Post-election soul searching? The Elephant in the room…

| November 10, 2022

Unlike most Republicans, I did not anticipate a red wave. In fact, someone asked me on Facebook if I thought we would have a red wave. My response?

The bellwether indicators suggested that there was going to be a red wave; however, I provided a caveat that indicated that the possibility that the red wave would not happen… The fact that the Democrats have been working their election fraud game since they tried to steal Florida in 2000.

The problems from 2020 were not all completely addressed. As was indicated in another thread, issues occurred related to voting machines, there was an instance of a volunteer trying to interfere with the voting process by telling someone who to vote for, and a report that there was an unusual ballot dump.

“We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” – Joe Biden

In the aftermath of 2020, people argued that if they do not fix 2020, a repeat would occur in 2022, 2024, and after. There is precedence for this statement. Venezuela, under Hugo Chavez, had a voting system created that would allow Chavez to stay in power. That system saved him from a recall, and insured that he, and his successor, would continue to win. The voting software they used is similar to what is used in the US.

A Project Veritas journalist states that he is not a citizen, receives a ballot. (Project Veritas/YouTube)

The complaints among the Venezuelans were similar to that of the US… One side complaining about election fraud. The other side dismissed them as showcasing nothing, that the election was “legitimate” and “fair”. Eventually, one side abandoned the electoral process. This resulted in the other groups not really being needed by the parties that they supported.

Voters supporting the initially disenfranchised parties were among the first to disengage from the voting process. They were followed by other groups in later elections as a growing number of people found that voting was pointless. Why waste time participating in a rigged election?

For this, what had the Venezuelans been able to accomplish? Changes in the Constitution that benefited the elite, including the consolidation of power into the hands of a few people.

Given this reality, talks about party soul-searching, finding that likable candidate, dismissing the disenfranchised party for doing nothing while they were in power, being too hard on abortion, etc., would be pointless. Even if all these issues were addressed, if fraud is not fixed, the same results could be expected in follow on elections.

Those who dismiss election fraud point to the court cases that did not happen. Utilizing procedures to prevent the case to going to trial, involving both sides presenting arguments, does not necessarily mean that the side requesting a trial was “wrong”. Mountains of evidence was gathered. Arizona posted reports related to their audit, substantiating many of the complaints advanced in 2020.

However, when many refuse to go through these documents, why even insist that this evidence did not exist? In research, there is a process where different kinds of information, from different kinds of information sources, are collected for the purpose of detecting a pattern. When the information gathered point to one conclusion, the data could be described as being verified via triangulation of data.

We can do all the soul-searching we want regarding Republican performance in 2020, and 2022, but if these issues are not fixed, not a single solution that arises will change our luck.

The sooner we all assume that election fraud is “nonsense” and did not happen, the sooner the Democrats could rigg enough results to get enough people in office at the federal and state level to make changes to the US Constitution… Like repealing the 2nd Amendment, adjusting or even repealing the 1st Amendment, removing the Electoral College, etc.


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So what you’re saying is that while serious Republicans are focusing on messaging, better candidates and ‘bigger tent’ politics… you’re hellbent on insisting the reason the ‘red wave’ didn’t manifest is the same failing message of some hand-wavy notion of ‘fraud’?

Hoo-boy. Good luck with that.


Believe as you will, Good Sir. As for me, with nearly 70 trips around Ol’ Sol, most of those as a serious student of past history, including conversations with people that lived thru everything from the War Between The States til now, I haven’t believed a single thing that a Politician/Government Official has said since Ike. “…beware the Military Industrial Complex.”

I have seen voter fraud upclose and personal several times and seen the (lack of) results from the reporting thereof. A little better now than recent past but we still have dead folks voting, folks voting in multiple locations (they own property in the next county), votes being bought (free ride to the polls sack lunch with $ inside afterwards) The Ghost of Herman’s Legendary Overcoat is alive and well. It is also a know fact that the Dominion Machines are very easy to hack. It will never go away.

