Panel unveils nine Army base name recommendations

| May 25, 2022

Army Times has the latest from the Committee to Rewrite History Defense Department Naming Commission on some of the ‘problematic’ Army installation names.

The final list is:

  • Fort Benning, Ga. — recommended to be renamed Fort Moore, for Lt. Gen. Hal Moore and his wife, Julia. Hal Moore received the Distinguished Service Cross for heroism in the Vietnam War. Julia Moore was an advocate for military families.
  • Fort Bragg, N.C. — recommended to be renamed Fort Liberty, after the value of liberty.
  • Fort Gordon, Ga. — recommended to be renamed Fort Eisenhower, after President Dwight Eisenhower, who also served as general of the Army.
  • Fort A.P. Hill, Va. — recommended to be renamed Fort Walker, after Dr. Mary Walker, the Army’s first female surgeon.
  • Fort Hood, Tx. — recommended to be renamed Fort Cavazos, after Gen. Richard Cavazos, who received the Distinguished Service Cross for heroism in the Vietnam War
  • Fort Lee, Va. — recommended to be renamed Fort Gregg-Adams, after Lt. Gen. Arthur Gregg and Lt. Col. Charity Adams. Gregg was a key figure in the integration of black soldiers into the Army. Adams was one of the highest ranking female soldiers in World War II.
  • Fort Pickett, Va. — recommended to be renamed Fort Barfoot, after Tech. Sgt. Van T. Barfoot, a Medal of Honor recipient.
  • Fort Polk, La. — recommended to be renamed Fort Johnson, after Sgt. William Henry Johnson, a Medal of Honor recipient.
  • Fort Rucker, Ala. — recommended to be renamed Fort Novosel after Chief Warrant Officer 4 Michael J. Novosel Sr., a Medal of Honor recipient.

Several of these heroes, I’ve covered in past Valor Friday articles, or we’re otherwise discussed. I’ve put those links up above where relevant. Aside from “Fort Liberty” which seems like a real cop out on finding a worthy person to honor, the namesakes are all worthy of being honored. I can’t argue with naming a facility after a man like William Johnson, who was given the nom de guerre of “Black Death” by the enemy.

It’s a good thing we’re putting time, money, and effort into this most pressing matter and not on preparing for the war with Russia or China.

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This is a sin, straight the fk up. Also, these assholes know nothing about military or military culture. Lemme ask you a question, Swabbies? Is renaming a boat lucky?

The reason the puffs ‘in charge’ wanna rename her is because the not-so-righteous north got their asses kicked at that battle.

This churlish behavior and doesn’t have a damned thing to do with reality. But hey, after CWII: Electric Boogaloo the 4chan Army will change the second Monday in October to National Cry Blankee Day.

Seethe harder, Lefties.


I think ship names aren’t in the crosshairs is because of ships aren’t in the “public eye” like the sign out front of Ft. Bragg.
John C. Stennis was your typical Southern Democrat: for segregation, against the Civil Rights Bill, against Brown vs. Board of Education, ect…
But the USS Stennis (CVN-74) is named after him. You’d have to go on NS Norfolk and see it,
but you’d only know which carrier it was by the ’74’ on the island structure.
The CG’s with Civil War battle names are all up for retirement in the next few years, so they’re probably safe.
The Stennis might not be. You know cause changing it name will serve the Navy better. Not like increasing BAH would be a better use of funds, but whatever.


No Ft Custer, Ft Vindman, Ft Manning or Ft Red Cockaded Woodpecker?


Let’s skip all the pretenses and call them out: Fort Stalin, Hitler Depot, Camp Lenin, Fort Barrack Hussein “Turns out I’m really good at killing people” 0bummer.

I can’t wait for them to change all the street names too, it always works out so well. /s


►Ft Red Cockaded Woodpecker


Forrest Bondurant

Don’t forget Camp Auschwitz, Fort Dachau, Ravensbruck Arsenal, or Buchenwald Hospital.


Manshu Detachment 731 Barracks?


The Army ended racism, right? All solved now…we can all sing kumbaya.
These are the useless gesture that politicians pat themselves on the back about “really accomplished something”. Pfffttt…whatever.  There are many tangible things that can be done to really improve the lives of service members, but they’ll stick with changing the name of a sign, taking a few campaign pics, and tell you what a great day this was.
The new honorees seem deserving and not as politicized as one would fear given the current administration, but what has changed for the better? Nothing in my opinion.


The PCness of this bothers me, but now the Base will match the name of the Hospital in Augusta GA.

Bishop Polk had a spotty record as a field commander but was well like by his troops.

I know more about CWO-4 Novosel than I do about whoever Ft Rucker is named after.

Same with General Moore and Ft Benning.

How about we assess the costs of doing this against the TSP accounts of the Congress critters.

