference the singular “someone.” Thus, you needn’t use the potential misgendering of the use of “his” or “her.” :wpds_wink: 


Next year’s submissions:
Sgt. Harry Balsagna
Capt. Ben Dover
A1C Antia Blackman
CDR. Phil McCracken
BMC Heywood Jablowmi
GySgt Mike Rotchburns


In spite of all his negligent discharges I think we’d all like to see Private Seymore Butts honored also.


Don’t forget about SP4 E. Normous Johnson.

When I FIRST saw the Viking headline, I was hoping it was gonna be a post about a Norse Goddess…with pictures. Alas, it was only about some suckers in the National Felon League/No Fans Left organizations.


I thought Johnson was a SP9….


Lets not forget

Lt Colonel Inkous

Hack Stone
  • LT Eileen Dover (saw a female Naval Aviator wearing this one)
  • Major Pat Maweeny
  • Captain Phil Maweeny
  • Captain C. Maweeny
  • Captain Emersom Bigguns
  • 1stLt Mike Hunt

CPT(P) Woody (her husband, who’d made MAJ the year before, didn’t like it any better)



RGR 4-78

Guess Ron Jeremy or the late John Holmes wouldn’t have looked good in uniform?”

I guess it takes all shapes and sizes. 😆 


RGR 4-78,
David guessed this one correctly.
The uniform look.


Guess … the late John Holmes wouldn’t have looked good in uniform?

From Wiki:

Holmes left home at age 15 and enlisted in the United States Army, with his mother’s written permission. He spent most of the three years of his military service in West Germany in the Signal Corps. Upon his honorable discharge in 1963, 。。。。

In April 1965, Holmes found work as a forklift driver at a meatpacking warehouse…”

Meatpacking ….!


John C. Holmes was an honorably discharged vet? Wow…


Signal Corps baybee!


Ya buncha degenerates…🤣


Here’s a meme for ya, SFC D.  😉 

images (6).jpg

TACSAT… Shootin’ comms all over the world!


I’m SFC D, and I approve this message…


Welcome home, Skyjumper! DaHell you been? Making up some cheezy catheads in yore Honor to go with the breakfast casserole.


Personal issues going on, KoB. Soon to be free of them come 9 Jan. Hey, I might just have the time to find my way down to Georgia. Do you allow yankee boys to visit? I’ll bring a bunch of Wisc. cheese!  😉 


C’mon, I’ll leave the light on for ya and have a pot of grits on the stove. I guess you gonna want some bacon and strong coffee too, right? Not to worry, gots all that too.


To be fair, the Hedgehog never looked good in—or out of—anything.

A Proud Infidel®™

Was the message sponsored by APL and Ambassador Worldwide?


Not to hijack the thread, but I just read an article about that lunatic nightclub shooter in Colorado. Apparently, his maternal grandfather is one Randy Voepel. The name sounded familiar and he is, indeed, a previously featured phony on this here blog with a pretty thorough write up from our very own MCPO NYC, Ret.


Good catch. Great memory.

Link > Guest post; Randy Voepel; phony wounded veteran

Jonn Lilyea | March 29, 2018

Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61

VG Part 2 on Phony Purple Heart Voepel.

Link > Guest post; Randy Voepel; update on phony combat sailor

Jonn Lilyea | April 12, 2018

Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61

Note – After getting caught and outed,
Phony Voepel ALTERED his DD-214.
Worse, he went on to
win re-election to the CA State Assembly in 2018 & 2020.
Lost in 2022,
after redistricting put 2 incumbents against each other.


Thanks for the reminder. I remember that phony bastard. The killer obviously has some inherited genetic defect. Also, the pic of Randy’s grandboy sets off my gaydar. Betcha he had a conflict with a boyfriend.


Wait, that’s not the “Serbia Strong” accordion player?
comment image


Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe “suckered” wasn’t the right word to use in this headline?🤣


If anything needed expert input (no pun intended) it’s military-themed porn. I know it’s sorta difficult to lose willing suspension of disbelief w/ the simple subject, but they often do “military” so bad in that stuff it can happen for folk who know better. (Porn is selling an illusion, after all… )

Technical advisor might be more fun than it sounds, as a post-service career, here.