There Is Unrest In Kazakhstan

| January 6, 2022

There's a Lake in Kazakhstan Where Trees Grow Upside Down

There is dissent and disruption in the nation of Kazakhstans.

Now, where is that, you say?

It’s in Central Asia, and is big enough to take notice of it. It is also rich in oil and petroleum-related resources. And as indicated in the paragraphs below, from the article, Russia (Vlad) is not happy that the Kazaks are selling their oil resources to China. Not a bit happy. He has sent his own troops there to assist in controlling the protests. (I’m being polite about this.) He is having a good deal of trouble as it is getting his Gazprom product overseas to the USA, and may have lost a huge chunk of the Euro market, thanks to BoJo (UK) and Merkel’s policies (Germany)  And Germany is shutting down its nuclear reactors, because GREENS don’t like them.

From the article: WHY ARE PEOPLE ANGRY?

Of the five Central Asian republics that gained independence following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan is by far the largest and the wealthiest. It spans a territory the size of Western Europe and sits atop colossal reserves of oil, natural gas, uranium and precious metals.

But while Kazakhstan’s natural riches have helped it cultivate a solid middle class, as well as a substantial cohort of ultrarich tycoons, financial hardship is widespread. The average national monthly salary is just under $600. The banking system has fallen prey to deep crises precipitated by non-performing loans. As in much of the rest of the region, petty corruption is rampant.

The rally that set off the latest crisis took place in the dusty western oil town of Zhanaozen. Resentments have long festered in the area over a sense that the region’s energy riches haven’t been fairly spread among the local population. In 2011, police shot dead at least 15 people in the city who were protesting in support of oil workers dismissed after a strike. – article.

The full article is here:

It’s more than just Vlad disliking competition and wanting to be In Charge, or the Kazakhistan government selling Kazakh’s oil to China. When you read the article, you’ll understand that since the USSR was dissolved, and the Central Asian states generally became independent of Moscow, some of them are real competition for Moscow.

Apparently, per the second article and news video, Russia has sent in paratroopers to help put down the rebellious natives.

In case  you’re wondering what Kazakhstan looks like today, aside from the press images of police blocking rioters – that sort of thing – it’s really quite attractive.

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Green Thumb

We need to get Kamoola spun up and get her over there to settle things down.


She helped instigate the Burning, Looting and Murder in 2020 and participated in the illegal persecution of a sitting President.

She is an illegal alien and an enemy of the Republic…. I AGREE!


I would also like to add; maybe she could contact the Almost First Wymen President and Saintliest, Best Former First Lady, Awesomest Secretary of State-ing, Hillary Clinton, to borrow that ‘reset button’.


How tough could it have been for a US Sec. of State to find a qualified Russian translator?


They hired a politruk.

They ALWAYS hire a politruk. (see: The PoS VP, PotatoOTUS and their staffs)


Russia has described a “foreign-inspired attempt to use armed and trained groups of people” to overthrow the legitimate government.

Lots of shots fired, many dead, and the ‘lil green men’ inbound?

What, me worry?

(just so we’re clear, my opinion: the First True World War is in it’s infancy. Get hard)


Patriots on vacation and soccer hooligans also.


And the Night Wolves MC


Kazakhstan is as big as Alaska and Texas and another Texas. That’s big.


You mean two Alaskas?


Looks like a lot of nice spots for our troops to take R&R when they get deployed there to defend those oil wells.



“This is Natalya. She is my sister. She is number-four prostitute in whole of Kazakhstan.” –Borat


Over an obnoxious rise in fuel prices. Wow, who couldn’t thought people might not like that? /sarc


….The post title scans PERFECTLY with the music from the Kingston Trio’s ‘The Merry Minuet'(a song, by the by, that still applies):


Another oldie. At least they tried for a week back then.