| August 4, 2022
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Screenshot 2022-08-02 13.11.48.png

Slow news day in TAH-land from what I am seeing. Better than a crisis a minute!

Pelosi did indeed fly into Taiwan. It was a brief visit, and the only fireworks generated were the Chinese holding a scheduled drill. No WWIII, no attacks. Heck of a note when the President is shown up by one of his own Congresscritters . Maybe there is something to this transgender nonsense, she certainly showed more cojones this week than Joe did.  Bloomberg

Remember how the Republicans were ticked at that Manchin-Schumer budget bill agreement they said cut them out of the negotiations? According to Bloomberg, they plan to use the Byrd rule (deliciously named for Democrat Robert Byrd!) to challenge parts of the bill as extraneous or unrelated to the budget. Under the guise of a budget reconciliation bill a simple majority is sufficient to pass, but challenges can be mounted to any parts which are unrelated to the budget.

Other non-climate aspects of Democrats $433 billion spending bill, which could receive a Senate vote this week using the budget reconciliation process, could face Republican objections as well. Senator Bill Cassidy, a Louisiana Republican, said measures related to lowering prescription drug prices was “going to be Byrd-able.”

“There is a lot in there that is not pertaining to increasing or decreasing the revenue of the federal government,” Cassidy said in an interview. “A lot of this is totally, totally unrelated to reconciliation.”

One advantage Democrats might have this time around however, is that the centerpiece of the legislation, hundreds of billions in new and expanded tax credits for renewable energy, nuclear power, hydrogen, electric vehicles, along with other climate-related priorities were retained from previous versions of the bill and have been reviewed by Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough, said Senator Ben Cardin, a Maryland Democrat who serves on the Senate’s tax writing committee.Bloomberg via Yahoo

The Earth is spinning faster.  June 29th was officially the shortest day on record, 1.59 milliseconds under 24 hours. I don’t think the increased centrifugal force will offset gravity enough for you border-liners to get past weigh-ins or PT tests if you weren’t before.Popular Mechanics

Alex Jones’ lawyer sends damning phone info. One of Alex Jones’ (the guy who claims the Sandy Hook shooting never happened and is getting sued by the kids’ parents) lawyers accidentally mailed an image of Jones’ phone to one of the plaintiff lawyers. Apparently texts that Jones claimed did not exist (under oath), memos acknowledging that the shooting took place, and InfoWars financials he claimed to be unable to locate, all showed up. Mr. Jones essentially responded “I’m not a tech guy” . Got a feeling that one’s gonna leave a mark. Yahoo

Bo Greitens loses in Missouri. Bo was the scandal-plagued Missouri governor who was pressured to resign a few years back – something about accusations of affairs while in office, abusing his wife and kids, etc. Had a lot of hopes for him – SEAL, Navy CDR, Rhodes Scholar, founded The Mission Continues charity -he seemed to be a rising star. This was to be his comeback election but the current state AG got more votes than Greitens and the third candidate combined. Yahoo

Gun company sued. Despite the PLCAA which protects gun manufacturers from just such suits, lawyers for families of the Garlic Festival shooting two years back are suing Century Arms. Try to follow: Century has plants in Georgia and Vermont, so the lawyers are suing them because the shooter bought the gun in Nevada (under an old driver’s license, so illegally) and brought it back to CA (illegal) and used it to shoot folks (also illegal, I am told) using a high-cap magazine which may violate Vermont law. Somehow all this is the company’s fault despite the trail of broken laws the shooter (who passed the background check) left strewn in his wake. Got that?  AP via Yahoo

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CHINA should have kept her, since they own her.

6ou3uy housedrinker.jpg

comment image


It’s always someone else’s fault that someone did something bad. There’s no money in suing an obnoxious wanker, so sue the company that made the wanker’s gun. It’s their fault because they made the gun.
Makes perfect sense to me.


50 years ago, the owner’s manual for your vehicle gave you step by step instructions on how to adjust the valves.

Nowadays, the manual warns you to not drink the fluid in the battery.

