Durham probe delivers details-media not as enthusiastic

| February 16, 2022

The media was enthusiastic when they reported the Russian collusion narrative when Trump was in the White House. Some even insisted that facts would be revealed supporting the collusion not long after they made their comments. However, the Durham probe provided information that the media is now not as enthusiastic to report.

From Fox News:

The Media Research Center found that ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts alone spent a whopping 2,634 minutes covering the investigations into alleged Russia collusion through July 20, 2019. “That’s nearly one-fifth (19.5%) of all of these broadcasts’ Trump coverage, a huge shadow on his presidency,” analyst Rich Noyes wrote.

The heavy-handed coverage from ABC, CBS and NBC was in addition to the dedicated airtime from both CNN and MSNBC, which focused relentlessly on the investigation’s developments. The New York Times and Washington Post even shared the Pulitzer Prize for in 2018 “for deeply sourced, relentlessly reported coverage” of alleged Russian interference.

A court filing made late Friday by Durham, who was appointed during the Trump administration to investigate the origins of the Russia probe, revealed that a tech firm mined internet data from Trump Tower during the 2016 election and later the White House in order to “establish ‘an inference’ and ‘narrative’ tying then-candidate Trump to Russia” and that, “In doing so, Tech Executive-1 indicated that he was seeking to please certain ‘VIPs,’ referring to individuals at Law Firm-1 and the Clinton campaign.”

Durham’s filing hasn’t received the same frenzied coverage and critics have taken notice. Nor have other indictments that further discredited the Christopher Steele dossier alleging Trump-Russia collusion.

“The networks and major papers avoided touching this news like Durham was a leper,” NewsBusters executive editor Tim Graham wrote.

Sen. Ted Cruz scolded the press for failing to cover the story.

Fox News has the full article.

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jeff LPH 3 63-66


Lame stream media very quiet on this. Will the ones that won those newspaper awards for writing on the Pres. Trump collusion going to turn those awards in? Awards were mentioned on the radio this morning.

Hack Stone

Why should they? The New York Times never returned their Pulitzer Prize awarded for their “coverage” of Uncle Joe Stalin and his program of annihilating those countries with the misfortune of being “ruled” by the USSR.


I don’t know how we define ‘very quiet’, but I’ve read articles in the NYT and WSJ, and seen a blurb on CNN about it. It isn’t ‘pants-on-fire’ screaming from the rooftops, sure, but it’s being mentioned.

More to the point, it’s not a clear ‘slam dunk’ proving anything – the claims themselves aren’t terribly clear, and heavily disputed. Notably, it seems to center around the allegation that Sussman -connected with Democrats- went to CIA with data showing Russian-made phones (“YotaPhones”) as part of an effort to raise suspicions about Trump. But where it gets odd is that the team that analyzed the DNS logs -basic lookups that map hostnames like “ValorGuardians.com” to an Internet address- says the data they looked at was from … Obama’s term. And this happened after Obama wanted security checks done following the DNC hack.


Now, I’m still not entirely sure what to think about all of this, but the data wasn’t private, and having very rare Russian phones showing up in EOP’s internet traffic does seem strange, no? And when they also showed up in the vicinity of the Trump campaign, well, that’s odd too. To take it outside the realm of politics for a moment, let’s say you’re working in a secure NSA environment. And weirdly you start seeing internet connections to, say, China. Brief ones – there for a few minutes, gone the next. Would you find that suspicious? I would. And it could just be someone pulling up Xinhua News. Or it could be someone communicating with people they shouldn’t be. All in all, it deserves a bit of an investigation.

I think I’ll wait to see what else comes out of this. If the biggest charge is that some lawyer didn’t disclose a client, well, I’ll remain underwhelmed.




I would find it suspicious, but the Hillary Clinton campaign isn’t exactly who you should be reporting it to.


I could be wrong, as I’ve not read up on this as much as I’d like, but my understanding isn’t that he went to the Clinton campaign, but rather went to the FBI and DHS.

