Biden: I’m Not Walking Anything Back

| March 29, 2022


Cognitive distortion:
An exaggerated or irrational thought pattern involved in the onset or perpetuation of psychopathological states, such as depression and anxiety. Cognitive distortions are thoughts that cause individuals to perceive reality inaccurately.

Biden’s NATO summit presented an opportunity for the president to reassert the United States’ leadership on the global stage, after Kamala’s disastrous European visit. Sadly this did not occur. There were four major gaffes Biden made that had to be *cough* clarified by his White House handlers.

  • Sanctions were never intended to deter Putin from invading Ukraine.
  • Implied the 82nd Airborne would be deployed in-country to Ukraine.
  • Stated the United States’ reaction to Russia’s use of chemical weapons would trigger “a response in kind.”
  • Called for Putin’s ouster, as he “cannot remain in power.”

His White House handlers repeatedly scrambled to back-pedal from his extemporaneous statements.  Despite these efforts, Biden avowed in an interview Monday that he was not walking his Putin statement back.

Biden: ‘I’m not walking anything back’ on whether Putin should be in power

Naomi Lim, White House Reporter

President Joe Biden is standing by his statement that Russian President Vladimir Putin should not remain in power, saying he was speaking to the Russian people but not calling for regime change in Moscow.

“I’m not walking anything back. The fact of the matter is I was expressing the moral outrage I felt,” Biden told reporters at the White House Monday.

Biden cited Putin’s “brutality” again on Monday, adding he made the comment after meeting some Ukrainian refugees who fled to Poland amid the war.

“But I want to make it clear I wasn’t then, nor am I now, articulating a policy change,” he said. “I was expressing moral outrage that I feel. I make no apologies for it.”

Biden angered Moscow and upset European partners, including French President Emmanuel Macron, when he ad-libbed the line, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power” at the end of remarks delivered in Warsaw on Saturday.

Washington Examiner

International media also was quick to blast Biden for his unscripted remark, concluding it was a gaffe that damaged the effort to support Ukraine during the ongoing Russian invasion. That Putin will use it as a propaganda bonanza is a given.

The thought of Biden on the 2024 ballot is laughable. The question is, how much more damage can the US tolerate until then?

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USMC Steve

As regards Putin staying in power, I am rather surprised that most of Europe, who if this man is left unchecked and alive, will suffer for his actions sooner or later, seems so upset that Biden accidentally said what most of us are thinking. Putin needs dead before he kills everybody. I hate it when Biden and I agree on anything.


I’m just as worried about the Dementia Poster Boy accidentally triggering World War III than I am Putin doing so, if not more.

Putin is simply doing what Russian leadership has been doing since the mid/late 1200s (Muscovy) – e.g., expand its territory whenever possible until opposition becomes strong enough to stop the expansion. We may view him as evil, and what he’s doing isn’t necessarily in our national interests. But viewed from that perspective, it’s quite rational.

IMO he’s not going to start World War III unless backed into a corner with no way out. Remember: Khrushchev didn’t start World War III during the Cuban Missile Crisis – because we didn’t back him into a corner with no way out.

I’m not sure I can say the same about Biden. I’m beginning to wonder if he has sufficient mental capacity to understand the ramifications of his words and actions when it comes to an international crisis situation. He just might accidentally put Putin in a “no way out” corner.


Uh, no, Joey doesn’t, and sometimes doesn’t seem to know where he is.


Remember when all the important people were castigating Trump for his big mouth & tweets because *anything* and *everything* a President says is critical to the future of all mankind?


Yep. And if he’s had a bit better control over his tongue, IMO he’d likely still be POTUS today.


IMO Special Interest groups, Lying Media and crooked G officials stole the election from The People. I will take a dangerous truth teller then this…. 🇺🇸 


I enjoyed listening to Trump. He was a breath of fresh air, at least to me.

He wasn’t polished like career politicians. He was a construction manager who was gruff when needed. And as anybody who has worked in the trades knows, sometimes gruff is all people understand.

Washington elites are just mad because he disrupted their money making scheme and opened more than a few eyes to what was going on.


This meme started life as a joke, but not so much anymore…

biden with football.jpg

“I hate it when Biden and I agree on anything.”

I’ve been thinking the same thing after watching a clip of that news conference. At the end I was actually rooting for him against the press. Lesser of two evils, I guess.

The good news is that Biden will be gone in 3 years. The bad news is that the press won’t.


