Darkest Before the Dawn

| September 2, 2022

The Great Uniter

What happened last night in Philadelphia is extraordinary. In an eerily red-lit setting backed by Marines, the White House’s official policy was revealed. Medicated Joe declared all those who oppose him and his agenda enemies of the republic.

That’s what I got, and it’s frightening. The Executive Branch heads 15 departments including the Departments of Justice, Defense, Homeland Security, get the picture? Medicated Joe even stated in a gun control speech, “…if you want to fight against the country, you need an F-15. You need something a little more than a gun.”

Tell it to the Mujahideen, Joe. The ones selling our arms abandoned in A-Stan. Which brings us to the point of the post. It’s obvious Medicated Joe’s Handler’s intent is to morph the United States into a one-party Progocracy, or at least hold sufficient power to achieve the same with a token opposition they can be magnanimous to. On a rare occasion.

Trouble is, to foment a successful coup one needs to have a greater than room temperature IQ. A solid ideology and a strong military are also essential. Try it. Marxism is the ideology, and Castro had his brother and Che, who was a lot of things but “evil genius” was on the resume. The rebelling students became his army and the revolt was a success. Lenin used Marxism and Trotsky to take over the largest country on the planet. What’s on the Dem side?

Has there ever been a stupider, more arrogant group that accidently rose to power? Their religion is the Green New Deal Redux. Look to Europe as to how well that goat-rope is working. Who is on the Dems brain trust- sKerry? Yellen? Both dumb as a bag of hammers. Anthony Blinken, SecState. America’s face to the world should command respect, even fear, among other heads of state. We have this- Tony’s the lead singer.

Sorry about that, facts can be painful. Who’s next- Military? That’s an easy one. Buffoon and Chaiman JCS Gen Mark Milley who instead of resigning from Trump’s administration stayed on to subvert it. Believe there’s a word for that. He oversaw the most horrendous military failure in history of the United States, and yet remains. Vaxxed and boosted he still came down with Covid, yet ignores vaxxing realities to the detriment of the entire military. Honorable mention goes to WokeSecDef Lloyd Austin, fresh from a military-wide standdown on extremism. He has just ordered major commands to cease using pronouns because diversity=lethality, or some such nonsense.

austin mask.jpeg

How about Medicated Joe’s spox, Karine Jean-Pierre? Quite a prize! At least Psaki was competent in spewing the BS. If ever an example of the evils of soft bigotry was needed, KJP is the poster child.

Then there’s the person a heartbeat away from the Oval Office, Kamala Harris. I have nothing to add here. You’re welcome.

Finally, Fearless Leader himself, Medicated Joe. A lifetime politician known for plagiarism, gaffs, and being wrong on every major US policy decision. It’s plain he’s as corrupt as they come with years of influence pedaling abetted by family. His decline is both painful and infuriating to watch; he has no business in the Oval Office and his days there are numbered. Watch after the mid-terms how the Dems devolve to furious in-fighting picking both a replacement and a candidate for ’24.

Dark Branden?

The takeaway? America is in uncharted waters, but has weathered worse. Here’s another example why I’m not frightened of the Dems taking over. Concerned and aware, but yes, they are this stupid.

Sweetheart, according to Rasmussen Medicated Joe today commands an overall approval rating of 45%.

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“ Has there ever been a stupider, more arrogant group that accidently rose to power”

I’m not so sure about the accidentally portion. More likely orchestrated behind the scenes. And that’s even more frightening.


Spot on QMC. As I have commented before, we have been “voted” into this mess and it is really looking more and more like we’re gonna have to shoot our way out of this. We are facing a calculated, planned, determined sequence of events to turn We, The People, into, “They are our Subjects”. Only two years to implement their version of the “Final Solution”. The taking of the guns is the last step. I’m telling anyone who will listen that they have further nefarious plans that would make We, The People not only want to, but now NEED to shoot them.

We were the target, Trump was in the way and slowed them down by a few years.


Anything involving power is intentional with Democrats.

