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| March 12, 2022

NYC convicted killer, 83, arrested after allegedly dumping body parts, human head found in apartment

An 83-year-old transgender woman who has twice been convicted of killing women has been arrested after the dismembered body parts of another woman were found in New York City over the past week, according to police and local reports.

Harvey Marcelin, a parolee who has spent more than 50 years in state prison, was charged with concealment of a body, the NYPD confirmed to FOX5 New York. Police said more charges are expected.

The investigation began last week when a human torso believed to belong to 68-year-old Susan Layden was discovered inside a trash bag in a shopping cart in East New York, according to local reports.

A human leg was then found inside a parked car on Monday in Cypress Hills – about two miles from where the torso was discovered, WCBS-TV reported.

Detectives eyed Marcelin, who lived nearby and was seen on surveillance video allegedly dumping human remains near her apartment, law enforcement sources told the New York Post.

When detectives went to question Marcelin at her apartment, investigators reportedly found a severed human head inside.

Marcelin has previously been convicted of two grisly killings that happened nearly 40 years ago.

She was convicted of murder in the shooting death of her girlfriend in Manhattan in 1983 [Editor’s note: Another article said 1963, which seems to fit the timeline better], the New York Daily News reported. Marcelin was sentenced to 20 years to life but was freed in 1984 on lifetime parole.

Less than a year later, Marcelin stabbed to death another girlfriend and dumped remains in Central Park, according to the reports. She was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to a maximum of 12 years in prison.

Marcelin was released on parole in August 2019, according to a New York state database.

Marcelin was being held at Riker’s Island. The case is still under investigation.

I doubt he’ll do it a fourth time, right? Good news though, since he now identifies as female, he can be sent to women’s prison. I can’t foresee any issues there.

Source; Fox News

Ex SC police officer gave fireman boyfriend urine to pass drug test, cops say

Noah Feit
Wed, March 9, 2022, 3:04 PM·2 min read
A South Carolina woman was charged with multiple crimes involving drugs during her time as a police officer, the State Law Enforcement Division said Wednesday.

Charlena Marie Camden Hamrick, 31, was arrested and charged with misconduct in office and sell/market urine to defeat a drug test, jail records show.

Both crimes occurred when Camden Hamrick worked for the Gaffney Police Department, SLED said in a news release.

On July 31, 2019, Camden Hamrick unlawfully assisted her then boyfriend, Timothy Shane Hamrick, in beating a drug test, according to an arrest warrant.

Camden Hamrick, a Gaffney resident, got married on Jan. 5, 2021, according to her Facebook page.

Timothy Hamrick worked for the Gaffney Fire Department, and Camden Hamrick gave him “substitution urine to defeat the drug test,” the arrest warrant said.

Law enforcement officers used a search warrant to find Facebook messages that documented the plot and Camden Hamrick’s involvement, according to the arrest warrant.

Months earlier, on Dec. 20, 2018, Camden Hamrick unlawfully confiscated marijuana without documenting the seizure or destruction of the drugs, an arrest warrant said. Instead, she and Timothy Hamrick used the marijuana themselves, according to the warrant.

After four years with the Gaffney police, Camden Hamrick was fired in December 2020, the Gaffney Ledger reported. She was being investigated for theft of drugs in March 2021, according to the news outlet.

Camden Hamrick was locked up at the Cherokee County Detention Center, where her bond was set at a combined $15,000 on the two charges, jail records show.

She is scheduled to appear in court again on May 9, Cherokee County court records show.

The request for the SLED investigation was made by Cherokee County Sheriff Steve Mueller.

The case will be prosecuted by the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office.

Source; Yahoo!

Officer arrested after SAPD vehicle found abandoned on train tracks, missing license plates and laptop, officials say

San Antonio police arrested Officer Nesta Reid on Monday after a department vehicle with its license plates removed and its laptop missing was found abandoned over the weekend on railroad tracks just east of downtown, officials said.

The vehicle, assigned to the department’s traffic unit and with low-profile SAPD markings on it, was found in the 200 block of Indiana Street, not far from Southtown, sources said.

Its license plates had been removed and its laptop was no longer in the vehicle, SAPD said.

The officer assigned to the vehicle told investigators he left it parked at the department’s Central Substation Friday evening, with the laptop still inside, and vehicle locator logs confirm that was the vehicle’s location when he signed off.

SAPD later found out Reid had collided with a barrier, which caused minimal damage to the vehicle. Police said Reid tried to hide the crash before abandoning the vehicle.

Reid faces charges of Theft of Vehicle, Obstructing Passageway/Roadway, and Tampering with Physical Evidence, SAPD said.

Reid is a five-year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department and was assigned to the traffic unit, officials said. He was suspended without pay.

SAPD said it will conduct criminal and administrative investigations.

