It’s Vindman Again

| March 8, 2022

Alexander Vindman, O-5 USA (Ret)

Never missing an opportunity to forgo his right to remain silent, Alex Vindman asserted that GOP lawmakers’ “attacks on our democracy” emboldened Russian President Vladimir Putin to go forward with his military invasion of Ukraine.

The former Army Officer and National Security Council advisor sited Representative Elise Stefanik (R, N.Y.), the House Republican Conference chairwoman, for calling out PINO Joe’s weak foreign policy for allowing Putin to strike. She had the audacity to point out inconvenient facts concerning unanswered Russian cyberattacks on U.S. businesses and the disastrous U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“Putin is responsible for this war, but you deserve a great deal of responsibility for it,” Vindman stated using the hashtag #GOPownsthis. “It is your vile attacks on our democracy, that suggested to Putin he can conduct this war. Your actions suggested that the U.S. was weak and distracted.”

Not through beclowning himself, Vindman has just cast his net wider. David sends.

Alexander Vindman says Ron Johnson, others have ‘blood on their hands’ over Russian invasion of Ukraine

Bill Glauber, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Former national security aide Alexander Vindman accused Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson and others of having “blood on their hands” as Ukraine withstands a withering assault from Russian troops.

In an interview with the Journal Sentinel, Vindman included Johnson on a list with former President Donald Trump, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Fox News host Tucker Carlson, claiming they undermined U.S. national security.

“Civilians are dying, Ukrainians are providing a formidable defense, defending democracy for Americans as well as for themselves and their homes. And Ron Johnson is trying to distract and obfuscate,” Vindman said.

Vindman was responding to comments made Feb. 27 by Johnson on Fox News.

Vindman had been with Johnson on a key trip to Ukraine in May 2019, in which the senator sought to assure the newly elected government of congressional support.

A retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, Vindman also blamed Johnson and others for ending his military career.


Apparently Alex failed to notice the change in administration. Putin certainly did, and took full advantage. Thanks, David.

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AW1 Rod

This fucktard is either vying for a job at the Clown News Network, or trying to establish his Libtard credentials for a potential future in DemocRAT politics.


Remember when he was supposedly “non-partisan”? Yeah right!


Non-partisan my ass! He was part of the Brandon conspiracy with Ukraine/US diplomats to destroy Trump’s campaign. That conspiracy started shortly after July, 2015. He was and is a modern day B. Arnold. After the election, he managed to infiltrate the NSC at the White House. He admitted disclosing the contents of that phone call, which was classified. He should have been court-martialed.


Isn’t it weird how Republican failures so often occur in Democrat administrations? And how the Democrat successes seem to wait to really get going for a Republican administration?



A Proud Infidel®™

They will never stop projecting; we’ve seen that with Major Moonbat’s blathers in the past!


Projection as a political weapon is fully covered in the first chapter of the Democrat playbook:

And the second…

And the third…

And the fourth…

All the way to the epilogue…

 💩  💩  💩 bags…


It is also one of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”


It’s the only way that the far left can exist. Blame Trump and the right for everything. I think more and more of the American public are not buying their total BS!!


The American public doesn’t have to buy it. The same group is still in charge of voting/polling


comment image

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Your right Liright47, It’s Pres. Trumps fault because he’s not in the White House as President of the United States anymore.


This guy is a good candidate for the new oxygen deprivation training.

he is already brain dead

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

A great argument FOR long-term post-birth abortions.

A Proud Infidel®™

Looks to me like Vindman is sucking as hard as he can to be a talking head for NPR, PBS, MSDNC and other liberal propaganda outfits.


I’ll bet he barks in Russian while Hunter rides him doggy style.


Well, there’s an image.




comment image


CNN found him “hawking for cheeseburgers”.


Before I clicked this link I told myself, “Self, I bet you a million dollars you will see a video of Smoky”.

Self was right about that.

Though I was partially wrong because I thought it would be the Christmas special episode of Barb going through the drive-thru…


Maybe a picture will help Vindman understand which pair of hands has blood…

Braveheart Russian invasion Cycle Obama Trump Biden Ukraine.jpeg

The authoritarian left and neocon right wanted to lock you up 5-and-a-half seconds ago for not getting a medical procedure, and now for something completely different:

In an interview with the Journal Sentinel, Vindman included Johnson on a list with former President Donald Trump, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Fox News host Tucker Carlson, claiming they undermined U.S. national security.

There has been a’many calls for those espousing dissenting opinions to be treated like seditionists or enemy combatants. We are here now, fat boy’s statements are ‘prepping the info war battlespace’.

