Space Force Launch’s Intelligence Center

| July 7, 2022

“Space Force Intell. Interested?”

The youngest service, the United States Space Force (USSF), decided it needed an Intell branch it can call its own. And so the National Space Intelligence Center (NSIC) was created. Named Space Delta 18, it’s headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio and was activated on 24 June 2022. Sadly, these do not come cheaply.

David sends.

Space Force Launches New Intelligence Unit as Congress Voices Concerns over Growth

Thomas Novelly

The Space Force has assumed command of a new unit that will be focused on keeping an eye out for foreign threats in space, but it comes as Congress is warning the small service branch that it has to prepare to slow its growth.

Delta 18 and the brand-new National Space Intelligence Center were officially commissioned late last month at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. It will be staffed by nearly 350 civilian and military personnel.

Delta 18’s mission is to “deliver critical intelligence on threat systems, foreign intentions, and activities in the space domain to support national leaders, allies, partners and joint war fighters,” according to a press release.

The creation of the unit equips the Space Force to assist and work alongside America’s intelligence agencies by feeding them information from its growing fleet of satellites and monitoring tools. Avril Haines, President Joe Biden’s director of national intelligence, said being able to leverage new intel in space will be crucial.

“In the years ahead, [space] will only become more contested,” Haines said during the ceremony activating the unit on June 24. “And as we move forward, NSIC will be relied upon to produce and analyze scientific and technical intelligence related to space for the entire nation.”

While the funding of the National Space Intelligence Center was included in the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act, the start of the new unit comes as Congress warns the Space Force about continued expansion.

While I would never describe the newest service as a solution in search of a problem, every bureaucracy grows. Yet words like “redundant” and “mission creep” keep coming to mind. Thanks, David.

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Actual Delta 18 emblem

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Next thing ya know they will want blue lights in the rear window.


New budget requests will include funds for Landing Party Personnel…and red shirts. The new E-4 Mafia, which in this case the E stands for Expendable.

BlueCord Dad


Dragoon 45

I’m more than a little confused. Just exactly how is the Space Force a military branch. I have yet to see any mention of a combat mission for them. From what I have read, a bunch of civilians could do their jobs much cheaper and just as well. The only purpose I see so far for the space force is to provide more GO slots for the military, particularly the AF.


They provide space based military options according to their mission statement. Ideally you will never hear of them doing anything, ever. Of course if some idiot will leak Stuxnet…

Want to blow your mind a little? Army Cyber Warfare is a Combat Arms branch. They even have their own advanced PT Test that the various combat arms branches have adopted (maybe you weren’t aware? Combat MOS’s have a more rigourous PT test than the one commonly complained about).

The answer is because a couple of soldiers with keyboards and a bank of super computers can pretty much devastate a small country in a few days without dropping a single bomb. Inflicting more infrastructure damage and casualties than an Army Division.

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Green Thumb

If they show up to work sober and not high.

Dragoon 45

So, are we going to give Space Force CIB’s now?

I don’t know whose idea Space Force was, but it has to be one of the top three stupidest ideas to come out of DC in the last 100 years. Back in the day there was the ASA (Army Security Agency) which is now INSCOM. INSCOM has a Cyber Warfare mission with would also include offensive Cyber Warfare missions. And that is just for the Army. But for some massively stupid reason we had to form another Cyber Warfare group and this time make them into a separate branch of the military. And while this happened this accidently provided a number of General Officer and E-9 slots for the politicians to fill with their favorites.

MI Ranger

I believe when they Stood up the Army Cyber and CyberCom they took the Cyber Warfare mission away from INSCOM. That is why it is so hard to do Cyber these days. Back in the day, anyone who wanted to could get permission.

The Space Force was a means of ensuring the Air Force wasn’t taking all the money appropriated for Satellites and spending it on aircraft.

AW1 Rod

In addition to “redundant” and “mission creep”, I would add “unnecessary.”

But, hey! They look STRONG in those edgy new Starship Trooper uniforms!


Don’t forget having to shower with transgenders who haven’t had their parts surgically changed yet now.
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Me thinks they are just taking over and renaming NASIC.


“Space Force Intell. Interested?”

Give me a shout when the coed showers start.

Green Thumb

I wonder if the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) is getting in on this gravy train.

Its just a matter of time before All-Points Logistics has a few Space Force posers in their ranks….

A Proud Infidel®™

A fake US Space Force Spacewalker?

Green Thumb

Your Door Gunner on the Space Shuttle….


I’m certified!!!

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Requal as Expert:

Green Thumb

Lori Benton is about to get a lot of overtime pay from Phil Monkress and All-Points Logistics.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Why did they dis continue using Capt. Video and his Video Rangers along with Tom Corbet.


I don’t know about this.

Considering the people in charge at the Five-Sided Circus these days, one has to wonder if there will be any intelligence in the intelligence.


Badges! Get your new badges here! More badges for everyone.

Commissioner Wretched

Hack Stone

In space no one can hear you bitch to the Chaplain..

Hack Stone

Their first mission will be finding where we can get some “Tang”.


Off-topic, but I just saw this sh*t…

“An Entire Industry Is Cropping Up to Deal With Millennial Burnout,” by C. Brian Smith, MEL Magazine, 4 Feb 2020

“It was a typical Monday morning at a mid-sized cloud services company in Denver, save for a weeping 29-year-old project manager crouched in the emergency stairwell. Kieran Tie felt like “absolute trash” that day. He could no longer bring himself to sit through pointless management meetings and pretend to give a fuck about on-demand enterprise data storage. …”

When we’ve raised “bubble wrap” kids who’ve never heard about (let alone done) military service… this is for real, folks. (We joke about the Hurt Feelings Report and calling the “Waaahmbulance,” but we now have a whole generation of people who’re having kids, etc. who can’t handle sh*t because they never learned how.)

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MI Ranger

So I understand the significance of the Intelligence eight pointed star, and the globe, and even the Star Trek like overall patch shape… but what is it with Pharaoh? Or is that Ptah?


Didn’t the old MI branch insignia have the Sphinx on it?


It’s the Sphinx (a human-headed lion). It stands for Tactical Intelligence.


Ya know … if the Space Force comes out with the “Starship Trooper” panzer-wrap (with ‘Rodger Young’ cuff title, no less!) … I just might have to lie about my age and join up! (^__^)


Carmen’s “panzer-wrap”


Cuff title “Rodger Young.” You guys who are familiar with SS and some Heer units (e.g., Großdeutschland) know what I’m talking about!


Yeah. Paul Verhoeven isn’t good with subtlety. It was pretty obvious that he was making an anti-war and anti-military movie.