Weekend Open Thread

| July 8, 2022

The political arguments that are considered by many on the left as “far right” and “extreme” happen to the be the ones that recognize personal sovereignty. The left makes this group appear dangerous to freedoms, yet it’s the left that demands more control over society. Enjoy your weekend.

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My Main Man Roh-Dog. 2 second interval,,,,FIRE BY THE PIECE!!!! A Congolese Rat to you My Brother. Way to GO ARMY and BEAT…well…EVERYBODY!!!!!


To the meme: this is why I ‘walked away’. Everyone has the right to sovereignty.
0bummer ruined that notion after the Unaffordable Health Tax Act, Bush the Lessest with The Unpatriot Act, Drumph with his shots and bank/big bidness bail outs, Clintoon and the ‘94 Clowngress’s sale of our Constitution, etc etc

Politically Homeless and pissed off as ever!

Have a great weekend y’all! Prep and target practice. I give this thing 2.5 months, tops.


Everyone has the right to be collective and ruled by incompetent “it’s who you know” bootlickers, comrade!
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The number of households with someone employed has fallen off another cliff, Anon. Sure, over all jobs-filled is higher, some suckers are working multiple jobs that can’t/won’t full time them because of, you guessed it, the benies are too fking expensive.
We can not keep going like this.
When these earnings drop and even more companies release layoffs/hours cuttings, we haven’t yet seen pain.
The market has been hopped up on meth and Daddy Joey B’s credit card…
But that hangover cometh.


I just hope left/libtards fail before sh*t gets too bad.


Plus, that “fundamental transformation”… vote Dem in Nov for more!
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When are you doggies going to understand I have y’all surrounded?


They’ve got us surrounded, poor bastards.


I chuckled…..I’ll be flying CAP over you fucktards on the ground poking each other in the eye ass.



Check six Chip!


Now we can attack in any direction.




Thanks for the atta. I hope all is well in my true home state and the Good Lord blesses you with a cool breeze or two.

Hack Stone

You had Hack Stone’s boss IM him at 15:00 to deny him first post.


I had ChipNASA Boss’ Boss e-mail be about 20 minutes ago for details on a critical travel issue and I spent the last 5 (oh wait 15!) Minutes replying after accumulating data and specifics so, ME TOO movement and not even FIRST in complaining about management interrupting my F5 key abuse.
So be it.
I’m here and still all the way back to the The U.S. Supreme Court cuts down on EPA’s authority thread in reading and catching up to see if I have any wifely duties to perform here at Club TAH. Cheers to all.

Commissioner Wretched

Rats of the Cong to Roh-Dog for yet another coveted, always earned, never given FIRST! In your honor, I drop the week’s trivia column for all to enjoy.

Did two men fight a duel from balloons in France?

Regular readers of this silliness know that I have an affinity for “old-time” radio programs. One of my favorites is The Life of Riley, but not because of the story line or the star, William Bendix. No, I like The Life of Riley because of one character – Digby “Digger” O’Dell, “The Friendly Undertaker.”

Got your back, CW.

Commissioner Wretched

Radio actor John Brown played that character so classically funny that you almost wish you could meet a real Digger O’Dell. His ability to take a normally unfunny but much needed profession – that of a mortician – and make it a source for amusement was great. His drawn-out deadpan (you’ll pardon the pun) delivery on lines such as “You look natural,” or “I have just the space you could fill,” or “We’re the last to let you down” sometimes causes me to laugh so hard I have to pull over and get it out of my system. 

Otherwise, I might need his services for real, as I listen to The Life of Riley in the car.

Well, enough of this, let’s get to the trivia. Or, as Digger would say, “I must be shoveling off.”

Commissioner Wretched

Did you know …
… a particular berry has more iron than steak? The Himalayan gogi berry has, ounce for ounce, more iron than steak, more beta carotene than carrots, and more vitamin C than oranges. (Maybe so, but how does a gogi berry taste fresh from the grill, huh?)
The Andy Griffith Show was actually a spin-off of another show? Actor Andy Griffith (1926-2012) was starring on Broadway in a play called Destry and interested in doing a television series when he was approached about playing a rural sheriff, justice of the peace, mayor, and newspaper editor of a small town in North Carolina. Griffith did not like the premise for the show, but he did like the man who pitched it, producer Sheldon Leonard (1907-1997). 