If this thing gets further out of control (false flag or naw) ‘The They’ will use everything in their power to revoke the rights of the above group and any of their ideological frens.


We don’t have a Democracy. These idiots are so clueless that they don’t realize we are a Constitutional Republic.


Not to mention they think “democracy” means nobody can disagree with they want.

RGR 4-78

How would you like to WAKE UP next to that every morning?

Green Thumb

That would definitely keep you on your toes.


0331 Marine Mike

I just threw up in my mouth. Damn, wouldn’t want to cut her off on the highway.


Actually, the person mamma warned me about was you…


Don’t stick your dick in crazy. Above is example A.

A Proud Infidel®™

That’s some 24K batshit crazy!


Hey, its Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Back from the dead, I see.



Green Thumb

Vindman just will not flush.


Let’s see he had a line number for O-6 and rather than accept the promotion (approved by the Senate of which Johnson was a member) he turned down the promotion and attendant active duty service commitment and retired. How is anyone other than himself responsible for ending his military career?


Orange Man made him do it.


The evil Orange Man invaded his cerebral cortex and made him retire, despite the fact that he was a hero to the perfumed princes of the Pentagon. If he had stayed in and taken the promotion to Col., Gropey and his Pentagon ho’s would likely have promoted him to BG by now.

USMC Steve

That is true enough The Donald was living rent free in Vindmann’s head. I heard there was plenty of free space in there too.


He’s an attention whore. He’s Ukrainian, so I guess he is going to “sit this one out”? He’s only a tough guy when listening on the phone, but he’s going to lift a finger to defend the nation of his birth. What a patriot…no he’s a боягуз!


Since he’s obviously such a genius in all things military, why the hell isn’t he over there defending his birth nation?



My thoughts eggsxactly Fyrfighter! Brilliant minds and all that. IIRC, right now, Ukrainian Air Space is still open for commercial air traffic. And to pull an old slogan out of the dustbins of history from a Southern Air Carrier…”Delta is ready when you are!”


Vindman is overlooking the widely reported quote “Don’t Underestimate Joe’s Ability To Fuck It Up” – Obama”


He is also overlooking the important truth all should remember: “Never pass up an opportunity to shut the fuck up”


Hmmm…. nobody has called Trump a Nazi in five minutes… but something eerily familiar about that refrain…

Captured Russian officer apologizes to Ukraine for ‘genocide’ (


An interesting poll result from left-leaning Quinnipiac:

As the world witnesses what is happening to Ukraine, Americans were asked what they would do if they were in the same position as Ukrainians are now: stay and fight or leave the country?

A majority (55 percent) say they would stay and fight, while 38 percent say they would leave the country. Republicans say 68 – 25 percent and independents say 57 – 36 percent they would stay and fight, while Democrats say 52 – 40 percent they would leave the country.

Forty percent wouldn’t fight. No surprise there, which gives us a better idea of what our odds would be if they ever get that civil war they like to talk about.

Actually, that may be 52% that won’t fight–the wording is ambiguous.

Last edited 1 year ago by Poetrooper

Democrat is just another way to spell pussy.


They didn’t poll me! I would’ve left them with this:
‘Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!’

red dawn.gif
A Proud Infidel®™

Not just that, said D-rats would also change sides and kiss up to the invaders until they occupied mass graves.

Last edited 1 year ago by A Proud Infidel®™

5th Column Li’l Goombas


If they won’t fight, would it be up to those who will to show them the error in their thought process?

Asking for a friend.


They should go now. Don’t wait for the invasion, they might get trapped here. The line to sell out their neighbors for an extra serving of rice will be around the block.

0331 Marine Mike

I don’t know what it is about this ass-clown that irks me more – his leftist, commie little self in that uniform, or just that smarmy smirk of his. I do, however, think, as a kid, he was beaten up often and had his lunch money taken away. Little fucking puke.


I do believe that Vindman spent much of his high school days trying to get out of his locker, after the guys girls locked him in it.

A Proud Infidel®™

My bet is the Jocks gave him a swirlie every time he went in the bathroom.


He probably got swirlied by the Chess Club.


And the audio/video guys.


Always thought he should have competed for the Airborne HANO award.


He probably did have his lunch money stolen daily, that’s why he was a chow thief in Ranger School. Too bad they couldn’t have tossed the locker his classmates must have stuffed him into way back when out a window.


So why is he not helping his fatherland fight off the Russian bear


I will NEVER tire reading about this fat fuck’s enlightened opinions.