Thomas Cole – Phony Urgent Fury Commando

| October 29, 2021

Thomas Cole – Facebook

The folks at MilitaryPhony send us their work on this Thomas William Cole fella.   Cole comes to us from Pendleton, Indiana.  At the time of this writing, October 2021, Cole is 57 years old.

In the photo above, Cole wears a baseball cap with the designation “PURPLE HEART – COMBAT VETERAN.”  He appears to wear this cap often.

There is also a claim of combat-wounded on his Facebook page.

There’s also a claim on Cole’s Facebook page that he held the MOS of 98G2LAP in addition to serving from 1982 – 1996 with the 82nd Airborne.

And then there is a claim of being a SGT (E-5) while stationed with the 82nd Airborne.

Since there’s a Facebook post claiming that Cole jumped into Grenada during Operation Urgent Fury in 1983, that would mean he saw action as a SGT (E-5).

There is an implication that Cole is the serviceman in the photo.  This photo is used throughout his Facebook profile, and even used as his profile picture.

However, this photo is from the Department of the Navy, taken by PH2 David Wujcik, has a VIN number of ‘DN-ST-85-02006’ and can be easily searched on the internet.  The official DoD caption for this photograph reads:

In the post above made on Facebook about jumping into Grenada, there is a claim that Cole was shot in the chest. On Cole’s LinkedIn page, there is a claim of two Purple Hearts for being wounded in combat.

Thomas Cole – LinkedIn

Also on Cole’s LinkedIn page, there is a claim of a Bronze Star.

Thomas Cole – LinkedIn

If that’s not all, this photo shows Cole with a long tab tattoo, which implies he was in Special Forces.

. . . . .

So what’s the Army got to say about all of this badassery?


FOIA Result – HRC – Thomas Cole – NGB FORM 22

The entire FOIA result is provided below, but MP extracted and consolidated all pertinent information such as rank and duty stations into a summary table.  This table was not provided by the U.S. Army, but the information that they provided is summarized in the table.

. . . . .

US Army FOIA Complete Results

. . . . .


We searched the DoD Manpower Data Center database and found the following service listing for Thomas William Cole.

DoD Manpower Data Center (SCRA) – Thomas Cole

This database was searched as well for any other active duty to present day. It did not show anything but sometimes the database is not reliable for recall to active duty from reserve status. This appears to be consistent with Cole’s NGB 22, however.

. . . . .


A newspaper article listing the servicemen killed and wounded in Grenada does not list Thomas Cole.

A case could be made that the above list is early reporting and therefore not complete but the claim in Cole’s post is that he was shot in the chest on the day he jumped in, so it would represent an early casualty — if true.  Although there were some early recon elements that went in early, the main invasion of Grenada was on October 25, 1983 vs. October 23, 1983.

. . . . .



There are discrepancies between Cole’s claim of being in the Army and at 82nd Airborne for the length of time he claimed compared to the NGB 22 file.

NGB 22 – BLOCK 18: Prior Service Dates


Cole was discharged as a SPC (E-4) vs. the SGT (E-5) claimed.  The summary of the FOIA results do not support a claim for the rank of SGT (E-5).


We couldn’t find that Cole was ever assigned the MOS of 98G2LAP but it could be the case.


Although Cole was in the 82 Airborne, there was nothing in his records to support a claim of Special Forces as his tattoo implies.


His records do not support the claims that Cole served in combat.


Cole’s records show no award of the Purple Heart – not to mention the two (2) that were claimed.  Even though the NGB 22, which parallels that of a DD-214, does not have a Purple Heart listed, it would include all prior medals to date.

NGB 22 – BLOCK 15: Awards



If Thomas Cole has used any of these claims to gain anything of value and they are not true then he could be in violation of the Stolen Valor Act.

It would be interesting to see if ol’ Tommy boy can explain all of this.  Right now, he seems a tad busy fixing his Facebook page to get rid of a lot of the above.  Maybe the Army just forgot to mention anything about him being wounded in combat twice while doing all that record-keeping stuff.  

Some of you around here might find this shocking but I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that maybe,  just maybe… Tommy might be full of shit.   Then again,  maybe there is some perfectly reasonable explanation for all those claims. 

