Fake Woman Combat Vet

| February 2, 2022

Sarah Cavanaugh

Apparently, a charity felt duped and lied to about a woman claiming to be a Marine combat veteran. Then again, it comes down to a matter of who said what to whom.

Veterans donated to a woman who said she was a Marine combat veteran dying of cancer. It was a lie

A prominent veterans group is refunding donations it collected for a woman accused of falsely claiming to be a Marine Corps combat veteran with a Purple Heart and Bronze Star medal for valor who was suffering from Stage IV lung cancer.

“To be clear, no monies were received by this individual, HunterSeven Foundation did not raise funds for this individual specifically, and any donations that were a result after sharing this individual’s story were refunded to their original form of payment through our online fundraising platform,” the HunterSeven Foundation said in a statement to Task & Purpose. “We are disheartened by this circumstance, but will not allow it to derail us from our mission and helping those in need.”


There was a DD-214 floating around that supported the claim but the Marine Corps had no record of her service.

The Marine Corps does not have any records for a “Sarah Cavanaugh” or for a Marine with the Social Security Number listed on the DD-214, said Yvonne Carlock, a spokeswoman for Manpower & Reserve Affairs.

A Facebook group run by female Marine veterans worked with the HunterSeven Foundation to see if they could verify Cavanaugh’s service as a Marine, said one of the group’s administrators. Members instantly noticed discrepancies in Cavanaugh’s comments to media outlets about where and when she deployed along with problems with the awards she was wearing on her uniform.

On Tuesday, Cavanaugh told Task & Purpose she never told HunterSeven that she was a Marine who is suffering from cancer. She also said that she never sent the charity a DD-214 as proof that she had served in the Marine Corps. “I do not intend to accept any donations from any charities,” Cavanaugh said in a phone interview with Task & Purpose.

There’s certainly a lot of he-said/she-said in regard to this story, but it sounds like a lot of people were under the impression that Cavanaugh was a Marine Combat Veteran.

But, here’s the best part…

When he confronted her about these issues, she claimed to be the victim of a Marine Corps conspiracy to erase her identity because she had shot her commanding officer, Schueman said.

Yeah, that happens a lot.

No need to explain further… Shut up! You had me at “shot my Commanding Officer.”

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“she claimed to be the victim of a Marine Corps conspiracy to erase her identity because she had shot her commanding officer”
No sweetie, if you had shot your CO, you would be rotting away on the wind swept plains of Kansas.
I’m surprised she didn’t claim a angry ex was trying to set her up.

Daisy Cutter

She forgot the part saying “because my C.O. ordered me to shoot women and children.”

A Proud Infidel®™

Or the story of “We were ordered to raze the village and kill everyone…”


Or the story that “They want to get rid of me because I KNOW TOO MUCH…”

USMC Steve

We had to destroy the village to save it.


She see Platoon much?


Never saw that movie. When I came back from the Nam, last thing I needed was another show about all the “crazy” Nam vets. TV was full of that crap, Every show from Kojak to Hawaii 50 had similar epusides.


How can you shoot women and children?


It’s easy. You just don’t lead them as much./s

Just An Old Dog

Funny Backstory,, the actor who played the Door Gunner Tim Colceri was originally cast as GySgt Hartman… He lost the role after R Lee Ermry sent the director a tape of him working with the “recruit extras” going full DI on them. Colceri said he was devastated when Kubrik called him in and told him he was being replaced… he was kept on and paid as a cast member but given the small role.


Actually said that on a peacekeeping mission about child soldiers who’d killed civilians and engaged in war cannibalism.


Laid it on thick for an idiot who couldn’t get a clue. We were unarmed.

Green Thumb

Knew a guy that kicked out named “Lying” Lance McCormick.

Busted out as an E-1 fro E-5 from E-6. Extra turd, professional bullshit artist and serial poser.

Claimed he beat his CSM’s ass for taking his wife or some shit and he got the boot. Yeah.




I love the last article. He shot back. More like he was busting a nut in some random dudes car and dude came out of the house.