Daisy Cutter

The cost of rebranding logos on letterhead, buildings, trucks, etc is going to be astronomical. Also, for decades it will be like Prince trying to change his name to a symbol – the artist formally known as Prince.

Fort Liberty, the fort previously known as Fort Bragg.


‘The DoD run prison outside of Fayettenam, NC’?


Not at “Liberty” to talk?


And just think of the chaos in all the other government agencies and civilian companies that support our military installations. The support and supply trains from those sectors will likely be screwed up for a long time.

How about old DD-214’s accompanying résumés and job applications that show service at bases that aren’t to be found? Civilians are already way behind the curve on military knowledge and this will just help widen that gap.


Since people and their family members don’t serve any more, civilians are damn ignorant… you will be very right.


Bunch of sad sacks probably rename Camp Swampy.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

How about F Troops Fort Courage named after Capt. Parmenter


All decent names, surprising given the America hating leftists in charge.. Still a completely pointless PC boondoggle that will cost millions if implemented.. millions that could be much better spent elsewhere.


No gay social justice warriors? That’s hardly fair.

Green Thumb

I think the commission knew they would be pushing there luck on that one.


And it’s an OILER. Sometimes the best comedy writes itself.


Camp Milk: named after gay veteran and civil rights icon harvey milk?


There’s a lot the Army doesn’t get credit for in it’s history, but that would detract from the narrative. Yet here we are still with Harvard and Yale which were part of the slave trade.


But they now actively and openly discriminate against whites, and pander to the blm crowd, so it’s ok

MI Ranger

Curious why they didn’t stumble across the Name MSG Roy Benevitas, MoH recipient when they were trying to come up with a name for Fort Bragg, NC home of the Airborne and Special Forces of which MSG Benevitas distinguished himself often among them and is held in high esteem!

When it comes to naming and orders, they could have saved a lot of money and looked for MoH awardees with similar letters.


Not to take away anything from the persons picked for the new names, but this is total bullsh^t. Many of the names of these installations were picked “back yonder” in an effort to bring the Country together…and to fill the ranks with Patriotic Southern Americans. Southerns have long been the FIRST (ht 2 Roh-Dog) to answer the Call and contributed a higher % of their population for Military Service. And until all of this started, how many civillians (and Military Members) knew who these Forts were named after? Next to go will be the places named after Sheridan, Sherman, Custer. Ask Native Americans and Southerners how they feel about those fellows history.

If the goal is true inclusivness and “muh diversity” why can everyone but Southerners celebrate their “heritage”. Pro tip; the American Slave Trade was HQ in Noo Yawk, Rhode Island, and Bawston. In 1860, 80% of the Federal Budget came from the South (tariffs on cotton). 80% of Fed $ spent on Northern States pork.


To think a nation not even old enough to legally vote in itself, 17 scant years from the last ratifying state of Rhode Island joining the others in 1790 until 1807 when then-President Thomas Jefferson signed the Act Prohibiting the Importation of Slaves was the only, albeit regrettable, time in this nation where international slavery existed.
Any other interpretation is a legal fallacy.
If that tyrant Lincoln had pushed back on his bankster handlers and bought the freedom of our fellow countrymen, maybe the Great Unpleasantness could have been avoided.

The overwhelming majority of north and south understood full well slavery was going to extinguish itself for myriad reasons. The isolation and cheaper access to quinine and the industrialization of farming would’ve doomed it in less then a decade and EVERYONE knew it.


The South was not going to give up slavery. Not a snowflake chance in hell and the documentation of that is massive.


[T]he prejudice of race appears to be stronger in the States which have abolished slavery, than in those where it still exists; and nowhere is it so intolerant as In those States where servitude has never been known. – Democracy in America

de Tocqueville nailed it (even if taken slightly out of context). Now if you’d said something to the effect that “the former-owner southerners and the ‘enlightened northerners’ wanted to abolish and ‘recolonize’ the freed blacks back to Africa” then you’d be correct. The fear of retribution was strong amongst the plantation/port owners and the traders. In the north they just didn’t wanna call them ‘neighbor’.

The moral free men in the south, regardless of color, saw the competition of slavers and by some fashion would have ended the scourge.

It was the monied influence of the north and its corruption of southern state houses, re appointment of senators, that kept slavery alive.


“In the north they just didn’t wanna call them ‘neighbor’.”

The first historical example of NIMBY


And my fellow New Englanders should be keen to remember the injustices our forebearers committed on the black portion of the American Race, especially the burning of schools here in CT, all the way up to Boston’s not-so-past transgressions, and in doing that remembrance keep their fucking noses out of the air.

But this overreacting and placating angry mobs is the lowest form of justice. Hollow and trivial when compared to the beautiful solution we had all along: mutual respect and a spirit of remuneration by natural commerce.

I demand the ‘best man’ win. Fuck every other form of tyranny and the minds that birth the racist filth perpetuated.


