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| February 12, 2020

The nice folks over at send us a case on Richard Wayne Jowers.  There are a few updates I will add before the MP case appears.  This was done last night by KTXS12:


Here are some additional claims made by Jowers:


Here are a few more:


Sadly, tragedy strikes most of us at times during our life.  How we deal with it weaves the fiber of our character.   I do not believe Jowers made false claims about his military service as a jerk knee response because he was mad at his opponent.   His attempt at faux humility and false statements seem to be a bit more systemic than that.

To go from actually being a Private that was kicked out of the Army for Desertion with an Other than Honorable Discharge to claims of being a Wounded Army Ranger Staff Sergeant is repugnant at best.  Did he file a false employment application with his current employer?  It appears he was obligated at the time of his hire to report an Other than Honorable Discharge.   Did he provide a DD-214 at the time of hire and if so, does it match his official military records? How long has he been making false claims about his service?

I bet some good people around his part of the world know some of the answers to those questions.


Richard Wayne Jowers comes to us from Baird, Texas. At the time of this writing, February 2020, Jowers is 53 years old. He more commonly goes by “Rick” and / or “Ricky.”

Jowers is the Chief Deputy for Callahan County, Texas.

Jowers is currently running for Sheriff of Callahan County with the election being held on March 3, 2020.

In some of the debates leading up to the election, Jowers has claimed to have been a US Army Airborne Ranger. Here he asks candidate Leroy Foley if he was an Airborne Ranger and then affirms that they both were.

In a Clyde County Town Hall meeting designed to hear from the two candidates, held on January 6, 2020, Jowers states that that “was in the military – took a bullet for his country.”

There was some question about Foley, the other candidate, and his military claims. Foley eventually dropped out of the race.


We had received submissions about Jowers and his military claims having to do with being at the Black Hawk Down event in Somalia in 1993, being wounded, killing hundreds of the enemy, etc. We largely ignored these claims because many were wild and most all had no proof associated with them, therefore it was hearsay. However, we started hearing similar claims over and over again from separate sources and gave us reason to pause. Again, we largely ignored these claims due to lack of credible evidence.

Jowers came out with what struck us as an odd statement. According to, “Jowers goes on to explain that even though he claimed otherwise during public forums for the Sheriff’s race, he is, “not a Navy SEAL, a Green Beret, or an Airborne Ranger.”

This would be similar to someone saying they were not an astronaut and at no time did they ever walk on the moon, or that they never played football for the Dallas Cowboys.

Why would someone make such statements unless they made those claims?

Jowers also made the following post to his Facebook page. We at Military Phony had not heard that Jowers’ military service was in question, just the type of service and his experiences.

What became apparent about this post was that OTHER THAN HONORABLE appears instead of a Reenlistment code. HONORABLE as a stand-alone designation does not appear there. Stated another way, this area should have a reenlistment code. The word HONORABLE should not appear here instead of a reenlistment code. The only other things that would appear here are DISHONORABLE or OTHER THAN HONORABLE CONDITIONS.

Jowers called one of our investigators and admitted he had been discharged under OTHER THAN HONORABLE CONDITIONS.

Many were skeptical and contacted Military Phony. Others were wanting what they characterized as fair and equal treatment of the candidates. However, Military Phony only investigates claims of Stolen Valor and has no vested interest in a local Sheriff’s election in the state of Texas.

Since a quick sweep showed that Jowers spent about 18 months in the Army, our interest peaked. He could have been wounded and been discharged early because 18 months is not a typical enlistment.

. . . . .


Richard Wayne Jowers’ military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

. . . . .



FOIA Result – Summary Sheet – Ricky Wayne Jowers
FOIA Result – Photo – Ricky Wayne Jowers
FOIA Result – Assignments – Ricky Wayne Jowers

. . . . .


DoD Manpower Data Center Result – Richard Wayne Jowers

. . . . .



There is a shortened length of service from what is expected for a normal enlistment.

Based on the entries common surrounding this, it appears that Jowers went AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave) in March of 1989.

The military generally classifies unauthorized absence in excess of 30 days as a desertion. This is also documented by the “DMR” annotated in his records.

He was “DFR” (Dropped From Rolls) at one month in April 1989 when usually the soldier is declared a Deserter.