I knew a female Marine with a Purple Heart at H&S Bn, Quantico. She was the real deal – a real go getter. And guess what?! She didn’t go around blabbing about it – like most actual warriors. Word just got around since it was an unusual thing.


Yup. One of the admin bubbas when I went through recruiter school was a female Marine/Purple Heart. She got a lot of looks for it and her standard response was, “I forgot to duck.” Good piece of work and DAMNED good at her job.

Also had another female Marine who caught the ass end of an explosion in Afg. Had severe trauma to her leg. She fought to stay on active duty (this happened as a LCpl), and she made it all the way through the drill field and made SSgt before they had to amputate and she got a medical retirement. She was a legit BAD ASS and now holds a couple world records in the paralympic games.

Common denominator: they are/were quiet professionals who didn’t seek out adulation or special treatment. They were MARINES who did their job.


Check out her picture in uniform as well as her story in August 2021:

“Dedication Of Purple Heart Trail Marks End Of Long Journey”


” U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. Sarah Cavanaugh, the host and presenter for the event, shared a personal experience and poem about her experience serving in Afghanistan, where she and 11 other Marines earned their
Purple Hearts.”

“Some came home, some did not,” Cavanaugh, commander of VFW Post 152 in North Kingstown, said. “No one came home the same.”

“Cavanaugh said returning home from combat is difficult for any soldier, airman, sailor or Marine.”

“You are unsure of how to exist in the world in which you return to, as it is dramatically different from the world you existed in during deployment,” she said. “Returning home injured complicates everything, especially when those injuries are invisible.”


Thanks, Ninja.

I won’t go into any details because I don’t want to give POSers any tips, but all it took was one quick look at that uniform that she’s wearing in that photo and I instantly knew that ol’ Sarah here is full of shit.


Yeah, it’s easy to spot at least two errors that will be obvious to any real Marine. They’re so obvious I can spot them.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Precisely. This gal is full of shit.

A Staff Sergeant would know how to wear large medals.

I anticipate there has to be at least one real Marine at that VFW post, who you’d expect would call her out on how she presents herself in uniform. (But then again, that VFW is probably full of posers.)

USMCMSgt (Ret)

(Apart from the other obvious discrepancies…)


Lets not throw shame on the entire VFW post this dirtbag came from based on her ignorance . Please keep the comments geared at the only person in this story who deserves shit and thats her and her alone.


You mean the VFW post that elected her as Post Commander without checking to see if she was a legitimate veteran, let alone a veteran of a foreign war? Nooooo there’s no blame to place there.


That photo’s pretty definitive that she made the claim of PH.


And BSM w/ “V”


From the article cited above by Ninja. Motorcycles again.

There’s no way that there was a “motorcycle procession” without a number of POSers being saddled up and sporting leather vests covered in POSer bling during that ride.


‘WESTERLY, R.I. — A motorcycle procession of veterans and their families inaugurated the Rhode Island Purple Heart Trail on Aug. 7, making a trip from East Greenwich down Routes 4 and 1 to Westerly, where an official dedication took place.



VFW Post 152 is just across the water
(and an island)
from NAS Newport.
Home of Naval War College, and
Naval Academy Prep School (NAPS).

Proximity to active duty Navy (and Marines),
she should have been called out by the VFW Post early on.
Now VFW Post 152 looks like a HIVE.

Worse, it looks like VFW Post 152 is now flooding their own Book of the Fake with NEW posts,
to drown out the current hubbub.

Self inflicted, all the way around.


The Newport Naval Station is not an air station.


Yep, 1 letter too may. NS Newport.
My son attended NAPS, by the bayfront.


MarineDad61 now spends some of his travel time
visiting NAS and MCAS,
from Miramar to Corpus to Pensacola to New River, NC.

2020 December MV-22 Osprey.jpg

Looks like someone deserves a spanking. I’ll do it but I’ll need a fifth of Jameson and a 12er of Lites.

Cover me while I MOOOOOVE!


Do not waste good booze on that. Get some PX brand scotch and steal some Bud Light from Slow Joe. She ain’t worth good hooch.

Slow Joe

Whoa, whoa.

