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| November 22, 2022

Remington Elliot .32 Derringer

Shawano officer fatally shoots person holding shotgun, police department says

Sophie Carson, Green Bay Press-Gazette
A Shawano police officer on Saturday fatally shot a person holding a shotgun, the police chief said in a statement.

Police responded about 5 p.m. to a home in the 900 block of Lafayette Street in the city of Shawano for a report of a disturbance, Chief Bradley Rabideau said in a news release.

Officers were directed to the basement, where they saw “an individual with their hands in the air and another individual holding a shotgun,” the release said.

Then, an officer shot the person holding the shotgun, according to the release.

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Yesterday I thought Graybeard was a tad out there with his version of a police shooting. Yesterday. Link courtesy of our own Gun Bunny.

15-year-old accused of shooting mother’s boyfriend in Eastpointe; self-defense suspected

By Ingrid Kelley and Amber Ainsworth
Police say they believe a 15-year-old boy pulled the trigger, killing his mother’s boyfriend during a fight Wednesday in Eastpointe.

Just before 10 p.m., the boy’s mother called 911 and said her boyfriend had jumped on her at her home in the 18000 block of Holland Street.

“Upon arrival there was one deceased male found in that area,” said Det. Brian Showers, with the Eastpointe Police Department.

The victim was identified by people who knew him as Roderick Neely, a father of 10.

Police are still investigating the circumstances of the shooting, but they believe the teen used a gun registered to his mother to shoot Neely. Police suspect self-defense was involved.

“We do believe some element of self-defense was involved,” Showers said.

Both the boy and his mother were taken into custody. The woman was released without charges after an interview. Her son was released after a hearing Friday, pending further investigation.

According to police, Wednesday wasn’t the first time they had been called to the home.

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Fox 2 Detroit

Follow the link for a testament on what is the result of generational Democrat rule.

North Carolina 13-year-old hailed as hero for protecting teacher during shooting: ‘I was a part of his team’
13-year-old Bobby Holloman sprang into action to protect his teacher, Donald Weller, during the shooting

By Bailee Hill | Fox News
A 13-year-old is being celebrated as a hero in his North Carolina community after he sprang into action to protect his teacher when gunfire erupted at a middle school football game.

Middle school football player Bobby Holloman and the teacher he saved, Donald Weller, joined “Fox & Friends First” Monday to recall the scary incident that had many running for their lives.

“It was very scary because I’ve never been through anything like that,” Holloman told co-host Todd Piro.

The shooting, which took place last week outside the Lumberton High School football stadium last Wednesday night, left one woman with life-threatening injuries.

Robeson County Schools District said St. Pauls Middle and the Lumberton Jr. High teams were playing against each other in a championship game when gunfire erupted in the parking lot. The reaction on the field was caught on video.

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Fox News

11B-Mailclerk pointed this one out yesterday, thanks.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

An Oleg Volk photograph.
The man is an artist.
Thank you for posting it.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Oleg Volk, main website:

Photo Gallery:

Many many delightful pics of gals with guns.
If Gun Bunny hasn’t visited here before, he needs to hie thee hence and get lost down the rabbit hole (especially on a Friday afternoon).

Tanks for the heads up, Good Sir. I have forthwith hied meself there and done the bookmark thingie. Draw your self a double ration from my personal Top Shelf Class VI Supplies as a gratuity. Not only is this proof that TAH is entertaining, informative, and educational, it also shows the Band of Brother (and Sister) Hood that we have in looking after the needs (wants) of one another.

Now…in re of the Friday afternoon time frame for perusing? Is that a notification of special postings on Oleg’s site or a nefarious plot to keep me occupied/distracted during the dropping of the TAH WOT? As much as I enjoy viewing pretty pictures (the reason I used to purchase certain periodicals) there is NO joy greater than EARNING (never awarded) the Title of FIRST on the TAH WOT. Pro tip/reminder. This is sweeps week for said EARNING in that we will have a potential Midweek Open Thread (MOT), a Holiday Open Thread (HOT), and a Weekend Open Thread (WOT). May the best deplorable win.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

On the surface, that Shawano shooting does not sound like a “righteous” shoot.
Was Orificer (un)Friendly too quick on the draw without ascertaining all the facts?
Too many missing details.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

TY, Wing Walker ‘Ed, for answering my question of yesterday.
So, apparently yesterday’s gun is a Remington 5 shot derringer, 22 caliber (S? L? LR?), w/fixed barrel and rotating firing mechanism.
Talk about an up close and personal “belly gun”.


“The victim was identified by people who knew him as Roderick Neely, a father of 10.”

Talk about a sentence that, had you not known the circumstances, sounds like a tragedy.

Then when you do, it is a tragedy… 10 fold.

Did I miss something in MI law about ‘registration’?

Edit: speaked two suun… pistol reg at time of purchase, I guess.

Last edited 1 year ago by Roh-Dog

Michigan has very strict laws on pistol registration and transfers. You can’t even lend a pistol to someone if it is registered to you. This has led to Detroit, Lansing and Flint being crime free utopias.


You left out Benton Harlem, er, Harbor, Muskegon, and Saginaw, which was recently named the most violent city in the state.


As Graybeard made mention yesterday, and our Beloved AW1 Ed points out today, sometimes the popo shootings leave some gray areas on what happened and was it a good shoot. Diving deep and looking around for other sources many times bring no joy. Just a repeat of the original story. Shotgun man coulda been doing nefarious things or he could have been defending himself against a dirtbag and rookie officer shot FIRST before he asked any questions. Looking for follow ups brings no joy on most. They’ve moved on.

Two teenage heroes that gives us a little hope for this generation. Fight back! “Father of 10…” Welp, he won’t “father” any more.

Ya led me into temptation and got me lost in that linky, Kid Squid. Well played.

Ms Thang looks like she is very serious about drumming her way out of the coming (almost here) socialism.


Besides the anecdotes Airborne Brother (retired LEO) has shared, this influences my thinking on the topic as well:


If one is ever involved in an LEO response where you’ve had to grab hold of a firearm, some very loud proclamations of your purpose and intent need to be involved – and you may still get shot.

Newbies (LEO or soldiers) with weapons are dangerous.

Old tanker

The Shawano article hardly deserves the name of article as there is so much missing. The way it reads gives no indication of what was really going on and what set off the shooting. Was the shotgun guy the resident or invader? Who was the person creating the incident? Was shotgun guy threatening to kill the other person, ie raising the gun to shoulder while pointed at arms up guy saying I’m going to kill you? Did shotgun guy turn towards Officers pointing the gun towards them giving them not much of an option to de escalate.

Lastly what story was given to dispatch that was relayed to responding Officers?

Far too many unknowns to determine anything based on that article.

I have read articles about situations I had been involved in and could not recognize it from what the “reporter” wrote and the paper published. I have little faith in reporters and virtually none in first reports.

Last edited 1 year ago by Old tanker

“Police suspect self-defense was involved.” Glad to see that initial decision, but “Whhaatt?”



Today is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Eugene Morrison Stoner,

Thank you for your service to the nation and the gift of your inventions.

Rest Well, Dear Sir.