Guilty Plea for Attempting Submarine Secrets Sale

| February 16, 2022

LC mentioned this on my submarine steel testing post yesterday, and Hondo sent me a gentle suggestion that the article is worthy of a post of its own.

It is indeed.

Maryland man pleads guilty to trying to sell nuclear secrets to foreign government

Jonathan Toebbe, a nuclear engineer, and his wife were arrested after undercover FBI agents exchanged $100,000 in cryptocurrency for submarine secrets.


A Maryland man charged with attempting to sell nuclear secrets to a foreign government pleaded guilty to espionage on Monday.

Jonathan Toebbe, a nuclear engineer, pleaded not guilty in October and was detained pending trial. In Monday’s binding plea deal, Toebbe will be sentenced to between about 12 and a half and 17 and a half years in prison, and is required to turn over and provide access to all electronic devices, accounts and any other files he might have. He also consented to assisting federal officials with locating all classified information he possesses, as well as the money the undercover FBI agent gave him while the government gathered evidence.

“There’s a message here for anyone who would sell out America’s secrets,” Alan Kohler, assistant director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, said in a statement. “The FBI and its partners will use all our investigative techniques to bring you to justice.”

Toebbe and his wife, Diana, a teacher, of Annapolis, were arrested on Oct. 9 after undercover FBI agents exchanged $100,000 in cryptocurrency for highly sensitive nuclear submarine secrets that were stored on memory cards hidden in gum wrappers, peanut butter sandwiches and Band-Aid wrappers, stashed at drop sites in West Virginia, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Though Diana Toebbe also faces charges, there were no updates on her next court appearance on Monday, and her husband’s deal does not resolve her case.


The interesting twist is the country contacted in purchasing the data. China? Guess again. Russia- nope. Hint- Joe’s Handlers soured a submarine deal the country had with Australia.

Thanks, gentlemen.

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Australia is a landlocked island, by itself and not only that, it’s upside down and backwards and they don’t speak proper English AND everything down there is genetically and mutated to try to kill everything ELSE on the planet. That’s why it’s a penile colony. Why would they need submarines anyway. The ground there isn’t even stable enough to build tunnels for them.  🤔  😒 

MI Ranger

I think he meant France…who had a deal with Australia until the US side stepped them and sold their own (better) ones to Australia.


….The Australians also realized that the French boats would have to be refueled – in France – every seven to ten years, a process that takes about two years…which meant that over the twenty year service life of the boats, they’d be in France for at least four years or longer. On the other hand, the US boats with current reactor tech can go the life of the boat – 30 years – without refueling. That was a no-brainer.


Down Periscope!


You know, if we start hanging these traitorous sumbeaches, this kinda sh^t would taper off. Public square high noon. Film at 6 and 11.

USMC Steve

Remember the Rosenbergs?

A Proud Infidel®™

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


Something never fails to amaze me, and I am thankful for it at the same time. It seems whenever someone wants to sell secrets they always seem to find an undercover FBI agent. I am glad since it is a federal crime, he will get no parole and I hope the old lady gets the same.


I hope the old lady gets the same

You and me both, brother. You and me both.

I just wish the plea deal allowed a longer sentence.


To federal pound-’em-in-the-ass prison with him!

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MI Ranger

At least he was playing to go Big, and wasn’t settling for just $100K. His asking price was $5M. His problem is he went shopping and the Frogs turned him in to ensure they did not spoil their relationship with US.