Criticizing Kamala Harris for her laughter is racism and misogyny

| March 12, 2022

A reporter asked a question to both Kamala Harris and Andrzej Duda, Poland’s president. The question involved setting up an infrastructure to help refugees. Both reacted with laughter, but Kamala Harris went on to laugh more than usual. This received criticism by many. “The View” addressed this criticism as if it were racism and misogyny. One suggested that if Harris was a man, these criticisms would probably not happen.

From the Post Millennial:

The incident itself happened at the tail end of a press conference on Thursday between the US vice president and Polish president Andrzej Duda. A reporter asked Harris if America would be capable of accepting more Ukrainian refugees, and then asked Duda if that was something he brought up already with her.

Since the reporter asked a question to both of them, the pair of world leaders ended up staring at each other for a moment unsure who would go first.

This is when Harris exploded with laughter on the podium.

The reactions to the viral Harris incident went around “The View” table. Longtime co-host Joy Behar reacted, saying: “I personally think if she was a guy, they would never say it, because they also made fun of Hillary’s laugh.”

Guest co-host Stephanie Grisham also offered a reaction. While thinking it’d still be “inappropriate” to Harris on laughter alone, she explained that people’s gripes came from the issue of it coming off like a lack of preparedness on the part of the vice president and her staff. “I think she has gone on multiple occasions a little bit underprepared with some of the questions that she’s been asked,” Grisham said.

Behar’s colleague Sunny Hostin said she believed that right-wingers “constantly question the qualifications of black women,” and that anyone who thinks poorly of Harris’s job performance has those feelings rooted in “racism” and “misogyny.”

Hostin reminded the audience of the general purpose for the vice president’s trip in visiting NATO allies amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Under that backdrop, she framed the gaffe with the Polish president as “much ado about nothing.”

Ana Navarro, a frequent co-host, said: “Look. Anybody who says that Kamala Harris is not a qualified person, that Kamala Harris is not a serious person, really needs to go back and check where that’s coming from.” Beyond that, Navarro took a similar approach to Hostin’s reaction in pointing to Harris’s immigrant upbringing and law school education as things working in the vice president’s favor. “They do this all the time,” she said about the Harris backlash.

The Post Millennial has the full article here.

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jeff LPH 3 63-66


jeff LPH 3 63-66

She’s part Jamaican and part Indian (India) so where does the black racist shit come from



BHO was Half Black as well.

Hope that answers your question.


Whoops…BHO is Half-Black.

My mistake is writing “was”.

jeff LPH 3 63-66


What I commented was from what was mentioned on newsmax yesterday, and also my Jamaican co-workers never looked at themselves as being black.



Here is Winsome Sears acceptance speech. In the video posted below, not only does she self identifies as a Jamaican, but also Black.

One of our Best friends is Black. His family is from Jamaican. He is darker in skin color than BHO.


BTW, Jeff…you commented: “What I commented was from what was mentioned on newsmax yesterday,”..

Who on Newsmax saId “She’s part Jamaican and part Indian (India) so where does the black racist shit come from”?

Your Jamaican Co-Workers “never look at themselves as being black?” That is strange. When they fill out a form asking for their race, what do they put on the form?

Just as Harris, BHO is half-Black since his father is from Kenya. He chooses to self identify as a Black Man.

jeff LPH 3 63-66


Thats what my co-worker told me so what could I say and I’ll leave it at that. This took place many years ago.


Harris identifies as black. She has stated this many times. More than 90% of Jamaicans are black of African descent.

No politician in the history of National Politicians makes more gaffes than Biden; none. He is constantly made fun of for his gaffes and fuck ups by everyone except the left wing media. Were Biden a black female it would be about race and misogny.

USMC Steve

That is what he claimed anyway.

Just An Old Dog

What I noticed about Caribbean immigrants of African descent is they totally shun the Idea that they are anything like ” African Americans” who have been here for 300 years.
Their take on US Blacks would get them labeled as racists if they were white.

USMC Steve

Try going to Africa. The five countries I was in over there, the native blacks absolutely HATE American blacks because they have it so much better and easier than African blacks have it. This from them.