Maybe we should start including a “Valor Vulture” Excuse and Warped Explanations Form with each of our cases.  It’s not like we could have heard them all yet…  or is it?  We have had some creative ones over the years.  I just want one of the boxes for selection to say,  “I embellished my actual Military Service beyond recognition with grabasstic nonsense because I have a puss-filled ego  that has gone rancid and turned my life into one giant clusterphuck.” 

I am not saying that Tommy here should check that box, but I am not saying he shouldn’t seriously think about it.  

I am going with either “They tried to give me the medals but I refused them because I didn’t think I deserved them” or “My Combat Records are sealed by the CIA so only ‘Brandon’ can read them now”.  


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Question —
Is this our 1 and the same Thomas Cole?

Sporting that same cap with Purple Heart Combat Veteran?
While donning an adult Boy Scout uniform?
Surrounded by teenage (children) Boy Scouts?
And pitching for donations on a GoFundMe ?????

Thomas Cole is organizing this fundraiser.

Hello, my name is Thomas Cole.
I am an Assistant Scoutmaster and Adult Quartermaster
with Troop 232 in Pendleton, Indiana.
We are in serious need of a new trailer to transport our equipment and the boys gear to campouts and other multi-state adventures.
Our trailer is over 15 years old.
Due to wonderful growth, we are transporting over 5000 lbs. in a trailer only rated for 2900 lbs.
Because of the this, the trailer frame has broken.
It is not safe to use and even with repairs, it will happen again.
We are looking to obtain a new dual axle trailer to handle the extra weight.
Any help is surely appreciated.
(end paste)


ANNNNNNNNNNDDDDD *shocker*, we’ve made it to page two.
It only gets worse (better) from here. Tommy Boy.


Good final comments at the end of page 1.
(Scroll up, and click (<< Older Comments).
Contacts and links to the local newspaper and talk radio station.

Next comment after this,
and just like that, we'll be at 250 comments.


OK, then it’s on me.
Thanks MarineDad61 for doing God’s work, fellow Chairforce Dood/Zoomie (if I’m remembering correctly).
I hope that the local Pendleton, Indiana community wakes up and starts to take notice and puts *hard* pressure on Tommy Boy to face up to his dumpster fire.

I’ll just leave this Meme here…

“Oh Tommy Boy…”


Not a zoomie.
Crypto. With all the legit classified hoodoo. (USA/NATO)
(Equipments, keying material, equipment locations)
Teletype, bulk data, and voice.
Which of course, today, is all way obsolete,
and largely declassified.

Enjoy a peak, that wasn’t possible in the 80s.
Electronics nerd heaven.
(To 80s armed Air Force SP/LE types
“Stick that in your M-16 clip and smoke it.”)


Gulf War >> PT PAARNG / activated to US Army.
29E (later 35E) FM Ground Radio / Communications Electronics DS bench repair.
And, sneak rear echelon field trips / field ops.
You know, to ensure the M-1 tank battalions can communicate when they shoot the breach from Saudi Arabia into Iraq.
NOTE – I followed in to Iraq (then Kuwait) on Day 3,
not for M-1 CE nerd heaven,
but to deliver EPW camp supplies,
and then trundle prisoners in convoys for 5 days.

Scanned GIF photos summer 1991 (640×480),
with the help of a hometown BBS,
which went on his BBS public directories,
and ended up on shareware photo CDs
all around the USA in the 90s.
With my name and unit imprint in the corner.
And the logo for the patriotic large SMUT provider
(McHenry BBS),
who accepted the mailed photos from my BBS,
and who did the scans for free,
back when scanners were $2000.

RIP McHenry BBS.
[McHenryBBS site CLOSING – 9-18-2006 ]


A direct hit.
It’s an October 25 public post on the Book of the Fake
for the Boy Scouts / Thomas Cole GoFundMe.

And a comment (with a link to MP).

(*Everyone should be able to see this.
If some of you can’t, I’ll do the copy/paste thing.)


Another direct hit.
Thomas Cole’s Boy Scout trailer GoFundMe
eye opener “unacceptable” comment
also found it’s way to the
Pendleton Police Department’s Book of the Badge.


Looks like the link and comment have been removed.
Maybe the newspaper needs to hear about this.


IF the newspaper is willing to play duck dodge hyde
and squash the truth on Cole,
then perhaps it’s time for someone to call Talk Radio WHBU.