Durham says Sussman falsely claimed he wasn’t doing this in connection with the Clinton campaign, and Sussman says he isn’t falsely claiming that. Who is right? I don’t have a dog in the fight either way, but will be interested to see where the evidence is.

That said, the direction of the information was researchers -> Joffe -> Sussman (Joffe’s lawyer) -> security agencies. Whether Sussman went to Clinton first before the security agencies seems largely immaterial; this was a red flag, and someone should surely let counterintelligence officials know.


This is factually untrue but I understand why you would think that as it was reported that way in the left wing media.

The CIA contract in question was not signed until November 2016 and data was collected through 2017 and then handed over to Sussman.


You will find it on page 11 of the indictment.


I’m not sure how you can say it’s factually untrue, given that the data in question about the Yota Phones was, according to the researchers who examined it, from Obama’s presidency:

According to lawyers for David Dagon, a Georgia Institute of Technology data scientist who helped develop the Yota analysis, the data — so-called DNS logs, which are records of when computers or smartphones have prepared to communicate with servers over the internet — came from Barack Obama’s presidency.

Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/02/14/us/politics/durham-sussmann-trump-russia.html

The ‘government agency’ that hadn’t yet signed a contract with the university cybersecurity team seems secondary to this; it was about teaming up with their knowledge and tools to search for malicious cyber attacks. It wasn’t about this data, which was non-private data from the Obama White House. It was about future work, and it seems Durham is conflating the two.

Let’s wait and see, shall we?


He isn’t conflating it. It was data that was handed over. Simply because some of the data was from an earlier time does not mean that all of it was. Unless you are CNN or Vanity Fair. Then you just stop reporting when you get the answer you prefer.


As I said, let’s wait and see. Contrary to popular belief here, my bias in this story isn’t political, but technical – I’m fairly tech savvy, but know virtually nothing about the law. I’m inclined to think this is true in reverse when it comes to lawyers.

Durham may be a very good lawyer, but when it comes to the technology stuff, I’m inclined to put more faith in Dagon’s position. If Dagon were to opine about the law, I’d be inclined to put more stock in Durham’s position on that.

Again, let’s see what comes of it.

USMC Steve

That’s right, you saw a BLURB on it. Look at the level of coverage as compared to their righteous indignation when the fake story broke with their willing collusion. No comparison at all


All roads lead to Das Hildebeast.


While I’ve got zero love for Clinton, I remain skeptical. Here’s Rudy on NewsMax saying he’s got a thousand pieces of evidence against Clinton, hiding in his bedroom or den, against her. To which anyone with a god damn brain can only say, “Why the fuck are you holding onto evidence in your fucking home, you absolute moron?!



Why the fuck are you holding onto evidence in your fucking home, you absolute moron?!

Think it might be because that “moron” is smart enough to realize, from depth and breadth of his political experience, that the liberal media will ignore anything harmful to Hillary, just as they are the current revelations from the Durham investigation, hmm?

 🙄  🙄  🙄 

Last edited 2 years ago by Poetrooper

Perhaps that “absolute moron” remembers this kind of liberal “reporting” a little better than you do, LC:

Flashback: 2019 Media Chant ‘There Was No Spying’ on Trump…to music (well done!) – Choice Clips (whatfinger.com)


Yes, yes. Rudy “Four Seasons Total Landscaping” Giuliani is a genius.

It’s not about ‘liberal media’, it’s about a chain of custody for evidence of crimes. That’s kind of important in criminal proceedings.

You’re telling me he doesn’t know anyone in law enforcement he could turn to? Absolutely laughable, Poe.


And you’re flat-out wrong, LC, it’s not about a legal course of action, because anyone with a brain knows the Obama/Clinton loyalists so firmly embedded in the DoJ and FBI wouldn’t investigate or prosecute Hillary even if she gave a sobbing confession on-air during a Tucker Carlson interview.

