Long Grey Line snorts long white lines

| March 12, 2022

Several cadets from the United States Military Academy at West Point, the taxpayer-funded higher education institute that turns out officers who will lead America’s young men and women into combat, OD’d on fentanyl laced cocaine while on a spring break party house in Florida.

Poetrooper sends in the Fox News article on the happenings;

Multiple cadets from the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York, who were away on spring break overdosed on fentanyl-laced cocaine Thursday at a Florida rental home, Fox News has confirmed.

First responders were called around 5 p.m. about multiple overdoses at the vacation rental home in the city of Wilton Manors, Fort Lauderdale Fire Battalion Chief Stephen Gollan said.

“This is extremely alarming to us,” he told reporters. “There were multiple people in cardiac arrest in the front yard.”

He said Narcan, a drug used by first responders to reverse symptoms of an overdose, was administered at the scene. Gollan said two of those who overdosed were sickened because they tried to give CPR to the initial overdose victims, according to FOX affiliate WSVN.

Some of the patients regained their heartbeat after the Narcan but others were still in respiratory arrest when they were taken to hospitals.

“These are healthy young adults, college students in the prime of their life,” Gollan said. “Getting this drug into their system, it’s unknown what the recovery will be on the critical individual.”

All six patients were men in their early 20s and were in town for spring break from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in New York, NBC Miami reported. Two remain hospitalized in critical condition.

“The U.S. Military Academy is aware of the situation involving West Point cadets, which occurred Thursday night in Wilton Manors, FL. The incident is currently under investigation and no other details are available at this time,” the West Point Public Affairs Office told Fox News Digital.

After the incident, the Wilton Manors Police Department tweeted a warning to spring breakers about the dangers of illicit drugs. Fox News has reached out to the public safety agency.

What’s the over under on if they’ll be allowed to remain in the academy?

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The long grey line who snorted white lines whose careers have come to the end of the line.

A Proud Infidel®™

FCK ‘EM, make them pack their non-issued clothing in a cheap bag from the PX and give them a Grey-mutt Bus ticket to their home of record, make them leave campus in the middle of the night wearing civvies.

The Stranger

Or we could do this…


A Proud Infidel®™️

That wouldn’t be allowed because it might hurt someone’s feewings, thus I’m all in favor of them being shuttled off campus in the middle of the night via a taxi wearing civvies going to a bus station.


Duffle bag drag… with one of these (an old, worn-out one) for their clothes:
comment image

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Trying to emulate Hunter’s military example is not a good idea.


Not a problem. I don’t inhale!

Civilian She

So disappointing. Lived nearby WP for years, great community, but as with anywhere, there’s always a few in the bunch. My heart breaks for those who ran to, administering CPR and were harmed themselves. 🙏


LiL Hunters?


I’m going to be cynical and say it depends on where they fit into the “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” plans of the Academy.

AW1 Rod

My thoughts, exactly.


Football players so your guess is as good as mine.

My wish is that they show them the door. I still recall a day in this country when you could not get a clearance if you had ever done cocaine. Then came 1992.


If they get any form of preferential treatment, then you know it is time to burn the Academies down and go salted earth on the whole damn concept.


I’m in. What’s the SP.

A Proud Infidel®™

I still remember when I was in MEPS and was asked “Are you a homosexual?” to which a “Yes” reply meant automatic disqualification.


You cannot just lob the softball out there and not expect me to take a swing at it… (tee hee, giggle giggle 🤭)

John Seabee

Arby, it depends on whether or not they have done book reports on Milley’s suggested book list. If they have, I’m sure some accommodation will be made for them.

Old tanker

I’m kind of wondering if the 2 that got it second hand from the morons that ingested the drugs are going to be cleared or if they were present and aware of what was going on. In any case it seems that any security clearance they might have been eligible for is out the window now. Freaking STUPID not only to throw away a potential career but free college as well.

John Seabee

The two that got it second hand were first responders who were trying to save the mutts from dying.

John Seabee

Whoops… just read an updated story re this. The two ‘second handers’ were also cadets. Sorry… My bad.

Just An Old Dog

I’m going to question that those two might have partook of the nose candy as well and are using the CPR story as a cover up. Unless they were totally clear headed and called 911 and were told to give CPR and ended up getting affected their story is suss,
Also if these 6 cadets were comfortable with having drugs used around them they don’t have the credibility and judgement to lead. Boot em all and make em pay back the cost of whatever education they got.

Prior Service

Didn’t like west pointers when I was enlisted. Still don’t like ‘em as an officer (though not exactly the same dislike). These ones need to be found not in the line of duty, charged for the cost of medical treatment, presented with a bill for 2/3 of their education (clearly they didn’t learn the ‘honor’ part), and shown the door.


Out the door with bad conduct discharges.


No. Keep them in to work it off. KP and cleaning shitters. Every crappy job known to man.

Prior Service

No bad! But it would have to be as cadets, not privates. Or, more accurately, as cadidiots.


I served with some fine, honorable, competent West Point officers. But that was a long time ago. Also, there were a few who thought they shit ice cream and there weren’t enough spoons to go around.

