No Good Deed…

| May 16, 2022

Face only a mother could love. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Edward D. Holzapfel)

…goes unpunished as they say. Different times- the P-3 extended navigation training flights to NAS Brunswick, Maine, were called Lobster Runs for a very good reason.

Andy11M sends.

Air Force disciplines C-130 crew for ‘unplanned’ landing to pick up motorcycle in Martha’s Vineyard

“This personal stop was an abuse of government assets.”


Five Air Force reservists have been disciplined after using a military aircraft to make an unauthorized landing at Martha’s Vineyard in March to pick up a crew member’s vintage motorcycle, the Air Force’s 403rd Wing announced on Wednesday.

The crew members are part of the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron based at Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi. Also known as the ‘Hurricane Hunters,’ the 53rd flies modified transport planes called WC-130Js into tropical storms to gather essential weather data for planners across the East Coast. This particular crew was flying in the New England area on March 25 when they made a stop at Martha’s Vineyard, unbeknownst to their leadership at the 403rd Wing at Keesler, to pick up a crewmember’s 1970 BMW R75/5 motorcycle. The aircraft was spotted by local residents eating lunch at a restaurant near the airport, and the story soon went national after being reported first by the Martha’s Vineyard Times.

Task & Purpose

Maybe Martha’s Vinyard wasn’t the best choice for this little evolution, hmm?

Thanks, Andy.

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Wonder whose moto sickle they picked up? And how much it cost to send the Kongress Kritters to their photo op in the ‘Kraine? Or it costs to send SanFranNan to SF every week? Need I go on?

BTW…The Herky Bird can land AND take off on a carrier. Can the P-3/P-8 do that? Jes’ sayin’. Maybe if Lockheed hadda put the motors and wings on the P3 properly it could. (ducks)



The Stranger



C130 doing the short and dirty.

RGR 4-78

Dangit KOB. when you gonna stop messin with the Naughty Culls, they had just about settled down and you had to put them on ice, man.


It’s what I do. Not scared of any danger zone, my goose has long been cooked, their loving feeling for me has been lost, and the 2nd place trophy is waiting for them in the Ladies Room.

Besides….it was my day to be “that guy”. Check the DA 6 posted on the bulletine board in the Orderly Room.


“It’s time for the big one”



Eeic (The OC Tanker)

MOPP 4 in effect!


— UGH —

The Stranger

Hey, if Kelly McGillis is in the ladies room, you’ll know where to find me. Funny thing, I seem to remember a movie from the ‘90’s with Val Kilmer playing a blind guy who had his sight restored. I think Mira Sorvino played his girlfriend and Kelly McGillis played his older sister. 2 actors from the “movie that shall not be named.”

Slick Goodlin

Like me, Kelly McGillis has expanded into a
“target-rich environment”


She was once an F16, now she’s a C17


C-5 plus






All good point stuff in the first paragraph KoB.

The Stranger

Well, I would tend to agree that seeing an aircraft having lunch at a local restaurant would get my attention. I wonder what the Herc ordered?

I think they meant “aircrew.”


I was thinking the same thing… Gotta love “journalists”

MI Ranger

The journalist was correct in how he wrote it. The locals sitting at a restaurant near the airfield saw the plane land…and the crew loading a civilian (pre 1972 BMW based on the logo…which he could see) motorcycle on board, got suspicious of how their tax money was being spent.
This aircrew screwed up not in landing there, but in being obvious in what was going on the plane. If it had been properly crated no one would be the wiser!

Crew Chiefs were always a bane to my existence, they would nit pick about fluids until it was their time being wasted…then it was get it on the plane!


Did they BUZZZ obammma’s beach front property?
“Rising oceans are the #1 threat we have!”


Pretty sure it’s restricted airspace around JEF’s abode. The perks of being a former POTUS.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

What’s the big deal, Back in 1970 the 2 crew members I was with as a guard picked up the messengers gas lawn mower at his house and put it on the truck to take to a repair shop in New Hyde Park LI NY.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

It’s Plane to see that the bike isn’t a rice burner.

