Got Gas? Yeah, Me Neither…..

| May 16, 2022

Well, Boys and Girls, Children of All Ages, I don’t really have “newsy news” to report, but the article attached above should give you a real clue to what the Hopeless (or is that Helpless?) Idiot in the Seat of President is doing, especially since he’s the “beck and call girl” of the Democraps these days. He just does whatever he’s told to do and probably can’t even tell you what he said during any of his pronouncements in the recent (or even distant) past.

But in this case, he complains that the cost of fuel (gas, heat, truckers, etc.) is too high and prices should come down, and wants the oil industry (per the article) to “pump more crude”. Then he contradicts himself by canceling oil lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico and up in Alaska, per the article I posted above. He’s even blaming poor old Putin for high gas prices, when it’s his own doing and Putin was busy bombing Ukraine’s infrastructure and doing his utmost to destroy Ukraine in general. (That isn’t working out well for Vlad.)

To say that there is a disconnect here is a polite way to say that he has no idea what he’s doing, and probably can’t remember which side of the carpet he woke up on this morning.

The classic reference comes from our old friend, Will Shakespeare: It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. (MacBeth, Act V, Scene 6) and therein lies the reference “life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage…”, which aptly describes our sitting president.

How will it end? As all such stories do: with tears, and a journey. And we, the people, will see it through to journey’s end. I know we can do it. We’re Americans, aren’t we?

We must be patient.

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The old saying Better to be silent and thought a fool then speak and remove all doubt definitetly applies to Bidet. Then again we knew this a long time ago.


This is a little dated but:

The multipolar world is attempting to sooth the sting of debts outstanding w/o crashing markets. ‘Soft landing’?!

Soft for whom?

If food consumes more than 40% of a families’ budget, probability of chaos is 90+%!
The food riots over the last two years: India, S. Africa, Nigeria, Peru, Malaysia…
Now: India (again), Sri Lanka, Iran…
Soon: Everyone else? Seriously, Egypt is about to burn. Pakistan, Colombia, Philippines, Turkey, Peru (again), Argentina, Mexico, Indonesia, South Africa (again), Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Brazil, Chile, etc are all subject to grain shortages from the Ukr/RF situation, plus many on that list have their currency blowing up (Turkey is a HUGE mess).

This ain’t bad, no, this is going to be much worse. With fuel prices marching higher… it’s a weapon, or the biggest FK up in any of our lives.


I went food shopping early this morning. Lot of stuff is outdated
if it’s there at all. Lot of empty shelves.
At least it is planting season here.Should be some good healthy
local food available in the Fall except for all the farmland that has gone woke with magic solar panels.


Seeing some of the same here in the Nutmeg State. Way back (2012-13ish), when I could tolerate-ish NRP they had a local reporting about CT not having enough arable land to feed its population.

My first reaction? “Well, fuuuuuuu k.”

Since, with the knowledge of how the ‘economy’ had been ‘saved’ in ’08/’09, I had a sneaking suspicion the current malaise could happen, and swiftly at that.

The ability to insulate against systemic price shocks IS the highest form of terrestrial security, yet, solar farms and tickytac shacks thrown up everywhere to pad property tax receipts.


Check out the yoy change in grains…


Down in the short term, higher over all. Some of that is seasonal (feb-may dip).

All I know, is every input is higher, supply down (cull) and costs of shipping up will equal a drastic price increase, or unobtaniumification (h/t to rgr769. did i do that right?!)

Got [livestock]?


Once diesel fuel becomes almost unobtainum in the Eastern states, you are going to see even more empty shelves. But don’t fret, Gropey Joe’s bandaHo’s will soon come to save the day with those battery-powered big rigs. Just ask Hondo.


I’m done with the magic beans, empty promises and emptier skulls.
My shelves go barren things’ll get 1215* x 1776 up in dis bizitch.

*Magna Carta


Diesel or Heating’s all the same #2 oil.
They are forcing people to abandon oil heat and install a chinese made heat pump on the side of the house. The electric grid can’t handle the now largely reactive power factor of the load.


Da, comrade, is how we’ll achieve oligarchical Socialist agrarian utopia when it collapses!


comment image


In fairness to Joe it wasn’t just his shitty energy policy that gave us run away food inflation prices and baby formula shortages. It was also his shitty foreign policy and health policies that helped those along.


I think it is either hapless or possibly feckless

George V

How will it end? Do a search for “Sri Lanka food riots”.

Many causes but the worst last one was banning the use of chemical fertilizer which tanked agriculture in a once self-supporting, food exporting nation.


