Regarding Those Idiot-Stick Mandates….

| February 11, 2022

This should really piss off the mumblegum birdbrains in the general area of The Swamp:

As the omicron variant of Covid-19 fades, at least five states with Democratic governors this week moved to roll back mask mandates.

It’s a sign that even states that took a more cautious approach to battling the virus are looking to relax pandemic-era public health restrictions as Americans learn to live long-term with Covid.

Below is a roundup of some of the states that have taken action so far. Feel free to add your own state, if something like that is in your news feeds.

To start with, it’s  New Jersey: Governor Phil Murphy on Monday announced that the state’s universal school mask mandates will be lifted, effective March 7. – article

Several other states (Connecticut, Oregon, California and Delaware) and now Illinois (Gov. Pritzker ends mask mandate on Feb. 28) and New York are dumping the mandate.

Some are starting to ease the restrictions as a slower pace, which seems to work for them. And none of these decisions have any approval from the White House’s Inner Mysteries. Gee whiz, people, it’s almost as though the States have declared States’ Rights exceed the mandates of the White House, doesn’t it? Remember that from history class, way back in the long-ago? How the States have certain rights that the Federal government can’t set aside? Something like that, anyway.

It was really only a matter of time, you know. If your state has announced either a reduction in the mask mandate or a complete dumping of it, please let us all know.

This does, of course, take the wind out of the sails of the White House’s pre-eminence and potential generosity, which is fine by me. It’s what independence and freedom are all about, isn’t it?

Still, just for fun, hang onto those blue snoot boots as they are something you can wear for Hallowe’en when it comes around again. I was thinking of putting stickers on some of mine to doll them up just a little bit….

Oh, and while I’m at it, the truckers’ parade up in Ontario is partly a protest against the inanities of Trudeau’s ineptitude and poor administration, and partly because the truckers up there are just as independent a bunch of Yahoos as we are down here. In fact, some Merricuns went up there to support them. I’m waiting for the other shoes to drop on the West Coast, too.

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

It’s not about science, it’s about political science. IE, the polls and coming up elections


Yep, setting the stage for them to declare Xiden’s Victory over the Trump Flu…just in time for all of the politicing between now and November. It NEVER was about the control of a flu bug…it was ALWAYS about the control of We, The People.

Been following the Canucks and their Rise Up, Resist, Rebel activities. Kinda makes you proud, don’t it? 🇸🇴 

Lurker Curt

Maybe not the musical taste of many here, but…


Exactly. Were it not for this being an election year, nothing would be changing.

Meanwhile, Canada closed its economy and are now crying about a bunch of truckers, farmers and citizens are closing borders or access to their capital.

American news worried the same thing will happen to the super bowl.

Good to see those in charge have their priorities straight.


Nah, it’s only our resident pillock Prime Minister – TruDolt that’s bawling, bitching and crying, the rest of Canada is actully doing OK.


Sorry. I should have been clearer in my choice of words. Old Justin is in a lose lose situation of his own making.

Does anybody know if Tim Hortons has their own brand of popcorn? I know their coffee is good.

This is going to get interesting for sure.


Odie – fairly certain Mr. Redenbacher still has that market cornered and Tim Horton’s still sells just coffee and donuts. Think you may have meant ‘wet-behind-ears-Justin’. The only thing ‘old’ about TruDolt is his deeply embedded political routine of trying to say a lot while actually accomplishing…nothing.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Flippity flop-flop, flippity flop-flop, look at the dumbshits go…


Welp, somebody had to do it!  🇸🇴   :saluting: 


Omicron presents like a really bad cold, and it almost completely IMMUNIZES you from the other variants. So, start licking payphones and doorknobs!

Pecos Phil

” …licking payphones…” what’s a payphone?


Tell me you’re a millennial without telling me. 😜


Don’t forget about the toilet seats! Toilet seats casue jsut about every communicable disease known to mankind!


Covid hysteria…
comment image


Here’s what I don’t get. If Trudeau serves at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, shouldn’t those Canadian truckers be petitioning Queen Elizabeth II and the Canadian Governor-General Mary Simon to get Trudeau yeeted out of office? Why aren’t they doing this? 🤷🏻





No, Commie-tsar-ZEK. You’re just an utterly USELESS idiot.

Johnny Cash - FU - Colour.jpg
USMC Steve

You do realise that Commie-Tsar is simply filling the void for Lars, and mocking the sort of things he would say if he said them, right?


Learned something new: during the Black Death )(a REAL plague) Italian cities closed their gatesfor 30 or 40 days, called a trentine or a – wait for it – quarantine. Wonder what they would have called a 700 day closing..


Add Nevada to the list…announced last Thursday morning, effective immediately. Still waiting for the HR weenies at work to catch up, and if you’re flying or riding a transit bus, there’s still the Senile Sundowning Shithead issuing illegal proclamations from the occupied White House to deal with, but I’ve spent the weekend making the rounds of brewpubs I’ve not visited since last July at the latest.

USMC Steve

All socialist democrat run states most likely with worries about winning elections, or concerned that they cannot rig the elections well enough this time without getting caught.