Midweek Open Thread

| November 23, 2022

Are your appetites ready for tomorrow? If you are traveling, here’s to a safe and efficient transit. A few people in my area did not wait long, after Halloween, to put up their Christmas decorations. However, there are Thanksgiving decorations that could go up after Halloween. Have an enjoyable day.

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Heh heh…Was typing a comment on the vet highs and lows when I remembered that there would possibly be a MOT today, soes I opened another tab and BAM…there it was! Better lucky than good, right? Which, in all modesty, I AM good…and lucky. Lucky that I have this good place to hang out. What would be even more good is if I could get lucky enough to meet, in person, some of our adorable deploreables to woo, court, and charm them (her) with my ways. If they (she) could see the feast fit for a Queen that is being prepared they (she) would throw rocks at that Space Cowboy.

Made my ride Monday. It was the FIRST time I have driven the 400 miles to the Tampa area since March 2018 when I had that FIRST stroke. Used to do 5-6 trips a year. Have been driven and flown a few times and Baby Sister was with me as pax this time, but I was very proud of being able to do it. F150s rule!


All the F series rule. My first was a 58 F250 wrecker.


Papa had a ’53 (“Company Vehicle”) that he made a wrecker in 58. He was mechanic for a car dealership. It was the FIRST vehicle I ever drove as a 5/6 yo, sitting on his lap steering and shifting while he worked the foot pedals. When he took a better paying job with a trucking outfit in ’62 the owner kept it and parked the truck out at his farm. Tried to buy it from old dude in the late 70s. “Naw, I’m gonna fix that thing up one day and use it around here.” Been sitting in the same spot all those years, trees growing between the bumper and body. Rusted into the ground by now, or drug to the scrap yard by his grandchildren.

My ’58 was turned into a flatbed with a farm stake body. 4 speed w granny gear, bought it in ’69, sold it in 71 when I enlisted. Wish I had that one now, too.

“Big Red” is ’05, 4.8L, short bed w 104K miles. Purrs like a kitty, avg 20 mpg on Big Road w 96 octane real gas, factory tow pkg load.

Grandson will get it, he’s an ’05 model too.

3/17 Air Cav

I recently completed a 1950 F1 resto Mustang II frontend, disc brakes, 302 V8, EFI. It took eight years, but it was worth it! I absolutely love driving it on nice days.


Welcome back, 3/17 AC.


Dad got an F250 with the 300-6 & Warner transmission, including the “granny low”.
He bought it from his work, when someone tore up the original transmission. (I never did learn how in the world that happened!)
That was back in the late 60’s. We kept and drove that thing for many, many years. Middle Brother inherited it and after his stroke, it sat in my drive for a while. It had not been driveable for more than 10 years at that point, and, sadly, was more rust than anything. Finally had to take it to the recycle place about 5 years ago.
Wish I’d had the time, money, and garage to restore that.


300 with Offy tuned intake, shorty headers, 2.5″ exhaust and Holley 600 sits in my ’78… Twofer…double the hp and better mpgs, too

Steve 1371

I had a 84 Bronco with a smoged out 300 and a granny gear 4 speed. I also had a 16 foot stock trailer I used to haul horses in. After I pulled all of that smog crap off and installed a Clifford intake and 6 into 1 headers and added an edlebrock 4 barrel and a Jacobs ignition that thing pulled like a Mack. I used to have white fingers when I pulled a bumper pull trailer but could enjoy a coffee when I switched over to a gooseneck trailer. I took out the back seat and installed the hitch plat and the rear roof section could be pulled off in a couple minutes. Only drawback was you took a shower if it rained.


My dad and I had a 1977 F-150, 4WD, 400ci, an absolute beast of a truck. It’d pull your house if you could hook it up. At 8mpg. Empty, loaded, whatever speed. 8mpg.


My plow truck is a 75 F-250, 4WD, 390ci, 750 Holly,
low end cam, tuned headers and HEI.
All checked out and ready to plow. Bring it on!






Me and the hangover are going back to sleep.

I haven’t been yelled at yet this morning so the only apologies owed are at the liver, and maybe the personal treasury.

Happiest Thxgvg! Ditto on the safe travels: don’t be that guy but keep a keen eye out for the prick.


TAH is not a vehicle for your personal vendettas.

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Did you see my reply to AW1Ed,
for deleting my Happy Thanksgiving reply to Roh-Dog?
Oh yeah, that got deleted, too.

