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| July 9, 2022

Beretta 1309 Tactical Shotgun

SC woman holds gun on alleged intruder until York deputies make arrest, sheriff says

Andrew Dys
A South Carolina woman held a gun on an alleged intruder in her York County home until deputies crashed in and took the suspect in custody, according to sheriff officials and documents.

The incident happened Wednesday afternoon in a home on Jim McCarter Road near Clover, a York County Sheriff’s Office incident report stated.

The female victim, in her 40s, called police after the suspect was inside her home, the report stated.

No shots were fired and no one was hurt, said Trent Faris, spokesman for the sheriff’s office. The victim was within her legal rights to protect herself, Faris said.

The Herald is not identifying the victim of the crime.

Deputies arrived after the victim called about a burglary in progress. The deputies could see the victim through a bedroom window as she pointed toward a sunroom where the suspect was last seen by the victim, according to the incident report.

Deputies called out to the suspect to open the door but the suspect refused, the report stated.

As deputies surrounded the house, dispatchers said they could hear a struggle in the house, the report stated. Dispatchers then told deputies the victim said the suspect had entered the bedroom, the report stated.

A deputy looking through the bedroom window saw the victim pointing a handgun toward the suspect, the report stated.

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Yahoo News
Another lucky, unperforated perp. Thanks again, Gun Bunny.

Prosecutor: South Fargo trailer house shooting was self-defense
Prosecutors say both the man who fired the gun and his best friend who was shot gave very similar stories about the July 4 shooting in south Fargo.

By Matt Henson
A south Fargo man detained for attempted murder after shooting his best friend multiple times has been released from jail.

Prosecutors are saying the shooting was self-defense, and they do not plan to file charges against Kyle Lovaas.

Officers responded to the Countryside Trailer Court just after 7 a.m. Monday, July 4, after Lovaas, 22, called 911.

“He (expletive) came at me like a mad man, and I (expletive) shot him,” Lovaas can be heard saying to the 911 dispatcher.

He told the dispatcher he fired six shots from a handgun.

Tin Nguyen, 24, was shot in the chest and stomach. A detective can be heard commenting on body camera video that Nguyen lost so much blood that his heart stopped.

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The pool of guns that get turned in in buybacks are simply not the same guns that would otherwise have been used in crime. — Harvard professor David Kennedy, as reported on FoxNews

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Old tanker

Sigh only a onefer today. I surmise the burglar is lucky the lady declined to fire since the Deputies were already there. Since it wasn’t in the left coast area perhaps he will get significant jail time to change his ways.


“…alledged intruder…” “…multiple convictions…” *sigh* Mofo is in my house it is no longer “alledged”. Ms Thang coulda saved the taxpayer a lot of $ and the next victim of this dirtbag by going ahead and pulling the trigger. You break into my perimeter and you’ll be toted out…to the hog pen.

Trailer trash…giving folks that live in portable housing a bad name since 1926.

Really pumped up over that Bay-Rhetta. Can it swim or float?

My LEO Compatriots do a LOL when it’s propsed to do a “gun buyback”. Mostly pieces of sh^t, but on occasion they’ll have a nice stolen collectable turned in. They make a real spirited attempt to find the owner. And in a lot of cases, it’s a relative of the owner that stole the piece and turned it in on the “buyback”.


Like the huge bolt handle. Screw the pistol grip and put
a skull cracking butt plate on it. And a bayonet.
Oh, wait…I just described my Mossy.