USMC Steve

He claimed that. No one alive to refute it, at least not in this country. He could have claimed anything.


She may have gotten that under the table from Willy Brown. 😜 

AW1 Rod

Don’t you know? EVERYTHING is rooted in “racism” and “mysogyny.” Just last month, we were lectured about the consumption of meat being “racist” and “mysogynistic,” so why not criticism of a cackling, pea-brained halfwit who’s in over her head?


“Is there something wrong with her?
Trump45/47 a year ago


“Kamala Harris is a racist and misogynist”

There: FIFY


Dumb whores stick together.


He’s Back!!!

Bob Ross parody via Conservative Style…

“How To Paint Like A Racist.”

Enjoy. We did!  😉  😎 


Dodged that bullet. I didn’t criticize Kamala for her inappropriate cackling. I criticized her her for being a brain dead incompetent, completely unqualified for her position.

Note to The View hags, the race card ship has sailed.


She’s a moron.

End of story.




Is she not the one that went after the undercover film
maker that showed baby harvesting from the abortion industries…Moloch must be served and hot.

I wonder if she can tell which airport the below video came from, from all the gun fire, I thought L.A.EX….

Green Thumb

You should post Harris under Stupid People of the Week.


I’m such an evil RAAYYYYCISSS that I enjoy a snack of deviled ham on saltine crackers, or as a sammich on white bread. And deviled egg salad with green, NOT BLACK olives. Not a fan of blackened fish or chicken either.

Soooo, Kumela, when you gonna talk about how your Grandpappies used to breed his slaves…to make more slaves?



I love how the incessant mockery of every Republican Vice President forever is swept away. Quayle was an idiot, Cheney the evil puppetmaster, Pence the uberreligious zealot… but HeelsUp gets a pass.
Honestly, though, no need to criticize her races or sex – she is such an idiot she provides all the ammunition needed from her own mouth.


It’s misogyny to expect a woman to be competent at her job and act like a professional?

It’s racist to expect a half-black, half-Asian person to be competent at their job and act like a professional?

Guess I am a racist misogynist. I miss Veep Pence. He was a return to the classic Vice President who channeled professionalism and dignity. Worst anyone ever said about him was that he refused to be alone in a room with a woman other than his wife. In the age of Me Too, you’d think they’d have found that a virtue.


Kamala’s color is irrelevant. Her gender, sex, or whatever we’re calling it this week doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that she’s a vacuous, empty-headed idiot, unsuitable for any job not requiring a mattress or knee pads.


Eff those yentas…When every thing is racist, nothing is racist.


“If brains were taxed, she’d get a rebate.”

-Anonymous author-


Who cares what those obnoxious, vile scrunts think? No one I know does.

A Proud Infidel®™

SAME OLD SHIT from the left; criticize ANY GOP politician or Donald Trump and it’s labeled “Patriotic Dissent”, but the exact moment you give ANY criticism whatsoever to any D-rat pol, it’s “racist”, “sexist”, “misogynistic”, “jizzlamophobic”, you name it, I wish my ex-Wife upon the media liberals.


Just reading now, Iran is firing missiles into Iraq at American targets. No reports of deaths at this time, so it will be interesting to hear how msm reports on how this happened with negotiations under way for Iranian oil.

I think we have heard their answer.


Good grief! It’s clear as hell what the Democrats are doing; they’re getting people elected who they think are immune to criticism because of their race, gender, sexual preference and so on. The Dems don’t give a rat’s ass about their qualifications, just their immunity from media and public critics.

Screw them–this incompetent slut is an absolute disgrace and embarrassment to the United States all around the world.

This is the world Democrats want for you…

Just An Old Dog

The way Harris comes off when she answers questions with a laugh first projects that she wants people to think she is thinking ” Well that’s a stupid question,,, off course I know the answer, but let me dumb it down so people can understand”
In reality she has no fucking clue and is stalling.

USMC Steve

So calling into evidence what several psychologists and psychiatrists have already noted, that her hyena-like laughter at innapropriate times is an indicator of a mental disorder, is not allowed now?