No “personal vendetta”.
18 months of a community effort here.

BTW, look below,
the REAL reason for this website.

I just provided a useful PHONY UPDATE.


MD61 currently resides in Mod Jail.


Nan is really popular this week- here’s a teaser for Sunday.


Regardless, best wishes to all you Delta Whiskey and Whiskeyettes.
May God bless and keep you all, with abundant traveling mercies for all on the road this week.


The newest member of the E4 mafia will be coming home today but will be unable to share his tales of daring-do as a cyber warrior as that stuff is all super top secret.

I don’t know what the Army is feeding them these days but he says he is trying vegetarian. If it is still the mystery meat they served us I can almost understand.

Dennis - not chevy

We were discussing a situation at work and I was asking for everyone’s thoughts in turn. When I asked one of my fellows what the E-4 mafia thought, he fell out of his chair laughing. What tickled him was the reaction from the non-veterans, they thought E-4 mafia referred to a gang.


It’s not a gang. It’s an “organization”.


More like a “disorganization”!🤣


Cluster-o’-f-bomb with no f-bombs to give.

No other force like it in the universe, Thank God Almighty.


Got very interesting/sad video of a Captains Mast.
Blood pressure warning,


Sounds like he broke the UCMJ.


What the hell was that??????


Guys got sac. I’ll give him that. Hell you can see it hanging out.


May have balls, but not much for brains or judgment from the little bit of it ol’ Poe watched.

Being that insubordinate in front of all those witnesses is way beyond foolish, bordering on insanity, which likely is the case… 🙄 


Your comment reminded me of this movie scene:


Hack Stone

The CO likes to use “as to” a lot. Wondering if he has a side gig selling Red Hat Software to the federal government.



Palmer (d’Balzac) Wickre would be proud.


Seaman Recruit Clusterfuck reporting as ordered, Sir!


Goddamn. I hope I never have to preside over something like that. I’d have a hard time staying on my side of the table. Damn.

A Proud Infidel®™

When I was AD Army back in the early 90’s we Chaptered Troops nowhere near as 8-UP as him, he’d be Chapter 13 material in that day!


Welp, he is wearing his tighty whitey’s and prepared to present short arm for inspection.


I respect the artist.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

I’m places like Portland, Seattle and San foo-foo that would be labeled a “hate crime”.


Odessa in Ukraine changed a statue of Lenin into someone more popular there:


You have to appreciate the Darth pose is the same as the Lenin statue.


Vader knows how to get shit done.

Green Thumb

The False Commander and known Pretindian “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) and his new batch of Phildo supporters are giving thanks this holiday season to the gullibleness of the US Government that continues to fund his (Phildo) ill-gotten minority, set-aside taxpayer-funded contracts based upon his (Phildo) highly questionable and potentially felonious Native America, Navy SEAL and LEO claims.

On another note, I wonder what tribal affiliation Phildo is claiming this week? Maybe we should contact some of his new Phildo supporters and inquire….

Hack Stone

Okay, Hack Stone is soliciting some advice from the ne’er do wells that frequent this page, otherwise known as the Adorable Deplorables.

Hack Stone’s charcoal grill is ready to smoke it’s last rack of ribs, at which point it will be repurposed as the corporate mailbox for a proud but humble woman owned business, as the lid is still functioning.

So, what path should had go with? Stick with charcoal? Propane? One of those pellet type barrel grills? What about those big ass ceramic egg shaped grills? Those babies run north of $800, and the software business isn’t as lucrative as it used to be.

AAFES is selling this one on Saturday for $199. Any one have an opinion on this model?



“Metal Casters with Quick-Step Individual Locks”



For one grill that does it all fairly well it’s hard to beat a Weber kettle.


Is that gonna be too much for you?

I hate to see a man get more than he can handle.


Once you use a pellet grill like the Traeger, you will likely never use charcoal or propane again. With the pellet grill, you will never burn anything again. Plus, you can smoke a brisket or other meats. The only drawback is that a bag of pellets will cost about $15. But it will last for about 6 to 10 meals, depending on whether you are smoking vs. broiling.

Hack Stone

Hack is willing to spend a few extra bucks for a quality product. Other than Traeger, any other brands/models that are recommended? The only smoker that Hack has previous experience with is Psaul’s 1980’s vintage Jaguar smoldering from the bad wiring harness that Psaul purchased.