It is, on the other hand, totally about media exposure and changing public perceptions. Again, anyone with a lick of sense knows that anything Rudy released would be met with vilifification, ridicule and then quickly buried by the liberal media.

Granted, Rudy has been slipping badly for a while now and should do the same thing Biden needs to do: retire immediately and shut the hell up. You can sneer at Rudy now. when he’s old and losing it, but he was one of the best mayors New York City ever had.

“It’s not about ‘liberal media’, it’s about a chain of custody for evidence of crimes.”

Now that is what’s truly laughable…


Didn’t adam Schaffer also claim to have piles and piles of previously unreleased, dating “info” during the impeachment trials?

He produced diddly the whole time.


Frikken auto correct. Adam schiff


Yep, and it’s just as laughable then. Nobody should be ‘sitting on’ evidence of crimes, period. As in the case of Schiff, this is an asshole bloviating to the masses who adore him. That’s it.


Comparing a self-serving, clearly dishonest, do-nothing congressman to one of the most effective mayors America has ever produced, now that is laughable… 😜 


Moreover, he is the U.S. attorney who took down the Mafia mobsters in NYC.


He also reduced street/subway crime in NYC like no one before or since.

Yet LC seems to have a special venomous disdain for him.


I loved what Giuliani did back in the day. That’s why the fall from grace hurts so much more.

These days, he’s a blathering idiot. I can respect what he did and dislike who he’s become at the same time.

People here seem to feel that way about people like Jim Mattis, or Mitt Romney, or countless others who’ve disappointed them.


You are kind of making a good argument that lawyers just say whatever they want. Just like Dagon’s lawyer above.


Mike Lindell had similar claims in defense of Trump with exactly the same result. Nothing. C’mon man, somebody’s gotta have evidence of something somewhere!


“If you pieces of human garbage just took your prescriptions; Hillary, Vaxxxxines, Mark of the Beast/FedCoin, adopt-a-‘migrant’, Eat the Bugs…; it wouldn’t have been necessary!” -WEF/Davos/TLC/Globohomo/Rothschild Uniparty, brought to you by The Lizard Person Consortium for Implementation of The Georgia Guildstones’ Progrom


I think your phone changed “Guidestones” to Guildstones.


Autocarrot louvers two chain worlds. I gat pist and joss send it.

Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 redos before it takes me seriously. 1/2 equipment, 100% hate.

USMC Steve

There it is.


Put on these glasses or start eating that trashcan


Things I trust more than the mainstream media:

  1. Flint, Michigan tap water
  2. Alec Baldwin with a loaded gun
  3. A proctologist with bad depth perception.
  4. Metallurgical reports from Elaine Thomas
  5. Bill Cosby as a bartender
  6. A date with Jodi Arias
  7. Bernie Madoff’s financial statements
  8. The Ted Kennedy School of Driver’s Education
  9. the value of a liberal arts degree
  10. the IRS
Green Thumb

And The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logsitics) honesty and integrity.


Proctologist … I’m so stealing that line.


You left out Alexia Avila to baby sit your kids.


Sadly no matter how “evidence” is produced, showing what a murderous, thieving, power hungry, BITCH from Hell, POS Hitlary is, that evil SKRUNT will never be prosecuted or see the inside of a jail. She has too much dirt on too many people. Folks seem to forget the FIRST (ht 2 Chip) thing she did when her and BJW took over the White House was go and clean out J Edgar’s private files. The ones that she doesn’t have dirt on, owe her for something. We will not be shed of her until she is dead. And then we’ll have to deal with her spawn.

Mid terms? PHHHTTTT! *spit* The fix is in on that too. Dominion will make sure of that. They learned another lesson in VA. Scour the sewer! With a Flame Thrower.


I read where Biden has ordered the release of Trump’s white house phone records.

I guess he is figuring, or those pulling his marionette strings, that another republican will not be in the white house until all those guilty in all this are dead and buried.

What will happen when another republican president orders the release of bidens phone records.

Let the howling begin.


