3k more paratroopers to head to Europe as White House says Ukraine invasion imminent

| February 11, 2022

I’m not sure why Putin would feel emboldened to invade conduct a “minor incursion” into Ukraine. Especially after Biden was telling Lester Holt of NBC this week that he had no plans to send US troops into Ukraine because it would start a world war.

While it seems like Biden is doing everything he can to signal to Putin that Russia should invade Ukraine it seems that the people in actual charge of the country would like to signal the opposite. In addition to the 3,000 troops of the 82nd Airborne Division already in Europe or on their way, another 3,000 are being readied.

Jeff LPH 3 sends in this Military Times piece on it;

Thousands more soldiers are preparing to deploy to Eastern Europe as Russia-Ukraine tensions continue, the Pentagon announced Friday.

Three thousand members of the 82nd Airborne Division would join 3,000 troops already mobilized to Poland, Germany and Romania.

“This second tranche of Airborne soldiers will join in Poland the first tranche of 1,700 soldiers and key enablers that Secretary Austin ordered there on February 2nd,” according to a statement from a senior defense official. “Nearly two-thirds of this first tranche has already arrived.”

Another 300 members of the XVIII Airborne Corps headed to Germany this week, while 1,000 members of the Germany-based 2nd Cavalry Regiment mobilized to Romania.

The “additional personnel comprise a highly mobile and flexible force, capable of multiple missions,” according to the statement. “They are being deployed to reassure our NATO allies, deter any potential aggression against NATO’s eastern flank, train with host-nation forces, and contribute to a wide range of contingencies.”

These troops are in addition to thousands put on heightened alert to deploy last month, who would be joining the 40,000-troop, international NATO Response Force, should it be activated.

“These additional deployments are temporary in nature, meant to supplement for a brief time the more than 80,000 U.S. troops already in Europe on rotational and permanent orders,” the statement said.

The Pentagon’s announcement came as National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan addressed Americans from the White House, urging any Americans still in Ukraine to make arrangements to leave.

“There is no prospect of a U.S. military evacuation in the event of a Russian invasion … The president will not be putting the lives of our men and women in uniform at risk by sending them into a war zone to rescue people who could have left now but chose not to,” he said.

White House officials believe that an invasion “could begin any day now,” Sullivan said.

While the U.S. is sounding the alarm, officials in Kyiv say Russia is not yet ready to launch a “massive” attack, a Ukrainian military official told Military Times.


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4700 whole troops vs. the Russian buildup of 100,000? As Charles Bronson said, “I’ve got to admire your idea of fair odds.”




Been watching via ADS-S the C-17 ferries from Pope to ETO.
I wish those boys well.

Ain’t no war gonna soothe my contempt for this illegal regime, no matter the justifications, real or imagined.


Godspeed and Fare Well, Warriors. Keep your chins up and your heads down. The American Taxpayer apologizes for you being sacrificed on the Alter of changing the headlines to suit another failure by a career, grifting, POS, politician. Try not to strain yourselves as you remove all of the ill gotten loot and incriminating evidence from the offices of the Burisma Gas Company. Get a buddy to help and lift with your legs, not your backs. When I meet you all at Fiddler’s Green, the Artillery Punch is on my tab.

What a f’ing farce…and a waste of American Blood and Treasury. 😡 💔


Another round of “Quien es mas macho!”.

Biden sends in a few thousand paratroopers (AKA “speed bumps” to armoured forces). Putin counters with laughter. They must be running short of popcorn in the Kremlin by now.


God be with our troops. They deserve so much better leadership.


Better that they should go to Delaware.


Wag that dog…

Buckeye Jim

My predictions–Russia will not invade in the conventional sense. There will be a “popular” coup and a pro-Russia, puppet government will take over. U.
S. and others will agree that Ukraine will never be allowed to join NATO (which is a good thing) and Biden will declare a great victory by avoiding WW3 and then his handlers will begin to engineer the next distraction.


Tell ya what, if it even slightly irritates Vag Puta, er I mean *cough*cough* Vlad Putin and it puts even the slightest crimp or wrinkle in any of that little cunts’ plans for the Ukraine – then send in 6k more para’s. Absolutely despise that smarmy Russian POS like Hunter Thompson hated NIXON…

Hey Vlad, talk to Johnny & Buck Joe Fiden

Hack Stone

The Biden Administration would have deployed more troops, but they have completed their Recognizing White Supremacy and Diversity Is Our Strength training yet.


To paraphrase the late Heinz Guderian, “Driblets, not mass”. The US government is bringing back the strategy of “graduated response” whereby we signal our determination by slowly increasing the pressure until Mr. Putin cries “Ouch! I giveup! Keep your stupid old Ukraine!”.


Just like the North Vietnamese.

A Proud Infidel®™

The current Occupant of the White house is doing all he can to fuck things once again, I wonder who’s telling him to do this?


Obama, Holder, Rice and Soros.

AW1 Rod



“, I wonder who’s telling him to do this?”

What day is it?

My guess is Dr. Jill— “Behind every successful man is a woman”.


God bless and keep them safe. Here we go.

A Proud Infidel®™

I just wonder what kind of ROE’s they’ve been issued so far, I pray for them.