I would stick with Traeger. That is a terrific price for the one listed in your link. Only $599. At Costco, that model goes for over $800. There is also another model that is slightly smaller. I had a minor glitch with mine and the Traeger customer support was excellent. They are in Tennessee, so you won’t have to deal with someone in India. The new Traegers also have a feature mine doesn’t have. That is a built-in, wired, meat thermometer probe.


The Traeger is the best and you could buy the smaller one if you normally only cook for a half a dozen people. It is only $499 on Amazon. The pellets are readily available, both the Traeger branded ones and generic.


Gotta line on a used grill for sale, low miles, one fender bender, other than that clean title.
(see image)
May or many not have ‘art’ in the hull, as-is, cash only, he know what he got, SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY!

a tanker did a thing.jpeg
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Think somebody ate the 50 cal?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Missed #29 so now #30. One Hungry Man TV Dinner for Myself and one for Sis on turkey day, now that’s talking Turkey. I remember Dad owned a 1952 Pontiac with the running board and the antenna tuna knob on top of the inside windshield that turned the outside antenna above the windshield. The older kids used to skitch off of the rear bumper when their was snow on the road when Dad drove the car down the block.

e. conboy

“Those were the days, my friends!”


Ah yes..ski patrol. We would hang around the stop sign at the
intersection waiting for the next “ride”.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Thirty-sump’n and I award myself Honorary First once again.



Welp, the Chesapeake, VA Walmart shooter has been identified. He is Andre Marcus Bing. He was a night lead supervisor at the subject Walmart. He is 31 years old and not melanin challenged. He was somewhat of a loner. He ordered four of his co-workers into the breakroom and immediately opened up on them with a semi-auto pistol. Three of the six he killed were apparently shot in the break room. One in the break room said he missed her head by only inches.

It looks like the MSM and its spokes-progs will have a hard time painting him as Ultra-MAGA or Republican Trump supporter. They won’t find much on him, as he didn’t have a social media footprint, according to one independent reporter who looked.


Brandon is already out with his statement that we need more cow-bell (gun control).

Green Thumb

Wonder what Corn Pop’s position on that would have been?

After all, Biden needed a six-foot chain.

Corn Pop was one bad due….

A Proud Infidel®™

EVERY TIME a shooting takes place that the D-rat propaganda media chooses to hype gets followed by screeches for MORE Gun Laws while the ones in existence go unenforced, rendering them useless.


Never forget the WKRP turkey drop.


As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!

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A Proud Infidel®™

Next is the Nakatomi Plaza Christmas Party!


comment image



Major News on Vaccinated COVID Deaths, but the White House Decides to Lie Anyway – RedState

Seems ol’ Poe remembers a lot of folks around here expressing doubts about these Covid vaccines. Now, even a lefty rag like WAPO is acknowledging that herd immunity proves more effective than dubious, if not deadly vaccines.

Lars? LC? You guys out there? 🤔 


I’m still waiting for my RN niece and LARP-ing niece to acknowledge that I was right.

But I am not holding my breath, and still love both of ’em to death.

(RN niece is more likely to admit it. Those LARP-ing folks are sometimes disconnected from reality somewhat.)


If everyone had just taken 2-and-a-half seconds to look up the history of modeNRA and the failures of using a nano lipid shuttle to hijack cellular function.

Just so we’re all on the same page, I’m; bear lee literate, not your doctor, and I give two poops what you; ingest, imbibe, inject; or insert: into, around, near, thru your body.

Remember what Officer Friendly taught you kids, drug dealers are there to get you hooked (hint: Big Pharma are drug dealers with a federal protection racket as a partner).


Thought I’d make mention of the rations being disbursed from Rear Echelon Depot Sugar Bug. The cubed beef beast, with the trimmings (if you gotta ask about the trimmings, then you have no need to know) enjoyed by at dinner (meal some may refer to as “lunch”). Supper of a homemade formerly feathered beast with peas, carrots, and a solid v lattice crust pie (ht2 Ex-PH2). Butterly golden, baked to perfection, melt in yo mouth.

Food prep for tomorrow’s Dinning In is almost complete; Sausage, egg, cheese, & grits Breakfast Casserole (ht2 our very own Beloved AW1Ed) chillin’ in the fridge, ready to be popped in the oven FIRST (ht2…oh…wait) thing in the morning. Same with the greened bean & squash casseroles. 18 count devilish eggs, strawberry n creame cake trifle, 12lb#er HBH laid in, a fat gobble fowl for smoking, cbread dressin, taters, P Nut Butter, Punkin, Pecan Pies, yeasted rolls, and whatever the soccer moms bring.

