Army drafting policy to allow at-will PCSs from bases you don’t like

| May 25, 2022

Army Strong, unless your fee fees get hurt

Get a load of this new policy in the works. It can’t possibly be ever open to abuse. The Brandon Administration is continuing the social justice experimentation in the DoD ranks with this genius move.


Soldiers Facing Discrimination from State Laws Could Request Transfers Under Draft Army Policy

The Army is circulating a draft policy tweak that would specify that soldiers can request to move if they feel state or local laws discriminate against them based on gender, sex, religion, race or pregnancy, according to two sources with direct knowledge of the plans.

The guidance, which would update a vague service policy to add specific language on discrimination, is far from final and would need approval from Army Secretary Christine Wormuth. But if enacted, it could be one of the most progressive policies for the force amid a growing wave of local anti-LGBTQ and restrictive contraception laws in conservative-leaning states, where the Army does most of its business.

The policy would ostensibly sanction soldiers to declare that certain states are too racist, too homophobic, too sexist or otherwise discriminatory to be able to live there safely and comfortably.

“Some states are becoming untenable to live in; there’s a rise in hate crimes and rise in LGBT discrmination,” Lindsay Church, executive director of Minority Veterans of America, an advocacy group, told “In order to serve this country, people need to be able to do their job and know their families are safe. All of these states get billions for bases but barely tolerate a lot of the service members.”

If finalized, the new rules would clarify what situations would entitle a soldier to a so-called compassionate reassignment. Right now, those rules are vague but are mostly used for soldiers going through family problems that cannot be solved through “leave, correspondence, power of attorney, or help of family members or other parties,” according to Army regulations.

“Untenable to live in” my ass. They’re in the Army! Everywhere they get sent is “untenable to live”. It’s part of the sales pitch. Join the Army, live untenably. How about we focus on fixing military housing before we look into this problem that doesn’t exist needing an idiotic solution.

The SMA though has assured Congress that the service is going to take care of their people that will be impacted by a repeal of Roe v. Wade. I’m not sure what impact it would have on anyone in the service, since the Hyde Amendment prohibits use of federal monies to perform abortions (i.e. Tricare and the VA won’t pay for it).

Last week, Sergeant Major of the Army Michael Grinston, the service’s top enlisted leader, told lawmakers that the force is considering some response to the end of Roe v. Wade, though it’s unclear whether that is a separate policy being mulled by Army planners.

“The answer is yes, we are drafting policies to ensure we take care of our soldiers in an appropriate way,” Grinston told a House Appropriations Committee subpanel. “There are drafts if it were to be overturned, but that would be a decision for the secretary of the Army to decide the policy.”


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Korea will be ghost town!


I volunteered for 2ID/Korea with a follow on to Lewis after 6 winters at Ft Drum (arrived there Jan 83 when 1st Bde, under Jack Keane, was less than 50 troops). Then at 2ID I got orders to Ord because the plan was to move 7ID to Lewis until 7ID was deactivated. Branch gave me orders to Hood until I called and reminded them that I was supposed to have a follow on to Lewis and they honored that. 😜 


Spent 7 months at Ord before moving to Lewis.

Hack Stone

Real estate prices in 29 Palms will drop even more.

AW1 Rod

Yeah. Fuck orders and the needs of the service. Become an Army of Self.

Green Thumb


When you have issues with your CoC over you stepping on your dick, claim some sort of “ism” and get moved along.

Not to long before we have 5 PCS’s in a year.

Glad I am out.

The abortion thing is an odd one. Saw a lot of pregnant chicks a before deployment but only a handful carried to term. Just pointing out the obvious.


Well, freedom from butthurt, discomfort or just not liking something is a human right for progressive-raised Gen Z…

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But heaven forbid a Soldier get stationed in say Hawaii or New York where the Law unconstitutionally restricts their ability TO FUCKING CARRY A FIREARM FOR SELF- AND FAMILY-PROTECTION!


From this moment forth, I will do everything in my legal right to morally act upon your retention and recruiting goals.



Oh, yeah! Anyone who ever approaches me for advice about joining the military will get a resounding “DON’T DO IT!” from me.


SCOTUS is about to wall bang this shit back to the 1800s.
Many articles in the last week only because the elementary school shooting and that it’s on the docket to be reviewed and will probably get over turned and affect the eight states with which the Democratic leadership choose to enforce their draconian agenda on our God-given right to carry firearms.
Let’s see.

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You will go where you are told and you will like it.


Over the years, the SAC northern tier bases, the CONUS isolated, the Alaska and Korean remotes have been reduced.

But Why Not Minot, Thule and others still exist.

The Army has had something like this for decades. Back in the late 80s my sister and her husband, both Med Service Corps Officers got married. Unfortunately, she was assigned at Ft Cavazos and he was assigned at Ft Moore.