The movie Idiocracy: Comedy or Documentary? Your call./s


Correct. When I saw that movie years ago, I thought how absurd was the future portrayed. Who knew so many of its gags would become our reality.

A Proud Infidel®™

Every day that passes makes “Idiocracy” seem more and more like a prophecy.


At least we’ll have Brawndo…


It’s got electrolytes!



Here is another UPDATE reference STOLEN VALOR:

Remember Sarah Cavanaugh of Rhode Island, VFW Commander, the Fake Combat “Vet” who not only claimed to be a Marine, but also a PH and BSM w/V who had cancerwhen in reality never served in the Military?

The same Sarah Cavanaugh who pled guilty for falsifying all those claims?



Well, guess what. After all of that, she had the AUDACITY to start practicing and treating others as a Therapist in Rhode Island using her married name Sarah Bregler as well as setting up a Website for her practice!!

“Ex-North Kingstown VFW Commander Accused Of Stolen Valor Barred From Providing Therapy”



Here is her Website:


And check this out!


If she has a license to practice, one would think her license would be revoked (perhaps it already has) or Rhode Island do a better job on checking applications to open a business.

Can Sarah Jane Cavenaugh, AKA Sarah Bregler be ordered by the Court/Justice to enroll and check herself in a mental health facility for treatment, i.e. the same way those who abuse alcohol/drugs are ordered to enroll in an substance abuse program?

Will prison time help?


Is she still not in the slammer where she belongs?

Green Thumb

I thought she was hired by the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) and was practicing”therapy” at All-Points Logistics in Merritt Island, Florida.


Mick always accuratedly describes some of these phonies…😉😎

BTW, Mick, yesterday our very own beloved KoB became “That Guy” when he posted comments about “That Movie That Shalt Not Be Named”..


So much love in the TAH community. After all (according to “Drake”), we all share a common bond. We all are a “bunch of geezer boomer “Cold War Era” veterans who’ve never heard a shot fired in anger complaining about real veterans getting cared for”..😆😅🤣😂


Thank You, Drake, for the compliment. We guess Poetrooper and rgr769 will be selling their CIBs that they earned in Vietnam Boots On The Ground.



So…Inquiring Minds Want To Know…

Has Robert Glaves, AKA, Alaskan Bob, succumbed to cancer as of August 2022?

In 2019, he was only given a year to live…


Where IS his DD214 to prove he got cancer from being exposed to Agent Orange while “serving in Vietnam and Cambodia”?

Not bad for someone born in 1958 and was in the 11th grade in 1975…😆😅🤣😂

Green Thumb

Alaska Bob is holed up in some roadside bar drinking up the donation money.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Alaska bob and SGT Preston of the Yukon are still digging out of a snowbank with his dog King going for help. They should have put bobs DD214 inside a pouch and had King deliver the evidence. Must be a large snowbank because I mentioned this last year.


Plus, by 1973 no US units were in the field or anywhere they were exposed to contact with Agent Orange. In 1972, this POSer was in junior high.


Have been watching the live feeds from Sturgis (the big shin-dig kicks off tomorrow), but haven’t spotted Alaska Bob yet.

Wonder if he’ll be there this year?



If you see him on that live feed, please let us know!! 😆😅🤣😂😆😅🤣😂😉😎


Here’s hoping that antifa shows up this year.. talk about popcorn worthy amusement..

A Proud Infidel®™

The last clip I saw of those booger-munching losers there, they were surrounded by a circle of LEOs that they cuss about and want defunded, the same LEOs that kept those inbreds from being stomped by the crowd of Bikers they decided to stir up shit with!


Alaska Bob update, after a few minutes of
deploying the Fu of Google with town/city names.

Invisible on the internet since early 2021.
Off the trucker grid for over 1 year.
USDOT status – Not authorized.

BONUS – Updated addy & home phone.
Near Eielson AFB, AK.
Anyone here can call… and see who answers.
Let us know how the call goes.
Good luck.



Nice vest!


I’ve attended to the oversight. Thanks, ninja. GNBA.