Suffer, Chippy! Easier to choose now, OAM?

Only Army Mom

KoB you do present a compelling argument but we do have to let Chip present his side(s). See what I did there?

Sorry but you lost me at cornbread dressing. That’s the one thing on which I am a true yankee. It’s white bread, toasted and seasoned or none at all. At least with turkey. I did have cornbread dressing once, it was good, but doesn’t belong with turkey gravy and mashed potatoes on my plate.

This year, I went homemade all the way. Blueberry cheesecake, pumpkin pie, and a new favorite – Black Velvet layer cake. The pecan pies didn’t get baked, one went home with the nephew, wife and little humans, the other is patiently waiting for the occupied cake dome to be emptied (currently housing remnants of Black Velvet). Oh, and the French Silk was brought. Also, I’ve never had peanut butter pie, but it’s now on my list. If you have a recipe, do share.

And I always pass on the ham. To save more room for turkey. And dressing. And… now I’m hungry.


There was some stuffing for those that had to. And a 25lb smoked bird. Grilled biscotti for snackin on. I’ll dig up the pie recipe iffen you’ll cut me a slab of the Black Velvet


Phony Update –
Phony Purple Heart Thomas Cole & Boy Scout Troop 232 –

News story, last week, November 17.
Thomas Cole is STILL involved with Boy Scout Troop 232.
Honoring veterans, on Veterans Day, at the local American Legion Post.

It’s hard to see what type of cap Cole is carrying in the main photo,
and wearing on his head in a distant other shot.

Remember, he wore a “Purple Heart Combat Veteran” cap,
and drove a truck with PH plates,
when we went on a Troop trip to Gettysburg, PA.
That’s a haul from Pendleton, Indiana.

Phony Purple Heart leading Boy Scouts on a Gettysburg battlefield tour.
Grasp that for a moment.

[Honoring veterans on many frontsBy
Pendleton Times-Post

November 17, 2022]



Like Gunny Highway in Heartbreak Ridge? Probably where he got his inspiration…
comment image


Here’s the newer (Oct 2021) Book of the Fake
for that Pendleton (Indiana) American Legion Post.

If they aren’t already aware of Phony Purple Heart Thomas Cole,
and his Combat Wounded caps and PH license plates,
they sure as hell should be.



Happy Birthday Henry McCarthy, aka, William H. Bonney, aka “Billy, The Kid” 23 November 1859.



Happy Thanksgiving, deplorables!

turkey loaf.jpg

For the newer warriors – put against a rock or something.

A Proud Infidel®™

THAT is much more suitable being used as either a roof or driveway patch, IMO feeding that to a Dog or Cat would be an act of animal cruelty!


Always wondered why those young men in Vietnam War pics were thin as rails, then I’m reminded they basically ate potted meat out of OD green pucks.

Welcome Home, Ladies and Gentlemen. Vet to Vet, Thank You.


After about two months humping a ruck in the boonies in the Viet of the Nam, I was down about fifteen pounds.


The stale cracker and cheddar cheese with pimento was
palatable or you could trade up for the white bread puck.


Those crackers made me always think of the “hardtack” that the soldiers ate in the Civil War.

Last edited 10 months ago by Steve Balm

Not changed all that much…
comment image


That puck was inedible just like ham n’ mofos.


That was my fave meat dish C-rat.


With the cheese “puck” you could make a tuna casserole.

Add a little sugar, powdered cream, and a dash of water in the cocoa pouch and you could whip up a chocolate fudge topping for the bread: voila! A cake!




Every jack hole is home from college and downtown was swamped with young 20-somthings. My wife (27) gets up from the bar table and exclaims “I’m leaving” after a bunch of girls (right behind her) shriek like they’ve been nailed by a great white surfing off of Long Beach.
Outside finishing the Bombay and tonics she turns to me and asks timidly as women are in need to do, “Am I old?”, “Naw babe, you’re perfect“.

Love this woman.

Thanks for putting up with me dudes and dudettes. Happiest of Thanksgiving. I got you something, have a chuckle…

It’s on the House.

Commissioner Wretched

Happy Thanksgiving to all my DW and DWette friends on TAH!

The old Commish is thankful for many things in his life. But one thing I am truly grateful for is the fact that you all allow me to post my silly trivia column every week. I thank you more than you can know.

All the best to all, and happy appetities from

Commissioner Wretched