Sigh… the Brits just don’t get it

| August 3, 2022

Remember a few years back when a Navy plane executed a contrail drawing of a gigantic penis and testicles in the sky?  It was visible for miles with the naked eye over Washington State and delighted/offended many in the state.  Well, the Brits think they one-upped it with a picture of the Queen.

Six civilian aircraft and 12 crewmembers from the Light Aircraft Association’s Wessex Strut used 365 unique headings to create the image over southwest England, according to a release from the group.

Unlike the Navy Sky Penis artist, none of the crewmembers knew what they were drawing as they headed out on different flight paths, generating a series of unusual shapes over the course of several months that eventually rendered England’s number one royal.

Aircraft involved in the effort included the Zenair Zodiac, Just AirCraft SuperSTOL, Cessna 150 and 150 Aerobat, Vans RV6 and even a Beagle Pup.

“None of them had any idea what the final image would look like – each team was given a small, unrecognisable chunk which, when flown, recorded on SkyDemon [aircraft GPS software] and sent back would be stitched together digitally to form the final image,” Amy Whitewick, a local pilot and team lead for “Art Force 1,” said the press release.

Military Times

So theirs was just as in-your-face-salty as ours… except it took six aircraft, most of whose pilots had no idea what they were doing, months to accomplish, and all the flight paths had to be digitally stiched together with a GPS software, so the average Brit looking up in the sky saw… a plane. Wow, now that is daring.  Uh, no.

I did some drinking and shooting with some of the British Army of the Rhine guys.  Although they probably wouldn’t know the actual John Nance Garner quote, I think they would have thought this “not worth a bucket of warm spit.” Or English beer. I’d draw the obvious comparison, but there are a few British brews worth drinking if you can’t get a real beer, Guinness.

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I found Caffrey’s, Kilkenny’s and Beamish Irish Red quite suitable. I believe the latter was discontinued since my last trip to that part og the world.

The Stranger

I think the Irish would take issue with being lumped in with the Brits…


I’m quite certain Guinness is brewed in Dublin.


British going to British. They do their thing we do ours.


Fly Navy.

sky dick.png
RGR 4-78

It is still headed for the starfish. I guess that would be considered “underway”. 😀 


I don’t see a “pier”. 😜


Oh good. Another doggy barkin’.


Gee Whiz..

What we see is The Cat In The Hat wearing sunglasses…


gabn & gabaf/hbtd/rtr


ninja, does a Top Gun wear a Top Hat? Or do they put those thoughts on ice, man? Asking for a friend. Fred Astair wore one while he was giving Ginger Rogers a goose with his lovin’ feelin’. Ginger wasn’t afraid of being in a danger zone. She did everything that Fred did, backwards and wearing high heels.

gabn/gabaf/rtr/hbtd 🎩👣💃👠


Still hate you.


The Army is test flying a solar-powered drone. It’s been up for almost two months now. Along the way, the operators have been having some fun with its flight paths.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

We pulled into Portsmouth Naval Base in 1964 for a week of Liberty and the first taxi we rode in was on the wrong side of the road.

Hack Stone

Any truth to the rumor that there are jet contrails over Wilson Lane in Bethesda that depict a gimp in a leather body suit with a ball stuffed in his mouth?

Skivvy Stacker

Now we need a Marine pilot to fly a dick into her face.


A Land

Clearly you’ve never had a wee heavy, Bet your a fan of Pearl.

Name edited to protect PII.