Correction… Biden is releasing the visitors log.


The DNC wasn’t hackzord, the files where downloaded at-source. The FBI knew this therefor the FISA warrant was illegal.
They (the base of power so intrenched they have more names than members) killed Seth Rich.


Also, further proof that the DNC was not hacked is the fact that they wouldn’t give access to any law enforcement to examine their servers.


Couldn’t let the primary rigging op come to light either.
Anyone know how many FBI Agents that touched Wiener’s laptop are still alive?
Asking for a friend.

USMC Steve

That sounds kinda dirty. I wouldn’t touch Wiener’s laptop.


Okay when Democrats do it again.


And let the spin…begin. Bitch got more spin than my top of the line GE Indoor Creek with scrubbing rocks. Too bad we can run her thru an old school wringer washer. You know, the one that had the rollers on top?



More of that “Vast right-wing conspiracy theory” at work.


OK, so who’s the clown that left the outhouse door open and let LC crawl out of the pit ???
These libturds never cease to amaze me with their increasingly tremendous level of stupid that appears to be innate with the psychology of d-rat voting…

USMC Steve

He is a slick one though. He tries to sound all reasonable and stuff, as opposed to commissar, who screeeeeees from pretty much start to finish of his love for all things socialist and leftist and such.


I must concur. Progs refuse to deviate from the party line.


“The New York Times and Washington Post even shared the Pulitzer Prize for in 2018 “for deeply sourced, relentlessly reported coverage” of alleged Russian interference.”

Goes to show, even the Pulitzer committee is made up of biased, liberal, hand wringing ass holes.


The whole nexus of Trump/Russia starts with The Clinton Campaign. They compromised an FBI attorney to spy on Carter Paige (he change a CIA mail to see he WASN’T an asset when he was). They paid thru the DNC’s favorite operative err Law Firm Perkins Coie to fund the phony Steele Dossier. Peter Strozk and a host FBI Top Brass to lie to the FISA Court based on the Steele Dossier. Sussman lied to the FBI & CIA about what, where, and how he got his “information” and who he was working for (Clinton and billed her for the hours…awesome), and now the electronic dots are being connected. But you don’t see the connection? Listen to and or read Aaron Mate, Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald or for some comic relief Jimmy Dore. They got this covered.


Taibbi, Greenwald and Dore? You mean the alt-right Trump-worshipers?!
Next you’ll be telling me Frau Tulsi is credible on this topic too.
Have you NO SHAME?!?


Yes. Moreover, the Trump DNI declassified Brennan’s own handwritten notes of his briefing where he informed 0bama and Gropey himself of the Clinton scheme to falsely claim Trump was in cahoots with Putin. That meeting occurred before Trump was inaugurated.

Guess how we know Sussman lied when he repeatedly claimed he wasn’t working for Das Hildabeast when he was pushing the Russia, Russia!! fraud; Durham obtained his law firm’s billing records, which showed he billed all these activities to the witch’s campaign.

Old tanker

And the “media / journalists” are surprised when people do not take them seriously. Any claims of objectivity and “investigative reporting” are pure unadulterated male bovine excrement.

USMC Steve

To LC, I would simply say of his defense of the propaganda media, I can clearly recall them trumpeting almost nonstop about the long discredited Trump-Russia election stealing stories, and there is almost nothing on those same outlets about this other than quickly spoken, almost sound bite announcements, and then off to oblivion while they return to their attempts to influence public opinion rather than inform.


And to you, I would simply say that the media likes sensational stories – and the notion that perhaps a Presidential candidate and his team worked with a foreign power to discredit his opponent is a lot more sensational than the actual charges in this case, which is the ever-so-exciting suggestion that a lawyer lied about who he represents.

Note, too, that the lawyer in question has already asked the court to dismiss the charge, and if the judge does, I imagine we won’t hear much about it. It’s clearly not that newsworthy. If he doesn’t, well, maybe there’s more to it, and then we’ll hear more.