In July of 1989, Jowers had an entry of “RMC” which is “Return to Military Control.”

He was then sent to Fort Sill, OK Personal Control Facility (PCF) while awaiting probably a Court Martial. PCF is NOT REALLY a Stockade or Prison. It is a Facility to house Trouble Soldiers who needed to be Retrained or Soldiers who are awaiting Court Martial Procedures.

It made sense he was sent to Fort Sill PCF since he was FA.

The Personnel Clerk recorded an incorrect date by putting his Discharge as “870822” instead of “890822”.

His unit was in Germany and he appeared to go on leave and did not return to Germany. He turned himself in to Fort Sill. He was then discharged under “OTHER THAN HONORABLE CONDITIONS” for desertion.


He left the Army as a Private (E-1) which is probably due to the trouble just before discharge. This is in contrast to Staff Sergeant / SSG (E-6) that he claimed in the debate video above.


Jowers does not show assignments indicative of being a Ranger.


There was no Purple Heart listed in his records. There were no medals listed that would indicate combat.

When Jowers claimed that he “took a bullet for his country” a military member or veteran would see this is a direct claim of being combat wounded and one would expect to see a Purple Heart in his military records.


There is nothing in Jowers’ records reflect RANGER or Airborne training.

We don’t see any Ranger School Training or Airborne Training on his Summary Records.


There is a Texas State policy that says that one cannot work in Law Enforcement if their military discharge was DISHONORABLE or OTHER THAN HONORABLE. This can be found here:

So how was Jowers allowed to gain employment in Law Enforcement in the state of Texas?

Did the Sheriff’s Department know about his OTHER THAN HONORABLE DISCHARGE when he was hired? Or did Jowers submit other information?

This would have happened years ago but it appears there was an amendment last year.

People can have their military discharges upgraded from a lower status. Jowers claims that he has worked in law enforcement for two decades, so he would have had to done it before securing employment.


Jowers put out the following statement:

“I have something that I would like to say to the citizens of Callahan County, I deeply and wholeheartedly apologize for misleading you about my military service. I do have discrepancies on my DD 214 from 30 years ago and I’m currently working on correcting those. The problem was this, I had a couple of tragic accidents that happened in my family that caused me to be released from the military a year early. I received an “Other Than Honorable Conditions”. I feel that that is no one‘s business but mine and my family’s. I’m not a Navy SEAL, a Green Beret, or an Airborne Ranger.

I sincerely and completely apologize for saying that at the forums. I was upset and angry at a certain person, and let my emotions get the best of me. If I have offended any military or citizen I do apologize. I love my country, I love my military, and I love Callahan County.

I am not and have not attempted to use my military service to sway citizens to vote for me. My military service is NOT a part of my platform as I have said many time.

I feel that this is an extremely ugly race and I know that people are tired of seeing ugly things on Facebook. I pray that this will soon be over and we can all get back to our normal lives. I am not perfect and I have made many mistakes and I’ve learned from all of them. Thank you and God bless.”

Although Jowers came out and seemingly played down his prior claims saying that he was not running on his military record, he still made the comments about being an Airborne Ranger and “taking a bullet for his country.”

There was some value gained from such statements. One cannot deny that. Maybe some people didn’t care, but others do.

Although it is hard to measure with each individual voter, it could be valued in terms of influence.

. . . . .


It sounds like Rick Jowers had some tragic mitigating family circumstances that contributed to his OTHER THAN HONORABLE DISCHARGE. However, he had a very long time to have those records corrected. Instead, it appears that he chose to embellish upon the lies he was already living.

If the claims by Ricky Jowers were used to leverage work, military or civilian promotions, or anything else of value, he may have been in violation of Stolen Valor laws. State laws may also apply.


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Green Thumb

So the question at hand in my mind is are they going to fight to see who wins?

I imagine one will be scared and the other would be glad of it.


Is there a way to enlarge the click spot for
<< Older Comments ?
And/or add more of these click spots?

I worry that new fans (currently from Texas)
miss the whole blog, and don't see, or can't find,
their way around the blog comment screens.


Keepin' It Real

I applaud the fine people of Callahan County Texas for showing good character and integrity when faced with a tough situation.

