A Fustercluck Supreme!!

| January 14, 2022

I’m bored up to my eyebrows with Doc Falsies and his ilk, and the squabbles going on in Congress. Cut their salaries in half, tell them they have to get polio shots or something – oh! and how about inferring that the Plague (which one?) is going to be next?? Hey, if puglosi really retires, will the House of Reps stop acting like a bunch of little kids?

As we move along, mostly ignoring the governmental mandates and creating our own, we should be aware of the ridiculous fustercluck going on that is keeping goods off store shelves right now. It is not people hoarding stuff that is emptying store shelves. There is no cargo to replace stuff on its way.

According to this NR article,  https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/line-of-ships-waiting-at-la-long-beach-at-all-time-high/

Per the article:  FreightWaves also notes that the total amount of cargo waiting offshore is 815,958 TEU (20-foot equivalent units). That’s more than the combined amount of imports for Los Angeles and Long Beach for the entire month of November, the story says.

As of Friday, the story says there were also nine ships waiting at Oakland, four waiting at Seattle/Tacoma, five waiting at Houston, two waiting at Savannah, six waiting at Charleston, four waiting at Virginia, and eleven waiting at New York/New Jersey. That’s a total of 146 container ships waiting for berths at major U.S. ports.

On December 22, President Biden tried to take a victory lap on supply chains. With this many ships waiting offshore, he should not have done so. It’s troubling that the number of ships is reaching a record-high at this time of year. – article

Yeah, he can brag all he wants to but his perception of reality is badly out of whack. Here’s the reason for that.

There’s a reason for concerns about this overload at docking points: one container ship had been doing zigzag patterns way offshore in rough Pacific waters, while waiting for an opportunity to come into port. Caught in heavy seas many leagues offshore, a considerable portion of its container cargo went overboard to the Pacific floor and is down there with Davy Jones, providing amusement to the fish in the vicinity.


From the article: Before the ship lost its containers, satellite tracking data reveals it had been zigzagging slowly in a holding pattern for about 20 hours on the open Pacific. Heavy seas from a major storm tilted the 850-foot vessel 35 degrees and sent containers tumbling from their tall stacks.

Though port congestion left the Zim Kingston waiting for a berth at the Port of Vancouver, the captain could have sailed it into the sheltered waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, as KUOW reported in October. Other ships awaiting safe spots to dock or anchor at the time were riding out the storm by doing slow loops on a 25-mile “race track” there.

Canada’s Transportation Safety Board has launched an investigation into the disaster. The agency says the inquiry could take up to 450 days to complete.

The fire was apparently caused by hazardous, spontaneously combustible cargo in at least two containers—including 57 tons of a mining chemical called potassium amyl xanthate. It emits a flammable gas on contact with water or water vapor. – article

Well, at least we know what it was carrying, right? Fried fish, anyone?

Remember the fustercluck over the Keystone Pipeline? It was all set to be completed and Biteme shut it down. I think that was the first thing he did in the Oval Office, or maybe the second thing, but he did it and thought it was so cool. Nearly broke his arm patting himself on the back over it. The fact that the Tribes, who had invested a gobsmacking wad of cash into that venture were screwed three ways to Sunday didn’t matter! He shut it down!!! Yahoo!!!

As a result, crude is now being shipped by tanker rail cars. Yesterday, early in the AM, I sat at a rail crossing while a 2-diesel engine train roared past me, hauling nothing but oil tanker cars. Since there is a tank farm about 120 miles south of me, I’m guessing that it came from there.

I counted 178 cars, plus the diesel engine at the tail, and since each tanker car can hold up to 31,000 gallons of liquid, I’ll let you do the math on that.

The pipeline that was shut down so hastily was designed to have a continuous flow, just as the Alaska pipeline has done for decades. But a continuous flow of raw petroleum and building the means of getting it to the refinery mean nothing to a buzz-brained floppy toy in the Oval Office, doesn’t it?

If you want to talk about efficiency, a pipeline does the job better than rail cars and is a substantially safer means of transport than a freight train. I don’t think I have to bring up the heinous accidents when a freight line hauling oil and gas cars through a town didn’t slow down enough and some cars started bouncing, derailed and exploded. I think the pipeline is safer,

Anyway, Happy Friday, and have a nice weekend!!


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Green Thumb

I pull for them to get it right as the country to get back on its collective feet and get moving.

But these two are more interested in advancing the will of a few in there own party than representing the people.

What a joke. And I doubt it will get any better soon. Not only them, but a few of the older ones who are just trying to hang on and stay in office – both side of the aisle to boot.

A Proud Infidel®™️

“Politicians and diapers both need to be changed often and for the same reason.” – Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)
Those words still ring true today!


Of all things fucked last year from Presidential actions the energy market was the worst. Every decision he made was another coffin nail into $5 gasoline.


3.24 here in the metro east of st louis. It has come down 0.03 cents in the last month.

Be still my heart, Joe’s doing a bang up job.


The facts, while interesting, are not relevant for true believers.


AND even though I was “kinda” in the transportation industry back in the 1990sIt wasn’t until I was taking my Junior and Senior level Transportation & Logistics college courses that I found out the 5 modes of DOT regulated transportation, (five?) Air, Ship, Rail, Road/Truck & Pipeline.
I bet most folks don’t consider pipeline a regulated DOT modality, like United Airlines, CSX Rail, Yellow Freight and Maersk Line Ocean shipping.
Learned something new every day.
The other interesting course I had was the international business of Shipbuilding and Ship (or aircraft) breaking, like taking the insurance or sales money and running a ship aground off the beaches of India and letting them have at it.
Exceptionally dangerous, toxic and deadly conditions, but profitable (?) for someone.


Warren Buffet don’t make no money on oil going thru a pipeline. Oil going on a tanker car? Yep! Do the math on that. PHUQUE HEEM!!!! I passed up on a hell of a deal log cabin home, with some dirt, because he owns the Real Estate Company that was handling the sale. PHUQUE HEEM! And PHUQUE HEEM JOE BIDEN TOO!


It’s what “81 million” people voted for.



But those spineless pieces of dog crap and their army of misanthropes made damn sure the terrorists chalked up a big W on the killing of pipelines.

Also, fuck Warren Buffett and all his cronies. (typed before I read KoB’s comment. For a dirty Reb he’s a shamrt feller)

A Proud Infidel®™️

Yeah, and Secretary of Transportation Buttgoogly is likely still cuddling up in bed with his… instead of doing something. As to the Alaskan Pipeline, I remember reading an article about how it’s an ecological disaster about to happen, that article was written about 30 years ago and since then the only hole in it was done by some idiot with a rifle.