THIS Guy puts THAT Guy whose Handle starts with a “M” (from THAT MOVIE) to shame and on the verge of being in the Danger Zone with his cool Ray-Bans or Oakleys or K-Mart Blue Light Special Sunglasses…


MarineDad61 knows who we are addressing…




Sunglasses, but no bandanna or beret..

Another unforgettable Phony…

Wonder whatever became of HIM and his partner in crime?



Green Thumb

Gay Cowboys.

Thank God for diversity.


And who can forget this Phony hiding behind some Foster-Grants!

She’s not even trying! No Vests, No Motorcycle, No Service Dog..

Nope. Just her and her “Silver Star” that she received possibly for her Viet of The Nam days as an Army Nurse, rappeling from choppers in the jungles of Viet of The Nam…or doing pushups in an Airport on her way for a free trip to DC…😆😅🤣😂😆😅😂😂

Green Thumb

I see she is in full uniform.

There must have been a ceremony at All-Points Logistics.


Maggoty Maggie is truly a rare old bird. She is one of only two, IIRC, POSers exposed here who claimed to be Army Nurses in the Viet of the Nam who rappelled out of helicopters to treat combat wounded in the bush. As I have repeatedly pointed out, that never happened, period.


Just 2 days ago, I got a FaceBook PM
from 1 of the honest veterans in Callahan County,
for advice and assistance
on a new hive org phony.

Also, with a generous offer,
that if/when I ever pass through Clyde, Texas,
I should let him know,
and the group of honest veterans
that worked to take down Foley,
(and then Jowers, too),
would like to have me there,
and celebrate by throwing a steak dinner reunion.

I may be driving to Arizona this fall,
and I just might swing through Clyde.


Wow, MarineDad61…Wow!

Go for it!

Hope you shared with them this article, because we recognize several folks in the article…😉😉😉😉

“How to Spot a Military Impostor”


If you do stop at Clyde, please let us know about your fun adventures in Texas!

Thank You for sharing!


Holy Crap.
Even better.
My destination for the fall drive, is within 20 miles of MAGGIE DESANTI.

Now I’m thinking,
I want to arrange for the SURRENDER of her FAKE Army uniform,
and all her PHONY medals.

Perhaps request assistance from the VFW Post, whose Auxiliary made Maggie a custom quilt.

Perhaps they can get their quilt back, too.

And we all know what I would like to do with a surrendered fake uniform and phony medals.


She’s still rockin’ the lie with Maricopa county. Got a nursing scholarship named after her.

Weapons free, fire at will.
Excessive use of force is authorized.


Last edited 4 months ago by SFC D

Apparently not anymore.
That was 2010.
No mention of Maggie anywhere with that college or their scholarships in 2022.

It appears they eventually figured it out.


I really should 1st swing by Indiana, find Phony Purple Heart Boy Scout Leader COLE…
and get not only his phony PH, but his phony cap(s) and license plate, too.

Pulling that shit on the Gettysburg battlefield,
with children, boys, Boy Scouts,
ugh, that jerk, and his buddy the police chief, really grinds my gears.

BTW, did that phony defender friend ever come back with the
Gen. Michael Flynn vouch???

Last edited 4 months ago by MarineDad61
Green Thumb

Right on!


Some nice vests at that TAH link!


Nice vest!


ninja, I admit nothing…call my lawer…or check the DA Form 6.

Alaska Bob is either (a) still waiting on the backlog at NMPR to get his DD-214 or (b) still lost in Kelly’s “Canyon”.

Also a slow news day on the FGS front. Brings to mind a truly beloved motion picture star…Slim Pickens.

The subject matter in this thread’s stories brings to mind that (a) teh stoopid is still strong and (b) the planned “fundamentally change the face of America” continues…unabated.

gabn/gabaf/rtr/hbtd Only 30 days til the games begin.



dawgs vs war chickens: 8 October 2022

gabaf: 5 November 2022

rtr vs war chickens: 26 November 2022

sec championship: 3 December 2022

gabn: 10 December 2022

BTW, GOP wins the House and Senate: 8 November 2022 (3…2…1…😆😅🤣😂) because of WE THE PEOPLE…

We know our dear beloved AW1Ed is looking forward to our bantering…



Green Thumb

The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) hanging with his poser-supproting loser buddies in that North Florida MC.

