Here Comes The Son!

| January 14, 2022

It looks like Fatty Kim da T’ird is not happy about not getting our attention like he used to do, so he’s back to testing his personal prowess by launching missiles again. And this time, says he, they have nooks — er, nukes as warheads!! Anyone besides me wonder if he got the radioactive stuff from Iran?  Anyone?

Poor thing. Covid bug got more attention than he did, so now he’s got to yank our sleeves again. And he’s just as chubby and lovable as ever, as witnessed by his huge crowd of fans at the latest display of his latest missile, which has a nuclear warhead (he says). Also, he says he has 40 to 50 more just like it.

Glad to see Tootsie back in the action spot. Vlad (Putin) has sent troops to Kazakhstan to help stop the rebellious Kazakhs from overthrowing the government. Xi (JinPing) still has container ships off the port of Los Angeles, waiting to be unloaded so that they can go back and get more stuff.

And because my old iPhone was being recalled by Apple so that it can “retire’ (be recycled and the $$$ metals recovered in a vat, by Apple and I get a credit on that) I had to get a new phone. This one is so cool! It has a “weather” section that shows shooting stars in the sky if it’s clear. Best toy ever!!

But back to Fatty Kim da T’ird: he needs some attention, people, so let’s let him have it.


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He was out of sight for a while and lost a bunch of weight. I imagine the “cold” got him.

Green Thumb


He did lose some weight.

The next “woke” GQ cover.


He’s so lonely. Nothing some hypersonic missiles won’t fix!

AW1 Rod

Ronery! Didn’t you see “Team America?”




Teh Covid! that North Korea officially doesn’t have any of…

They claim his father single-handedly invented the burrito for humanity’s benefit in 2011, too.


’bout time we got mad dog mean…dontcha think?

Get ready little lady, breakfast is soon to be served.


“[China] still has container ships off the port of Los Angeles, waiting to be unloaded so that they can go back and get more stuff.”

Not if we keep brake checking each other

Hack Stone

Hack Stone has to get an upgrade on the cellphone issued by the proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the federal government formerly located in Bethesda Maryland, This piece shot won’t open when Hack wants it, won’t shut off when Hack wants it, randomly dials phone numbers and makes FaceTime calls to people Hack has not communicated with in decades. The High School classmate from 40 years some back was wondering why the hell Hack would be calling him, then Hack spent the next twenty minutes trying to end the call. Just hoping that the next company issued phone does not have a slot to deposit a quarter.

Hack Stone

Hey don’t knock those North Koreans. Without them the Western World would never know the joy of cheeseburgers and burritos.


Burritos? See, here’s proof (ca. 1993) that the Norks are lying:

A Proud Infidel®™

But poor rittre Kim just want attention, it seem he get velly ronery!