AW1 Rod

True…..better messaging and better candidates are DEFINITELY required, but to deny that fraud exists is to be willfully ignorant.


Rod, in LC’s case, he is not ignorant. He’s a smart fellow.

But, like so many leftists, he is willfully dishonest…


Like so many proggy leftists, they know they are lying. But it is party line, comrade.




Let me rephrase your analogy:

Two people get into a car accident. There were likely a lot of factors contributing to it. However, one side insists the other was drunk. No alcohol is found. The cops say the pass the breathalyzer. Their GPS says they came from a child’s birthday party. Guests confirm there was no alcohol being served. Security cameras don’t show them stopping at any liquor stores. And of course they say they don’t drink, and the issue is rather the blind merge and lack of speed limit signs.

And yet the first person keeps screaming “drunk driver!”.


LC, a bit off topic here, but are you talking about sleepy joe, and his stories about how his wife died??


LC, rgr769 posted this on another thread but it’s spot on to your casual dismissal of election fraud:

“Just heard why Florida races were all decided last night. The Legislature and Gov passed laws that outlawed drop boxes and all voters had to provide photo ID. Thus, no mules and ballot harvesting. No mail in ballots in amounts in excess of the qualified voters. Amazing how that works when corrupt D-rats aren’t making the rules and cheating.”

Isn’t that just so coincidental? The one state implementing true voting reform did, in fact, have a red wave?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I went to my voting place down here in Palm Beach County, no lines no problem and everything went smoothly. I was worried if the new 1000 year 4th Reich weaponized homeland security and FBI AKA Gestapo were there to ask me for my papers and filled out ballot to make sure all the D ovals were filled in with black ink.


My sister living in central Florida had the same experience. No long lines. No midnight ballot dumps.


Is Florida a constitutional carry state, yet?

I still haven’t used my VA home loan, and I’d like it somewhere on a beach.

California is out, as is most of the East coast, due to their inane gun laws.


No, CCW required.


Damn. Texas Gulf Coast might be the only recourse.

Can I use the VA home loan in a US territory?


FL’s CCW law is shall issue. My sis recently obtained hers, along with her husband and son. Until they decided to gun up, they had zero firearms.


I interpret Constitutional Carry as open carry and no license required.


Gee, none of this? (But, gosh, how?! I’m stumped… /sarc)
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Oh, where to begin here? First, Florida’s races were decided because they weren’t close, not because the ballots have all been counted. If you don’t believe me, go check out their official site, here:

You’ll see they’re still tallying up provisional & overseas ballots. But since the volume of those won’t close the gap, they can call it early.

If someone in Arizona or Nevada was winning by 20%, like DeSantis did, they’d have called those races too.

And you’re also picking the one state with the presumptive leader of the GOP in 2024 – and one who had a huge influx of people to his state specifically for his policies. Are you saying that his win isn’t reflective of his quality, but simply because Democrats didn’t cheat? That’s a wild take on DeSantis.


“…and one who had a huge influx of people to his state specifically for his policies.”

Most of whom came from New York, a strong indicator of substantial dissatisfaction with the status quo in that state.

Yet that state supposedly votes for another healthy dose of that status quo… 🙄  


Ol’ Poe has to wonder how many Venezuelan LC’s were poo-pooing the idea of election corruption by the elitist party in power a decade or more ago.

Until it was far, far too late, and the majority of Venezuelans helplessly watched their petro-fueled economic powerhouse of a country be gradually taken from them through increasingly corrupt elections, to become an economic basket case, ruled by a tyrannical leftist oligarchy.

Yep, ol’ Poe bets those Venezuelan LC’s were every bit as smug and condescending as you… 🙄 

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Remember the “Submarine Officer” running in Washington state…
Island County Legislative District 10,
Washington State Representative, Position 1
Clyde Shavers 16,830 55.50%
Greg Gilday 13,494 44.50%
Cast Votes: 30,324 100.00%

Guess now he’ll have to move out of that bed and breakfast room he rented to run and actually live in his district.



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