Bud Light is a perfectly fine beer, reserved for the best daily occasions.

When I get home after this little deployment, I will be dunking Buds like a champ. On day one, I’m gonna go bottoms up on all the Buds I have missed for the last few months.

Hell yeah. I can almost see my fridge already!


Watch your step out there Joe.


Never sent a DD-214… yet… wearing the uniform and a VFW cover in two separate photos.

Clearly a nutjob.


Here is another August 2021 article with a picture of her in uniform (Picture #7):



“I have long been one of those veterans — the ones who wish to fly under the radar, who merely did what was asked, when was asked, and was hopeful that the silver lining of that day would only get brighter as time passes,” Cavanaugh said.”

“No one earns a Purple Heart alone,” she added. “I earned mine amongst 11 other marines, all of whom were awarded that medal. Some came home. Some did not.
No one came home the same.”

“Among her remarks on the history of the award, and the significance of the day,
Cavanaugh also took a few moments to read a poem she wrote in remembrance of one of her comrades who suffered substantial injuries alongside her in Afghanistan. He would later take his own life after returning home.”


POSer Fest on motorcycles.


In celebration of the momentous occasion, Veterans of Foreign War Post 916 organized a motorcycle rally which ran the entire length of the Ocean State’s Purple Heart Trail. Motorcyclists, many of whom were veterans themselves, rode their bikes all the way down Routes 4 and 1 — which runs from East Greenwich to Westerly.’


“erase her identity because she had shot her commanding officer”

1994 Ray Liotta’s No Escape. Sorry. They already did that movie.


“A Purple Heart Marine Veteran Dying Of Cancer” Turned Out To Be A Fraud Who Tricked Me & Hundreds Of Others”


From the above article:

“I was so wrapped up in the story I didn’t think to Google anything more about her background. Through my genuine tears I didn’t notice that her Eagle, Globe &
Anchors were on backwards in the photo. That her earrings would have been considered out-of-regs with that uniform when I was in. That she had a Bronze Star with a V but no Combat Action Ribbon… Honestly I didn’t even look closely at any of that stuff because WHO THE F**K WOULD LIE ABOUT SOMETHING LIKE THIS?”


Hmmm.. Could this possibly be her?


“Bio: My name is Sarah Cavanaugh and I am a United States Marine Corps veteran. I served in Iraq twice and Afghanistan.”

“Impact art has made: Art has provided me an outlet, to explore my feelings and try to understand my experiences. I can make a mistake and still produce a beautiful piece. Art has helped me learn to think of myself that way and offer myself kindness.”

“New Beginnings: You see a bowl, whole, but alone. It remains whole because of its isolation, to avoid being shattered by outside impacts. The branch has fallen into the bowl, landing gently, without breaking it. The flowers are vibrant and still full of life, even though the branch is no longer attached to the tree from which it grew. The flowers offer comfort and love to the bowl. It represents the ability for someone to return home and find those feelings in a safe way after war without being further damaged.”


From the Barstool Sports article:

Listen to the latest ZeroBlogThirty from 31:15 on to hear the details that have come out so far, including various OTHER alleged cons before this one. (Teaser – She commanded a VFW, stole art, used fake DD-214s, etc.)”

Guess you have your answer there.


Veteran’s Day 2021:

“Local Towns To Honor Veterans With Day Of Celebration, Parades”


“Retired U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Sarah Cavanaugh, the commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 152 in
North Kingstown, is the master of ceremonies for South Kingstown’s event.”

“It was Cavanaugh who also took on hosting duties last summer in Westerly for the dedication of the state’s new Purple Heart Trail. Cavanaugh received a Purple Heart after her service with the Marines in Afghanistan.”


Any claims that she was a Scout Sniper or Force Recon?

It’ll be hilarious if there are.


You Be The Judge:


Veterans Day 2021:

“A beautiful day to honor all Veterans for their selfless service. Thank you SSGT. Sarah Cavanaugh, USMC Ret., Purple Heart recipient, for emceeing and speaking at South Kingstown’s parade and ceremony
this morning.”


I bet our own IDC SARC would be willing to search her naked body for shrapnel wound scars.