Putin ain’t cornpop.


Pedo Joe can’t walk back what he can’t remember.


81 million getting buyer’s remorse?

Hack Stone

Tough times make for hard men….

You know the rest. We can take comfort in knowing that the Biden Harris Administration has fucked every aspect of American and foreign life, and there is no way that a Democrat can (honestly) be elected in 2024.

If White House staff are constantly issuing rebuttals to what he has said, then just who is running this country?


Who? Not Joe Biteme.

Hack Stone

Time for Hillary Clinton to show up with that reset button. Can she set it for early November 2020?


Hillary 2024! She’s tanned, rested and ready!


Plus, she has a fresh outfit from Omar the tent maker.

Maybe Hillary is who bil was referring to when he said he did not have sex with that woman.

AW1 Rod

Tucker Carlson addressed this issue at some length last night.


Putin is pissing off the oligarchs who essentially put him into the seat of power in Moscow. Poorly trained military, running roughshod over farmland that produces a huge tonnage of marketable grains, and no real plan of attack other than just go shoot the place up.
There is some rumbling in those in Moscow, whether he thinks so or not. He may have shot himself in the foot with this attack on Ukraine.
He was put into the seat of power, and he’s screwing up badly. I don’t give him too much longer on the job.


“He was put into the seat of power, and he’s screwing up badly. I don’t give him too much longer on the job.” …are you still talking about Putin?  🤔 

A Proud Infidel®™

Here’s hoping they get rid of him like the Politburo did with Khrushchev.


For the love of God; he was literally reading the “moral outrage” comments off of cue cards to avoid straying off message. We need to invoke the 25th, rinse, wash repeat and run it through about five cycles…. or just wait until the new congress is sworn in. I’m willing to bet he won’t make to the election for that very reason. If Hillary doesn’t shank him he will probably have a stroke just trying to keep up.

This can not continue. It is a slow moving train wreck and just about everyone sees it right now. Every single policy move he has made has been a failure and making things worse. He is like King Midas except everything he touches turns to shit.


With his massive TV screen with text or the TOTUS screens, Brandon still needs printed notes of his talking points for a presser. Couple that with his earpiece, and it is clear that he is a meat puppet manipulated by his staffers/handlers. Unfortunately for them, he frequently goes off script and adlibs.


Problem with invoking the 25th is that the VP takes over if the POTUS is found to be incompetent.

Do you really want Harris as POTUS? I’m not sure she’d be much if any improvement over Joey-boi.

Last edited 2 years ago by Hondo

Indeed. The thought of that 1-2-3 lineup causes me a certain amount of discomfort. I am also certain it causes the long lines at my local liquor store (another reason to dump the Democrats).


No one has established a reason for removal of Harris beyond “we don’t like her” . She may be an awful hack, but there is no demonstrated “incapacity” . She won’t be impeached, either. And were Biden removed, she is sworn in and nominates VP-next, so Nancy says put.

This is exactly why Harris was chosen.

Biden finishes his term unless he resigns or has a major obvious physical failure. Even then, I expect meat-puppet-pres before a Harris admin.



Rinse, wash, repeat five cycles.

Here is the problem for the Dem’s.

If Brandon makes it to the election and then even CNN starts calling him out for being a gibbering idiot then they will have to get the VP replacement through an unfriendly Congress. They could end up with some kind of “centrist”, maybe even Romney. If Biden drops dead now they can stick the Hildebeast in there or some other Dem Machine vetted pol but most likely Hildebeast or Pocahontas. They can then dump Harris at the first opportunity.


They have some very large issues, namely the anti-freedom contingent won’t stfu.


There is no way the Republicans would be stupid enough to go along with an impeachment of Harris. She will do immense damage to the Donk brand, and block any meaningful replacement. Besides, doing so would end a meaningful presidency. They would sit at the pleasure of Congress, and more often than not, that is donk.

And Harris won’t nominate anyone who would be preferable. To anyone. she is not bright, but not suicidally stupid.


“There is no way the Republicans would be stupid enough to_______”



Don’t underestimate Republican stupidity.


Nah, Jill Biden is next in line. We’ll have an Edith Wilson situation here. 😁


What makes you think we don’t have that right now?


Harris was chosen by Biden to make his removal unthinkably painful.

Hack Stone

And that’s why Obama had Biden as Vice President.