The Army let her pay for her own PCS move to Ft Moore. As the timing was such her husband was in the middle of an NTC rotation during the available time so big brother flew out from Langley and drove the U-Haul (with a 55 mph governor installed) from Texas to Georgia. Big sister had flown in earlier to help with the packing and loading.

MI Ranger

So would they be able to request a new assignment if they are sent to a State where “high Capacity” magazines are banned or gun rights restricted (i.e. New York, California, etc.)? Maybe mechanics can request a compassionate reassignment from places where restrictions are placed on after market auto parts (i.e. California…)?


No, that would be “racist,” comrade!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

This ain’t the same Military that I served in back in the day.
1963-1966 active plus inactive Reserve.
1975-1977 NYS ARNG

Green Thumb

Sergeant Major of the Army Michael Grinston is a fucking clown. He makes Tilley look good.

The Stranger

Don’t forget the Marine Corps’ SEA telling Congress that Marines would happily take a pay/benefits cut a few years back.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

While they’re at renaming bases, the one that turns out to be the most preferred for such moves will be called “Fort Safe Space.”


comment image


You can bet the farm that this is a policy guaranteed to resegregate the military. There will be black bases, gay bases, Lesbian bases, tranny bases, Latinx bases, on and on, ad infinitum.

As a result of minority self-segregation on their favored installations, there will by default be bases that are primarily white with minorities grossly underrepresented. What will come next, self-assignment to preferred units, further segregating the Army down to unit level?

Ol’ Poe thinks the idiot proponents of this idiot policy haven’t thought it through to its obvious consequences… 🙄  🙄  🙄 

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My Militia has but two rules:
1) the beer will be cold at all times
B) no fat chicks

The ledger is open and awaiting your mark!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

All I can say is Grin and beer it.


-Dog, make my mark in the ledger by the “for the duration + 6 months” term.

I’ll show up with at least 6 maybe 9 days of cooked/packed rations. After that…we’ll forage liberally upon the countryside. The 1st Racoon Ranger Raider Regiment has already reconned a likely corn patch. Intel also indicates a goodly supply of squash, zookeenies, beans, and maters. Possible fresh baked breads, pies, and cakes within the compound. Can pick up more volunteers there too. Even the young’uns are Patriotic Crack Shots.

Back in my AD Time, requesting a specific Duty Station was called The Dream Sheet ie…”Troop, you must be dreaming if you think you’re going there.”


KoB thanks for the tip on Conecuh sausage. Tried a package last week and that is a very tasty sausage, even with what remains of my cancer-ravaged taste buds.

Washes down real nice with ice-cold Yuenglings. 😉 


Dog, you talkin’ bout those fat chicks that mysteriously drop ten to fifteen pounds per cold beer?


Ol Poe, -Dog sez he never WENT to bed with a fat chick…but he did WAKE UP with some. 😜


Young Poe developed some of his best stealth movement skills egressing early AM situations such as that… 😜  😜  😜 


“Ol’ Poe thinks the idiot proponents of this idiot policy haven’t thought it through to its obvious consequences…
Unless of course, those “consequences” are the desired outcomes of said idiots..


Fyr, so true…when dealing with these Democrat snakes, there is always that consideration…

Hack Stone

So, anyone who self identifies as one or more of the LBGQT+$7*/@ community will not be deploying to any Middle East countries?


That’s it for the Middle East then. They actually kill people for being gay and have some of the most caste stratified social systems in the world.


Fort Polk is done.

Hack Stone

Ranks are going to swell at The Presidio. And every evening there will be a parade. The Precision Drill Team nails the execution of Nuts To Butts.


Thot the Presidio went in BARC one under Slick Wilie…it’s a National Park now. Unless you mean DLI?

Hack Stone

In the interest of National Safe Zones, the base will be reopened.

Prior Service

Well, on a good note, maybe I can clean house on some weak sauce Soldiers without having to lift a finger. Bye!


Where was this for Ft Drum soldiers politically opposed to the NY SAFE Act?

Let’s go back to the (rumored? thankfully never dealt with) standard that female joes who get pregnant are medically separated. Grinston can go with them.


They are then free to handle the parasite however they see fit before reenlisting.

Mustang Major

Looks like the Army will have a post in St. Petersburg, FL soon. Even money on “Fort Stonewall” (not the Confederate) as the name.

A Proud Infidel®™

Yet another “Policy” to cater to the bitchers, whiners and slackers.


This will be a great benefit for all the present-day Corporal Klingers. Just claim you are a trannie and don’t feel safe in your present duty station, especially if it is an unpleasant one overseas, like Korea or one of the Muzzie countries.


Why did this story make me think of Oxburger?
Who happens to look just like
Pennsylvania’s Lt Gov election loser Teddy Daniels?