On the other hand, Elko Nevada is like a sleazy woman in a seedy pick-up bar. She knows the guy is lying to her but she’ll go home with him anyway.


Slow down folks, the man earned an Army Service Ribbon…they don’t just hand those out to anybody. Obviously, we are in the presence of greatness.


ahhh…the rainbow warrior ribbon! Proof that you can walk in straight lines and buff floors!


Ex-PH2 looks at her gedunk medal, sniffles and says “I’ma goan to the Hobby Shop and the fabric store and make my own ribbons, and you can’t stop me.” (Sniffle!)

Keepin' It Real

Ranger Rick


LMAO !!!!!
It real now

Keepin' It Real

foley-in the army


I lost my popcorn LMFAO !!!!!!

The Stranger

That movie poster!
The approval meme!
Shit’s gettin’ real up in this piece!😂🤣🙃

Hack Stone

On the plus, all of these shenanigans in Callahan County just may be the shot in the arm that The Dutch Rudder Gang needs to boost its membership.




Ricky: The biker from the Village People called. He wants his mustache back.

The Stranger

You asked for it:


The Stranger… That’s the one!
Oh Oh.. The singing cop isn’t a cop yet, only a gym rat.
Check the quality of the punches in the punch dance.

[Technical note – It’s clear the links aren’t displaying.
This is the same video link, but youtube[.com], not youtu[.be]]


Oh Oh…
It appears the lead singer of Village People
(the only remaining original member from the 1970s)
has transitioned from gym rat, to police officer,
to serious Military Phony / Stolen Valor territory.

What is all that stuff?

comment image

Mustang Major

I am still waiting for the news story on Ricky Jowers pulling out of the sheriff’s race. Doubt if he will resign his job as I am sure his employment options are nil (Ricky- read as almost zero.) and the current sheriff has no interest in firing him.

The citizens of the county should hustle and find a write-in candidate or else they will have a proven liar as sheriff.

Steve Balm

Last reliable word I got… are you ready for this?


BOTH candidates – Foley and Jowers – are staying in the Sheriff’s race despite previous announcements.

Apparently, circumstances have changed and they both need the job and the money.

Only in America!

Mustang Major


“I am running for Sheriff because I need a job.” Would be the most honest words to come from these clown’s mouths.

Keepin’ It Real should make his campaign artwork available for download for the good citizens of Callahan County. The citizens could then plaster the county with the handout/posters.

Comm Center Rat

So they’re not running for Sheriff to “Serve and Protect” the good citizens of Callahan County?

Judas Iscariot betrayed The Christ for 30 pieces of silver so I’m not surprised two military phonies would prostitute themselves for $40K a year and the promise of a pension.

Some honest active or retired LEO needs to enter this race as a write-in candidate real quick to prevent future perversion of justice.



Until ex Clyde PO Leroy Foley is convicted of anything,
he remains eligible to become Sheriff.

Until current Deputy Sheriff Rick Jowers is proven INELIGIBLE to have ever been trained or employed in LE
(due to his DD-214 General Discharge),
he remains eligible to become Sheriff.

I can’t wait to see video of the next town hall.


I’m confident they already have a proven liar as sheriff…

Just saying

Told ya so

Why would the current sheriff of Callahan County still support this candidate? Why hasn’t he opened an investigation like Clyde PD did. Is he just as crooked as the chief deputy his “right hand man.” The people of Callahan County need to write in and vote in a real candidate.


Possible Good Ol’ Boys.
Mrs. Jowers is employed at the CCSO as well.
She is the phone and radio voice of the CCSO,
manning the dispatch desk and the main phone.


I think both candidates should be placed in the back of a C-130 Hercules, and one minute from the drop zone, each “Airborne Ranger” is given a T-10 or T-11 parachute. They have one minute to don said parachute and prepare for exit. At the end of the minute each is tossed off the tailgate.
It would be a simple PASS-FAIL test.
I’ve been retired for 20 years, and my last Army paratroop jump was in 1984, but I could still don main and reserve, hookup, and be ready for exit in one minute.

Mustang Major

Right about that Charles. Ft. Benning’s Black Hats had a way of beating muscle memory into you during training. I was a “five-jump chump” and I think I could still do everything properly 42 years after going through the training. (Boy, that last sentence made me feel old.)