That is a straight up Atlas Shrugged move.


“We must be patient.” Nope! Sorry, not sorry, MiLady. This American is out of patience. And the patient, the USA, is slowly being murdered by the domestic enemies that have been annointed to “fundamentally change the face of America”. All of the talk about changing things in the mid-term elections? NOT.GONNA.HAPPEN! Elections will go the way controllers of the Dominion Voting System want it to go. Despite what LC & Blithering Idiot Spapos says, the 2020 election was stolen. We were “voted” into this mess, and are probably going to have to shoot our way out of it. The Patriots are being overwhelmed with an army of illegals & terrorists pouring over the border, spending power being depleted by Bidenflation, and children being indoctrinated by the school system.

The politicians stirred, We, the People against one another for a power grab in 1860. They’re doing it again, now.

Rise Up Resist Revolt Rebel


The They only get what they can beg, borrow or steal.

I yield no more. I do NOT CONSENT!

Mike Vanderboegh, the faithful “seditionist” on 20APR13. I was there and oblivious to the fact history was before me.

Rest In Peace Mister Vanderboegh.


I’m sure that Pedo Joe will, after the illegals are distributed to the red states around the country, issue an executive order that they must be allowed to vote in the coming election. Even if the move is found to be illegal, it’ll take years for the action to wind it’s way through the courts. Meanwhile, guns will outlawed, speech will be criminalized more than it is, and the true, blue states will receive the food.


I just hope if it came to that the law enforcement and military would side with those who have the best interests of the country and law abiding, honest citizens in mind. That has always been my main fear.

The left and dedicated left wing voters do NOT have what is best in mind.


We went from one of the best executive energy policies in decades to the worst over night and now we are paying for it.


$27 (5 gallons) to fill my bike today in Vermont.



Not enough waifu body pillows in that meme to be taken seriously. What Would Joe Drivel [or Double-talk]?




Put two lightening bolts on each side of the head and it looks like the 13th Harp Weather Modification units patch.

The Makers of Dark Winters is their motto is the scuttlebutt.


We’re gonna need a bigger ‘chippah.

nutzing tu zee heer.png
Hack Stone

Remember when President Trump’s policies destroyed the economy, allowed inflation to run rampant, left billions of dollars worth of military hardware in the hands of our enemies, gave a green light to Vladimir Putin to invade a sovereign nation, allowed millions of unvaccinated undocumented illegal aliens to cross into the country and dispersed throughout the country in the dead of the night, caused the price of fuel to more than double in one year, caused massive food shortages to include baby formula, and somehow created a shortage of fertilizer?

Me neither.


But there were mean Tweets! /sarc

RGR 4-78

The butt hurt was strong with the left.


Butthurt about everything is their way of life.


I was thinking today about all the “get out and vote” stuff I’ve been getting for the local GOP Primary run-off.

Then I thought – this may be the *real* election, the local and state Demon-rats most likely don’t have any real hope of winning in today’s political environment.


Then I thought – this may be the *real* election, the local and state Demon-rats most likely don’t have any real hope of winning in today’s political environment.” That is of course assuming that it’s a fair and honest election… IMHO a pretty big assumption these days


Found this to-day:


There Is No Voting Our Way Out of This

not gonna lie, a chuckle was had, then a tear, then a beer….


The Great State of Texas has really cracked down on ballot security.
So much so that my brother’s mail in ballots have twice been rejected. Once by a “helper” at the nursing home who didn’t know what she was doing, and another time by me not getting it in the mail soon enough.
Made sure his run-off ballot and State Constitutional Amendment ballot got in the mail well in advance – with every “t” crossed and every “i” dotted, I hope.


Good on ya GB. Glad to see that outside of some bastions of idiocy, Texas is mostly still on the right path..
Speaking of which, I took the first steps today towards making a move to that great state possible.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

What a gas reading all the above comments, and I can gas that things will return to normal in 2024 I gas.


“We must be patient.”

Small victories, Ex. They’re starting.


“The United Spot” on YouTube.

Oh yeah……FJB and the horses azzes that rode in with him!!


Fuck Joe Biden.
Fuck Joe Biden.
Fuck Joe Biden.
Fuck Joe Biden.
Fuck Joe Biden.
Fuck Joe Biden.
Fuck Joe Biden.
Fuck Joe Biden.
Fuck Joe Biden.
Fuck Joe Biden.

A Proud Infidel®™

I think that anymore we need two sets of gas pumps at every station, one set for the Trump Voters who will pay around $2 a gallon and the other for the Biden-heads who will have to pay around $10 a gallon!