Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| March 29, 2022

What’s a woman? Nobody knows.

Science doesn’t know

The club doesn’t know either

Child Abuse

A rose by any other name…


Educate yourself

Open racism

This can’t possibly go wrong

This is a great summary of NY Democrats in a single photo

This isn’t porn?

Safe and effective

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It seems that most of the “adults” that are interested in sexualizing kids don’t have kids of their own. They are “adults” trapped in perpetual emotional childhood, so they see children, not adults, as the objects of their sexual fantasy. The green haired, multi-piercing, hairy arm-pitted third grade teacher that wants/encourages kids to sexualize is a sexual predator with designs on exploiting children. We all know that Leftist ideology always denies what they are truly wanting.
“We don’t teach CRT” then freak out when told you CAN’T teach CRT.
“We said you can’t sexualize 5–8-year-olds” then freak when told you can’t sexualize 5-8-year-olds.
What was that song…”We’re coming for your children…


We still don’t have any of that in our schools. If we ever did it would have been home school for us.


And they mean “cumming” also, unfortunately…
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Uh-oh, Disney’s gone off the deep end over LGBT:


As an objective individualist who like taking care of his kids I am now identified as a white superracist. However; I have never once had the urge to grab a mirror and inspect my own asshole to see what is going on down there.


“Objectively” sex is binary. I’ll “defend” that in “open conflict” and I don’t care if “I’m the only one” to do so.

These morons are not at all tolerant and my greatest joy is to remind them of that fact on the reg.


Have your handlers write that down on a cue card in case there are questions.

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I’ll have you know I earned 20 Good Boy Tokens for this response. 5 way from tendies with Sweet Baby Ray’s!

Thank you for your support!


The reality is that they are doing everything they can to squelch women back down into the mud, right where they want us. If that weren’t so, why else are these creatures trying to desperately to defeat women in every sport, like that male swimmer who declared himself female and, because he came in 10th in some event as a “guy”, went to the “gals'” event and beat all the women there?


Which I don’t understand. How did we create a generation with a vast sum of individuals with an allergy to fair competition?

It seems that feelz have become more important than the earned outcomes, be damned the consequences.

“Between the idea
And the reality
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the shadow
…but a whimper.”
The Hollow Men, T.S. Eliot



I’m viewing it as a rerun of the distant past, e.g., Roman period, Middle Ages, etc., when women were “put in their place” and regarded as “things”.

It’s nothing new, just a rerun of the past.


They have been raised on the concept that competition is wrong and everyone deserves to feel good. Any real competition, whether in keeping score in a soccer game or debating opposing views, is anathema.


A woman is a female human of child bearing age.
A female is one of two possible sexes, a male being the other.

Everything else is either a physical or mental anomaly.
Or both.


Well, it is RARE, but occasionaly there are human children born with the genitals of both sexes. There are also, in some species, offspring born with no visible genitals, such as a male horse (colt) born with no visible testicles, called a cryptorchid.


As an anesthesiologist with 30 years of experience I’ve been present at literally thousands of births.

And I have never seen a case of hermaphrodite sex organs on a newborn.

They have been reported in the scientific literature, but my personal experience over a lifetime says that they are vanishingly rare


I have an answer to the problem.


Left/libtards call the kid “racist” and get hysterical now.


In re: the gender queer literature: vulgarity seems to be a passion with the overlords of Who is What, and What is Who.