I like the concept, but it needs one minor tweak….

kick them off the ramp at 10000 ft WITHOUT a parachute.

The one who can fly down to the ground without being getting hurt wins and is the candidate.


In case of a tie, the highest bouncing candidate wins.

Hack Stone

Does All Points Logistics have a branch office in Callahan County? If not, they should, since the location seems to have a plethora of the type of individual who could be a senior executive.


Oh, Boy.
I predict there will be a TAH Page 2 on Rick Jowers.

I’ve just seen what someone in Callahan County, Texas
is about to email to MP.
I gave emailing advice and directions,
so MP should have new documents this evening.

This isn’t over, by a long sh(cut)…. Airborne Ranger cadence.

(I can say no more at this time. You won’t be disappointed.)
Bookmark this page, now known as Rick Jowers Page 1.
Enjoy the weekend, everyone.


(1) The hint above is now bouncing around Facebook in public.
(Not verified as authentic, but it appears to be.)

8/22/2007 Job Application
The juicy tidbits are……
Employment Experience: Army 11/86 – 4/(Blank)
Job Title: Specialist 4
Reason For Leaving: Dad Was Sick (No Discharge listed.)
Work Performed:
– Airborne Ranger
– Howitzer 106 Self
– (3rd line entry unreadable)

If this job application is verified as real,
supposedly an FOIA request to Taylor County, Texas,
Rick Jowers has been rocking the
AIRBORNE RANGER claim for over 12 YEARS.
Not quite the same thing as the recent official apology,
in which he called it a spur of the moment thing at a town hall.
Also, failing to indicate Discharge.. is a big boo boo.

(2) – Rick Jowers has taken earned leave (vacation)
on Saturday, February 15.
He has turned in his Sheriff’s car.

This is getting interesting. Again.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I’m still stocked up on popcorn, beer and nachos!


This is going to blow, with or without a Page 2.
Which happens first?


Stopped at a gas station in in Clyde yesterday
The lady in the store saw me posing with two
Campaign signs on the corner of the property
I guess I’m not the first to do this since
This drama broke out, I now have a photo souvenir


That’s really cool.
More rare than you think.
A photo op DURING a phony take down.
And, you’ve got double the fun if you got F and J signs in 1 photo.


I wonder if the cheese slayer is still unemployed? He would make an excellent candidate for sheriff in clusterf**k county TX

The Stranger

That would be funny and sad all at the same time.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Did ‘ol “Blobfish” ever make it out of jail?


ANOTHER RICK JOWERS UPDATE. (Scroll UP for earlier updates.)

Just found on FakeBook.
A post by Rick Jowers on his own FakeBook page.
Sept 5, 2015
A photo of Jowers, Foley, and the American Flag,
with the photo caption
“Two rangers in one place at one time!!!!”

I sh-t you not.
Geez, these guys.


That is Jowers on the left side of the photo, but that is not Foley on the right.


So, there’s a 3rd Ranger?
Awaiting verification from Texas.


Confirmation from Texas.
That IS Leroy Foley on the right.
Heavier set, lost weight.
Uniform changes between then and now.
100% Jowers and Foley “Two Rangers” photo from 2015.


Big news today.
Headline –
Callahan County Sheriff says
Chief Deputy (RICK JOWERS) will no longer work for the sheriff’s office

BAIRD, Texas — Callahan County Sheriff Terry Joy said
“(Chief Deputy) Rick Jowers will not be returning
as an employee of the Callahan County Sheriff’s Office.”

Jowers and his opponent in the sheriff’s race, Leroy Foley,
have been under fire for nearly two weeks for allegedly misleading the public about their military service record.

Jowers is technically still employed by the County.
But, he’s sitting at home, collecting a check for vacation and holiday pay.

His County vehicle has been taken away and remains in the parking lot.


I also see that the Texas Rangers are investigating both of the cocksuckers… and I’m guessing that both of their squeakholes are all puckered up right now.


2 phony chAirborne Rangers being investigated by Texas Rangers.
2 squeakholes now hiding out in 2 rabbitholes.
As Bugs Bunny would say: “Eye row knee.”

Comm Center Rat

Its all fun n’ games being a POSer until Cordell Walker puts his boot all up in ya’ ass!