Does anyone here want to VOLUNTEER
to go on county TALK RADIO
for a (possibly live) telephone interview
about Stolen Valor, military phonies, and Thomas Cole??


Well now the newspaper has it posted so get a screencap there quick before it’s gone.


Screencap…before it disappears.


Just in time.
Screenshot saved.
2 minutes later, POOF.


Yep, POOF!!
“This Content Isn’t Available Right Now”
The newspaper has deleted it.
We’re recording all of this.
Maybe the news needs to understand that they’re being watched by the watchers just like the PD.


I know that the newspaper has been sent a website Letter to the Editor
on their SUBMIT page,
not about deleting, but earlier,
suggest that the MP and VG articles on Thomas Cole
is newsworthy.

Per the page, the submitter should receive an email or a phone call.
If I get updates, I’ll let you (all) know.

No harm in OTHERS doing the same.
[Submit a letter to the editor

The Times-Post welcomes letters to the editor.
For reader letters, which will appear on our opinion page.
The information required below is for identification confirmation:]


With Indiana Jones looking on, it appears that Indiana Cole and the Temple of Pendleton…
chose poorly.

Slow Mo of Indiana Cole.


More… Just got word via PM….
Thomas Cole just BLOCKED the VG fan / veteran
on the Book of the Fake,
the same veteran who offered to give Cole a fair review of his “proof”,
and suggested he send his DD-215 and Bronze Star / Purple Heart proof
to either MP, Pendleton PD, or the veteran.
Got the screenshots of this, too.

ADMINS — Are we close to now having enough for a
VG PAGE 2 on Thomas Cole?

List since MP article and VG Page 1
Deleted LinkedIn.
Privatized Book of the Fake.
Laughing comments.
HaHa clicks.
NO public comment.
Blocked critics AND offers to assist on the Book of the Fake.
Sent out a FakeBook Friend with denials and claims of proof,
but the proof hasn’t surfaced, and the FB friend has gone silent.
Purple Heart license plate.
Boy Scout adult leader uniform with Purple Heart Combat Veteran cap.
GoFundMe wearing the PHCV cap surrounded by children (Boy Scouts).

Did I miss anything??


Perhaps the White River District
of Crossroads of America Council
of the Boy Scouts of America in Indiana
would like to know of the example being set by Thomas Cole,
with and around the Boys Scouts in Troop 232,
with Cole wearing his Purple Heart Combat Veteran cap
with the Scouting uniform.

Oh, and showing up at meetings and events with the Purple Heart license plate.

Is there any parent of Boy Scout(s) out there,
who would tolerate this this type of behavior
with or around their son(s)and Boy Scout troop?

Contacts and contact info here….


I’ve been fairly polite and calm for 12 days….
But I must say this now.

As the father of an Eagle Scout (now a US Marine officer and pilot),
and myself a former Boy Scout
and Summer Camp merit badge counselor (2 summers)…

This whole thing with Thomas Cole wearing the
Purple Heart Combat Veteran cap
with his adult leader Boy Scout uniform,
around Boy Scouts,
around boys (children),

Link to full size 1280×723 photo
for the [Boy Scout Troop 232 Needing a New Trailer] GoFundMe.
comment image


14 posts, I’d hate to see if you weren’t calm and polite.


That’s just here, on Page 2 of the comments.
18 today, going back to Page 1 of commments,
and plenty more before that.


Anyone else use Twitter?
MP posted a twit tweet on Cole.
I see 3 twit retweets.
[Thomas William Cole – US Army SGT, Two Purple Hearts,
Operation Urgent Fury, Blog of Shame]


Wheels are turnin’
and phones (plural) are ringin’.

Stay tuned… and bookmark this page.


Oh hell I’d do it in a heartbeat, BUT, I think you’re talking about a TAH or VG/MP representative. Someone who is someone official.



To my knowledge, no MP/VG staff get involved in after-action action
once the article is published,
UNLESS the phony or others around the phony contact MP/VG.

Today, I am talking about myself,
and multiple agencies in Indiana,
all contacted via the Book of the Fake
(in the course of my volunteering as a messenger of truth),
and all now with phone numbers exchanged.

I expect today to go well.
Really well.


Enough, gents. Email me with questions.