George V

When I was in training at NAS Kingsville in the 1970’s, cross-country training flights sometimes involved the pickup and delivery of Coors beer to areas lacking such a beverage. But it didn’t involve landing at non-military bases.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I remember when Coors beer had the two holes on the top of the can that you pushed down to open. This was before the product was pasturized and had to be on ice all the time. this I heard when hanging out in the Central Inn Bar at the time. Couple of guys in the bar one night took off with coolers and went cross country from the east coast untill they found a place selling the brew. I recovered 3 cans of coors that fell off a truck at the Unites Airlines freight loading platform in Newark NJ (EWR) While awaiting a freighter to take off with our materal onboard. Didn’t see anything great about the brew when I popped the can.


Only the Cisco Kid drinks coors and he comes in plastered…down by the border, anyways…

The Stranger

The funny thing about the Cisco Kid is that “Cisco” is short for Francisco, and his sidekick Pancho, well, Pancho is another nickname for Francisco. So, in that program, the protagonist and his sidekick both had the same name. I’ll leave you all with this:

By the way, speaking of the band War, there is one thing that I have never understood…why the fuck is it that whenever you hear “Lowrider” in a movie, there’s a Mexican or Chicano character on the screen? There wasn’t a single Mexican, Mexican-American, or Hispanic of any stripe in that band. As someone of Mexican descent, it’s just confusing to me.

*Rant off*




I really don’t see what the big deal is. People go out to off-limits bars in government rentals because winners don’t worry about ‘rules’ or ask for permission!

It’s not like while at The Vineyard these Zoomies were gonna get shot at with an AK like some people get shot at outside of a hippityhop bar in Killeen Tex-ass.

Or, it’s not like they landed at COS and headed up Pikes Peak with half-and-halfs* in a gov rental and their ‘pilot’ suffers from bad altitude sickness, smokes the brakes on the way down… while drunk. (Someone told him to gear limit by down shifting, but nooooo. 100% middle pedal, riding it like a fck)

*Half-and-half: a beverage consisting of a bottled beverage such as soda, iced tea, fruit juice that is then poured out to halfway and then filled with a high proof alcohol beverage (vodka, whiskey, rum, etc).

Allegedly! I’m gonna give the canned response until it happens: you can leave me chained to this bench, I ain’t saying shit until my lawers here


And to think, I got the biggest ass chewing and threatened with a Art 15 for misuse of a gov vehicle from the CSM for taking the duty van to the post BK because it was a cold nasty German weekend.


Had a BSA 441 Victor in Germany but I rode it to Antwerp in a
rainstorm and put it on a ship for New Jersey.
Flew to Newark to pick it up and rode it back to Boston in a
snowstorm. Then went off to Viet of the Nam.
No government funds were used. I didn’t have any.

Steve 1371

I had a 61 BSA Road Rocket just before I enlisted. Wish I still had that one. Last year of production before unitized engine and transmission bikes. Vibrated so bad your fingers would go numb after 50 miles but looked way cool. Remember to bring along your tools to tighten things up and stop the leaks.


“tools” you mean “spanners”


It’s a good thing that no civilians were ever watching us unload when we returned from a deployment to Roosey Roads.


When I was in a P-3 squadron at Barbers, we used to make a “flower run” to Hilo pretty often. Pilots dropped us off and they then engaged in some Dedicated Fuel Waste while we went to Spivey’s flower shop to pick up bouquets for the significant others. Fun times.

Bill R.

My roommate and best friend had a massive stroke at 25 years old in 1982. After all was said and done, his mom arranged for some friends to come and pick up his 80 Harley Lowrider. These friends happened to be in the Tennessee Air National Guard and they flew their C-130 to Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, picked up the motorcycle, and flew it back to Knoxville. I guess times were different back then.