The crack of dawn isn’t even safe around him.

Slow Joe

Nah. I don’t think IDC SARC would hit that.

Daisy Cutter

I’m going to address the elephant in the room because I’ve been wanting to ask this for a while —

— what is IDC SARC’s position on Jen Psaki?

That’s keeping in mind that she’ll probably make sarcastic quips during “the deed.”


I’d say his position would be “Doggie Style” being as she is such a bitch.

Slow Joe

Reverse cow girl.


Well, this is interesting:

“Post Commander Sarah J. Cavanaugh of the North Kingstown Memorial VFW Post 152 has been selected as an All-American Post Commander for the 2020-2021 year. This is the third consecutive year that the North Kingstown Memorial VFW Post 152 has met the criteria and been recognized as an All American Post by the
headquarters of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States. Comrade Cavanaugh will be awarded her All American cap at the upcoming VFW National Convention in Kansas.”


Green Thumb


Crickets from the VFW in 3…2…1…


Green Thumb,
National VFW groups on the Book of the Fake
are about to get a(nother) Stolen Valor VFW EMBARRASSMENT
wake up call.


More on VFW Post 152.
Website officers page – BLANK.
Email contact – “NONE”
Duck. Dodge. Hide.


Even at my age I wonder why people are such flaming assholes. The worst part is she will never understand why she is such a flaming asshole.

A Proud Infidel®™

“When he confronted her about these issues, she claimed to be the victim of a Marine Corps conspiracy to erase her identity because she had shot her commanding officer, Schueman said.”

Did someone forget to take their Meds?

Green Thumb

I wonder if the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) or one of his Phildo Supporters has reached out to her concerning potential employment.

This young lady appears to have the skill set coveted by All-Points Logistics.

If only Phildo had a daughter….


Please start at the 39:00 minute mark.

This is her in 2020 talking about Women’s role in Combat.

Name withheld by request

I saw this last night. She tried stealing ALL the valor. What a scum bag!


Am pretty sure this is her from 2019. Matches the video. She was known as Sarah Bregler:
“Meet Sarah Bregler”

“She entered the Marine Corps, where her father had been a career member, in 2007, starting boot camp the weekend after high school graduation. She deployed to Iraq in 2008 in a combat unit.”
“After her first tour, she was offered a spot at the prestigious Defense Language Institute in California, where she trained for more than a year in Arabic Iraqi and Latin and prepared to be a cryptologic linguist. Her next deployment was to Afghanistan, where Sarah used her language skills to build relationships with the locals. She enjoyed her work and planned to make a career in the Marines. Then the Humvee she was riding in hit an IED.”


Sarah spent two months in recovery in Germany and another nine months at Walter Reed Medical Center. She has two prosthetics, hearing aids, and the repercussions of a traumatic brain injury.  “I had to learn how to do simple things like tie my shoes,” she said. She ultimately left the Marine Corps in 2016.”


There is no active duty service listed for her under either name – Bregler or Cavanaugh – in DoD Manpower.


Might just be me, but if I was a career Marine I’d be pissed at some pencil neck saying I was a “career member.”



Matches her DOB as 02 February 1991 (PUBLIC INFORMATION). Today is her Birthday:



This is her.

You Be The Judge.

sarah bregler cavanaugh.jpg
Daisy Cutter

Does not appear to be a Marine Corps uniform. Also, too small to tell if it is her.

Last edited 11 months ago by Daisy Cutter
White Walker

This photo is not of her.


Yeah, her EGA’s in the photograph are flipped left and right.

An aside: Does the Marine Corps use Adobe Designer 6.0 to generate DD Form 214’s?

Because that’s what generated her DD-214 above, see the tiny text at the extreme lower right.



Don’t see a DD-214 above? (Link please?)

Daisy Cutter

Thanks Daisy Cutter.

I’ve still yet to see a forged DD-214 where there aren’t basic math errors when it comes to the dates.


…There is a wonderful Calvin and Hobbes strip where Calvin is telling his father a story that is spinning further and further from reality with every second. His mother says, “Dear, don’t encourage him”, but Dad says, “No, this is fascinating, let him finish.”