Skivvy Stacker

“What? We won? Well, I guess those machines were secure after all.”



You wrote a great commentary.👏👏👍👍

Thank You!

Not bad for a Swabbie…or a Squid…or whatever you all are called nowadays…😉😎


I never knew I was a dirt digger until I arrived in the Viet of the Nam and I was issued an entrenching tool. A week later and I was using it to dig that hole in the ground called a prone shelter that I would be sleeping in.

Forrest Bondurant

IIRC, Trump received 74 million votes in the last election. By extension, Biden’s comments suggest the same number of Americans are a threat.

That’s some dangerous rhetoric.


Keep eyes open for Jihad Barry and his pal Val, along with Holder, Brennan and the Nation of Islam.
The Trans were the Tip of the Spear or Dildo, Islam is part of the shaft with China pushing.

The Vax is both Boxcar and Oven…


“I do think anyone who calls for the use of
violence, refuses to acknowledge an election…changing the way you count votes, that is a threat to democracy.”

The above statement was made by Ole Brandon Boy today when he backtracked on his initial statement about Trump Supporters.

“Biden says Trump supporters not a threat to country after speech blasting ‘MAGA Republicans'”


Folks, please correct us if we are wrong, BUT:

* In reality, which Political Party REALLY calls for the use of violence? Didn’t Aunty Maxine Waters state that others should “get in their faces?” Didn’t Heels Up Harris SUPPORT the 2020 riots?

* Refuse to acknowledge an election? Could have sworn that HRC went on this rampage with books, speeches, TV interviews how SHE really won the 2016 election…

* Changing the way you count votes? REALLY??


Meanwhile, the Left admits its “green” aims: make everything car- (and freedom-) free like proggie-fascist WEF (“You’ll own nuttin’ and be happy!”) Europe will be:


The State only exists as a luxury. This State that is openly hostile to the principles on which it was founded is amoral.

This extremist prefers the extreme conditions of extreme frugality and extreme moralednessitude to the current extreme State.

I guess that’s an impasse, Jean-Loupierre.

Retarded wolves in designer sheepskins all!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

It looks like what Japan and Germany couldn’t do, The newely put in Emperor/Fuhrer is going for the gold to try and succeed in what the above two countries couldn’t do.


Gee whiz, Stalin had everything planned, including mass executions of Red Army junior officers he thought might oppose him. He knew what “ruthless” really was.

And then there was Robespierre, who sent more people to Madame La Guillotine than Bloody Mary and Hitler ever dreamed of, simply based on loose connections to royalty. He himself was sent to the chopping block at some point because the Committee was tired of his crap.

This bunch of loons can’t hold a candle to any of those people who were genuinely violent, vile and merciless. They don’t have the guts for it.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Anyone (besides my geriatric self) remember this, from the (quill pen, seems that long ago) of Mike Vanderboegh (RIP) & Sipsey Street Irregulars?


Some of the numbers need updating, but the basic premise still holds. Read to the end.
Oh, and if you don’t have a copy of “A Bug’s Life” (Pixar), ask a parent with older teen/grown children, they may have a copy in the bottom of a drawer somewhere.

That man could write! I’ll have to readdress this article when attention can be better paid to it (she’s a long one!), worthy of a most concentrated read.

He’s been gone from us for 6 years now (as of 10AUG) but still his light shines forth!

Thank you, Tox.

Old tanker

Personally I don’t think this administration is going to last much longer past the midterms. I think either impeachment for both of the empty heads in the White house or the 25th for joe dementia and impeachment for the idiot #2. with a replacement from the new Speaker of the House.


Speaking of energy problems in Europe… Germany backed away from Nuclear too fast after Fukishima. They were a huge exporter of electricity at the time. They are now giving it another look.


Fallout on our soldiers. They are being told to tough it out. Wear extra clothes inside, take short cold showers and unplug the beer fridge:


All good for Joe, not so sure about baby mama and babies.


Chancellor Joe, is secretly

Darth Senile-us!

And the Farce is strong in that one…