A Proud Infidel®™

You and me both!


You twisted fucker.
Well congrats-you-fucking-lations.
You my friend just earned yourself an entry into the The As(s)teroid of Insults®™
Something along the lines of…
This turd has such a high option of himself that he thinks he shits ice cream, and there aren’t enough spoons to go around for all of us…”


You need to change “option” to “opinion.” And thanks, glad to contribute.



Nothing follows.

End of message.


Hey guys! We’re on block leave! Let’s do drugs! Not like we will have a piss test first thing when we get back from leave!


Gonna be a real expensive weekend if they get booted.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Depending on race, I can see a racist lawsuit and rioting happening if WP decides to drop the ones involved in taking the junk and if not a race issue, persons involved would be dropped without demonstrations, rioting etc.


The one ol’ Poe saw on an EMS gurney was definitely white…


It’s all ok in Progland, the dealer who poisoned them is Black.


I must say, this confirms a suspicion I have had for, oh, 36 years now…


Bobby Lee weeps.


Among many others.


Most people expect prospective second lieutenants to get lost on the way to the PX, but to still be smarter than what these cadets appear to be.

RGR 4-78

The only way this could be worse is if they had purchased the coke from a discharged leftist lieutenant by the name of rapone.

(NO, I am not accusing rapone of drug dealing.)


What is the most dangerous thing in the world? A 2Lt with a map. Shameless ripped off from Jerry Pournelle, who was once one of those.


2LT in the dark with a box of matches?


Naw, the most dangerous butter bar is one using a compass and a map layed out on the hood of a Jeep.


Cadets without NCO supervision, WTF did you expect?
We hosted WP Cad-idiots at Benning for marksmanship training. They had fun Towndown the night before, which I do not begrudge them. (BT,DT)
After forced hydration and a little PT, 2 Cadidiots still needed more liquid as nothing would stay down.
Buddy IV training and a ‘how to treat for heat stoke’ class.

The Generals that showed up were impressed ‘with how dynamic and integrated’ our training regimen was.

I thought we were just being less-drunk asshole NCOs to Privates that go to College.


Well, this is interesting.

In 2011, Wilton Manors was officially identified as the Second Gayest City in the United States:


In 2018, Wilton Manors elected an all openly Gay City Commission:


Things to do in Wilton Manors:


To Each His/Her Own.

John Seabee

Maybe these six cadumbets were attending a training session entitled: “Towel-boi in Brucies Bathhouse [entrance in the rear] 1.0” Just a surmise on my part.


They’ll be retained for sure as members of an oppressed minority.


As a paramedic a lot doesn’t make sense here. This isn’t how most overdoses go on scene.

While the news may have garbled a lot of the information , I’d be willing to bet that the 911 was delayed while they tried to save their buddies or something like that. Trying to save them without reporting and save careers or someone trying to get out of dodge before EMS arrived.

Lesson for everyone here: Rescue breathing, unless with a barrier device, is contraindicated (meaning don’t do it). Hands only CPR (only chest compressions) is a valid method. Even then I’d find a way to protect open skin. Fentanyl can be absorbed directly.


Used prescription Fentenyl 250 MCG patches plus daily10MG Morphine injections, Oxycodone and Duludid for Polycystic Kidney and Liver disease and shattered bilateral hands and arms for 26 years…never once overdosed…
Doc also prescribed NARCAN just in case. Used my Narcan twice on Quince Street O D’s. Biggest area for drugs in our area..
Against all my medical specialists advice (two years to wean me off) I quit cold turkey in three weeks in 2017…
Broke my foot on Jan 27, surgery and still rocking it without pain pills..
I know you all hate marijuana but I swear my life is 80% pain free smoking three times a day…


Street Fentanyl is essentially a nerve agent, and treating victims of it requires similar precautions for the would-be aid person.

Note that virtually any Street drug can now be reasonably predicted to contain this deadly adulterant.

They still use the stuff. Idiots.




It’s spelled Fentinol according Biden’s pronounciation.


Based on stupidity alone they should be expelled.

John Seabee

End of the line and rightfully so. Don’t need ‘leaders’ like this around our troops. It’s time to flush them.


Looks like a few Cadets missed the Liberty Safety Brief before Spring Break…

Been seeing cases of Fentanyl laced drugs here in the AO… even at Middle School level (2 deaths last week from the same school).


The bigger picture here is that we are “no shit” in a drug war with China and the laced drugs comion across our border.

Opium Wars revisited.


Expulsion followed by prosecution. Make it painful and public.


As Trump might say, “they are not sending their best people.”

Rob Szrama

Yeah, if they aren’t out the US Army will be demonstrating even further depths of decline as a credible institution.

Rob Szrama

I just want them out. On the streets. Not in a position to lead other young Americans into life threatening situations. What better way to convince the soldiers that there still remains a line that shan’t be crossed. Perhaps they should have to repay the money already spent on them.


“Perhaps they should have to repay the money already spent on them.”



Possibly a minority view – but did they take this voluntarily? Before advocating drastic measures, I would think that should be established.

Honor and Courage

I understand the Academy is working thru the weekend to update the zero tolerance Policy.