That’s how I felt reading this one.


Sooo…is this a fake woman, a fake combat vet, a fake marine (sic), or have dreams of being in a fake movie? Needs to put those ideas on ice, man. Could find yourself in a danger zone and your goose cooked. Might have better luck joining a swimming team. Is surely not one of The Boys of Company C.

Pro tip to Roh-Dog….NEVER stick your thing in cray cray. Even if you have 2 jugs of Jameson and a case of Lites.

Skrunt lying POS.


KoB, you KNOW E&E is part of the game and should have a little faith that I ain’t dumb enough to leave a trace.
Burner fone and fake name, take all ‘DNA’ with…

Not gonna let ’em catch the Midnight Rider!

(yes I know the meaning ain’t in context but idc)


Yep…She was in the October 2021 VFW Magazine:



Under the list for “All American Commander”.
Total VFW Department of Rhode Island chain of command failure here.


They should change the VFW to the PVFFW, POSer Veterans of Fake Foreign Wars.

Green Thumb

I think All-Points Logistics allows the Merritt Island Post to use their HQ for their meetings.


Green Thumb,
VFW Post 2350 in Elko, Nevada
STILL lets the Elko POW*MIA Awareness use their canteen.
You know,
in memory of good ol’ INELIGIBLE post member Les Brown.


See my post below. Same acronym, different words: Valor Fakes and Wannabes. Sad but true.


“‘No one earns a Purple Heart alone,’ she added”

True. You need some help from the enemy.

Green Thumb

I do.

Megan Hall Morse has been employed at All-Points Logistics since 2014.

The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) hired her on the spot.

Phildo could not let that talent go to waste. I imagine now she probably has been promoted up to a VP position in marketing or public outreach / engagement.


OK, I just read the article and now I’m LOL’ing.

“She said: ‘Oh, I was court-martialed before I got out of the Marine Corps because I was being sexually assaulted by my commanding officer on ship and I shot him as he attempted to sexually assault me,’” Schueman said. “And I’m like ‘OK.’ So, she said: ‘I got reduced two ranks.’”

Man, that Navy justice is BRUTAL! Shoot your CO and get busted down to corporal? How barbaric!

Jeez, who was her defense attorney, Harmon Raab?


Sarah McKenzie woulda got her off with only two (2) hours of extra duty for that charge.


Well shit. If I had known that was all you got for shooting your CO, there would have been one less CPT in 1998. Might not have even been charged this guy was so bad.

Hack Stone

What’s the penalty of shooting the SNCOIC of the Recruiting Sub-Station you are assigned to? The guy was a dick, an idiot, and he drove a Yugo. Then when stepped out on his wife and kids, he found out that despite the commercials, Yugo’s are not chick magnets.


Yeah, me too. I would have killed my first battalion commander in the Viet of the Nam instead of stopping my RTO from shooting at his helo, cuz there were innocent pilots on board. Although, when I pulled the muzzle down, I did say if that LTC ever flew his own helicopter, I would shoot him.



So disappointed she didn’t pull the “I was court martialed for a war crime I didn’t commit” story.


So, another day, another person using the VFW to bootstrap their fake military service.

I know I’m a broken record on this topic so I’ll skip my usual rant but maybe it’s time to change the meaning of VFW to Valor Fakes and Wannabes?


And for those wondering “how does someone who never wore a uniform for single day rise to become the commander of a post?” the answer to that is very simple:

In a business or military organization the commander/boss/leader is a competitive job, because it comes with a fat paycheck and a lot of nice perks. So people fight over the job and have to be vetted into it.

Volunteer organizations aren’t like that. There’s no money, no power, no perks and very little in the way of “prestige.” So the “leader” is the person who is willing to do the work. Volunteer for every crappy job at the post, be willing to step up and organize and get things done when nobody else will and you will be catapulted to the top job, because that’s the person doing the work nobody else wants to do.

Since these fake veterans try to make their fake service the centerpiece of their lives, OF COURSE they volunteer to do everything at the post, which is why they so often get voted in as the commander.