Commissioner Wretched

He agreed to shoot a pilot as an episode of The Danny Thomas Show, which would be the final episode of the 1959-60 season. The episode was so well received that Griffith was signed up by the sponsor immediately and his own show, featuring all the wonderful people of Mayberry, was on the air six months later. The show was produced through the company owned by Danny Thomas (1912-1991).

A Proud Infidel®™

Danny Thomas not only founded St, Jude Children’s Hospital, he was also a Freemason!

Commissioner Wretched

… between 5,000 and 7,000 tigers are kept as pets in the United States? (Or is it the other way around – the tigers keep humans as potential snacks?)

… Japan is having a problem with ninjas? There are not enough of them. There is a high demand in Japan for “ninja shows,” but companies are having trouble finding enough properly trained ninjas. The tradition is, sadly, dying out.

… in 1907, an ad campaign for Kellogg’s Corn Flakes™ cereal offered a free box of the stuff to any woman who would wink at her grocer? The promotion was cooked up by Will Keith Kellogg (1860-1951), who said in his advertising, “Wink at your grocer and see what you get.” (I can’t find any information on how successful the promotion was to sell corn flakes, but it might have led to a romance or two. Who knows? In my old Chicago neighborhood, if you winked at your grocer, you might just get a punch in the nose.)

Commissioner Wretched

… two men once dueled from separate balloons? In 1808, two Frenchmen – a certain Monsieur de Grandpré and Monsieur de Pique – were competing over the love of a beautiful young lady, a dancer named Mademoiselle Tirevit. The two agreed that the only way to decide the question with honor would be to fight a duel. The then-new fad of ballooning was sweeping France, and the men decided to fight from separate balloons. Both men constructed identical balloons and decided to use identical blunderbuss rifles, and – to keep things fair, I suppose – agreed not to shoot at each other, but at each other’s balloon. On the day of the duel, both men ascended to the agreed-upon height of half a mile. The balloons were about eighty yards apart when the signal to fire was given. 

Commissioner Wretched

Monsieur de Pique missed completely; de Grandpré, however, did not. De Pique’s balloon folded like an accordion, sending the duelist falling to his death, and leaving the survivor to claim the love of the fair Mlle. Tirevit. In an ironic twist, however, history records that she was not at all impressed, and the poor fellow ended up all alone when everything was said and done. (It just shows to go you …)


So, was she pique’d off that de Grandpré piqued off de Pique?

Commissioner Wretched

… it takes ten minutes longer to drown in salt water than it does in fresh water? (Somebody actually measures that stuff?)

… a queen bee can lay as many as 3,000 eggs in a day? (And at the end of the day, Her Majesty says, “Whew!”)

… the term “junk food” did not become popular until the 1970s? Initially created during the 1960s to refer to non-nutritious (but good-tasting) food, the phrase caught on with the release of the song, “Junk Food Junkie,” by Larry Groce (born 1948) in 1976. (And we’re grateful he made that song, too!)


” Good Lord, have pity on me”


So, who reported on how long it took to drown, either in salt water or fresh water? And is he/she still alive?

Commissioner Wretched

… the only continent on Earth without a McDonald’s restaurant is Antarctica? In fact, no commercial restaurants operate in Antarctica. Home base primarily to scientists, the only two civilian settlements on the continent have populations of around 100 people.

… many animal shelters refuse to allow the adoption of black cats near Halloween? They fear that the animals will be tortured or sacrificed on the holiday. (My house panther Boris agrees with this decision.)

… in 2000, Pope John Paul II (1920-2005) was named an honorary Harlem Globetrotter? (You should’ve seen His Holiness’ hook shot!)

Now … you know!

Commissioner Wretched



Last WOT, too. Watch that PII.


On station.