The same one that booted the Big Turd Kieth Riley Keeton.

What a bunch of fucking losers.



We remember Ole Keithy Boy!




Nice vest!


For ninja. POSer Checklist (Part1)

*This POSer checklist can also be found in the well-worn, dog-eared pages of the Official TAH POSer 101 Handbook.

Classic description and accoutrements of the typical military POSer that is frequently encountered out in the field:

  • Obtuse loudmouth; lies/brags incessantly about incredible/unbelievable acts of derring-do in combat
  • Always claims SEAL/SF/Ranger/Force Recon, sniper with large number of “kills”, “sole survivor”, POW, numerous Purple Hearts, etc.
  • “Best friend died in his arms”
  • “Can’t talk about classified missions” unless posting on the Book of the Fake or perched upon a bar stool at a local dive bar
  • Military records are highly classified, “sealed”, and stored in a vault below Area 51 at the personal direction of POTUS; only POTUS can authorize their release.
  • Overweight/flabby
  • “Operator” beard or goatee
  • Numerous bogus tattoos, e.g., SEAL Trident
  • Motorcycle
  • Leather vest covered in garish POSer bling
  • Doo-rag (preferably tiger-stripe camo)

POSer Checklist (Part 2)

  • Dumbass-looking, white-framed, wrap-around, mirror-lens sunglasses
  • Desert shemagh scarf (tan or olive drab)
  • Service dog for the PTS of the D
  • Has a fawning, gullible female companion who he has been successfully lying to/fooling for years
  • Weaseled his way into holding office in a veterans service organization, e.g., VFW or American Legion
  • Has valor award/Purple Heart/POW license plates that he doesn’t rate
  • Becomes aggressive when confronted about POSer lies; threatens to use his lethal classified military skills to “kick your ass”, and/or threatens to get a “Lawer” and sue for slander/libel
  • Fraudulently drawing VA disability benefits
  • Wrongly parks in the “Reserved for Veterans” parking spots at the grocery store
  • Scams a free meal at Golden Corral every Memorial Day and Veterans Day

*This checklist is a “living document”, so please feel free to add POSer characteristics and/or gear as required.


Forgets which leg to limp.



Perhaps you can be a Guest Writer and do a piece/article/posting on TAH about the “POS”er Checklist?

(We see what you did there..😆)..


BRAVO, Mick….





Nice vest!


Well, today is Coast Guard Day.

coast guard flaf.jpg

Happy 232rd Birthday, Coast Guard!

As a reminder:

Douglas Albert Munro (October 11, 1919 – September 27, 1942) was a United States Coast Guardsman who was posthumously decorated with the Medal of Honor (MOH) for an act of “extraordinary heroism” during World War II. He is the only person to have received the medal for actions performed during service in the Coast Guard.

Our very own Mason featured him in this post:


This site has several pictures of Munro as well as his background, the actions that led to him being awarded the MOH and his MOH citation:


He was only 22 years young when he unselfishly gave his life.

Salute. Never Forget.


After all the kerfluffle over burn pit legislation and who changed what and Republicans hate veterans and whatever, I got a call from the VA yesterday. Apparently I checked all the right boxes on the burn pit registry. I get to go visit the local VA hospital for an exam later this month. Kind of surprising how fast they moved, but the Tucson VA hospital seems to run pretty efficiently compared to some I’ve heard of (Looking at you, Phoenix). Updates to follow.




Do you remember the burn pit there?

I do.


The whole country?





I remember it well. God only knows what else we were inhaling in that paradise on earth. I was more concerned with stepping in a safe spot than what I was breathing in.


I remembered there was an Army Major, Engineer, who had the mission of “supervising” that BurnPit.

We gave him a nickname, which I completedly forgot.