Just proving, once again that Girls Lie, Too:

White Walker

That blue room on Zillow looks awful similar to the one she’s in for the interview photo posted on:


[Edited by Mason – Removing PII]

Last edited 11 months ago by Mason
White Walker

White Walker

Living nicer than me for sure, off of fraudulently acquired donations… hm

White Walker

Found her high school yearbook. North Kingston High School Class of 2009. Page 174. She was a Junior in ‘08. Her name was Sarah Cavanaugh.


White Walker

North Kingstown*


Good god. Gone for a few weeks and I return to this XX chromosome-based shit show. I don’t think they’ve plumbed the depths of this outhouse. [BTW, missed yous guys.]


Welcome Home nobunny! Glad that you hopped on back. We missed you too! Been cold and lonely in these deep dark nights. Been on short rations since Ex-PH2 hasn’t had a Thursdays are for cooking segment of late. The struggle is real.


Sweet as Southern sweet tea as always, KoB. So glad you guys are still here jamming up the interwebs. It warms my snow covered, frozen heart. I need grillin’ season, STAT. I also need to figure out this new fancy format going on. Looks like we can attach photos. Sweeeeet.


Aww…shucks (kicks at the dirt) 😉 Balmy 75F @ Firebase Magnolia. Fixin to get some Country Style Boneless porked beast ribs on to grill as we speak. Sippin’ on a Frosty Cold Yuengling.

Just cause we now have permission to attach photos, don’t mean some of us (me) have the ability/know how. Pity, cause I gotz some good ones. (NO Chip! Not THAT kind!) 😛



White Walker

Sarah Jane Cavanaugh… for some years she went by the name Sarah Jane Bregler
she just turned 31
Class 2009 North Kingstown High School

Her GoFundMe was recently taken down, she had ~10K in donations for her “surgery/cancer”
Her Instagram also recently MIA but don’t worry I have a screenshot of that…

[Edited to remove PII -Mason]

Last edited 11 months ago by Mason
White Walker

[Edited to remove PII – We can avoid doxxing home addresses and dates of birth. Any questions, e-mail the admin or me. -Mason]

Last edited 11 months ago by Mason
Runner Steve

she took the “i punched out a drill sergeant” to a whole new level.

Name edited to protect PII.


“North Kingstown VFW “ommander Resigns Amid Allegations That She Faked Service”


“Attempts to reach Cavanaugh on Wednesday were unsuccessful.”

“The VFW takes allegations of Stolen Valor
seriously and is actively investigating the matter, to include reexamining the original documentation submitted for membership eligibility,” said VFW spokesman Rob Couture. “At this point, the only thing I can confirm is Sarah Cavanaugh did serve as Post Commander of VFW Post 152 from October 2020 until her resignation on Monday, January 31, 2022.”


I have a friend from my DS/DS unit in RI. His words; “I stopped participating in VFW and AL here because the entire state is over run with posers, fakes, and SV”

He believes that almost NONE of the “veterans” seen in these events in RI are actual veterans.

Green Thumb

“Sarah Cavanaugh did serve as Post Commander of VFW Post 152 from October 2020 until her resignation on Monday, January 31, 2022.”

On February 1st, Sarah Cavanaugh was hired by The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) for an executive internship at All-Points Logistics in Merritt Island, Florida.


<blockquote>The VFW takes allegations of Stolen Valor

OK, that’s some seriously funny shit right there.


This Thing played my USMC vet. father who had suffered a stroke! He was unable to speak and was in a wheelchair. Florence Nightingale swept in and was there for him. She was so kind and visited him, I am actually glad he has passed so he doesn’t have to hear this story. I do not know what he would do, but I think I can speak for his family, all Marines, one a Sgt. Major, that I’m glad she is a “girl”. Remember Sarah, Kharma is a BITCH also!!

Name edited to protect PII.


AngryCops has a great breakdown on the youtubes about this POS.


“he claimed to be the victim of a Marine Corps conspiracy to erase her identity because she had shot her commanding officer” that’s when you know you got caught in 4k. even I a recruit knows that shit.