“Fort Liberty?”  🙄 

Really? The biggest US army post, home to the 82nd Airborne, XVIII AIrborne Corps, JSOC, Army Special Forces, Army Special Operations and they couldn’t find ONE actual person to name the fort after? Here’s one: Fort York after Sgt Alvin York. Or Fort Gavin after MG “Jumpin’ Jim” Gavin, Commanding general of the 82nd Airborne during WWII.
I actually don’t mind renaming Bragg – Braxton Bragg was a pretty poor general anyway. But “Fort Liberty?” I’d prefer “Fort ‘Murica Fuck Yeah!”

Green Thumb

At least there is no Fort Rupal.


Don’t give the Good Idea Fairy any ideas….


Bragg was a terrible General, and not very well liked. Gordon on the other hand was a decent General as well as a post war Senator and Governor of Georgia. He was respected by friends as well as former enemies.

This picture is of the Gettysburg veterans’ reunion in 1938. If these old soldiers could welcome each other as fellow countrymen again, I don’t know why a bunch of modern-day arrogant pricks need to pick at a hundred- and sixty-year-old scab.

1938 gettysburg.jpg

I think that list is not fully gender inclusive (as I duck). 😜 


Gotta be a better name?


Ft. Cash! Works on more than one level

John Robert Mallernee

I’ve never seen or heard of one of these, and it was while I was in the United States Army, serving in the old Republic of Viet Nam with the 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile).

I do remember a couple of fellow soldiers being dismissed when we were in Basic Combat Training.

I wonder if this was the kind of Discharge they were given?


A better name for Undesirable Discharge?

How about Nocturnal Emission?


Forts Barfoot and Johnson? So many jokes to be had there…


This man should’ve been considered for the renaming of Fort Gordon:

RGR 4-78

How about naming it for MSG Garry Gordon, MOH.
Re-name Bragg as Fort Shughart. for SFC Randy Shughart, MOH.


Because that would be a respectful and honorable thing to do, if it had to be done at all.

Prior Service

Ambivalent on changing names overall, but I unimpressed with the final effort. Lots of missed marks, overall, combined with a couple instances of woke pandering. (Not taking anything away from any of these individuals though.)

So I live on Fort Benning and my mail comes to the town of Fort Benning. Will I now live on Fort Moore but get my mail at Fort Benning? It’s all so confusing….


“…a couple instances of woke pandering…”

More than a couple, and it would appear, selected more for their race or gender than for combat heroism and actual accomplishments. If they couldn’t come up with POC’s with better qualifications than my research has found that commission appears to have failed badly.

And hey, what about our Jewish brothers in arms? Ft. Rubin has a nice ring to it and Cpl Tibor Rubin actually distinguished himself both in combat and as a POW in the Korean War. He was a Holocaust survivor to boot. Oh, that’s right, many new libs are viciously antisemitic, aren’t they?


“.[M]any new libs are viciously antisemitic, aren’t they?”



But in their case, it’s excused behavior… 🙄 


On Christmas of 1868, a full pardon was granted to ALL confederate military. So what’s really the reason for renaming?
President Andrew Johnson on this day in 1868 issued pardons to all Confederate soldiers who fought in that conflict. The president extended “unconditionally, and without reservation … a full pardon and amnesty for the offence [sic] of treason against the United States, or of adhering to their enemies during the late Civil War, with restoration of all rights, privileges, and immunities under the Constitution and the laws.”


And many went on to serve the country with distinction. After the war, there were four former Confederate generals who served as generals in the U.S. Army during the Spanish-American War. They were Gen. Fitzhugh Lee, Gen. Joseph Wheeler, Gen. Thomas Rosser and Gen. Matthew C. Butler.

After the war, 15 Confederate Officers served as U.S. ambassadors or ministers to foreign countries. James Longstreet was minister to Turkey, and the “Gray Ghost”, John Mosby was US Commissioner to Hong Kong.

Eighteen former Confederate soldiers served as college presidents including Robt. E. Lee.



Gen. E. Porter Alexander was appointed by President Grover Cleveland to arbitrate and supervise the surveying of the boundary of the Panama Canal.

Three former Confederate generals served as U.S. Commissioners of Railroads, one of the most important posts in the United States government in the post-war (westward expansion) period. They were Gen. Joseph Johnston, Gen. James Longstreet and Gen. Wade Hampton.

A Proud Infidel®™

WELL GEEE FUCKIN’ WHIZ, I thought that world peace was supposed to have broken out as soon as the statues came down and the “offensive” corporate mascots were done away with! I’m talking “happy-happy joy, joy” with Smurfette getting cornholed by the Care Bears, etc. given the way the leftard politicians described it.


Renaming? No way! Would I have to change the name of my place of birth? I was born at Ft. Benning, my brother at Ft. Bragg.

Oh what to do??????


I dunno, there may be some problems with Fort Eisenhower.

Ike was an admirer of General Lee… CRIMETHINK!!!!