So hard to believe that it has been 20 years when you and I were Boots On The Ground at Bagram. Years later, I saw updated pictures of Bagram…and was taken back. Did not look ANYTHING like the Bagram you and I worked at durng the beginning of OEF in the 2001-2002 timeframe.

Am still having serious doubts about Beau Biden getting cancer from being at Camp Victory in 2009.


When I got to Bagram end of JAN 02, the population was maybe 150, hard to say because all the Delta, SF, and Agency types all looked like locals. I left in JUL 02, population was 7,000 and increasing exponentially. Still one of my all-time favorite deployments. I can still hear my boss, CPT B making a comment after one of those random spring thaw mine explosions: “Every time a mine goes off, a haji gets his wings”.




Yep, remember those Ka-Booms very well…

And 24/7 those generators…and the planes going in and outta Bagram…

How DID we survive?



I’m Signal, I can’t sleep without at least a 10K within earshot. But let that generator burble one little bit…

Had a little adventure, running cable from the main hangar over to the “detention facility” (You know, that building that we weren’t allowed to acknowledge the existence of) and the ground got soft enough that one of the aircraft piled up outside sank and triggered one big mother of a mine. Heart attacks all around, followed by mudballs dropping from the sky.

Good times.


I also have a great deal of difficulty believing that Major Biden as a JAG-off had any duties that would take him to the vicinity of a burn pit, since he would have worked out the palace that was the HQ for US units at Camp Victory. I cannot imagine the burning debris in a burn-pit was one of his supervisory extra duties. Doesn’t sound like legal work.


It’s highly likely his cancer had nothing to do with burn pits, but that’d detract from Joe’s agenda. Isn’t it essentially the same cancer that Jimmy Carter and John McCain had? I’m not sure, I never finished med school.


Yes, all three had cancerous brain tumors known as glioblastomas. That type of brain tumor can occur in anyone and isn’t connected with exposure to toxins, per se. I never went to medical school at all, but I have read thousands of pages of medical records in my personal injury cases.




Wonder if WNBA player Brittey Griner now LOVES the National Anthem?

You Be The Judge.

“Brittney Griner Trial: Russian Court Hands Down Verdict, Sentence In WNBA Star’s Case”


“Brittney Griner, an American basketball superstar and Olympic gold medalist, learned her fate in a Russian court after she pleaded guilty to a drug charge last month.”

“A Russian Judge convicted Griner of drug possession and drug smuggling and sentenced her to 9 years in prison. She was also fined one million rubles, the equivalent of about $16,400.”


Of course Ole Brandon Boy calls Griner’s sentencing by the Russians “unacceptable”.

He is simply projecting what may happen in the future to his “forgotten” son, Hunter:

“Biden Calls Brittney Griner Sentence ‘Unacceptable'”




She will be better off there than having to come back to the raciss USA and remaining a slave for the man playing basketball and vaping Chinese THC all day.

One of my favorite sayings is; “If nine years in a Russian prison won’t change your perspective nothing will.”

Last edited 4 months ago by 5JC


Another UPDATE.

This one is gonna get interesting, i.e. Bring Out The Popcorn.

“The View”…3…2…1…

“Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Suspends ‘Soros-Backed’ State Attorney Who Refused To Enforce Abortion Ban”

“DeSantis Says Andrew Warren Refused To Enforce Numerous Florida Laws And Wouldn’t Work With Police”


jeff LPH 3 63-66

Was the Chinese Navy out their drilling and if so, Maybe this is a drill this is a drill, Liberty call over the 1 MC getting ready to pull into Taiwan.


So Alex Jones ‘lied’ ‘under oath’ during a ‘totally legit’ ‘trial’ for ‘unpopular journalism’.

I missed the part where he defamed anyone, or conspired to harass the victims’ families.

But unlike most, I’m all ears to evidence.

Btw, the moon landings were fake, bush did 9/11, Fauxci created CONvAIDS-19 with the lizard people, and Michelle Obummah is a dude.

