Putin Vows to “Cleanse” Russia of Dissadents

| March 18, 2022

Russia dictator Vladimir Putin stated he would cleanse Russia of the “scum and traitors” he accuses of working for the U.S. and its allies, as his government steps up pressure on domestic critics of his war in Ukraine.

Facing economic sanctions due to the invasion, the Russian leader accused the West of wanting to destroy Russia. His remarks are darkly reminiscent of Stalinist purges in the 1930’s, which killed or imprisoned millions.

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Putin calls for ‘cleansing’ Russia of dissident ‘scum and traitors’

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the U.S. and other western nations are trying to divide Russian society and provoke civil unrest, and that Russia should cleanse itself of dissident “scum and traitors.”

In a Kremlin transcript of a meeting on socio-economic issues in Russia, Putin said, “The collective West is trying to divide our society using, to its own advantage, combat losses and the socioeconomic consequences of the sanctions, and to provoke civil unrest in Russia and use its fifth column in an attempt to achieve this goal.”

Putin said the goal of the west is to “destroy Russia.”

“But any nation, and even more so the Russian people, will always be able to distinguish true patriots from scum and traitors and will simply spit them out like an insect in their mouth, spit them onto the pavement,” Putin said.

American Military News

Nearly 15,000 people have been detained at anti-war protests in Russia since Putin ordered the invasion, according to rights organizations. Further, Russia has adopted a media law that threatens 15 year prison terms for spreading “fake news” about its military, or calling for sanctions against the country.

He is also likely carrying out an internal purge of general officers and intelligence personnel, according to the Institute for the Study of War, a Washington, D.C., think tank.

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“Inside every progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out.” David Horowitz.


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Just throwing this out there…funny how our minds work…

Hitler JFK.png

Keith Olbermann to star in Wizard of Oz remake as the scarecrow….


Putin miscalculated his people’s thirst for war. Not as many Soviets left as he would have hoped.


Sounds like a good plan Vlad. Tell ya what…we’ll swap you some of our domestic enemies for some of yours. The advantage you’ll have is many of ours are experienced in toeing the party line and may look forward to enjoying all the benefits of your way of grubermint. And some have already had many past business dealings with you and yours. Bonus points for taking the ones that have been to your Utopia before, making speeches and doing sales and marketing of Commodities, minerals, and such.

A Proud Infidel®™

I say we send him our Antifa and BLM, but he’d definitely consider that an act of war!


Cleanselyness is next to Godlessness




Saw earlier he’s lost 5 General Officers and 6 Colonels/Lt Colonels. The head of the FSB has been placed under arrest and another General sacked for blunders during the invasion. Russian troops are reportedly shooting themselves in the leg to get out of action. Rations issued to the troops are years expired so troops have to steal food while the buddy of Putin is selling fresh military rations in stores in Russia for $3.00.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Naaah. I’d make Zelensky to be more like Capone.


“Rations issued to the troops are years expired “

In Nam in early 1966, we were eating C-Rats left over from WWII…


In an old warehouse slated for removal, we found emergency rations for Civil Defense shelters. Inside the cardboard “barrels” were blankets, little tin folding stoves, matches, waxed sawdust (for cooking fire in the stove), and two gallon size waxed bags of hard candy. The candy was surprisingly tasty, the blankets were wool (I made a lightweight Capote from two), the matches worked, and the little stoves were early WWII “Esbit” brand.

The barrel seals were marked 1955.

Of course, NOW I kick myself for not saving one or two of these!

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Yeah this isn’t the only place I’ve seen this posted in the last couple days that self-inflicted wounds are apparently the way to go.
Somebody needs to call Putin‘s mom and have her open up a can of whoop ass on him.

Mike B

The ranks confuse me…..If you look up Russian ranks, the NATO rank equivalent of a Russian Major General is an OF-6 (Colonel).

I kept seeing where these Major Generals were being killed and thinking to myself, why the hell are so many 2 Stars on the battlefield. So I looked the Russian ranks up, and discovered all these 2 Stars are friggin Full Bird Colonels basically.

Tell me if I’m reading this wrong……!


Russia uses a similar rank system to that of Imperial Germany and Nazi Germany (the current system was first used by the Russian Empire minus the rank of Colonel General and later the Soviet Union after 1940). The rank of Brigadier General (or Brigadier in the UK) is not used. Thus, Major General is the lowest rank for a General Officer. I believe Russia got rid of their version of Brigadier in the late 18th century if Wikipedia is to be believed.

So Major General is a one star. Lieutenant General is a two star. General of the Branch was equivalent to a three star. And Colonel General was a four star (Russia still has this rank but it is equivalent to a three star because they do not use General of the Branch). Japan uses a similar system since they turned to Germany in the 1870s as a basis when they were modernizing their army, turning away from the French. In fact, Germany did not adopt the rank of Brigadier General until the West German military was formed during the Cold War.

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A Major General is a one Star but most Division Commanders are Major Generals. A division is 10K-20K soldiers in the Russian Army.


Overloaded w/ occifers ’cause they have no real NCO corps and use occifers to do anything. No change from Soviet times, maybe even worse now.


But do they have Corporal Captains?


Only in the MASH Units.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I remember when I was a college meathead in ROTC when they taught us that NCOs in the Soviet Red Army were simply highly paid Privates with little to no authority and once a commie unit lost its Officer in Command they had to go get another one.


In my experience, political appointees, Generals, and COL/LTCs are the biggest obstacle to success, anyway.


Aleksander Solzhenitsyn wrote a small opinion peace on this subject. He lived in Cavindish, Vermont for a few years after his reeducation was completed.

USMC Steve

I would be fine with putting Russia out of business. They have always been fucked up.


Lavrentiy Beria gazes up from Hell and smiles.

“Show me the man, and I’ll find you the crime.”

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A Proud Infidel®™

Damnski, he’s gone full Stalin wannabe, what’s next, reeducation gulags?


I think Vlad will skip the re-education gulags and go straight to the work/extermination gulags.


More like:
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jeff LPH 3 63-66

Did he fire his chef/cook soup tasters????????


If Putin cleanses Russia he won’t have anyone to rule over.