Source; KSAT

Road Rage Triggered By Pro-Vax Sticker

A New Mexico woman became so incensed by a pro-vaccination bumper sticker on another motorist’s car that she threw a water bottle at the vehicle before pulling a gun on the other driver, investigators allege.

According to police, the road rage incident began Sunday afternoon when Christina Blair, 33, began yelling obscenities and honking her horn at Gabriel Chavez as the pair’s vehicles traveled on an Albuquerque road.

Blair, cops say, was angered by a “Vaccinated” bumper sticker on Chavez’s car.

Chavez, according to a criminal complaint, told police that he gestured for Blair to drive around him, but she proceeded to follow him to an intersection. While at a red light, Blair “threw something at his vehicle.”

Concerned that the confrontation was “becoming more aggressive,” a frightened Chavez sought to “drive away from the situation,” a patrolman noted. But Chavez then accidentally backed into Blair’s car, prompting him to pull into the parking lot of a nearby Walgreens to exchange insurance information.

An “extremely irate” Blair, cops say, retrieved a handgun from her car and racked the weapon. A video provided by Chavez to police showed Blair “reach into her vehicle and produce a weapon,” the complaint charges. An investigator added that Blair–who was standing six feet from Chavez–appeared to “run the slide and make the gun ready for live fire.”

When Blair produced the weapon, Chavez “called 911 in fear that she was going to shoot him.”

Since Chavez’s video recorded Blair’s license plate number, officers were able to track her to an Albuquerque residence. After being read her rights, Blair reportedly said she honked her horn at Chavez after spotting his “Vaccinated” bumper sticker, and later threw an empty water bottle at his auto.

Asked about brandishing her gun, Blair claimed that she “became fearful” of Chavez. Police, however, concluded that Blair “did have an opportunity to leave the area in her vehicle, but instead overtly reached into her vehicle and retrieved a handgun, threatening Gabriel with the firearm.”

Pictured above, Blair was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and booked into the Bernalillo County jail on the felony charge. She is locked up in advance of a March 3 detention hearing sought by prosecutors who described Blair as a “dangerous person” whose actions “show that she has no regard for the safety of others.”

Blair, prosecutors noted, was convicted in 2007 of aggravated assault and tampering with evidence, while her “4 Juvenile contacts” were “All violent in nature.”

Blair told investigators that she works as a salesperson at a Dodge dealership in Albuquerque.

Source; The Smoking Gun

McDonald’s customer upset over order jumps counter and attacks worker, Georgia cops say

A woman attacked a McDonald’s employee in Georgia, jumping over the counter and pulling her hair, police said.

The altercation was over the customer’s food order, and she was sent to jail before she had a chance to eat, according to the Dunwoody Police Department’s Facebook post.

It was a situation that police could only describe as “McRidiculous.”

The fight was at the McDonald’s on Perimeter Center West, according to the March 3 statement.

“She was then transported to DeKalb County Jail where her evening meal will be much different than the quarter pounder with cheese she ordered,” the police department wrote.

The incident stirred alarm and amusement on the police Facebook page.

“That’s horrible. Most of the employees at that location are sweet teenagers … super young staff. They should be commended for working, not assaulted,” someone said in the comments.

“Sounds like she needed a happy meal instead of a quarter pounder,” another person commented.

Police did not identify the woman in their post.

Source; Yahoo!

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Old tanker

First. Definitely some real idiots here. Telling the chief you bent your car is better than trying to cover it up.


Teh Stoopid Challenge. Should be a new Reality TV Show. They’d have plenty of contestants. Grand prize…all expense paid trip to a luxury spa…on the Island of Alcatraz.


That first case, where’s Agent Clarice Starling when you need’r?


The Cadidiot-Cokehead article belongs on this thread.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Sounds like the Blair Witch project came to life in New Mexico.
And getting pissed over a PRO Jab bumper sticker? Bet she’s a lotta fun at get-togethers. Just be sure to have a magnetic gate set up, and a burly guard to seize any weapons from her.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Interesting read. The stupidos are out there. Hope they keep up being stupid so we have something to read about


Honorable Mention from Ukraine:

  1. 4 Russian tanks enter a village. Villagers watch carefully from a distance. Russians transfer fuel from two of them to the other two, get onto those two, and leave the two dry tanks in the village.
  2. Villagers plant Ukrainian flags on the 2 dry tanks.
  3. The other 2 tanks return, see the 2 dry tanks with Ukrainian flags, and open fire, destroying them both completely. Then they keep driving around looking for their other 2 tanks.
  4. One of them drives onto a bridge with a 5 ton weight limit. The bridge collapses, the tank falls into the river below, and everyone inside the tank dies.
  5. The other tank keeps driving around, gets lost, and finally gets stuck in a ditch. Russian soldiers then get out of it and walk away.

Twitter post from Reddit /ukrainianconflict
Translated from Ukranian from original post on facebook


You forgot…

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