(either you stand for repugnant speech, or you stand for none)


Nope. Roh-Dog. Otherwise the whole point of this site is meaningless and you need to stop wasting time here.


I’m glad you have appreciation of my right to opine by stating a rhetorical rebuttal.

This is the essence of freedom.

Don’t you ever forget that, to which you swore an oath.


Your hypocrisy only goes but so far


Now sweetheart, I’m being civil. Please do not injure my thin-but-present renowned character.

If you’re still casting your wisdoms ‘fore this swine, good on ya.

If your legit calling me a hypocrite I’m afraid you either:
a) don’t know the meaning
2) need to provide receipts so I can be corrected, presuming evidence is sufficient, or inform you to fuck off if found deficient.

I’ma be waiting.


If you don’t stand for your own debasement then you stand for none at all.


I accept your retract on the hypocrite implication.

Well played.



All we can say is “POUND SAND, PRETTY BOY!!!”

“California Gov. Newsom Asks Hollywood To Stop Filming In Conservative Georgia, Oklahoma After Abortion Ruling”



@ ninja:

Here’s some hot-off-the-press highly odd “Stolen Valor” (FBI credentials, not military), and as a plus for this crowd, it was by a Congressional staffer for a Democrat:


Too much crazy to unpack, so I’ll let you read on your own. Probably warrants its own post.


Coo-coo for cocoa puffs.


Hi, LC:

Sorry it took this long to respond as well as giving you a green thumb.

We tried last night, but the TAH server was down (it has happened a couple of times this week).

Agree what you commented. Thank You for sharing the article..and Yep, that article does indeed warrants its own post!


1st SEAC Sock-Puppet Report Update:

It has now been 2,392 days since “Fightin’ Joe” Gainey (the NDSM Embellisher) gave TAH an update on “Killer Killam”.

P.S. The last report was rendered 17 Jan 2016.


While your defense of the honor of the 4th highest service medal in the US Military is honorable are you sure he embellished that 2nd star? Technically he may have joined in mid 1974 as a DEP and be eligible for the award.


Did DEP exist in 1974? Asking honestly, I was 12 in 1974.


Further checks indicate that not only did it exist but Gainey did indeed join as a DEP in 1974 possibly making him eligible for that 2nd star after 2003.


Nope, Sorry, it’s my understanding that the NDSM was earmarked/awarded only for active-duty service after you’ve signed on the line for an actual enlistment contract and been sworn in. While an individual is in any of the service’s DEP, they are categorized as Inactive Reservists. The only personnel I know of, who are not on active duty, but rate an NDSM are Cadets/Midshipmen at the various Service Academies.



Claw is correct.

670-1 states:

“The National Defense Service Medal was awarded for honorable active service for any period between 27 June 1950 and 27 July 1954; between 1 January 1961 and 14 August 1974; between 2 August 1990 and 30 November 1995 and between 11 September 2001 and a closing date to be determined.

Gainey was NOT serving on active duty in 1974.

“Delayed Entry Program (DEP). A program in which Soldiers may enlist and are assigned to a United States Army Reserve (USAR) Control Group until they enlist in the Regular Army.”

Inactive Reserves. Not Active.

Gainey did not go active until he graduated from High School in 1975.

Just another “LOOK AT ME!!” individual.


And as far as that goes, am still waiting for an answer from the 3rd SEAC (Troxell) as to why his official DOD biography photo shows him wearing an NDSM w/2 Bronze Service Stars, even though he didn’t come on active duty until September 1982./smile



Sometimes I wonder if ole Mikey Boy, AKA “Baby Killer” impersonated Gainey in order to cover his Tush.

Killer Killam STILL is a despicable lowlife.

Did you see his latest? NO mention of him being a POW of the Vietnam of The Nam:


Time for Mikey Boy to fess up that he was a “Prisoner” of the US Army either at a stockade in Viet of The Name or Fort Bragg..(Soon to be renamed Fort Liberty…Thank Goodness We Have Our DD214s..)

Thank You, Claw, for addressing Gainey and Killer’s AWOL status from TAH. Cowards. BOTH OF THEM.