Hiding from the heat at GB Compound.
Back from a mission trip to the Fort Polk area, hanging drywall on a new church and in a church destroyed by a tornado in 2019.
Group we go with comprised of siblings, nieces, nephews, grandkids, and friends of a family of 14 siblings (of whom, sadly, only 4 remain but still come). But we spend a lot of time training the youngsters how to do construction. Had a 8 year old young man doing his darnedest to carry one end of a 12′ sheet of fire-resistant – and getting it a good 30′. Taught a 12 year old young lady how to set the screws in rock from a ladder. (I spotted her, too, just in case.)

Long story short – we had a great time, but even more there are youngsters still being taught both how to work hard and the skills of working construction. How to pray, what God does, and how to serve Him with whatever talents they have.

The future looks good from where I’ve been sitting.

A Proud Infidel®™

Top Thirty and I award myself Honorary First once again.


Hack Stone

For all of you Adorable Deplorables wondering if Joe Biden will fuck up today, your prayers have been answered.


There are approximately 72,000,000 registered Democrats in America, and this is the best that they could come up with. Let that sink in.

Hack Stone

Not to be outdone, Cameltoe Harris has upped the stakes in the contest for the most idiotic statement to come out the White House.



The hits just keep on rollin’


Kackling Kameltoe


Famed Hollywood actor James Caan has passed at age 82. Notable roles in a long career are ‘The Godfather’, ‘Brian’s Song’, ‘A Bridge Too Far’, ‘Honeymoon in Vegas’. An anomaly in Hollywood, Caan, was an unapologetic conservative. RIP.


And, Larry Storch, of F Troop fame, also passed, at age 99.

Hack Stone

Just saw the news of Larry Storch, too. WWII Navy veteran who served alongside Tony Curtis. How would you like to be on a ship with those two guys? You would never get any work done from laughing too hard.



NOKIA ammo?


Reach out and touch someone?

A Proud Infidel®™

I see that everyone’s favorite babbling moonbat has resurfaced on another thread. Didn’t he say that he lived in Oakland CA? Here’s a video summarizing that dump, no wonder he’s so miserable! I loved one description where the Narrator said, “In Oakland you can pay $5,000 a month and have your windows shot out while in San Fransisco you can pay a few million and have poop on your porch!”

Here’s what Downtown Oakland, California looks like today. It’s not good. – YouTube

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There are none so blind
As them who will not see.

Old tanker

It’s also the left who threatens death and or bodily harm when they don’t get their way. Including threatening the SCOTUS. Talk about tantrums.

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A Proud Infidel®™

Yep, and how many times after Biden got installed like a cheap toilet did anyone see Conservatives rioting (Fuck January 6th, most of that is pure DNC propaganda), burning and looting cities, blocking highways or any of the other childish shits we saw antifuck pissflaps doing after the 2016 Election?


What a bunch of yahoos. (the lefties)

A Proud Infidel®™

They only do and feel what their herders and handlers tell them to, just look at the moonbat from UC Berzerkely!




That is B.S. There are many who identify as liberals and D-rats who are opposed to unrestricted abortions. Most devout Catholics are among them. Moreover, there are many conservatives who are not opposed to abortions in the first trimester. But anyone who thinks it is a Constitutional right is deluded, stupid or both.


This is exactly why the issue should have been left to the voters in the first place, and not made whole cloth of imaginary “rights.”

Green Thumb

The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress – former Commander of SEAL Team 4 and the current CEO of All-Points Logistics continues to avoid calls seeking clarification on his Native American, Navy SEAL and Law Enforcement claims and credentials.


Oh oh.
This January 6 DC fighter
may not be what he (and his family)
have been claiming him to be.

US Marine, yes (but only 2½ years).
Stationed in Lebanon, possibly.
Escaped the Beirut barracks bombing,
and “went back in” to pull out survivors???
Not very likely.

BONUS – 2021 GoFundMe for “medical and legal expenses”,
made NO mention of Jan 6, which GoFundMe banned.

On house arrest awaiting trial,
he died of natural causes last weekend.
Cremains and service yesterday at FTIG National Cemetery.

I’ll just say,
IF he gets a phony headstone,
because it slipped past the FTIG Cemetery registrar….
This could be national news,
even if it takes a year to sniff him out.

VG is on it.
Thanks, “Snake”. 🙂


Hack Stone

Just saw this on Fox News. Where is it the UCMJ that you can be charged for disrespecting someone not in your chain of command?