I love this factoid. Brandon admitted to a questioning reporter that he had not seen “any” of the Senate hearings on his Supreme Court nominee. But the day before the Whitehouse posted detailed comments about Brandon’s reactions, statements, and discussions of his watching of the hearings.


Elect this guy. He’s a much better puppet. Never goes off-script.




What is a shocker to me is there are folks out there who think President Lincoln was a TRAITOR to our Nation.


Full disclosure, I only used Lincoln ‘cuz I remember this animatronic show from my childhood. Way back when Disneyland was all about fun and adventure, not political indoctrination.


OK, hang with me for a minute….(Yes I know I have to drop the AoI over in the Major Douchebag Brandon Bailey and not the giant whore Charles M. Cranston Jr thread.)
SO, remember when everyone said that Trump was the greatest because he was unpredictable? He kept the leaders on their toes because they have no idea what he’d do next??
OK, so stick with me…WHAT, just what if Gropy Demented JOE was put in place by the background puppet handlers to seem off kilter and the other leaders would not be able to guess what he’s going to do next and wouldn’t be completely helpless in making an informed decision based on his shenanigans?? I mean, forget the whole premise of making the U.S. look like complete weak shitbags, BUT, hey, he’s completely unpredictable.
Huh?? Maybe?? It could work out. (Yeah, I know, I’m trying to polish a T-rex sized turd here but…)

Last edited 2 years ago by ChipNASA
E-4 Mafia

I’m not alone in believing obam’allah is actually the President and is – like he said in an interview – running the US at home in his underwear using his pen.


We are soooooooo screwed……

Have to admit, would rather have him in office than the VP…

And would rather pay $4.50 for a gallon of gas than NOT having ANY gas…

What was I saying? Oh. yea…We are sooooo screwed….


It was bound to happen….

Here are some comments:

“Wow, the animatronic can actually finish sentences. That’s immersion breaking…”

“The parodies are better, whey they use Biden’s actual nonsensical words…

“This isn’t realistic. Bident’s robot doesn’t talk about his hairy legs, Corn Pop or his son, Beau…

“Look at those looks he’s getting from all the other Presidents..”

“Never thought I’d hear “To Preserve, Protect and Defend The Constitution of the United States” come out of Biden’s mouth..”

 😅  😆 


That’s no Animatronic figure, that IS Joe Biden! I see Obama’s hand up his ass!



RGR 4-78

I wish I had been in the room with Obama (just to see his reaction), when Joe said, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power”.

Prior Service

Is it wrong of me to wish I could stay in past my mandatory retirement date just to have a different signature on my retirement certificate?


Part of the reason I bailed in 2007, rather than have Baldsack
OIdbummer on my certificate.


I retired in 2012. Dammit.


Unfortunately, I also retired under that particular SCoaMF regime.


The retirement letter of appreciation can be signed by any surviving President upon request:


I’d love one from Trump after the fact. Not an option on their form. Oh well. *sad trombone*  😢 


I want mine signed by Roosevelt. Teddy, not Franklin.


I declined to reenlist in 1980 until after Carter was defeated. Only one of us was gonna go on in his job… turned out to be me.


Where’s a pissed off JAL Driver when one is needed?

The Stranger

Clancy reference?


Yep. Debt of Honor ending.


You all realize the “dementia” is an act, right? He is a pathological liar. He is lying.

It is an act to ensure he cannot be prosecuted, when the inevitable occurs and someone outs such an outrageous corruption that even the soulless Donkpartei cannot pretend all is well.

“Let the poor old man retire in peace! He cannot understand what is going on, so a trial is pointless!” (And others might be held accountable, so…)

It’s an act.


So, you are saying Joe is just acting like he has dementia, like that NYC mafia mobster that walked around on the street in his bathrobe and pajamas and pretended to be nutz.


People fake PTSD and other afflictions for gain. Biden is a proven plagerist and pevaricator. His whole life is a grifter story.

Big Lie from the Big Guy.

Hack Stone

When Joe Biden said “ For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power”, he was not advocating for regime change in Russia, but deposing Hack Stone from the highly regarded and rarely awarded title of First Post For This Ain’t Hell Weekend Open Thread.


Watch your back for demiboi fembots in rainbow trench coats with umbrellas under clear skies.

Also, don’t accept beverages from someone who may know all the Sondheim songbook.

Hack Stone

Is it okay to RSVP definitely attending that midnight picnic at Fort Marcy Park?